AMD Launches Radeon Crimson Driver


In an overhaul to their graphics drivers, AMD has released AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition drivers. Like the Omega release last year, this is a large update to their Catalyst suite. In addition to this, AMD is now considering Radeon 5000 and 6000 to be legacy cards supported by their legacy driver, effectively ending new features and enhancements for any ... Read More »

Pirate Bay is not getting banned in Sweden

The Pirate Bay

Finally today after a month of consideration District Court of Stockholm has stated that those copyright owners can not make Bredbandsbolaget, a Swedish ISP, block the Pirate Bay. Pirate Bay is a Swedish based website that hosts links to various legal and illegal torrents. This includes movies, games, books and more and this is exactly what copyright holders want to ... Read More »

Apple Facing Potentially Devastating IP Lawsuit in China

Apple Logo

Apple is currently facing a messy IP battle with Chinese company BYD, and could be devastated if Chinese courts rule against it. In two separate suits filed in May, BYD claims that the antenna on the iPhone 6 and some other Apple products infringes on their IP. The patents in the case relate to super-energy beam induced deposition (SBID) technology. According ... Read More »

US Senate Approves Space Mining


Earlier this month, the United States Senate approved the SPACE Act of 2015.  The bill was passed with unanimous approval and contains a few amendments, so it must go back to the House of Representatives for consideration. The Senate version of the bill is expected to get approval from the House without incident.  After that, it goes to the desk ... Read More »

Microsoft Pretends to Stop Tracking Data, Sneakily Renames Tracking Service

Windows 10 Logo

Windows 10 has taken heavy criticism since its release regarding privacy and the collection of user data. The situation was made worse when a top Microsoft employee admitted that some tracking could not be disabled, and the company did not consider it a privacy concern. However, with the Threshold 2 update released earlier this month, some people thought Microsoft had ... Read More »

Cox Communications May Be Held Liable For Copyright Infringement of Subscribers

Cox Logo

Cox Communications is in the middle of a lawsuit brought against it by BMG Rights Management and Round Hill Music. The two companies are suing the ISP for failing to terminate the accounts of pirates and cutting off their Internet access. Cox does have a procedure for terminating accounts of alleged pirates, but has chosen to dismiss some of the ... Read More »

Clinton and Media Push for Imaginary Middle Ground on Encryption

iPhone 6's

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, numerous media outlets, politicians, and officials working in intelligence agencies have been quick to point the finger at encryption as the culprit. Many politicians in the US are now seeking to legislate mandatory backdoors in encrypted communications. However, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is making statements that present the appearance of a middle ground ... Read More »

France Rushes out Law to Censor Internet, Expand Police Power

French Flag

The French activist group La Quadrature du Net reports on a recent bill adopted by the French National Assembly, which undermines judicial oversight of police searches, as well as granting the government tremendous power to censor the internet. It passed the national assembly by a large margin, 551 votes to 6. In order to become a law it must still ... Read More »

Manhattan DA Releases Report on Smartphone Encryption

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The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has released a report on Smartphone Encryption and Public Safety. While much of the recent talk about encryption by politicians and law enforcement agencies has been about encrypted communications and messaging apps, this report has a different focus. Instead, the sole concern of the report is full disk encryption, which prevents any data on a ... Read More »