Nintendo, The Console, and The Future: A response to Brian Crecente

Nintendo NX

Despite my problems with the current YouTube environment and what that means for critical coverage for Nintendo on YouTube, I still like the company as a whole. And in particular, I’ve always admired their business strategy in terms of not panicking with their long term vision and not doing anything horribly drastic. To me that’s a sign of a company that knows ... Read More »

Pre Orders Have Two Choices: Evolve Or Die


In this video, I take a look at countering some of the points made by fellow TechRaptor staff member Micah C in a recent article he wrote regarding pre-orders. There’s been some recent controversy that has surrounded AAA titles like Mortal Kombat with its Goro DLC and the lack of details regarding the Arkham Knight pre-orders. Needless to say there’s been quite a ... Read More »

Mario Kart 8 DLC Track Review…

Mario Kart 8 logo

In this video, that was created in thanks to several other staff members pitching in with footage, I take a look at the combined DLC packs for Mario Kart 8 to determine if the $11.99 to purchase was worth the price of admission. In my mind, while new characters and new parts were fun and all, it was the tracks ... Read More »

Objectivity: When Passion, Fairness, and Due Process Collide

Pen and Paper Objectivity

Even before I started doing gaming content, it had become apparent that gaming has reached a whole new sector of influence in terms of reaching people but in doing so had become ever more complicated. Let’s face it: emotions can run high for subjects that we love, and that’s part of the strength of the media that we consume. I ... Read More »

Star Wars: Battlefront trailer revealed

Star Wars: Battlefront

Electronic Arts has unveiled its first trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront, the upcoming multiplayer shooter set in the Star Wars universe from Battlefield developers EA Digital Illusions CE. Star Wars: Battlefront is the third game in the Star Wars: Battlefront series, which began with another game also called Star Wars: Battlefront in 2004, making it arguably the laziest name in ... Read More »

The Hunt #13: Randomly Generated Generation Gaps

The Hunt 13 Thumbnail

On this week in the Hunt, things are getting interesting in terms of releases. The weird thing is, releases in April seemingly are drying up a little bit, as there’s less of a variety of games on a daily basis. This shows up next week for sure (besides some bigger releases, of course), but even this last week there was ... Read More »

The Hunt #11: More Blood for the Roguelikes

The Hunt 11

This week on the Hunt, I sadly only cover 6 games as opposed to 7 or more. Mostly because several of those games had addictive qualities to them, and once they got their hooks into me, they didn’t exactly let go in a timely manner. That’s the thing about the Hunt: I try to cover as many games I can, ... Read More »

The Hunt #10: Throwing Bricks At Mobsters


In this week on The Hunt, I am finally done with the game that has caused me an abnormal amount of suffering for the last several weeks (you might wonder where the review for this game is, oh, it’s coming.). But despite a game that caused a setback for a franchise that is near and dear to several peoples hearts, ... Read More »