IMO: In Defense of NASA


Earlier this month, NASA conducted an unmanned test flight of the Orion Spacecraft.  From launch through recovery, it went as well as an unmanned test flight could possibly go.  The test has reinvigorated the US space program, which even I admit had devolved into a few satellite providers and Americans riding shotgun on Soyuz ISS crew delivery missions.  With the ... Read More »

Is 4K Worth The Investment Yet?

4K header

It’s difficult to avoid all of the hype surrounding ‘4K this’ and ‘4K that’, but does the availability of entry model 4K televisions mean that the 4K standard has truly made its arrival? Technically, ‘4K’ is a buzzword that has been replaced with the proper definition of ‘Ultra HD’ since the Consumer Electronics Association defined the resolution to be 3,840×2,160. The ... Read More »

Maybe We Should all take a Break from Twitter for a While …

Twitter logo

We all know harassment is bad. Harassment is horrible, it’s mean and it’s against what most people stand for. However, I also understand that it’s hard to control yourself when you are upset. When people do horrible things, people often feel justified in being horrible back to them, but I would suggest that this sort of dog piling does nothing ... Read More »

IMO: Why Native Advertising isn’t always Terrible


My inbox is always open to tips for stories relating to gaming and the industry. I love writing about the culture and what is happening in media, and I am always interested to hear your opinions. Since Kotaku was forced by the FTC to disclose all of its affiliate links, it has been easier to spot which articles contain links, ... Read More »

What Is The Dark Net? And How do You Reach It?


The dark net, also referred to as the “deep web”, has been the fascination of both law enforcement and people whose curiosity get the better of them. Many speculations are made about it, including the postulation that it is thousands of times larger than what we know as the “clear net”. So, what is the dark net exactly? How does one ... Read More »

5 Computer Myths Some People Actually Believe

A cat resting awkwardly under a keyboard

We’re finally living in a time when I can say proudly that computers have been with us for quite a while. 30 years ago, a personal computer in the home was something clearly unthinkable for the average working household. During the 90s, sales for PCs started increasing as graphical operating systems began appearing on the market and, boy, did they ... Read More »

Education with Games

Kids playing games

There’s always combinations that appear to be the worst idea ever. Fish and chocolate, cigarettes and gasoline, curiosity and lack of caution, and education and video games. Actually, maybe that last one isn’t so far-fetched. There’s already video games with the intention of teaching children, right? Math Blasters, Reading Rabbit, Magic School Bus, just to name a few from my ... Read More »

IMO: The Nexus 6 situation

Nexus 6

The Nexus 6 has landed. Sort of. Google and Motorola’s collaboration phablet device isn’t available for everybody right now, T-Mobile specifically has had the phone delayed for a week. Coming in with the newest version of Android, 5.0 Lollipop, Qualcomm’s latest and greatest Snapdragon CPU, and a humongous screen size at 5.9 inches, the only thing bigger than the phone ... Read More »

Gmail 5.0 APK overview


  Last week saw the release of the production-signed Gmail 5.0 APK. The latest update for the upcoming Android Lollipop version of Gmail. The downloadable APK file can be found here, courtesy of AndroidPolice. The release has come as somewhat unexpectedly soon after the newly designed Gmail interface Inbox hit. Inbox being an invite only download that provided an alternative ... Read More »

Finally Some Love for the Cord Cutters


I cut the cord on cable TV almost 5 years ago.  Netflix, Hulu Plus, NBA League Pass, and WWE Network have covered all of my TV watching needs since then.  The decision had consequences—consequences that become more acute as time went on.  The Watch ESPN app has become progressively worse as time has gone on.  I remember a time when ... Read More »