Joint French-German Proposal Calls For Encryption Backdoors

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Earlier in the month, we reported that the French Minister of Interior Bernard Cazeneuve wanted an initiative against encrypted messaging apps. At the time Cazeneuve did not reveal the details of his proposal, but it was known he was planning to meet with German Minister of Interior Thomas de Maizière to discuss the matter. Now the two ministers have called ... Read More »

CloudFlare Sued For Doing Business With Pirate Sites

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CloudFlare is a major CDN provider, well-known for its security features, including protection from DDOS attacks. However, the company has increasingly come under fire from rights holders for providing its services to pirate sites. A month ago, the Digital Citizens Alliance published a report criticizing CloudFlare for doing business with sites that hosting infringing content. However, the adult entertainment publisher ... Read More »

Twitch and Youtube: Destroying NBC’s Rio Olympics 2016 Coverage Before it Even Began


As the world’s most elite athletes return to their respective countries following the Rio 2016 Olympics, only three things can more or less be accepted as facts (especially if you are an American): the United States has a lot of talented athletes, the rest of the world has no shortage of excellence in sports, and NBC’s coverage of the Olympics has been … less ... Read More »

Twitter Mass Bans Terrorism Accounts, Adds Quality Control Features

WAM Twitter

In response to criticism from many world governments that it isn’t doing enough to combat terrorist speech, Twitter has revealed that over 360,000 accounts have been deleted for promoting terrorism since the middle of 2015. Most of these accounts were associated with the terrorist group ISIS. The company stated that its removal of terrorist related content has jumped 80% compared ... Read More »

US Government to Cede DNS Authority in October

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Earlier in the week, the Obama administration announced that the US government will cede its authority over the Domain Name System(DNS) to a private entity on October 1. This has been in the works for years, and Obama announced his intention to end US governance over the Internet in 2014. Users should notice little difference, since the Internet Corporation for ... Read More »

Nvidia Announces Mobile Pascal GPU’s

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Nvidia has refreshed its mobile GPU lineup with new Pascal chips. Today, they announced the release of mobile variants of the GTX 1080, 1070, and 1060. Unlike previous generations of mobile GPU’s, these are not cut down versions of desktop chips, or smaller chips to begin with. Because of this, Nvidia chose to drop the M suffix that was normally ... Read More »

Hackers Auction What They Claim Are NSA Cyber Weapons

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A hacking group is holding an auction for what it claims are cyber weapons. This group, known as The Shadow Brokers,  claim to have stolen the hacking tools from another collective called the Equation Group. Analysis by cyber security experts suggests that the Equation Group is merely an arm of the NSA. The Equation Group has been linked to the ... Read More »

OurMine and the Misuse of “White Hat” Hacking

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If your local channel news and weekly crime TV shows are to be believed, hacking is an artform commonly overlayed with intense music where the stunning anti-hero or cunning villain must type 120 WPM to somehow get access to “the system” and reroute some amount of money to their Swiss back account or however those things go. Actual hacking has never ... Read More »