Uber breach caused by Uber incompetence 

Laugh at Uber

Earlier it was reported that internet based taxi company Uber had confirmed that an unknown third party had entered into their databases and gotten access to the names and license numbers of some 50,000 Uber partner drivers.  The story, which began with a blog post from Katherine Tassi, Uber’s Managing Consul of Data Privacy, was mostly a public reassurance that thought something ... Read More »

FREAK SSL vulnerability discovered 


A major security flaw has recently been discovered, one that has left much of the internet vulnerable.  The nature of this vulnerability is interesting; one could force a browser to use a weaker ‘export-grade’ encryption, then crack said encryption in just a few  hours.  These websites are then vulnerable to ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks, an attack that leaves two parties convinced that ... Read More »

NVIDIA is Launching Its Own Console

Nvidia Console New

During NVIDIA’s GDC Event, the company unveiled its’ new device, the Shield console. The SHIELD is the first android based console capable of outputting in 4k, and at 60 frames per second no less. The console also runs on android, so users have access to the line up of content on the Play Store, including music, movies, games, books, news, etc. The ... Read More »

Secret Court Extends Bulk Data Collection by NSA

NSA seal

A ruling by a secret court, in the US, extends the bulk data collection of phone records, by the NSA, to June 1. President Obama is working with Congress to attempt to pass a law to reauthorize the program before that time. The court accepted the president’s request to extend the date to put it in sync with the upcoming ... Read More »

Twitter Now Forces Tor Users To Sign Up Using Phone Number


Twitter is starting to buckle down against online harassment by forcing people signing up for a new Twitter username using the Anonymous web browser TOR to give their phone number so they can be tracked. Twitter is only mandating this association using Tor, typical Twitter users using regular web browsers don’t have to sign up using their mobile number. The reason ... Read More »

PayPal Acquires Paydiant to Move into Brick and Mortar Payments

Paypal Logo

PayPal plans to acquire Paydiant in a bid to grow as a payment option in brick and mortar retailers. The acquisition is expected to be around $280 million, according to multiple sources. The acquisition will occur either this month or next month, according to insiders. This is the most recent attempt by PayPal to grow its business outside of online ... Read More »

TOR flagged as malware

TOR logo

On February 25th the TOR project released the fourth version of their anonymizing browser, which allows users to browse the internet without anyone knowing their location or what they are browsing.  TOR, otherwise known as The Onion Router, functions by navigating internet traffic through a multitude of worldwide relays thus rendering a user anonymous to network surveillance and traffic analysis.  This ... Read More »

ISIS supporters threatens Twitter employees


An image was posted to containing a large amount of Arabic text as well as a header image that includes Twitter’s logo and a drawing of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey within cross-hairs.  The text of the file contains threats directed at Jack Dorsey and his employees.  Reporting on the story, The Guardian translated parts of the text, which read: “You started this failed ... Read More »

Uber confirms breach of data


The controversial taxi service Uber admitted this past Friday that an unauthorized third party accessed their database.  Thankfully for Uber, who are already rather deep in controversy, this particular security breach did not compromise user data.  Instead, the names and licence number of 50,000 Uber drivers (known as ‘driver partners’) from various US states were accessed. Uber claims, however, that this ... Read More »

PayPal Shuts Down Payments to Mega

Paypal Logo

The cloud storage and file hosting service, Mega, will no longer be able to process payments from its customers. After coming under intense pressure from credit card companies, PayPal has deleted Mega’s PayPal account and discontinued processing payments for them. Mega’s trouble began in September of last year when a study by NetNames labeled Mega a haven of piracy, using ... Read More »