Meet Us

  • Adrian Winters

    Adrian is a nerd and Taco Bell connoisseur. He lives in Denver with his wife Bailey, their cats and bearded dragon.
  • JR Moore

    JR Moore is the Chief Editor at TechRaptor. When he's not living life, he's connected to an Xbox, a phone or tablet checking out the latest and greatest.
  • Alexander Baldwin

    I am a UK based game/tech writer person. Also, I share a name (barring one letter) with a famous actor who I am not sadly.
  • Andrew Bennett

    The name's Andrew! I'm a contributor for Tech Raptor who enjoys writing about tech. I mostly cover Microsoft news, but I also enjoy video games. (Maybe even a tad too much!)
  • Alexandria Taberski

    A gaming journalist for the last two years, Alexandria has a degree in Anthropology. In addition to writing she loves gaming, baking and more writing.
  • Anthony Mark

    A founder & director in the I.T industry. With a passion for games and their mechanics, from play through to development. I'm currently also very interested in general technological developments. Especially in relation to the business world & various practical application models. Currently Playing: Mount & Blade: Warband, Start Trek Online, Birth Of The Federation, Clash Of Clans... The list goes on!
  • A.J. Moya

    A nerd culture writer, gaming fanatic and devotee to the Great Lord Cthulhu, A.J. Moya also dabbles in fiction writing and founded the youtube blog site Dire Badger.
  • Andrew Otton

    Writing, movies, and games are the main passions of my life. Gaming has been the biggest part for most of my life. I have a B.A. in History and hope to be a published author someday (novels). For now, I spend a lot of time trying to look at the gaming industry critically. Feel free to reach out to me at anytime to have a discussion.
  • Adam Sparks

    Hailing from Parts Unknown, Adam grew up with a passion for three things: Videogames, anime, and writing. Unfortunately his attempts to combine the three have yet to form Captain Planet, but they have produced some good by-products.
  • Andrew Stretch

    I'm a College Student studying Computer Science planning for a future in technology. I have been playing video games of all kinds since before i could talk and now mostly end up on the Xbox but i've been known to be on steam and PSN. I'm always down for a game so if you're online then game on! Feel free to follow me on Twitter @AndrewStretch
  • Ben Kuyt

    Gamer, Computer geek, Musician, Writer. Favourite series are Star Fox, Halo, Battlefield, and Forza. My last name is pronounced kite. Or kout, for the European Football fans.
  • Bryan Heraghty

    Avid shooter and platformer fan. Coffee is the only power up I need. In the spare time I have I will listen to more podcasts than has scientifically been deemed healthy. Hit me up on Twitter if you ever want to chat with me about games, tech, or whatever.
  • Dan Landuyt

    Born and raised in Chicago and exported to St. Louis. Radio personality for 7 years, football and hockey enthusiast , avid video gamer for over 25 years.
  • Don Parsons

    I've been a gamer for years of various types starting with the Sega Genesis and Shining Force when I was young. If I'm not playing video games, I'm often roleplaying, reading, writing, or pondering things brought up by speculative fiction.
  • David Rose

    An upstart literary critic and lifelong gamer who mixes a huge enthusiasm for gaming, academic critique and a effervescent writing style together into one bouncy whole.
  • Dan Worcester

    Been playing games for over half my life. I like to think that I have a wide variety of tastes in genres, while still being mindful of quality.
  • Emidio Galanti

    A simple-minded fool.
  • Gina Awed

    I'm an adopted Vietnamese guy that spends more time playing video games than I spend with my significant other. I own over 30 Pokémon games, two Gameboy Advances, every generation of Nintendo DS, and I built my own computer. League of Legends has made me cynical but I still play it 20+ hours every week and I got added here to write about it. I can only play support and Ezreal. I make YouTube videos too.
  • Gene Marsh

    Gene is a student of biology and philosophy, who enjoys PC games, technical advancements, applied science, and the internet. Pester & harass him @GeneMildest
  • Georgina Young

    British girl, currently in Japan. Surviving on a diet of retro games. Worshiping the god that is the Sega Megadrive. I like Nintendo. I'm best known as that neutral lady that was on HuffPostLive talking about #GamerGate. My partner and I do YouTube Let's Plays and Reviews too find us at
  • Jose Alvarado

    Jose is a fan of all things horror and sci-fi related. He's played Sonic The Hedgehog 2 more than any other game in existence, but has never managed to collect all the chaos emeralds
  • James Galizio

