League of Legends Runes Changes


Coming soon in Patch 5.1, League of Legends aims to simplify its new player experience with the Rune system.  The prices and types of early availability runes will be changed starting in Season 5.  These changes do not reflect the overall long-term changes to the rune system that Riot has been after and serve only to make early rune usage ... Read More »

Anonymous Hacks Swedish Government


Online hacktivist group Anonymous hacked into the Swedish Government yesterday, posting email addresses and passwords to the internet. The attack was first announced on one of Anonymous’s twitter feeds, @anonymousglobo. The attack came as a response to the Swedish Governments seizure of the torrenting website The Pirate Bay, and affected not only email addresses from the Swedish government, but certain email addresses ... Read More »

Google Testing a GIF Creator


Google has quietly rolled out a new little feature for Youtube that is still in the early stages of being fully integrated. Right now, Google’s new GIF creator that is integrated with Youtube only works for a handful of video people, and there’s been no official announcement of it. So, its safe to assume at the moment that this is ... Read More »

Microsoft Now Accepts Bitcoin

microsoft logo

Microsoft has joined the group of company’s that accept the online currency Bitcoin – adding their substantial weight to the young currency’s legitimacy. Microsoft is far from the first, following in the tracks of companies such as Paypal, Warner Bros Records, and Overstock, but Microsoft is the largest to embrace the online coin. Like the others there, it will be ... Read More »

Google News pulls out of Spain due to new law

Google news

In response to a new Spanish law, Google has announced that as of December 16th, it will be shutting down Google News in Spain and removing all Spanish Publishers from their lists. The new law, which comes into affect in January, requires Spanish publications to charge news aggregators a royalty fee from those who use snippets of text from an article. ... Read More »

The Pirate Bay Taken Down Worldwide

The Pirate Bay

ThePirateBay went down Dec. 9, 2014, after a raid by Swedish police, seizing computers, servers, and equipment. What at first seemed to be issues with the site itself were revealed to be a raid confirmed by Swedish authorities, in an effort to protect intellectual property from violations of copyright law. “There has been a crackdown on a server room in ... Read More »

Amazon Reveals Make an Offer


Amazon has continued its ongoing work to expand its reach, services, and its general importance in the online marketplace. Clearly aimed at usage in collectibles, Amazon’s new Make an Offer service is also likely a shot across the bow at Ebay and auction sites. That’s not to say it is an auction method, which it clearly isn’t, but much like ... Read More »

KickStarter Blocks Account After User Attempts to Sue Scam Artist


KickStarter can be a great thing. When Tim Schafer’s Double Fine released a KickStarter for a new point and click adventure game, Broken Age, the project was one of the most successful KickStarters of all time, with over 80,000 backers and over $3million raised.  Schafer released the first part of the series to high critical success, and inspired game developers ... Read More »

Sony Security Breach Goes From Bad to Worse

sony hacking attack

According to The Telegraph, Sony appears to have saved and stored thousands of company passwords in slew of files that all resided within a directory labeled “Passwords”. In all tens of thousands of documents have been made public containing everything from full length unreleased movies, employee records and an incredible amount of internal corporate information. Read More »

NASA Completes Successful Test of Orion Spacecraft


NASA successfully completed an un-crewed orbital flight test of the Orion spacecraft on Friday morning.  The launch occurred from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station’s Space Launch Complex 37 at the beginning of a 2:43 launch window which started at 7:05 AM Eastern Time on Friday.  Friday’s launch comes after a scrubbed launch during Thursday’s window.  High ground winds caused automated ... Read More »