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'90s Inspired Sensual RPG Shards Of Eradine Now Available On Nutaku

November 11, 2017

By: Robert N. Adams

Shards of Eradine, a '90s inspired role-playing game with adult elements, is now available on Nutaku according to a press release from the online gaming portal.

In Shards of Eradine, you take on the role of Cosmo, the grandson of the world's last Great nymph trainer. Accompanied by his nymph companion Flea, you'll set out into the world seeking to resurrect a goddess (and pick up a few sexy nymph companions along the way.)


The game features a hand-drawn landscape reminiscent of the 16-bit era of role-playing games with over 100 unique map locations for you to check out. The game also features 44 unique nymphs that you can add to your party of adventurers. Each of the fantasy gals has their own unique adult content available. The developers have released a trailer that fills you in on the game's backstory and gives you an idea of what the gameplay looks like.


For those of you out there who might want a more relaxed kind of game, another option is on the table by way of Taps of Eradine. This idle clicker game set in the Shards of Eradine universe is open for pre-registration now. Players who sign up for the game early can get their hands on some additional in-game currency and bonuses prior to launch.

If there's one thing that can be said about Shards of Eradine, it's that it doesn't take itself too seriously. If an uncensored adult RPG that occasionally takes the piss sounds like a fun time, you can get a copy for yourself exclusively at Nutaku for $25.00 or your regional equivalent. The game is discounted 24% to $19.99 for the first week of its launch.


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