Quick Thoughts: No Man’s Sky – It’s About The Journey


Its pretty clear that No Man’s Sky might be the most divisive game to have been released in quite some time. While it would have been easy to talk about what I personally don’t like about the game and its questionable marketing, it’s more interesting to chat with a few editors and get multiple perspectives on their experience with No Man’s Sky for this video.  ... Read More »

Indy PopCon 2016 – Crashlands & Butterscotch Shenanigans

Indy PopCon 2016 Crashlands

Indy PopCon 2016 had a pretty large area for Indie Developers to show off their games, and we met a ton of awesome developers during our time at this year’s convention in Indianapolis. One of those developers was Butterscotch Shenanigans, a development team that was originally started by 3 brothers and is now expanding to hire more employees to the team. We ... Read More »

Indy PopCon 2016 – Battle Chef Brigade

Indy PopCon 2016 Battle Chef Brigade

When we were looking over Indy PopCon’s site to reach out to a number of devs and set up times to talk about their games, Battle Chef Brigade was one of the games that looked quite interesting. Blending hunting for your ingredients by defeating creatures with a puzzle-based cooking element, all while being timed for competition, was definitely something we ... Read More »

Indy PopCon 2016 – Spacecats In Space!

Indy PopCon 2016 SpaceCats in Space

Imagine an alternative galaxy/universe in which the struggle between dogs and cats has evolved beyond just chasing each other … out into the stars themselves. Cats and dogs, locked in a struggle akin to our World War II, with the dogs representing the Axis and the cats representing the Allies. A twin-stick shooter that is the opposite of bullet hell, ... Read More »

Indy PopCon 2016 – Color Thief

Indy PopCon 2016 Color Thief

We ran into a number of indie developers at Indy PopCon this year, each with unique games that had features and ideas that piqued our interest. One of those games was Color Thief, a game that puts you in the role of a chameleon that can “steal” colors from the environment. Color Thief focuses on color as a primary gameplay ... Read More »

Indie Interview – Christopher Park of Arcen Games


It’s always a lot of fun to be able to sit down and talk with a developer in-depth on their projects and the industry, and I recently had the opportunity to do that with Christopher Park of Arcen Games. With the early access release of their newest game, In Case of Emergency Release Raptor, today (it was delayed from the 21st ... Read More »

EGLX Interview – Extra Life Toronto Guild


While this is late coming for a variety of reasons, our EGLX coverage is going to start coming out now as we’ve fixed some of the technical problems. First up was an interview I had with the new Extra Life Toronto Guild. Starting up relatively recently, they are the local chapter for the well-known Extra Life Charity in Toronto, and in particular ... Read More »

E3 2016 – Jesse Rapczack Interview on Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark Header

Just after the PC Gaming Show, where he made a big announcement, I was able to talk with Jesse Rapczack Co-Founder and Co-Creative Director of Studio Wildcard about Ark: Survival Evolved. For those unaware, he announced an official mod, Ark: Primal Survival, where you will be able to play as the dinosaurs, build up a pack, mate with other dinosaurs, ... Read More »

Resident Evil 7 Quick Thoughts


If you had told me a month ago I would be recording a video talking about why the next flagship title in the Resident Evil series is worth looking into, I would have called you crazy.  Had you told me I would be sitting in a small room playing the next Resident Evil game in VR, I would have died ... Read More »

E3 2016 – Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Interview

Mount & Blade 2 - Bannerlord

I attended a presentation with Taleworlds Entertainment all about siege in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Later I returned and Taleworlds graciously agreed to an interview, so I spoke with Frank Elliott and Steve Negus about more siege details, factions, relationships between lords, and more. We first talked about much of what you can see in this video here, which is ... Read More »