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2021 Nutaku Game Awards Winners Revealed

January 29, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams

The 2021 Nutaku Game Awards winners have finally been decided, highlighting the best experiences on the adult-gaming retailer's platform as decided by public voting.

Nutaku is an adult games retailer that offers a mix of free-to-play games and premium games on Android devices and desktop. It announced the Nutaku Game Awards late last year and gave its community the opportunity to pick the best of the best in multiple categories. Let's take a look at the winners!


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Here Are Your 2021 Nutaku Game Awards Winners

A total of nine adult games got a win in one or more categories in the 2021 Nutaku Game Awards and the vast majority of these titles are free-to-play games. Here are the 2021 Nutaku Game Awards winners [NSFW]!


Awards with a * denote fan-voted categories.

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Project QT [NSFW]

Top Mobile App, Most Popular Mobile App, Outstanding Artwork*, Community Comes First*, Best Game Events*

Project QT is the biggest of the 2021 Nutaku Game Awards winners, securing a win in 2 main categories and 3 fan-voted categories. This puzzle RPG lets you level up a team of tough girls (and unlock some steamy sex scenes, too.)

Booty Calls [NSFW]

Labor of Love*, Most Arousing/Stimulating Game*, Best Voice Over*

Booty Calls won three fan-voted awards. This dating simulator lets you meet a bunch of sexy ladies at Naughty Beach in your quest to help a mermaid see the world beyond the ocean.

Magicami DX [NSFW]

Most Innovative Gameplay*, Best Music*, Best Animation*

Magicami DX is a magical girl game with a lewd flavor thrown in. It looks surprisingly good for a free-to-play game, allowing you to fend off countless demons in-between sessions of sensual action with the ladies.

Harem Heroes [NSFW]

Top Browser Game, Best IOS Game*

Harem Heroes is all about building the best harem you can, and boy does it show — it currently features 369 ladies for you to unlock in the course of the game. Complete missions with your team, unlock new girls, and enjoy 4 exciting events every month!



Most Popular Browser Game

Camgirls are a booming business and now you've been put in charge! This free-to-play adult game lets you hire a bunch of sexy girls for your business. It's part clicker, part dating sim, and 100% lewd.

SF Girls [NSFW]

Best New Game*

Featuring a blend of action RPG and tower defense, SF Girls has you taking a team of powerful women into battle against deadly alien invaders. You can save humanity by fighting them off with your super-sexy team!

Ninja Maidens [NSFW]

Best LGBTQ Game*

Ninja Maidens is all about the ladies — this one is for the girls. This JRPG has you and Mayu working together to fight the forces of the evil empress Kitsumi. Gather a team of female ninjas and enjoy some sweet yuri action with 10 unique girls and more than 30 sex scenes!

Custom Order Maid 3D 2 [NSFW]

Best Paid Game* – $45.00 / 4,500 Nutaku Coins

Custom Order Maid 3D 2 is the sole premium game featured as one of the 2021 Nutaku Game Awards Winners. Take over the Empire Club and customize its three maids to suit your tastes! This game also features VR support.


Busty.biz [NSFW]

Best Game You Suck At*

Finally, Busty.biz has you discovering that you're the heir to a massive real estate empire! Unfortunately, you've got to learn how to run this massive business little by little — although you'll have the help of some sexy employees along the way!

And that's it for the 2021 Nutaku Game Awards winners! There's plenty to see here, especially since most of these are free-to-play games. If you'd prefer to try something newer, you could always check out Nutaku's newest releases Tavern of Sins and Alice Re:code X! There's also still a bit of time to enjoy Nutaku's 6th Birthday event.