Surface 3 Announced for $499.99

Surface 3

The Surface Pro 3 was released last year and caught the appreciative eye of the tech world as an excellent tablet/laptop alternative, although the high price tag was a definite cliff that many refused to scale, which may soon change with the announcement of the Surface 3. Hit the jump to find out more. Read More »

UK Safari Users can Sue Google over Privacy Violations

google logo

Thanks to a ruling by an appeals court, Safari users in the UK can sue Google over its alleged privacy violations. The claim is that Google bypassed user settings to save a tracking cookie, which overrode the users’ preference to not have their activity tracked. There are potentially millions of British citizens who can now bring a case against Google ... Read More »

Intel and Micron Create 3D Nand Chips, Make 10TB SSDs a possibility


If you are a PC gamer, or just someone who likes windows booting up quickly, no doubt you have an SSD installed. While they have generally lower failure rates and are super quick, their limited capacity is an issue. At present, a 1TB SSD is the most you can hope for without putting a second mortgage on your house and ... Read More »

Yoast WordPress SEO 2.0 released and bring nice changes

Yoast's WordPress SEO

Yoast’s WordPress SEO just hit a landmark update with the step up to 2.0 today. Yoast are proudly adding plenty of new features such as Google’s Knowledge Graph as well as improving such features as the design, layout and usability of the admin screen of the plug in many different ways. Read More »

RadioShack Tries to Sell User Data, Violates its Own Privacy Policy

RadioShack Logo

RadioShack, which has grown increasingly irrelevant in recent years thanks to the rise of online shopping, was finally forced to file for bankruptcy. A court overseen bankruptcy auction might just offer a way for RadioShack to avoid liquidation and continue operations. However, a key item that RadioShack wants to put up for auction is causing quite a controversy. RadioShack wants ... Read More »

Supreme Court of India Rejects Internet Censorship

Supreme Court of India

The Supreme Court of India has ruled that Section 66(A) of the Information Technology Act is unconstitutional. The ruling was based on the fact that the law was too vague and was being abused by police and politicians to silence dissent. The court found it to be a violation of citizens’ freedom of speech. The IT Act was passed in ... Read More »

Windows Hello Brings Biometric Authentication to Windows 10

Windows 10 Logo

Microsoft recently announced Windows Hello, a feature that will be found in some versions of Windows 10, which will allow users to login using biometrics. Windows Hello will only work with computers that have special hardware. Some laptops will have fingerprint scanners, while others will come equipped with Intel’s RealSense camera for face-based authentication. Despite Microsoft’s claims that biometric authentication ... Read More »

Belgian Court Rejects Music Industry’s Pirate Tax


SABAM, a Belgian group that represents the rights of artists, has been fighting with ISPs since 2004. They have long demanded that ISPs do more to combat online piracy. Their first attempt was to try to force ISPs to monitor traffic for unlicensed distribution of copyrighted material and filter it out. After a lengthy legal battle, this plan was rejected ... Read More »

New Net Neutrality Regulations… Not Entirely Neutral

internet neutrality under the magnifying glass

While it’s no secret that new Net Neutrality regulations were recently implemented by the FCC, and that internet service has been reclassified as a Title-II utility. The exact details of these regulations have, until recently, remained shady. Now that the full text of these regulations has been made available, we can take a look at some of the finer details ... Read More »

Internet Explorer Dead

Microsoft Spartan

Ding dong, Internet Explorer is dead. Well, sort of. Microsoft is planning to ditch the iconic browser bundled with Windows in favor of a new browser dubbed “Project Spartan” in upcoming Windows 10. Like it or loathe it, the blue “e” was bound for a retirement. Like many others, I’ve also used Internet Explorer as the tool to download another ... Read More »