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Hoverboards Are Finally Here – For Real This Time.


Ask yourself, does the present look like what science fiction writers and film makers envisioned it would? The answer, sadly, is no. Movies lied. Books have been written about the disappointment, notably Dammit Science, Where’s My Hoverboard? Well, that retro-futurist piece of technology immortalized in our imagination by one Marty McFly may have just become a reality. The company is ... Read More »

Apple SIM and Carrier Troubles

Black Apple logo

So Apple came up with a wonderful idea – let’s make an Apple SIM card that people can move from different carriers. Something to help consumer options, mobility and ease of use. What could go wrong? Read More »

Nokia Lumia Now Becomes Microsoft Lumia


In a blog post today, Nokia has asked us to say goodbye to Nokia Lumia, and say hello to Microsoft Lumia. This was totally expected, considering that Nokia was acquired by Microsoft earlier this year. To many people reading this, the move that Nokia and Microsoft made can be seen as Game Over for Nokia’s phones. On the other hand, this ... Read More »

iCloud allegedly attacked by the Chinese state.


The cloud revolution was announced, then it came, and according to some people, it is long behind us. Not because it failed or course, but because it was so successful. But in a world where personal information is sent across networks, no longer stored on a device that we keep close to us, like an old fashioned address book, the ... Read More »

iOS 8.1 now available

iPhone 6 banner

After the disaster that was iOS 8.0.1, Apple has taken time to release this large update known as iOS 8.1. Clocking in at 2.4 GB it includes some notable updates such as Apple Pay, iCloud Photo Library, Camera Roll, Instant Hotspot and others.  Read More »

Gmail 5 for Android

New Gmail

As Google is moving everything it can to match its new Material Design philosophy, it is natural that Gmail would also get updated – and it has been. It isn’t just a major update, but a major usability one for Androids with Lollipop. Gmail 5.0 will now not only handle your Gmail but all your email. Whether it is on ... Read More »

Google Business View: A New Way to Shop


Have you ever wondered what the inside of a business looks like? Ever been walking through Google’s street view and wish you could see more about a place? Well, now with Google Business View you can! Google’s Street View technology has always had a lot of potential – just go walk down a street on it in a city you’ve ... Read More »

iPad: the New Generation

Black Apple logo

Apple has announced the new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. The new iPad will reportedly have an improved retina display and better cameras for taking photos and videos. Both will be available in gold, silver, and space gray, with an aluminum body, and will offer Touch ID. Read More »

How small can a computer get?

The tiny APM-D01

It’s a question that’s been asked more and more these days with a world of tiny phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Miniaturization is the order of the day when it comes to electronics – how small can you get something and still have it be worthwhile? Read More »