Judge Says Law Enforcement Probably Can’t Compel Apple to Unlock Phones

Apple Logo

A federal judge in Brooklyn has temporarily denied a request by law enforcement, who were seeking an order to force Apple to unlock a locked phone. The government is invoking the All Writs Act, a law which allows courts to compel third parties to assist authorities in executing a previously issued order by the court. However there are limitations on the ... Read More »

[Updated] Turkey Blocks Social Media After Terrorist Attack

Turkish Flag

In the aftermath of a devastating terrorist attack in Ankara, referred to by some commentators as the worst terror attack in Turkish history, the Turkish government has placed a complete ban on broadcasting images of the blast. The government justified its ban on the grounds of preventing widespread panic in the country, and warned that media organizations could face a ... Read More »

The Top Major For Woman At Stanford University: Computer Science

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Recently, there’s been a rising concern for the representation of women within the technology industry. Some are concerned that women are not being given enough chances to succeed in the field, and there’s been an overall concern about the representation within the S.T.E.M. side of academics. However, there are positive signs of the field getting more talented women in the ... Read More »

Windows 10 Devices Hands-On Event – Halo 5, XBox One, and Golf

Windows 10 Devices Hands On Event

Now that I’ve talked about my time with the Surface Pro 4 & Surface Pen and a nice chat about the new Lumia phones, I can talk about the rest of the Windows 10 Devices Hands-On Event. Some things I only looked at, some things I only used for a little bit, and I missed some things entirely. This will cover all ... Read More »

Wikileaks Releases IP Chapter of the Final Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal

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Wikileaks has released the IP Chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The Document is dated October 5, the same date that it was announced that a final agreement had been reached by the members of the TPP. The EFF has already done an extensive analysis of the document, and is not too pleased with the final deal. As expected, the ... Read More »

Politicians React to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal

Source: Gobierno de Chile

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, which announced that it reached a final agreement a few days ago, has quickly drawn a large negative response, not just from activist groups but from prominent politicians as well. When the deal was announced, both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were quick to denounce the deal. Since they are considered the “anti-establishment” candidates in the race, ... Read More »

A Look at Microsoft’s New Lumia Phones

Quick Look Microsoft Lumia

Following my time with the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Pen, I spent some time talking with a Microsoft representative about their upcoming Lumia phones. (Please bear in mind that food and drinks were provided for free during this event and I absolutely partook in both.) I opened with the most important question of all—does it still double as a hammer? ... Read More »

Hands on with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Pen

Surface Pro 4 Surface Pen Hands On

I received an invitation to an event in New York City regarding Windows 10 Devices and I accepted it (free food and drinks were provided as well). I managed to get a fair bit of hands-on time with some of Microsoft’s newest hardware, and I have to say that it certainly impresses. The Surface Pro 4 is Microsoft’s latest entry ... Read More »

European Court of Justice Overturns Safe Harbor Deal Amid Fears of NSA Spying

NSA seal

The Safe Harbor data sharing agreement between the US and the European Union(EU) is no more. A ruling by the European Court of Justice finds that the deal is inadequate to protect the privacy of European citizens. In the EU, privacy law forbids companies from moving data out of the EU into jurisdictions with weaker privacy protections. The safe harbor ... Read More »

Windows 10 Devices Live Event – Recap

Windows 10 Event

It’s been 10 weeks since Windows 10 and 110 million devices are now running windows 10. It’s explained that there have been 650 billion pages viewed on Edge, Xbox One gamers have streamed over 120 years worth of gameplay and Cortana has been asked over a billion questions. More than 1.25 Billion app store visits has led to developer revenue ... Read More »