How to Choose Web Hosting for Your Sydney Business

Choosing Web Hosting

As a business owner you deal with clients and suppliers all the time, so when it comes to choosing a web host you want all your ducks in a row. You need to know all of your options, so you can decide what type of hosting package is best for your business and you need to make the right choice ... Read More »

On Copyright and the Theft of Views


Around 2012 the Internet went ablaze when Congressman Lamar Smith, who represents the 21st district of the state of Texas, was caught red handed using a photograph from photographer Don J Schulte, without any permission of the sort from the author, who had Creative Commons license on his work. Obviously, not one mention of the author of the photograph was to be ... Read More »

This Week in Kickstarter – Giant Robot Duel

USA Robot

Welcome to This Week in Kickstarter, where men build giant robots, women set trends with Bluetooth wrist bands, and interplanetary invasions are done by a single guy with a pistol. Megabots, Inc. Help create the giant combat robot America deserves. MegaBots, Inc. challenged Japan to a giant robot duel, and they accepted! But demanded that hand to hand combat be included ... Read More »

This Week in Kickstarter – Let’s Kill Pirates!


Welcome back to This Week in Kickstarter! This week we’ve got pirates, self heating gloves, 3D photos for social media, and more! Bell Ringer Hack ‘n’ Slash platforming RPG side-scroller. Bell Ringer features a randomly generated platforming world, giving players a new unexplored landscape every time they play. Players can seek out bosses for treasure while engaging foes in a versatile high ... Read More »

Is Tinder Dating’s Evolution?

Tinder logo

For those of you who have shunned Twitter, on Wednesday the Tinder company feed went wild with a 30 tweet outrage defending itself against a Vanity Fair article that took a look into how dating has changed since the rise of Internet dating sites and apps. Tinder defended itself against accusations that it has turned dating into a “hit it and quit ... Read More »

A Code of Conduct for People Interested in Everything but Coding

Open Source

The ToDo Group, a commune of open source software developers including Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Dropbox, released An Open Code of Conduct.  Given two of the heaviest hitters in software development are involved in the project, I started to look at it excited that I might get some insight as to how the all-pro software development organizations manage their open ... Read More »

This Week in Kickstarter – Glorious Space Battles


Welcome back to another exciting installment of This Week in Kickstarter, where we sift through the site to bring you the cool, and maybe the not so cool, and give you our take. EVERSPACE A rogue-like 3D space shooter with non-linear storytelling.  EVERSPACE is a rouge-like space shooter that employs persistent progression and an in-depth upgrade and damage system. This space themed ... Read More »

This Week in Kickstarter – A Bracelet That Helps You Start Fires


Welcome back to This Week in Kickstarter, where we cut through the various projects to show you some of the best, and maybe even some of the worst, Kickstarter has to offer. This week, we’ve got 2 phones in 1, a board game set in an insane asylum, and a bracelet that helps you start fires! Lobotomy Board Game Escape ... Read More »

The Movie Industry vs Goliath: The Conspiracy to Take Down Google

google logo

The news story I recently wrote about a corrupt attorney general conspiring with the MPAA to take down Google has certainly caught the interest of our readers. Although the emails that Google recently obtained did contain some new information, many details of the conspiracy have actually been publicly available for a while. The Sony hack late last year revealed several ... Read More »

Techweek 2015 – Digitizing the educational experience

Techweek Digitizing Dinosaurs

Museums have always been a long-standing part of showcasing history, science, and more. But as the world changes, and technology becomes so integrated with our daily lives, what can museums do to change with the times and continue to bring people back to their exhibits? We attended a great panel at Techweek in Chicago that covered the topic of digitizing the ... Read More »