Legislators in Brazil Propose Bill to Protect WhatsApp


In the past few months, WhatsApp has been the target of multiple court orders which attempted to force the company to turn over encrypted messages to law enforcement in Brazil. In December, a judge ordered phone companies to block the app in Brazil for forty-eight hours, but the order was overturned in less than a day. In March, an executive ... Read More »

AltspaceVR Unveils Slack Integration

AltspaceVR - Preview

AltspaceVR, an application allowing for virtual meetups, has just launched their integration into Slack, a popular team messaging tool. This integration will allow teams to quickly get together in a virtual meeting space to close the gap of communication somewhat. After announcing the VR Call application for Android CEO Eric Romo quickly figured out that they were using the app ... Read More »

WhatsApp Blocked in Brazil Again


The encrypted messaging service WhatsApp is once again facing trouble in Brazil. A judge in the Brazilian state of Sergipe has ordered phone companies in the country to block the app for 72 hours. The association representing phone companies in the country has already stated that the phone companies intend to obey the order and block the app. WhatsApp is ... Read More »

Shareholder Sues Facebook Over Plan to Split Stock


A Facebook shareholder has decided to sue the company over its plan to issue new stock. Its claimed in the lawsuit that the company’s plan would allow Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to make a fortune selling Facebook shares, while still retaining a controlling share of the company. Zuckerberg stated in December of last year his intention to sell 99% of ... Read More »

Intel Discontinues Atom On Mobile


Intel has officially killed off the Atom line for phones an tablets, effectively putting an end to current attempts to break into mobile computing. Forbes Contributor Patrick Moorehead was able to confirm that the upcoming Broxton and SoFIA poducts would not see the light of day. Atom is a small-core x86 design that came to fame with Asus’ launch of ... Read More »

FBI Uses FISA Warrant to Prosecute Child Porn Case

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What started as an espionage investigation, eventually turned into a prosecution for possession of child pornography. Evidence of child porn possession was found using a FISA warrant issued by a secret court. Keith Gartenlaub, an IT manager at Boeing, was initially investigated by the FBI under the belief that he had shared information about a military plane with the Chinese ... Read More »

Supreme Court Approves Rule Change to Broaden FBI Hacking

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The Supreme Court has approved rule changes governing how federal courts handle criminal investigations. Judges were previously limited to authorizing searches within their own jurisdiction, usually just a few counties. These rule changes would allow judges to approve remote searches of computers no matter where they are located, if the location of the device cannot be determined. The rule changes ... Read More »

Getty Files Antitrust Complaint Against Google

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Getty Images, a company which provides stock images for business purposes, has filed a complaint against Google with the European Union’s antitrust commission. Getty claims that Google’s image search harms its business and encourages piracy. The biggest issue, from Getty’s perspective, is that users have no reason to visit their site if they can see the same image in Google’s ... Read More »

YouTube Takes One New Step Into Dealing With Content ID Claims

Youtube Ad Changes Header

Since #MakeYoutubeGreatAgain started thanks to channels such as I HATE EVERYTHING, GradeAUnderA, and Channel Awesome got it trending on Twitter, Youtube has been under fire for a lack of response regarding the increasing amount of false copyright claims being made on Youtubers hard work. Being a Youtuber myself, it’s been hard to watch as fellow members of the community have had ... Read More »

House Passes Bill Requiring Warrant to Search Email

E, mail, spam.

In a surprising step in favor of privacy, the United States House of Representatives unanimously passed the Email Privacy Act, which requires law enforcement to get a search warrant to search private communications stored on servers belonging to third-party service providers. Although email is specifically mentioned in the title of the bill, the language in the bill covers any electronic ... Read More »