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Crimefest 2015 – AMA Report and Overview

Crimefest 2015 Almir Reddit AMA and Final Overview featured image v2

Pretty sure my past 6 articles related to Crimefest have made it obvious that we here at TechRaptor are full-on following the madness of this year’s annual event surrounding Payday 2. We’ve gone from a wild train ride starting with microtransactions on weapon-skins with stat boosts, to a finale with Troll face masks and a hardly noticeable update to the ... Read More »

The Survivor 2299 Creator Speaks Out- The AMA Summary


Since the website of thesurvivor2299.com was found, it took us all for a ride, and then when it revealed it wasn’t Fallout 4, it did leave everyone with a lot of questions. Luckily over the weekend the creator of the site created the Reddit name of DCHoaxer and did a Ask Me Anything over his site. Minus the whining “How ... Read More »