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Nutaku Black Friday Sales

Nutaku's Black Friday Sales Are Here

Nutaku is here to make your attempts at completing 'no nut November' harder than ever.
Wanting Wings - Key Art

MangaGamer Releases Yuri title Wanting Wings, Announces Otome game F*** ME royally

Wanting Wings is now available on MangaGamer. Set in an all-girls boarding school, it tells the story of three roommates in their second t
Angry Bangers Nutaku cover

Nutaku's Angry Bangers Lets You Get Tactically Lewd

Adult gaming site Nutaku has launched another new free-to-play game. Angry Bangers lets players experience XCOM-style tactical ga
Nutaku Halloween Sale 2020 cover

Nutaku Halloween Sale Has Spooky Deals on Adult Games

The Nutaku Halloween sale has arrived on the adult gaming retailer, featuring the debut of events in more than 20 free-to-play games and discounts
Casting Agent Nutaku cover

Casting Agent Lets You Build a Porn Empire on Nutaku

Adult gaming retailer Nutaku has no shortage of free-to-play titles and it's just added a brand-new game! Casting Agent has players workin
Nutaku Vegas on Wasteland cover

Play Sexy Slots in Nutaku's Vegas on Wasteland

Nutaku is back with another free-to-play game! This time, Vegas on Wasteland takes players to the sexiest casino in the entire galaxy.
Nutaku Chick Empire cover

Hire Sexy Camgirls in Nutaku's Chick Empire

Nutaku is back with another great adult game for players to enjoy! Chick Empire will have you managing your very own camgirl empire.
Versus Tales X Nutaku cover

Nutaku's Versus Tales X Takes Your Waifus to War

Versus Tales X has made its debut as Nutaku's newest free-to-play game on the adult gaming retailer, letting players charge into battle wi
MangaGamer Rance 01 + 02 cover

Rance Pre-Orders and Higurashi Sale Now Live on MangaGamer

Rance 01 + 02 is reviving a hentai classic on adult gaming retailer MangaGamer, and that's not all — you can get the original Higurash
Eternal Torment Mangagamer cover

Eternal Torment Debuts A Dark Tale on MangaGamer

Eternal Torment has made its debut on MangaGamer!
Nutaku PC cover PC Version Launchs on Nutaku

Adult gaming retailer Nutaku has finally launched the PC version on its website, bringing this tower tycoon game to desktop comp
Nutaku Sexy Airlines cover

Join the Mile High Club in Nutaku's Sexy Airlines

Sexy Airlines is the newest free-to-play game from adult gaming distributor Nutaku and it's finally here to let you live your fantasies as
Nutaku Celebrate Hentai cover

Nutaku Celebrate Hentai Campaign Aims to Fight Taboos

Adult gaming retailer Nutaku has launched a new yearly event!
Nutaku website redesign beta cover

Nutaku Website Redesign is Now in Beta

Adult gaming retailer Nutaku has overhauled its website to make it look a little more modern.
Kirakira Stars Idol Project Ai cover

Kirakira Stars Idol Project Ai Lets You Conquer the Pop World on Nutaku

Kirakira Stars Idol Project Ai is the newest premium game on adult gaming retailer Nutaku and it's cooked up something that anime fans wil
Heavy Metal Babes Rae Lil Black cover

Rae Lil Black Event Comes to Nutaku's Heavy Metal Babes

A special Heavy Metal Babes Rae Lil Black event has come to Nutaku's free-to-play game, letting lewd gamers score a new unit in this sexy
Custom Order Maid 3D 2: Extreme Sadist Queen DLC cover

Custom Order Maid 3D 2: Extreme Sadist Queen DLC Gets Naughty on Nutaku

The brand new Custom Order Maid 3D 2: Extreme Sadist Queen DLC has arrived, giving naughty gamers a new heroine type in this adult video g
MangaGamer WanNyan Eternal Torment cover

WanNyan Now Live on Mangagamer, Eternal Torment Coming October 2020

Adult gaming retailer MangaGamer has announced two new releases! WanNyan ☆ à la mode! is availble for purchase right and Eternal Torme
MagicAmi DX Nutaku cover

MagicAMI DX Lets You Play with Lewd Magical Girls

MagicAMI DX is the newest game to launch from adult gaming distributor Nutaku!
Nutaku cover

Nutaku's Lets You Build A Tower Full of Sexy Girls

Nutaku has launched a new free-to-play game for Android phones! continues the adult gaming retailer's tradition of taking existi
Nutaku Lewd Producer cover

Imagine a Better Life in Nutaku's Lewd Producer

Nutaku has launched a brand-new free-to-play clicker game on its adult gaming website! Lewd Producer is all about being an idol producer w
Kink Inc. Nutaku cover

Kink Inc. Lets You Build a Sexy Business Empire on Nutaku

There's a ton of business management games out there, but a brand-new title from adult gaming distributor Nutaku puts a sexy spin on the genre. 
Nutaku Hot Gym Lewd League Soccer cover

Hot Gym and Lewd League Soccer Are Nutaku’s Newest F2P Games

Adult gaming distributor Nutaku is on a bit of a free-to-play frenzy as of late.
Nutaku Versus Tales X Pre-Registration cover

Versus Tales X Pre-Registration Gets You Ready for Naughty Fairy Tales

Adult gaming distributor Nutaku is spinning up a lot of free-to-play games lately and yet another one is on deck: the Versus Tales X pre-r
Nutaku Kink Inc. Pre-Registration cover

Idle Clicker Kink. Inc. Opens Pre-Registration on Nutaku

Adult gaming distributor Nutaku is getting ready to kick off yet another free-to-play game and this one is going to be interesting.
MagicAMI DX pre-registration Nutaku cover

MagicAMI DX Pre-Registration Opens on Nutaku

Adult gaming retailer Nutaku is getting ready to launch another free-to-play game!
Sorakana Nutaku cover

Nutaku's Sorakana Lets You Charge Into Battle With Sexy Alchemists

Adult gaming retailer and publisher Nutaku has launched a brand-new free-to-play game that's sure to please fans of turn-based RPGs! Sorakana <
SF Girls

SF Girls, a Nutaku Tower Defense Game That is Out of This World, is Out

From the developers of Project QT comes another Nutaku game, SF Girls, which has just been released. It's described as a tower de
Flaming Kingdom Nutaku cover

Flaming Kingdom Brings Furious Battles and Sexy Vixens to Android

Adult gaming distributor Nutaku has just launched another free-to-play game, and this one is making its debut on Android! Flaming Kingdom