Federal court prohibits woman from using BitTorrent


In Oregon a federal court has prohibited a woman from using BitTorrent, as well as obliging her to remove that program and any other peer to peer software from her computer, instead of paying $7,500 settlement for having downloaded the movie Dallas Buyers Club. This lawsuit is just one of many that has been going on for well over a ... Read More »

Lizard Squad member pleads guilty to swatting


A seventeen year old member of the hacker collective Lizard Squad has plead guilty to 23 accounts of swatting. Swatting, the act of calling the police with a false claim that an emergency situation is still in progress in hopes that a victim’s house will be raided by law enforcement, has become a popular form of online harassment that bleeds into ... Read More »

Bulk Data Collection by the NSA to End June 1st

NSA seal

Despite putting in long hours of negotiations, the US Senate was unable to reach a compromise over the matter of reauthorizing the NSA’s mass surveillance. For the first time since it was passed in 2001, reauthorizing the Patriot Act in full  wasn’t a popular prospect, perhaps a reflection of the changing attitudes to surveillance in America after the Snowden leaks. ... Read More »

A Phone That Does Nothing But Take and Make Calls: How Quaint.

Light Phone2

Imagine carrying a device in your pocket, one that you can use to make and take phone calls, but nothing more. It’s a not an ancient flip phone either, it’s sleek and attractive and about as large as a credit card. Why would you want such a thing? Most people don’t even make phone calls these days; phones are for ... Read More »

Protesters Across the Country Demand an End to the Patriot Act

Credit: Kirstin Bimson

The Patriot Act is perhaps the most authoritarian legislation to come out of the halls of Congress. It seemed the only way to justify such an extreme law was to make the case that it was merely a temporary measure to deal with extreme circumstances. For that reason, the law contains a sunset clause which would cause the law to ... Read More »

Oculus VR and Palmer Luckey Sued

oculus rift

Oculus VR, the company behind the Oculus Rift, is being sued again, along with founder Palmer Luckey. This time, the lawsuit is over a possible breach of contract and “wrongful exploitation” of the Oculus Rift design. The suit was filed by Total Recall Technologies, based in Hawaii. The plaintiff in the lawsuit claims, as a former employer of Luckey, that Luckey agreed ... Read More »

NSA Planned to Hijack Google and Samsung App Stores

NSA seal

A top-secret NSA document, which was recently shared by Edward Snowden with the CBC, shows a joint plan to by intelligence agencies in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to hijack Google’s and Samsung’s app stores to install malware that could be used for surveillance purposes. These five countries, known as the five eyes, also exploited weaknesses in ... Read More »

Oculus Rift Will Not Block Adult Entertainment

oculus rift

Adult entertainment has been a controversial topic in the virtual reality industry recently. As more companies throw their hats into the VR ring, these questions have come up more and more. Many companies dodged questions related to porn when asked about the subject at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference this year. However according to a quote from, Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus, ... Read More »

AMD Announces Groundbreaking New Technology

Credit: AMD

AMD has recently announced a technology called High Bandwidth Memory(HBM), and makes bold claims about how this new technology will address the major problems with existing computer memory. AMD lays out the issues with GDDR5, which is the current industry standard for graphics memory. As GPUs increase in speed, they require more bandwidth to move data to and from memory, ... Read More » and Seized, New Logo for Proxies

Pirate Bay Logo Cover

The Stockholm District Court ordered the take down of the .se domains for the PirateBay today, following a Swedish police raid last year seizing PirateBay servers. A new logo for the PirateBay surfaced on Reddit, referencing five alternative web domain suffixes: .mn, .gd, .la, .am, .gs. Whereas before the logo merely featured a sailing ship with a jolly roger cassette tape, ... Read More »