Android’s Biggest Flaw can Hack Your Phone with One Text


Zimperium Mobile Security has uncovered a major vulnerability in the Android ecosphere that will effect 95% of all Android devices. Named “Stagefright,” this vulnerability will allow a hacker total access to your phone and completely take it over, all with just a text. This vulnerability effects all android versions from 2.2 Froyo to the 5.1 Lollipop. According to an NPR interview, Joshua ... Read More »

Razer Acquires Ouya

razer buys ouya

One of the heavy hitters in the gaming peripheral market purchases Android based micro-console, the OUYA. A once promising Kickstarter campaign which raised millions in funding found itself to not be as successful on the crowded market. After enduring years of public ridicule, OUYA is being acquired by a well known maker of gaming peripherals, Razer. Will Razer be able to ... Read More »

Attorney General Conspires with Corrupt Media to Pressure Google

google logo

For years, Google has been in a bitter fight against Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood. The reason? Hood claims that Google is aiding in online piracy because sites which have pirated content show up in the search engine results, as well as the fact that the autocomplete function suggests illegal activities. To the surprise of no one, a connection was ... Read More »

Facebook Can’t Challenge Search Warrants on Behalf of Users


A New York appeals court recently ruled that Facebook has no legal standing to challenge search warrants on behalf of its users. This story began back in 2013, when the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office served Facebook with warrants to obtain information from 381 accounts. Photos, private messages, and any other information linked to the accounts were scooped up en masse. ... Read More »

NASA Discovers Earth’s Bigger, Older Cousin


NASA announced the discovery of 12 new habitable zone planets, including one identified as Earth’s “bigger, older cousin” on July 23, 2015. NASA’s Kepler mission is responsible for the discovery of over 1,000 planets in total, but one, Kelper-452b, is remarkable because it is the smallest planet discovered orbiting in a star’s habitable zone, a set of orbits where environmental ... Read More »

Anonymous Targets RCMP After Fatal Shooting


A fatal shooting last week, in Dawson Creek B.C., has drawn the ire of the online hacktivist group Anonymous. Police were called to the scene when a disturbance was reported, and encountered a man in a mask armed with a knife. Police say the masked man approached them in an aggressive manner, and when he refused to obey the officers’ ... Read More »

UK Considers Increased Sentence for Piracy, Forbids CD Ripping

british war on piracy and cds

The United Kingdom has continued a crackdown on people who download content illegally, but it may have effects on how you use your personal files. After recommendations by the UK Intellectual Property Office, government officials may move forward and decide to increase the maximum sentence for online piracy from two years to ten years. Officials say that the original two year ... Read More »

Malwarebytes is blocking access to two torrent sites

Malware Bytes

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is an application designed to keep your computer secure by scanning for and removing malware as well as monitoring incoming data so that any threats can be eliminated before they are in your system. This software has been praised for its usefulness and ease of access but it seems that it has begun blocking popular torrent websites ... Read More »

Rumor: Hulu Considering Ad-Free Tier

Hulu Logo

On July 16, The Wall Street Journal reported that Hulu was considering offering an ad-free tier to their service. The service could launch this fall and would have around a $12 to $14 per month price tag, around double the price of its ad-supported tier. The WSJ reports that this move could come from the growth of ad-free streaming services ... Read More »

Apple Using Your Bank For Targeted Ads

Apple Logo

Have you ever been served up an advert on your mobile device trying to sell something outside your price range? Apple thinks they have found the solution for that. Apple has patented new technology which checks your bank account to target ads. No, you didn’t misread that. Maybe Fox’s popular animated sitcom Futurama were onto something when they showcased the ... Read More »