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Applying the SPJ Code of Ethics to the New York Times

SPJ Guidelines

I’m no journalist. People who have read my articles may have seen me say that line over and over again, but it’s true; I’m not a journalist who’s been trained classically in the art. I’m no Milo Yiannopoulos, nor am I David Streitfield. However, I have done my best in my own opinion to try to understand the basic ideas ... Read More »

On Reddit Populism IS Sexism, All of a Sudden

Food, animals, music. Just about anything you might want to find, you can find on Reddit.

A Moment of Fantasy Authoritarian oligarch and Imperious Leader of Reddit, Ellen Pao, was given the heave-ho this week in a “mutual decision” to be replaced by someone who knows things about Reddit’s basic functionality, Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman. Writers for the Ministry of Truth aren’t the only people in the world who can write a click-bait trash headline or ... Read More »

Gawker Doesn’t Understand Leadership


Chairman Pao is gone. Ellen Pao is no longer in charge of Reddit. One of Gawker’s writers believes it is because of a “misogynistic tantrum.” I believe the author of that article needs to learn how to read a dictionary, put on a pair of glasses, and put away the progressive ideology to see what this really is, a win ... Read More »

Apocalypse Pao: Does Anything Really Change?

Ellen Pao

If you’ve been anywhere on the Internet in the past day or two, you’ll almost certainly have heard about Ellen Pao, the now-former Interim CEO of Reddit who stepped down from her position amidst a massive outcry from a chunk of Reddit’s users. Pao had been surrounded by controversy from the day she was put into the media spotlight and ... Read More »

Enough is Enough: No More Babying Women in Tech


In case you are unaware, Reddit recently announced that their “interim” CEO Ellen Pao would be stepping down from the position, and cries of celebration were heard across the front page of the Internet after the post was made. If you were to be charitable, you could describe Pao as unpopular with the Reddit community. The decisions made under her leadership ... Read More »

New York Times’ Reddit Piece Shows Dangers of Internet Journalism

Reddit Aliens Galore

The world is still adjusting to the idea of instant news on the Internet and the ability to easily change and rewrite history in many ways. The Internet has, for better or worse, completely changed the way reporting can be done with a very simple tool: the ability to update pieces after launch. This has many upsides as it means new information ... Read More »

Ellen Pao out as Reddit CEO

Reddit Aliens Galore

As seemingly first reported by Recode, it looks like Ellen Pao, the interim CEO of Reddit, has stepped down from the CEO position today. In the backdrop of the unease of the Reddit mods and general community regarding changes to Reddit over the last several months, including the firing of former IAMA administrator Victoria Taylor, and even spawning today as ... Read More »

The Reddit Revolt Shows How Broken Reddit Is

Private Sub header

The #RedditRevolt, #TheDarkening, AMAgeddon, Blackout 2015. Whatever you call it, there has been a storm raging over at Reddit over the last day. If you slept through the drama, you can read our news write up here (and the followup here), but I’ll give you the cliff notes. Victoria Taylor was a popular Reddit employee whose main job was coordinating AMAs (Ask ... Read More »

Follow Up – #TheDarkening, Reddit’s Night of Infamy


Yesterday, major activity centers for Reddit descended into an uproar when the community found out that Victoria Taylor, the Reddit community’s trusted and well-liked AMA mod, had been fired without notice and numerous default subs going private until the situation blew over.  Many more subs voluntarily went dark in solidarity with the default subs who went private, as well as to protest what they ... Read More »

[Updated] Developing: Popular Reddit sub r/IamA, Others Go Private


Earlier today on Reddit, users have alerted all over the site that the immensely popular subreddit r/IAmA went private, along with many other default subreddits that are currently unable to be viewed by non-admins and anyone who isn’t an approved submitter.  Reddit user Diotic currently has posted a running list of “darkened” subreddits that is being actively updated as this situation ... Read More »