This Week In Kickstarter – Week of March 2

This Week In Kickstarter

A great week for audio lovers and games alike! We’ve got a wood finish turntable, a gothic sidescroller, laser headphones, and an MMO strategy game. All that and more This Week In Kickstarter! Games Crowfall crowfall.com Crowfall is a new fantasy MMO that turns standard MMO fare on its head, blending traditional MMO playstyles with a large-scale strategy game. Crowfall’s head honchos are two ... Read More »

To Dual Graphics or Not to Dual Graphics: SLI and Crossfire

SLI Logo

Last week we made a build for 4k gaming and used two GTX 970s in SLI in order to have enough performance. One of the main concerns that some had was if the pros outweigh the cons when you SLI/Crossfire. Today, we’re going to look over some of the pros and cons of using two graphics cards in SLI from Nvidia or ... Read More »

2014’s Asian Land War: Samsung vs Xiaomi

samsung vs mi

2014.  For some, it was awful.  For South Korean Electronics company Samsung, it was nearly a nightmare.  In last year’s third quarter the South Korean company reported a tremendous loss in profits.  The perceived culprit of this loss was Samsung’s own Galaxy S5, which failed to sell as well as was hoped, despite having done reasonably well in the US. ... Read More »

Raptor Picks 2014 – Narrative

Raptor Picks 2014

2014 was an interesting year in terms of the tales that our beloved videogame industry endeavored to tell. From Indie games that bubbled up from nowhere to comic book adaptations, and interesting takes on that recurring theme of war, 2014 gave us a lot to think about. These stories were spun out through diverse approaches to game design, through found ... Read More »

IMO: Intel Invests 300 Million. And?


At CES 2015, Intel dropped a $300 million bomb on the tech industry by announcing the Diversity in Technology Initiative (DTI).  According to Intel, DTI has the following goals: achieve “full representation” of women and under-represented minorities at Intel by 2020, help build a pipeline of female and under-represented engineers and computer scientists, support hiring and retaining more women and ... Read More »

IMO: The War On Comcast: Comcast is fighting for its life


Disclosure: This is an opinion piece. Nothing more or less. The writer is currently, unfortunately, a customer of Comcast. There is a conflict going on. Not related to gaming, but related to something wider. Its a conflict for the fate of the internet in the United States and elsewhere. A major player in it, and some might say, the main ... Read More »

PSA: Compromised E-mail Can Mean Compromised Everything.


We see it in the news just about every day now. Stories about how some big company had its user-data hacked and stolen, or maybe how fake cell phone towers are intercepting your transmissions. It’s at a point where even reasonably cautious individuals run a serious risk of having their accounts and information compromised. It’s great if you can prevent these ... Read More »

IMO – Why the current wave of A.I fears are misguided.


As 2014 comes to an end one thing that the year will be remembered for is the unusually high number of credible fears expressed by technological and scientific luminaries about the real world dangers of the pursuit for artificial intelligence. The year saw Elon Musk compare the pursuit of A.I. to summoning a demon, that is, to creating something that ... Read More »

IMO: In Defense of NASA


Earlier this month, NASA conducted an unmanned test flight of the Orion Spacecraft.  From launch through recovery, it went as well as an unmanned test flight could possibly go.  The test has reinvigorated the US space program, which even I admit had devolved into a few satellite providers and Americans riding shotgun on Soyuz ISS crew delivery missions.  With the ... Read More »