League of Legends Runes Changes


Coming soon in Patch 5.1, League of Legends aims to simplify its new player experience with the Rune system.  The prices and types of early availability runes will be changed starting in Season 5.  These changes do not reflect the overall long-term changes to the rune system that Riot has been after and serve only to make early rune usage ... Read More »

IMO: In Defense of NASA


Earlier this month, NASA conducted an unmanned test flight of the Orion Spacecraft.  From launch through recovery, it went as well as an unmanned test flight could possibly go.  The test has reinvigorated the US space program, which even I admit had devolved into a few satellite providers and Americans riding shotgun on Soyuz ISS crew delivery missions.  With the ... Read More »

This Week in Kickstarter 12/19


Welcome back to This Week in Kickstarter, compiled by your new authors, Bryan Heraghty and Matthew Blatnick, to bring the exciting new projects hosted on Kickstarter to you, from us here at TechRaptor! This week, we’re bringing you seven exciting projects, featuring mobile desktops, colorful 3D cubes, bird-brained lawyers, and more. Prepare yourselves, because we’re diving in!   Let’s Talk ... Read More »

Is 4K Worth The Investment Yet?

4K header

It’s difficult to avoid all of the hype surrounding ‘4K this’ and ‘4K that’, but does the availability of entry model 4K televisions mean that the 4K standard has truly made its arrival? Technically, ‘4K’ is a buzzword that has been replaced with the proper definition of ‘Ultra HD’ since the Consumer Electronics Association defined the resolution to be 3,840×2,160. The ... Read More »

Anonymous Hacks Swedish Government


Online hacktivist group Anonymous hacked into the Swedish Government yesterday, posting email addresses and passwords to the internet. The attack was first announced on one of Anonymous’s twitter feeds, @anonymousglobo. The attack came as a response to the Swedish Governments seizure of the torrenting website The Pirate Bay, and affected not only email addresses from the Swedish government, but certain email addresses ... Read More »

Maybe We Should all take a Break from Twitter for a While …

Twitter logo

We all know harassment is bad. Harassment is horrible, it’s mean and it’s against what most people stand for. However, I also understand that it’s hard to control yourself when you are upset. When people do horrible things, people often feel justified in being horrible back to them, but I would suggest that this sort of dog piling does nothing ... Read More »

Google Testing a GIF Creator


Google has quietly rolled out a new little feature for Youtube that is still in the early stages of being fully integrated. Right now, Google’s new GIF creator that is integrated with Youtube only works for a handful of video people, and there’s been no official announcement of it. So, its safe to assume at the moment that this is ... Read More »

This Week in Kickstarter: December 12


Welcome back to This Week in Kickstarter where we take a look at some of the best Kickstarter projects out there. We apologize for missing last week, but we’ll hope you forgive us as we’re back now with our usual mixture of Games and Technology. Guild of Hunters starts us off today, a co-op playable game that promises to mesh ... Read More »

Microsoft Now Accepts Bitcoin

microsoft logo

Microsoft has joined the group of company’s that accept the online currency Bitcoin – adding their substantial weight to the young currency’s legitimacy. Microsoft is far from the first, following in the tracks of companies such as Paypal, Warner Bros Records, and Overstock, but Microsoft is the largest to embrace the online coin. Like the others there, it will be ... Read More »