WAM! Bam! Narrative Dead!

WAM Twitter

Lo it was discovered journalistic malpractice was the way of The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The LA Times, MSNBC, CNN, Salon, and The Mary Sue when WAM published the Harassment On Twitter report and their narrative was torn asunder. -The Gospel According to GamerGate 13:37 Read More »

This Week In Kickstarter – Week of May 17

This Week in Kickstarter

We’re back baby! After a hiatus, This Week In Kickstarter returns to show you the big deals and hidden gems on Kickstarter. Umbra (PC and Linux) An open world, free progression hack n’ slasher. Umbra features an isometric perspective and takes place in a corrupted world falling apart. Players take the role of a former officer for the Human republic, forced ... Read More »

Why Comcast Might Be the Worst

Comcast The Worst

Back in 2010, I started a business with a couple of friends.  This business was going to be a podcast hub and internet production company.  As a part of starting the business, I signed up for Comcast Business Class Internet. Read More »

Requiem for 14 Years in the Tech Industry


On Thursday, April 9, 2015, I ended a 14 year career in the tech industry.  It’s been quite a ride, from the transcendent joy of seeing a new spacecraft launch and enter orbit, to the debilitating lows of months of long hours, unpaid overtime, and incompetent and abusive bosses. In the 14 years since I left college, I’ve designed and ... Read More »

This Week in Kickstarter – Week of April 26


This Week in Kickstarter we have a self-sustained home ecosystem, a twist on survival games, and a customizable phone case with a swappable back. EcoQube C- Your Window to Nature An ingeniously designed low maintenance display of nature. The EcoQube C filters your aquarium with a plant that gets light from an electric powered lamp. Its a simple and elegant ... Read More »

Voxbox Offers Customers Cutting-Edge Holographic Technology


Holographic Optical Technologies, a holography company based in Augusta Georgia, is going to bring its cutting edge Voxbox to the public. Although the technology behind the Voxbox has seen some usage in field of medicine, so far it hasn’t been available to a mainstream market – but that’s about to change. With a Kickstarter campaign scheduled to start on April ... Read More »

Dark Fibre, a Vast Untapped Resource

Fiber Optics

What if I told you there were miles upon miles of fibre optic cables installed in major cities around the word, and they weren’t being used by anyone? These cables are called dark fibre, because they have never seen the pulses of light used to transmit data. Dark fibre was installed in cities around the world during the Internet bubble ... Read More »

The Death of the Author – could robots be taking over journalism?

Robot Typing

It’s safe to say that none of us, TechRaptor included, thought that authors had the potential to die out – but it’s happening. That’s right, Authors are dying, and the robots are picking up the slack. In a recent study conducted by Barnett University, it was found that of the 30 journalistic outlets that were studied, almost all of them ... Read More »

This Week In Kickstarter-Week of March 29

This Week In Kickstarter

This Week In Kickstarter, we’ve got a revamped space shooter, a post apocalyptic survival game, and a “no experience needed” guitar. Descent: Underground A revamp of the vehicular first person shooter, Descent. Designed to bring the classic space FPS back in a modern style, Descent: Underground features the familiar 3d maze levels of the originals. The game functions as both a ... Read More »

ECOO E04 Preview


Today, we’re taking a look at the ECOO E04. Coming in two colors (soft black and minimal white), it has a few quality features that help it stand out in today’s crowded phone market. Though it also has a power saving CPU, Android 4.4, and huge 5.5 inch display, its biggest draw is that it’s unlocked. Unlocked phones are something I’ve ... Read More »