WordPress exploit leaves millions of websites open to hacking

WordPress 4.2 Exploit

Two new exploits have been discovered in the WordPress content management system allowing potential hackers to take control of websites that use this service. This exploit allows the attacker to have access to such functionality as changing passwords, add administrators, or any other actions that a logged in administrator would have access to. These exploits are also extremely worrying because ... Read More »

Haptic Glove Will Push the Boundaries of VR

Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University

Although the idea of virtual reality has been around for a while, its seen renewed interest in last few years thanks to the development of the Oculus Rift. These VR systems provide incredibly convincing visual and audio stimulus, which can make a person feel like they are really in the virtual world. Something which has been missing is the sense ... Read More »

Google Wallet gets insured by the FDIC


Google has announced that their Mobile payment system Google Wallet will be insured by the FDIC. Mobile payment systems have failed across the boards to take off in terms of popularity, and this is likely due to some instilled fears that the systems are not safe.  This announcement from Google, initially released via Yahoo news, is an interesting approach to ... Read More »

Anonymous hacks Israeli arms manufacturer


Online hacker collective Anonymous has recently hacked the website of an Israeli arms manufacturer  This revelation come after login credentials and personal details of the sites customers were posted to  The victim of this attack, FAB-Defense, is an arms manufacturer and distributor based in Israel with worldwide clients.  The information posted online, which HackRead confirmed to be both accurate and ... Read More »

1,500 iOS apps vulnerable to security flaw

Green and rotten apple

At least 1,500 iOS apps have been identified as vulnerable to a security flaw that could allow hackers access to user passwords and financial data. Some weeks ago a vulnerability had been patched into an open-source code library known as AFNetworking.  This flaw had was fixed by those who maintain the library, but the IT security firm SourceDNA established that any developer who ... Read More »

Twitter updates policy to further combat abuse

Twitter logo

On Tuesday, Twitter made two new policy changes to assist with combatting abuse amid an opinion piece by Twitter executive Vijaya Gadde on Washington Post explaining the goals of finding the balance between keeping a free speech environment and making all users feel safe. Many users have reached out to Twitter claiming that they don’t feel like they have a voice on the platform ... Read More »

World’s First Holographic Protest in Response to Spanish Law

Congress of Deputies Spain

The Spanish activist group No Somos Delito has come up with a very creative way to protest a new law passed by the Spanish parliament. The group organized the world’s first holographic protest in response to a law that bans protests in front of government buildings. This form of protest takes advantage of a loophole in the law, because projections ... Read More »

Government Can’t Cut Cable Then Pose As Technicians, Judge Rules

Movie: The Cable Guy (1996)

It is a violation of the Fourth Amendment for law enforcement to pose as internet service technicians for the purposes of gaining entry after cutting the service, a federal judge has ruled. The ruling stems from United States v. Wei Seng Phua, et al., a case in which the FBI, Nevada Gaming Control Board, and employees and Caesar’s Palace Hotel ... Read More »

Bell Hit with $750 Million Lawsuit over Privacy Violations

Bell Logo

Bell, the Canadian telecommunications giant, is facing a $750 million lawsuit over alleged privacy violations relating to its Relevant Ads Program. This national class-action lawsuit is being filed on behalf of Bell Mobility and Virgin Mobile customers who have had sensitive personal information and activity data sold to advertisers by Bell. The Relevant Ads Program began in 2013, and worked ... Read More »

WikiLeaks Creates Searchable Archive of Sony Documents

WikiLeaks Logo

Sony has run into more trouble relating to the major hack they suffered late last year. WikiLeaks recently created a searchable online archive of all the documents that were leaked in the hack. The archive contains over 170,000 emails as well as over 30,000 other documents from Sony Pictures and subsidiaries. Although the documents have been available online already, the ... Read More »