Supreme Court Approves Rule Change to Broaden FBI Hacking

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The Supreme Court has approved rule changes governing how federal courts handle criminal investigations. Judges were previously limited to authorizing searches within their own jurisdiction, usually just a few counties. These rule changes would allow judges to approve remote searches of computers no matter where they are located, if the location of the device cannot be determined. The rule changes ... Read More »

Getty Files Antitrust Complaint Against Google

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Getty Images, a company which provides stock images for business purposes, has filed a complaint against Google with the European Union’s antitrust commission. Getty claims that Google’s image search harms its business and encourages piracy. The biggest issue, from Getty’s perspective, is that users have no reason to visit their site if they can see the same image in Google’s ... Read More »

YouTube Takes One New Step Into Dealing With Content ID Claims

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Since #MakeYoutubeGreatAgain started thanks to channels such as I HATE EVERYTHING, GradeAUnderA, and Channel Awesome got it trending on Twitter, Youtube has been under fire for a lack of response regarding the increasing amount of false copyright claims being made on Youtubers hard work. Being a Youtuber myself, it’s been hard to watch as fellow members of the community have had ... Read More »

House Passes Bill Requiring Warrant to Search Email

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In a surprising step in favor of privacy, the United States House of Representatives unanimously passed the Email Privacy Act, which requires law enforcement to get a search warrant to search private communications stored on servers belonging to third-party service providers. Although email is specifically mentioned in the title of the bill, the language in the bill covers any electronic ... Read More »

Twitter Stock Drops, Revenue Below Expectations for Q1

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Twitter shares dropped about 14% today following a Q1 report which showed lower revenue than expected for the company. Back in Q4 of 2015, the company had mixed news to report. On one hand its user base was actually shrinking, from 307 million users in Q3 to 305 million users in Q4. However, the company was also reporting an increase ... Read More »

WhatsApp Group Admins Must Register with Government in India

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Governments around the world are growing more uncomfortable with encrypted communications, and the popular encrypted messaging service WhatsApp is becoming a big target. Earlier in the year, we reported that an executive was imprisoned by a judge’s order, because WhatsApp did not turn over encrypted messages it doesn’t actually have access to. Now authorities in the Kupawara district of India ... Read More »

Detecting Adblockers Without Consent May Violate EU Privacy Law


Privacy advocate Alexander Hanff believes scripts which detect whether or not a user has adblocking software installed violate EU privacy law. An amendment to the ePrivacy Directive that went into force a few years ago is the reason many sites now inform users if the site uses cookies, as well as asking users for consent to have their data stored ... Read More »

EU Says Google Violates Antitrust Regulations with Android Practices

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The European Commission has published a press release accusing Google of anti-competitive practices.  The Commission has already sent a statement of objections to Google, but the complaints are summarized in the press release as well. The post notes that, “Sending a Statement of Objections does not prejudge the outcome of the investigation.” The Commission notes that, within the EU, Google ... Read More »

Apple Refreshes Macbook and Macbook Air


After being leaked by an OS X Server update, Apple has officially launched the second generation Macbook. The second generation uses the largely the same chassis design and the same screen, changing primarily the internals. Apple has added a Rose Gold option, joining the existing Space Gray, Silver, and Gold options. Replacing the earlier Broadwell Core M processors is the ... Read More »

BlackBerry Defends Handing Over Encryption Key to Canadian Government


BlackBerry, a Canadian smartphone developer, has come under fire after an article published by Motherboard revealed that Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) agents had decrypted over a million BlackBerry messages between 2010 and 2012. Because all messages sent with the BlackBerry Messaging App are encrypted with a global key, government agents can decrypt any of them once they have that ... Read More »