Microsoft Q1 Report: Green and Red

Xbox One Windows 10 Streaming

The Q1 report for Microsoft is overall a mixed bag. Net revenues ending for their first quarter were down 5%, totaling $22.2 billion, compared to $23.4 billion of last year. In fact, most of their numbers were down slightly, with their operating income down 3%, and their earnings for the quarter down 11%. The Microsoft games division was a major earner, growing 27% ... Read More »

The Movie Industry vs Goliath: The Conspiracy to Take Down Google

google logo

The news story I recently wrote about a corrupt attorney general conspiring with the MPAA to take down Google has certainly caught the interest of our readers. Although the emails that Google recently obtained did contain some new information, many details of the conspiracy have actually been publicly available for a while. The Sony hack late last year revealed several ... Read More »

Enable Data Execution Prevention (DEP) via Group Policy, or BCDedit.exe

bcdedit Data Execution Prevention (DEP) Always On

Windows has always had a problem with backwards compatibility. It does too much of it. Windows is made to be easy on the user by default, with minimal security, with the settings necessary to run a piece of software from Windows 98 still on by default in Windows 10. One example of this epidemic is Data Execution Prevention (DEP). DEP ... Read More »

Techweek 2015 – Digitizing the educational experience

Techweek Digitizing Dinosaurs

Museums have always been a long-standing part of showcasing history, science, and more. But as the world changes, and technology becomes so integrated with our daily lives, what can museums do to change with the times and continue to bring people back to their exhibits? We attended a great panel at Techweek in Chicago that covered the topic of digitizing the ... Read More »

Android’s Biggest Flaw can Hack Your Phone with One Text


Zimperium Mobile Security has uncovered a major vulnerability in the Android ecosphere that will effect 95% of all Android devices. Named “Stagefright,” this vulnerability will allow a hacker total access to your phone and completely take it over, all with just a text. This vulnerability effects all android versions from 2.2 Froyo to the 5.1 Lollipop. According to an NPR interview, Joshua ... Read More »

Razer Acquires Ouya

razer buys ouya

One of the heavy hitters in the gaming peripheral market purchases Android based micro-console, the OUYA. A once promising Kickstarter campaign which raised millions in funding found itself to not be as successful on the crowded market. After enduring years of public ridicule, OUYA is being acquired by a well known maker of gaming peripherals, Razer. Will Razer be able to ... Read More »

This Week in Kickstarter – Sexy Sunglasses


Welcome back to another exciting installment of This Week in Kickstarter, where we sift through the site to bring you the cool, and maybe the not so cool, and give you our take. Circuit Breakers A co-op arcade style shooter in which you destroy robots and also friendships. Circuit Breakers is a top down action shooter aiming for massive gunfire battles ... Read More »

Thanks to Social Science All Planets Are Closed


The human race will step foot on another planet. Given the race between SpaceX and NASA to get to Mars, it seems inevitable one of the two teams will make it. Don’t you dare enjoy the ride, though, or get caught up in the sense of awe that comes from doing the single coolest thing in a generation.  Doubly so if ... Read More »

Attorney General Conspires with Corrupt Media to Pressure Google

google logo

For years, Google has been in a bitter fight against Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood. The reason? Hood claims that Google is aiding in online piracy because sites which have pirated content show up in the search engine results, as well as the fact that the autocomplete function suggests illegal activities. To the surprise of no one, a connection was ... Read More »

Facebook Can’t Challenge Search Warrants on Behalf of Users


A New York appeals court recently ruled that Facebook has no legal standing to challenge search warrants on behalf of its users. This story began back in 2013, when the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office served Facebook with warrants to obtain information from 381 accounts. Photos, private messages, and any other information linked to the accounts were scooped up en masse. ... Read More »