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The Metro 2033 Universe Deserves An Open World Game

The Metro 2033 Universe

For the first time in the last few years I had some money in my pocket during the Steam Holiday Sale. The most expensive (and one of the most enjoyable) purchases I made was the Metro Redux Bundle that included Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux. I knew a little bit about the Metro setting beforehand. I thoroughly enjoyed Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, and I ... Read More »

YouTube Channel Spotlight – Many A True Nerd


Welcome to a new monthly feature here on TechRaptor, this feature will involve highlighting a gaming related YouTube channel that is up and coming or interesting. The intention of this feature is to help you all discover great new YouTube channels which I find interesting, entertaining or out-and-out crazy. We will also include a Q&A with the YouTuber to find out why ... Read More »

A Look Back – KOTOR 2

Kotor 2 Featured

Obsidian are one of the most interesting developers, they are consistently brilliant and consistently flawed, time after time exhibiting the same strengths and weaknesses. Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords (referred to from now on as KOTOR 2) is possibly the most Obsidian game ever made. It is, in fact, the platonic form of Obsidian games (don’t ... Read More »

The Survivor 2299 Creator Speaks Out- The AMA Summary


Since the website of thesurvivor2299.com was found, it took us all for a ride, and then when it revealed it wasn’t Fallout 4, it did leave everyone with a lot of questions. Luckily over the weekend the creator of the site created the Reddit name of DCHoaxer and did a Ask Me Anything over his site. Minus the whining “How ... Read More »

How the Internet was Duped: The Survivor 2299 Saga


It doesn’t matter what side you were on for this saga. Weather you were making the Fallout 4: Survivor 2299 fan art or saying that you knew it all along, it has been made official. The Survivor2299.com site was a hoax.  #NerdTears I’m sure nerds around the world are feeling the same waves of emotion as I am. I’m not ... Read More »

Bethesda reported to not appear at VGX, no Fallout 4 news?


With the extreme speculation that’s been going on around The Survivor 2299 site, which we’ve been keeping up to date with, we’ve all been waiting for some form of a response from Bethesda. We have emailed for comment, but thus far have received none, meaning either they’re keeping everything close to home, or just don’t want to give any more ... Read More »

The Survivor 2299; Nuclear winter has come [UPDATED]


“Nuclear winter is coming in…” Ever since the website went live, Fallout fans worldwide have been sitting on the website for god knows how long translating morse code, reporting HTML tweaks, sifting through various behind the scenes changes, and of course mashing the living day lights out of their F5 keys. Not only has the new website ruined some perfectly ... Read More »

Survivor 2299 – Could it be Fallout 4?


I’m sure all you die hard FO fans out there have checked out the new thesurvivor2299.com website over the past week. For those who haven’t, the general buzz is around the fact that recently a patent was filed for “Fallout 4″ and a potentially Fallout related website was launched (see thesurvivor2299.com). The page contains a logo, a timer counting down ... Read More »