    I'm a writer for TechRaptor, and an aspiring indie dev; technology and games in particular have been my passion my whole life, and to contribute to the industry has been my dream. If I'm not writing or working on other work, you can almost always find me playing some sort of game!
  • Jason Dulin

    I've been a life long gamer going back to the days of Tecmo Super Bowl on the NES. I have continued to game all through school and college and into my adult life with staples such as Halo, Gears of War, Madden, NBA2K, and Battlefield while drinking some craft beer. XBL - Birdman18 PSN - evilGrundle
  • Jonathan Christie

    I've been playing games since the Sega Saturn and especially love strategy games and anything action. I also love Android a bit too much as well.
  • Jonathan Greenwell

    For years I have been a systems administrator, a husband, a father, a gamer, and now, to add to that list, a budding games journalist. My family always comes first, but a close second would have to be gaming. My favorite games tend to be RPG's, MMO style games, and MOBA's, but I'm no stranger to FPS and action games as well. My only hope is that my writings and opinions can help the gaming community and that I don't invoke the wrath or ire of gamers everywhere... because you scary gaming community!
  • Jenna Meador

    I'm a 20-something into tech, games, and most things nerd. Currently back in school for more IT certs, because you can never have enough.
  • John Rozger

    John Rozger has a BA in Computer Science from NJIT and is a fledgling software and video game developer. As a lifelong gamer he enjoys writing about the gaming industry as well as computing and technology.
  • Aladora

    A long time gamer from my youngest possible years, I've spent most of my time with MMORPGs but I'm branching out more now into the vast world of gaming. I'm a true believer in following your passions and dreams, and games are it for me, this is just the tip of the iceberg!
  • Keith Elwood

    I have been a gamer ever since I can remember, starting with the Sega Genesis and original Nintendo consoles. I graduated to frogger on an ancient IBM home PC, and then onto Sim City 2000. In 2004, I got into shooters and MMOs. I haven't looked back since. Professionally, I am certified in private security. In my spare time, I dabble in information analysis and study geopolitics.
  • Kestutis Kalvaitis

    Writer, gamer, and Sega Genesis apologist. I enjoy RPGs, open-world nonsense and just about any combination of swords, lasers and dinosaurs. I blame the Commodore 64.
  • Wesley Cripe

    A web developer with a love for unusual games, both released and in early access. Tends to prefer mechanically complex games that require creativity.
  • Kris Hyre

    I am a lifelong gamer and IT professional living the Pacific Northwest of the US with a large household packed full of the next generation of gamers. I have a sweet tooth for the Fighting, MMO, and Sci-Fi genres.
  • Luigi Savinelli

    Gamer since I can remember and now writer for your enjoyment. Can't say more. Those games will not play themselves
  • Lucy Walcott

    Lucy Walcott is a writer who loves to talk about political issues and other things. She has been an avid gamer since she was little, focusing almost exclusively on RPG and hack and slash games. Some of her favorites includes The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Ys, and Breath of Fire. Her favorite systems includes PlayStation, Nintendo, and Steam.
  • Matt Duke

    Matt Duke has enjoyed video games for over twenty-five years, and strongly maintains that Super Mario Bros. 3 was the greatest video game ever created. He is currently working toward a platinum trophies in Plants Vs. Zombies and The Last of Us: Remastered. A classic under-achiever, when not playing video games, he enjoys writing about himself in third-person.
  • Matthew Blatnick

    Android evangelist, computer nerd, gamer, and lover of all things geeky. The only real thing you need to know about me, is that Civilization V is my drug.
  • Matthew Campanella

    A firm believer that technology is making the world a better place who hopes to share the revelation with other. Professional tramp, amateur writer. Huge nerd, occasional gamer.
  • Matt Dobrzanski

    I currently attend college in Gainesville studying music. I am an iced coffee and RPG addict. I believe PC gaming is the way to go, and I have a pet bunny named Church who has a heart of gold and whom you'll see all over my Instagram.
  • Marc Henriksen

    I played my first video game, Super Mario World, when I was 4 years old and I haven't looked back since. When I don't play video games or write about them, I create music and perform. My biggest interests are video games, movies, TV, and music, all of which I have a great passion for. My favorite video game of all time is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, my favorite movie is Goodfellas, and my favorite music artists include Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and Bob Dylan
  • Micah Curtis

    Micah is a man returning to the fold of video game journalism after a bit of time away. He's a conservative with a passion for business, and a love for the art of video games. Micah has been gaming since the NES, and knows a bit more about art than he probably should........
  • Miguel Leiva-Gomez

