Meet Us

  • JR Moore

    JR Moore is the Chief Editor at TechRaptor. When he's not living life, he's connected to an Xbox, a phone or tablet checking out the latest and greatest.
  • Rutledge Daugette

    Rutledge is the founder of TechRaptor and an avid gamer and tech geek.
  • Aaron Blevins

    Just the coolest nerd you'll ever meet. Army Reserve soldier/ college student. Loves anything Nintendo and Halo. Bringing my awesomeness to you!
  • Jason Dulin

    I've been a life long gamer going back to the days of Tecmo Super Bowl on the NES. I have continued to game all through school and college and into my adult life with staples such as Halo, Gears of War, Madden, NBA2K, and Battlefield while drinking some Dogfish Head brew. I currently write Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 reviews for TechRaptor along with preview articles of great gaming titles to come. This November, I'll also be reviewing new titles for the brand new Xbox One. XBL - Birdman18
  • Matthew Verniere

    The visionary director that brought you the Dark Knight trilogy.....Wait! That isn't right? Tech guru, Gamer, and movie fanatic. Becoming a part of Tech Raptor is a true pleasure. I hope that not one, but all my articles reach you on a level of epicness you have never known. Also, make sure you search fast and take chances on every article I write. Some of them might be good. :-D
  • Adam Meilstrup

    Hey, it's your friendly neighborhood critic. Too bad nobody likes critics, that's why I have to be friendly. Anyways, I'm a student at Grand Valley State University and spend my valuable time usually playing video games, watching movies, and essentially avoiding my real priorities. Add me on Xbox Live (GT: Shinglestrup), and follow me on Twitter @shinglestrup
  • Andrew Otton

    Games have been a big part of my life as long as I can remember, and in the last few years I have taken to thinking and discussing them in a more critical way. If you are interested in discussing any and all aspects of gaming, feel free to reach out to me.
  • ComicBookJockey

    Love child of Captain Kirk & Doctor Who. Writer, editor, producer of Broken Brush Entertainment content.
  • Corwin Bex

    A dedicated PC gamer, I write investigative articles about all things gaming, the juicier and harder to find the details are, the more likely I will seek them. I hope to expand the knowledge of the average gamer to understand the industry and its practices more. I currently play WoW, various RPG and strategy games, you can catch me on Steam under CozzyB
  • Chris Taylor

    A hardcore gaming enthusiast looking to experience and review interesting games. When not furthering my education, expect to find me on Steam or Xbox Live.
  • Holden Walker

    Horror and sci-fi enthusiast who loves analyzing games and gamer culture for social theories and shifts in the zeitgeist. College student and slave to the big blue electronics store we all know and... love?
  • Hugh Thomas

    Student by day, musician by night, gaming journalist somewhere in between. Find me on PSN and Steam at carcrash12!
  • Jack Seaton

    RPG addict. Gamer throughout my life. Xbox 360 fanatic. Prepare for my amazingness
  • Johan Keyter

    Freelance journalist with a devout love for the nerdy side of life. Living in Japan while trying to figure out where life will take me.
  • Jordan Daniel

    When I'm not writing for TechRaptor, I'm playing video games, going to college, or playing ultimate frisbee. An avid gamer who plays mostly on Playstation, if you play on PSN add me, I'm Jordaniel95.
  • John Quilty

    John Quilty is a writer for He enjoys reviewing hardware, software, video games, and performance tests. John graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2013.
  • Melissa Welliver

    I'm a part time programmer and full time gaming fanatic. When I'm not busy building virtual Empires and puzzling through adventure games, I write freelance and try to finish one of my unfinished novel manuscripts.
  • Michael Himelstein

    I'm an MBA candidate at the University of Denver with experience working in online marketing and electronics components distribution. I'm a tech junkie and PS4 gamer.
  • Mike Johnson

    I like MMOs, RPGs, and sandboxes, all played with my trusty hedgehog sidekick Harvey. When I'm not building, slashing, or rolling, you'll find me with a good book and a hot coffee.
  • Nick Lee

    I'm a web designer/developer and have been a gamer for my whole life. When I'm not playing games, I'm thinking about them and have decided to share my thoughts and opinions. Feel free to let me know what you think, I enjoy finding out other people's opinions and experiences too.
  • Patrick Webb

    Has a strong affinity for everything fantasy related. Plays Indie, RPGs, and shooters. Favorite games are the Witcher 2, Diablo, Journey, GW2, and Hotline Miami. Oh, and I'm Batman!!
  • Ryan Carpenter

    Howdy, I'm a computer programmer, and professional gamer for vVv Gaming. I tend to be rather insane, but I hide it well. I have a strong passion for computers and gaming, and I feel no better joy than sharing that passion with the masses!
  • Seth Kellen

    Seth is a blogger who has many "things", most notably a passion for video games, words, and music. He also hates writing meta 3rd person biographies, though if he self-references enough times maybe it'll be less weird. Nope.
  • Stephen Gillespie

    I'm a game writer at TechRaptor, I have varied tastes but value games that do something interesting with the medium. I'm a big RPG fan but don't mind shooting things with big guns either.
  • Team TechRaptor

    There's no I in TEAM!! We're all on the case, and this is how you know it :)
  • Tristan Hart

    Tristan Hart is a married father of two who loves music, writing, graphic design, video games and sausage gravy, not in that particular order. You can read his views on Parenting and other enlightening issues at
  • Will James

    Student at IUPUI Tech Geek I play games. gt- Redfistwill