The Hunt #6: Feasting on Human Hearts And Cheap Games!


In this week of the Hunt, there’s a variety of cheap games that make up the week, along with a couple of bigger titles in the mix. Once again, The Hunt does it’s best to present bite sized video segments of games that the video creator played over the week, giving a short opinion, while pointing to more substantial information ... Read More »

The Hunt #5: Hitting the Spectrum of Art Styles

The Hunt 05

In this week’s episode of The Hunt, we go through the variety of different art styles and presentations. Hitting the 8-bit style for an RPG that does the job with simple game mechanics that rely on the rock, paper, scissors type of elemental damage mechanics, while offering a large amount of status effects and nostalgia in the process. We also look at ... Read More »

Mind of Micah C: #GamerGate

momc gamergate

It’s been a pretty wild ride these past six months or so. It seems that not a day goes by where #GamerGate isn’t the talk of the internet. They’re the new big group, right alongside Anonymous, to become a major force on the world wide web. As someone who was once part of the movement, I’ve taken time to put ... Read More »

The Hunt #4: A Diamond in the Rough

The Hunt 4

Another week of the Hunt. For those who are being introduced to the segment for the first time, The Hunt takes all the games that the member of the TechRaptor staff played during the week and condenses them into minute segments. In those segments, we give the first impressions of the game, whether it’s worth your time, and the strengths/weaknesses ... Read More »

The Hunt #3: Zombies, Ghosts, and Roguelikes: Oh My!

This week's hunt brings us a gem around gravity, and of course, zombies.

In this episode of the Hunt, we go into the depths of Steam releases to find a variety of games that have released in the last week. This is an ongoing segment that has been evolving since its initial inception last month and surprisingly has gotten a lot of positive feedback. As a raptor, any reason to continuing hunting is appreciated, ... Read More »

Georgie On The Go Episode 2 – Pokemon Red

georgie on the go

Sorry for the delay on this weeks episode,maybe I should blow on my mental cartridge and re-insert, next weeks episode should go up on Tuesday as usual. This week I take on one of many gamer’s childhood favorites the original Pokemon Red using the Super Gameboy for the SNES. I put on my Misty cosplay for this one, my second ... Read More »

The Hunt #2: A Sucessor to Earthbound? And OCD Guild Management.

This week, we hunt for an Earthbound experience....

In this weeks episode of the Hunt, we’ve got a bunch of games that I took a look at. A couple of them came from the card game Humble Bundle that is going on for another week (at the time of the printing of this article), but the rest of them came from the innards of Steam’s library. The games ... Read More »

IMO: Mind of Micah C Mini – Pre-Order Culture?

pre order culture

Hey there you ravenous bunch of Raptors! Much quicker than most would expect, another episode of the Mind of Micah C has come into your lives. Well, sort of. If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen me mention the idea of doing minisodes of Mind of Micah C, considering how busy I am in my daily life, ... Read More »

Georgie on the Go – Episode 1 – Streets of Rage

georgie on the go

Hey everyone this is the first in what will hopefully be along standing series at Techraptor where I, Georgina Young, local Nintendo Fan Girl and loyal servant of the god that is the Sega MegaDrive, play my favourite retro games and chat about everything from reasons those games are so great to the reasons why I suck so badly at ... Read More »

The Hunt #1: Hunting for good games

Welcome to the Hunt: for good games!

Welcome to a new segment that will be making it’s home on the TechRaptor YouTube channel, called The Hunt. In this new series, a member of the TechRaptor team will take a look back on the games they played during the week that follow a certain set of criteria. Hunts have to be efficient, so each game within the segment ... Read More »