TechWeek 2015 – A Lot of Talk About the Cloud

TechWeek 2015 The Cloud

TechWeek 2015 in Chicago is a great place for people interested in Technology to meet and listen to talks by a number of experts in a wide range of fields. One of the parts of the industry that has been generating a lot of buzz over the last few years, is that of “the Cloud,” which as we learned last year ... Read More »

Greece blocked from online transactions


Citizens of Greece are unable to purchase anything from iTunes and the App Store, or make transactions via Paypal. This has come after the Greek government has imposed capital controls, restrictions on capital leaving the country.  One would think this would only be the case with capital in large quantities, but as many Greeks have unfortunately come to find out, ... Read More »

TechWeek 2015 – Optimizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

TechWeek 2015 Search Engine Optimization

While the majority of TechWeek was focused around startups, the Cloud, mobile, and other technology, there was a talk given by Brent Payne from Loud Interactive that we just had to check out. Search Engine Optimization has become so integral to business and journalism on the web that a talk about how to optimize for it was something we’re glad ... Read More »

Follow Up – #TheDarkening, Reddit’s Night of Infamy


Yesterday, major activity centers for Reddit descended into an uproar when the community found out that Victoria Taylor, the Reddit community’s trusted and well-liked AMA mod, had been fired without notice and numerous default subs going private until the situation blew over.  Many more subs voluntarily went dark in solidarity with the default subs who went private, as well as to protest what they ... Read More »

[Updated] Developing: Popular Reddit sub r/IamA, Others Go Private


Earlier today on Reddit, users have alerted all over the site that the immensely popular subreddit r/IAmA went private, along with many other default subreddits that are currently unable to be viewed by non-admins and anyone who isn’t an approved submitter.  Reddit user Diotic currently has posted a running list of “darkened” subreddits that is being actively updated as this situation ... Read More »

Chicago Targets The Cloud: New Taxes on Netflix and Amazon

Money Money Money

Many people are probably aware that the state of Illinois is going through somewhat of a financial crisis at the moment (and being from the state this hits close to home). In that idea, some creative ways to secure income have been introduced over the last several months, and one of them seems to be making its way to the front ... Read More »

Facebook Messenger Payments now available to everyone in the US


Your moocher friends have one less excuse for you now. David Marcus, VP of Messaging at Facebook announced today (from his Facebook, of course) that every U.S. member can now send money to someone via the P2P now built into Messenger. From his post: Add your Debit Card and pay anyone on Messenger in a few taps. Money goes straight from ... Read More »

NSA Bulk Collection of Phone Records Resumes

NSA seal

With the expiration of the Patriot Act on June 1, it seemed like a major victory had been achieved for privacy, and the NSA mass surveillance had been reined in. Bulk collection of phone records by the NSA came to an end the same day the act expired, but it seems it was just a temporary reprieve. A recent ruling by ... Read More »

ICANN Proposal Would Crack Down on Domain Privacy

EFF logo

ICANN is considering a proposal that could drastically effect the privacy of domain owners. It’s possible for anyone to do a WHOIS lookup to find the personal details of who has registered a particular domain, such as their name, phone number, and address. However, many domain owners wish to keep their personal details private. They use proxy registering services. When ... Read More »

WikiLeaks Returns with New NSA Leaks

WikiLeaks Logo

WikiLeaks recently released a leaked NSA documents showing that the agency had spied on at least the last three French Presidents, including intercepting their phone calls. This has certainly upset the French President Francois Hollande, who issued a strongly worded statement that, “France will not tolerate actions that threaten its security and the protection of its interests.” However, this leak ... Read More »