Microsoft Is Removing Policies From Windows 10 Pro

windows 10

Microsoft will be removing the ability to change certain policies from Windows 10 Pro according to Ghacks. The change was noted in a Microsoft Technet article last updated on July 27. One of the major differences between Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro is the ability to change a greater deal of the operating system’s core functionality. One of the ... Read More »

Getty Sued For Licensing Photos It Doesn’t Own

Getty Logo

The stock photo company Getty is now being sued for $1 billion dollars after claiming ownership of thousands of photos that it did not own and charging licensing fees to third parties. Getty has earned a reputation for being aggressive in defending its copyrights and frequently sends out settlement demands to anyone making use of an image from its library without ... Read More »

Facebook Shares Reach Record High As Revenue Soars


Earlier in the week we reported that Twitter stock had fallen following a lackluster Q2 report, but another social media platform is doing much better. Facebook shares hit an all-time high following its quarterly report. The company’s revenue beat the expectations of analysts and rose to $6.4 billion, an increase of 59% compared to the same time last year. In ... Read More »

Twitter Reports Lowest Revenue Growth Since IPO for Q2 of 2016

WAM Twitter

Reuters reports that Twitter stock fell 10% in after-hours trading following a disappointing shareholder report for Q2 of 2016. Twitter managed to increase its userbase by a modest amount to 313 million active users, up from 310 million users in Q1. Twitter has struggled recently to grow its userbase, but previous shareholder reports have stated a plan to increase the ... Read More »

Illinois Law Mandates Warrants For Stingray Use


Illinois will soon require that police obtain a warrant before using cell-site simulators. Under a law signed by Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, police now have to demonstrate probable cause to obtain a warrant. Previously, police departments had been deploying cell-site simulators, commonly known by the brand name of Stingray, without judicial authorization. The Illinois law seeks to rectify this by mandating ... Read More »

Verizon to Acquire Yahoo’s Operating Business

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Today, Verizon announced it would acquire Yahoo’s operating business for approximately $4.83 billion, although the amount that will be paid is subject to slight adjustments before the deal is closed. This amount is far lower than the $45 billion Microsoft offered to acquire the company back in 2008, a deal which Yahoo rejected in an attempt to negotiate for an ... Read More »

Verizon To Limit Unlimited Data Plans


Droid-Life is reporting that Verizon plans to put limits on their remaining unlimited data plans. Their sources say that all users that use “an extraordinary amount of data” will be notified via mail. After August 31, users using that “extraordinary” amount may be cut off entirely. Droid-Life has updated their article with a Verizon statement that appears to set the ... Read More »

Best Buy’s Black Friday in July: Actually Decent Game & Tech Deals


This weekend, Best Buy is joining other retailers in their consistent attempt to make “Black Friday in July” into a successful marketing event. Even though we think the whole thing is still very much gimmicky, the sales has actually been steadily getting better through the years. In the video game deals section, we’re spotting a number of new historic low prices, particularly on ... Read More »

NVIDIA Announces new $1200 Titan X GPU Powerhouse

Titan X

For the past couple of generations NVIDIA has dominated the higher end of graphics cards. While AMD has been able to compete in the lower and mid-tier regions for the most part, the NVIDIA options have blown away the top for the most part with the previous Titan X, 980ti, and 1080. It appears though that the 1080 wasn’t enough ... Read More »

Musk Outlines Phase Two for Tesla Motors

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Tesla Motors founder and CEO Elon Musk has announced the company will be entering its second stage. The post states that Tesla has achieved the goals that he outlined 10 years ago. The original plan was to create an electric sports car and use the money raised from that to eventually expand into a wider range of cars. The reason for ... Read More »