Phil Fish Puts Polytron and Fez Up For Sale

Phil Fish Puts Polytron and Fez Up For Sale

The past week has been a nightmare for gaming journalist websites with the recent incidents involving the now infamous Zoe Quinn.  On the one hand, if the allegations are true, this brings to light just how decrepit the state of gaming journalism has become, thus undermining their own sites. On the other hand, if the allegations are false, they are supporting an internet crusade of harassment by shining a spotlight on what has become a dog pile of PR management and self righteousness. Of the various people who have been wrapped up in this mess (including internet personalities like Jontron and Jim Sterling) Phil Phish took to twitter (again) to make clear he was upset (again). In response to the Zoe Quinn debacle, as well as reactions to criticism by gamers, Phil Fish has again disappeared from Twitter, but rather than making his account private like last time, he has outright deleted it.

Phil Phish

Source: Reddit User Pyryra

In the long slew of twitter comments, Phil Fish announced that the FEZ IP as well as Polytron were both up for sale. is still down at the time of writing this article, reportedly having been doxxed. Fish was a vocal defender of Zoe Quinn, and would get into heated arguments about the topic. Doing so placed dragged him into the issue, and many now lump him in with Zoe Quinn as a central part of the issue surrounding the ethical standards of gaming journalism.

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  • Andrew Otton

    I’m not even sure he gets more flak from the internet, though he has brought more onto himself by responding and interacting with trolls. Regardless of that, he does seem to be a troubled individual who has a hard time coping with public exposure. Hope he does better as Fez was a pretty great thing.

    His biggest issue was using the language of those anonymous on the internet to say some terrible things. Unfortunately he did it as a public figure.

    He is definitely not one that deserves hatred. At worst he is a troubled man who has collapsed under a great weight the internet has put on him.

    • Name

      It really doesn’t make him look too good. His site was extremely secure and the ‘hacker’ immediately did one of the best possible things to promote Zoe and Phil.

      • Andrew Otton

        It doesn’t but these still feel like acts of desperation more than cold calculation. He certainly has the wherewithal to do something like this and I am not trying to defend him as he has said and done some terrible things. I think he is in need of help though. Someone with a mind for Fez could do some pretty cool things but he is holding himself back with his emotional issues.