White House Drafts Bill to Protect Privacy

White House

Earlier today, the Associated Press obtained a draft bill drawn up by the White House to provide stronger privacy protections online. If you thought this might be about reining in the NSA or something like that, you would be mistaken. President Obama has no intention of restraining the massive privacy violations being committed by his own administration, but he will ... Read More »

Google Play Update Allows You To Upload Up To 50,000 Songs

Google Music

In a big leap from the previous limit, Google Play will allow you to upload 50,000 songs to their cloud service for streaming or downloading on your phone. tablet, or computer, according to the Android Official Blog. This is up from 20,000 songs from before the update. This update was initiated on February 25th 2015. I personally don’t think I ... Read More »

Hyperloop is Actually Going to be Built


What was for years just an idea by famed entrepreneur and engineer Elon Musk, is now going to become a reality. Hyperloop, the high-speed transportation system dreamed up by Musk, is finally going to be built. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies recently signed a deal to begin construction of a Hyperloop track in 2016, located in Quay Valley, California. As the name ... Read More »

FCC To Giants – Allow Municipal Broadband

FCC netneutrality

It’s hard to imagine that one of the largest countries in the world and sole superpower could be so far behind in terms in Internet implementation. This is especially troubling when you take into consideration that the nation was one of the first to pioneer this new form of communication. In a 3-2 vote, the FCC has ruled in the ... Read More »

Lenovo and Superfish Hit with Class Action Lawsuit

Lenovo Laptop

It seems some unhappy purchasers of Lenovo laptops are looking for justice after learning that Lenovo had preoloaded dangerous malware onto their products. A class action lawsuit has been filed against Lenovo and Superfish, with the hopes of getting compensation for damages caused by the Superfish malware that was installed on wide variety of Lenovo laptops. Superfish has been preloaded ... Read More »

Google’s Blogger Service To Ban Nudity and Sex


Google’s Blogger blogging service previously allowed X-rated content on their sites so long as they were marked appropriately. But starting on March 23rd. 2015, Blogger will forcefully privatize all blogs with sexually explicit content or nude photo’s in a mass 30-day eviction notice to everyone who uses them services to post pornographic pictures. According to Google you have two options: 1. Make ... Read More »

Apple iOS 8.3 to Include Racially Diverse Emoji’s

Apple ios emoji

Want to make a smiley in your text message but are annoyed because your skin color is not that of a Simpson’s character? Well, now you can stop being frustrated because Apple is here to have the day! For those of you who don’t know (and who doesn’t know what an emoji is?) Emoji’s are small images you can attached ... Read More »

The Round Up: X99 Workstation Insanity Machine!


Before we start doing this whole round up, let me go on record: I would never recommend an X99 system at this time strictly for gaming. There are many more cost effective ways of getting to the glorious 1080p, 60FPS, Ultra setting goodness without using the latest and greatest stuff. X99 is workstation level stuff, but that doesn’t mean we ... Read More »

Google Giving Wallet a Fighting Chance


Yesterday Google announced that it was giving their mobile payment system, Google Wallet a chance against Apple Pay by striking a deal with 3 major US wireless providers (AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile) to make Google Wallet the pre-installed NFC payment software on Android phones running Kit Kat or higher. Under this agreement they will be buying some of the technology and intellectual properties ... Read More »

Malware Can Spy on You When Your Phone Is Turned Off

Power Off Hijack

A new piece of malware is spreading through Chinese app stores, reports AVG, and has already infected tens of thousands of Android devices. This malware, called the PowerOffHijack, can perform many actions, such as making phone calls and taking photos, without the user knowing it. Even more unsettling is that the malware appears to operate after user has turned off ... Read More »