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Nutaku's Soul Senki Lets You Command Busty Battle Souls

Nutaku is back with a brand-new free-to-play game! In Soul Senki, players are caught in a world that's been pulled into a terrible war.

Lustful Shores Brings Titillating Tower Defense to Nutaku

Nutaku has launched yet another free-to-play game!

Funbag Fantasy 2 Continues The Adventure at MangaGamer

MangaGamer has announced the upcoming release of Funbag Fantasy 2, a sequel to Funbag Fantasy that continues your adventures with

Vixen Wars is Nutaku's Newest Adult Tower Defense Game (And It's Free)

Nutaku is back with another free-to-play game for both PC and Android, and this time it's a tower defense title. Vixen Wars is here to giv

King of Wasteland Releases on Nutaku as Free-to-Play

The zombie strategy game King of Wasteland is available now on Nutaku for mobile users on

Nutaku's My Naughty Tales Lets You Make Your Own Stories

Nutaku has launched a new premium adult game called My Naughty Tales and it's been released at a price that won't hurt the wallet too much

Nutaku's Newest Game Villa Party Lets You Pick Your Pleasures

Nutaku has released a brand-new premium game.

Conquer Japan's Eligible Bachelorettes in Sengoku Rance, Now Available on Mangagamer

In the fourth Sengoku Era, the land of Nippon is caught in the midst of a feudal war. Sengoku Rance is a thrilling game that tells the tal

Nutaku Unleashes Tantalizing Fairy Tales with Otogi Frontier

Otogi Frontier is the newest free-to-play game from Nutaku and it puts a devilish spin on classic fairy tales.

SinVR is Nutaku's Newest Sex Sim — and You Can Play It for Free

Nutaku's newest game is SinVR, a sex simulator that promises to provide players with some new avenues for adult entertainment.

Survive a Lewd Knight's Libido in Nutaku's Sakura Apprentice

Nutaku has just launched a brand-new visual novel by the name of Sakura Apprentice.

Fight Climate Change in Merge Nymphs Now on Nutaku

Fight against pollution in Nutaku's latest strategy game, Merge Nymphs.

Adult Gaming Website Nutaku Shows off More Inclusive Website Redesign

Nutaku, the Adult Gaming Website known for producing multiple high-quality pornographic games, is getting its own makeover.

Plunder Loot in Booty Slayers Out Now From Nutaku

The folks over at Nutaku don't seem to want to stop bringing out some of the best adult games around, not to mention expanding their broad array of

Sacred Sword Princesses RPG Reveals New Cumbie Character

The adult game Sacred Sword Princesses is getting a new character that players can acquire for free.

Sacred Sword Sweeties is Now Available on Nutaku

Nutaku has announced the latest new game on their platform, Sacred Sword Sweeties.

Beat The Heat with the Nutaku Summer Sale 2019

The Nutaku Summer Sale 2019 is here!

Custom Order Maid 3D2 Brings Lewd Service to Nutaku

Custom Order Maid 3D2 is the next premium game to debut on Nutaku!

The Witch's Love Diary Has Arrived on Steam

The Witch's Love Diary Steam version has finally arrived!

Booty Farm Gets Spicy with the Hentai Hot Sauce Challenge

Adult-oriented farming game Booty Farm has added its first proper minigame for players to enjoy.

Project QT is the Next Free-To-Play Android Game from Nutaku

Adult-oriented video game distributor Nutaku has announced Project QT, their newest free-to-play game

Nutaku Pledges $5 Million Investment Towards LGBTQ+ Games Over Next Three Years

Adult digital game distributor Nutaku has announced a $5 million investment that will specifically be directed towards LGBTQ+ games over the next t

Nutaku Celebrates Pride Month With LGBT Games 'Cockville' and 'FAP CEO: Men Stream'

It's Pride Month and Nutaku is celebrating with the addition of two brand new games for the gay men out there! Cockville and FAP CEO:

Booty Farm Reaches 1 Million Players, Devs Celebrate with Train Weekend Event

The number of Booty Farm players has crossed a major milestone: more than 1 million people have played the game.

Outrun Lewd Alien Invaders in BoobRun Deluxe, Now Available on Nutaku

Nutaku has announced the release of BoobRun Deluxe via a press release.

Nutaku's Sassy Squad Blends Tower Defense and Real-Time Strategy

Nutaku has launched a brand-new free-to-play game titled Sassy Squad.

Nutaku Desktop Client Leaves Beta, Enables Auto-Update

The Nutaku Desktop Client has concluded its beta test and added a new (and much-needed) feature: the games that you manage through the client will

The Most Forbidden Love in the World Now Live on MangaGamer

The Most Forbidden Love in the World is now live on MangaGamer!

Dick Chasey Brings Nude Endless Running to Nutaku

Nutaku's newest game is Dick Chasey, a runner game with a decidedly-lewd theme.  If you've ever wanted to stare at a dude's butt for hours

New RPG Märchen Nocturne Free-To-Play On Nutaku

Nutaku has quite a library of adult free-to-play titles in their catalog already.