    With a reputation for writing suit-and-tie articles, Miguel Leiva-Gomez needed a place to relax and let loose. Aside from deciphering the workings behind the most complex business systems, he also takes time off throughout the day to play some vidya. Ever since the early 90s when he first got his Sega Genesis, Gomez has been pressing himself to win every game he played. It was this virtually lifelong fascination with games that made him become a gaming journalist. Outside of writing, Gomez also specializes in application development using C++, C, LUA, and Python. He's also a fan of the Oxford comma and wants you to deal with it.
  • Matt M

    I'm a contributor to the tech and gaming sections here on TechRaptor. I hold a B.A in English from University of California at Davis.
  • Patrick Perrault

    Writer for TechRaptor, who hopes to gain valuable experience in a constantly changing industry.
  • Perry Ruhland

    Perry has lived his whole life on the search for a single mission. To find the perfect FPS game. While he has yet to accomplish his goal, he has blown through a stupidly large amount of shooters, and picked up a few writing skills on the way.
  • Sam Mcarthur-Mclean

    Avid follower of the gaming industry and writer for techraptor.
  • Stuart Burns

    Stuart Burns is aging horribly along with his world view. When not keeping his son away from choking hazards he sometimes plays video games and writes about them.
  • Seth Kellen

    Seth likes many things. In particular, he likes video games (obviously), music, and words. He also hates writing meta 3rd person biographies, though if he self-references enough times maybe it'll be less weird. Nope.
  • Shaun Joy

    I've been an avid gamer since the young age of 6, and have taken a journey to start writing and producing video content to share my love of video games with the world. I have a degree in computer science from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, and had worked in the transit industry working on Ticket Vending Machines, and fareboxes in mass transit. When it became clear that the kind of work that I wanted to do was eluding me despite always being considered an "up and coming star", I left my job and decided to start creating video content. I started a youtube channel,, to start sharing my thoughts on new games, as well as producing content in a variety of ways. I believe that every game has something that we can take out of it, even games that are negative experiences overall, and I want to highlight getting the most value out of games. I want to highlight deals to bring games that deserve the spotlight to light, and help gamers save as much money as possible, mostly to spend that money on more games =P. I love discussing video games, and will always be open to talking about them (granted, if I am working on something at the time, it may be a timely response.)
  • Sam Reimer

    Born with a controller in his hands, Sam was dropped into a world of video games. At a young age he had found the ability to adapt to almost any game and to be somewhat decent at it. Sam enjoys long walks along the Los Santos beach and the occasional assassination.
  • Stephen Snook

    Hello! My name is Stephen Snook, and I'm a freelance journalist based in Melbourne, Australia. I've been doing the Youtube thing for a couple of years, and now I'm doing the whole being a games journalist person.
  • Steven Stites

    I'm a PC player. I tend to spend all my time doing things I enjoy, games, Netflix, anime/manga, browse interweb, what-have-you. When those things pique my interest enough, or I get an interesting idea, i tend to start writing them down. Eventually I got into writing about the things I enjoy doing. Also kind of a big music lover. I listen to everything from metal, pop, classical, and Pink Floyd. Yes, Pink Floyd is a genre unto itself.
  • Thomas Nelson

    Born in Niagara Falls, the northeast edge of the rustbelt, amateur author and audiophile Thomas Nelson has exhausted almost two decades as an elitist PC gamer. His interests include history, ideology, philosophy, politics and spending an obscene amount of time staring at a computer screen. He has a degree in broadcasting and is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree at Buffalo State University in political science.
  • Tanis Pallagi

    I've been playing games since the Apple ][ Days. I have a special place in my heart for quirky Japanese games but you'll see me playing anything and everything! I'm also a huge nerd over tabletop RPGs, Warhammer 40k, anime, comic books and birds.
  • Travis Donnell

    It was only later in life that I realized children are supposed to have parents and friends, but being raised by video game consoles wasn't so bad. Now, I write music, short fiction, contribute to TechRaptor, and tell myself that being raised by video game consoles wasn't so bad.
  • Todd Wohling

    A long time ago on an Intellivision far, far away my gaming journey started with Lock n' Chase, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons The Cloudy Mountain, and Night Stalker. I earned both a BS-Physics and a BS-Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Today I spend most of my time on PC. Currently, I work full time as an engineer.
  • Will Meeks

    I'm a writer, gamer, and clan leader. I've been playing games since before I could even read. And now I'm writing about them in my free time.
  • Wyatt Hnatiw

    Wyatt Hnatiw is a lifelong gamer with a borderline inappropriate love of BioWare RPGs and Bioshock. Maybe he just loves the prefix Bio...