Clinton and Media Push for Imaginary Middle Ground on Encryption

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In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, numerous media outlets, politicians, and officials working in intelligence agencies have been quick to point the finger at encryption as the culprit. Many politicians in the US are now seeking to legislate mandatory backdoors in encrypted communications. However, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is making statements that present the appearance of a middle ground ... Read More »

This Week in Kickstarter – Watching Spiderman with 4chan


This Week in Kickstarter we’ve got a questionably legal streaming device, a 3D rebirth of a 2D browser RPG, and a point and click ghost hunting adventure. WINTERTIDE, a first-person competitive team survival game A Multiplayer Winter Survival Where You Are Able To Reincarnate As Certain Wildlife Upon Death. Wintertide is a game about team orientation and survival. Players experience ... Read More »

France Rushes out Law to Censor Internet, Expand Police Power

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The French activist group La Quadrature du Net reports on a recent bill adopted by the French National Assembly, which undermines judicial oversight of police searches, as well as granting the government tremendous power to censor the internet. It passed the national assembly by a large margin, 551 votes to 6. In order to become a law it must still ... Read More »

The Mathematical Failure of Subjective Reporting


A lot of people these days wonder what’s wrong with journalism. How is it that people like Jayson Blair, for example, can report for outfits as prestigious as the New York Times and routinely turn in articles with fabricated quotes from people he never met and never interviewed?  He was only fired, after several years and six hundred articles, when ... Read More »

Manhattan DA Releases Report on Smartphone Encryption

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The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has released a report on Smartphone Encryption and Public Safety. While much of the recent talk about encryption by politicians and law enforcement agencies has been about encrypted communications and messaging apps, this report has a different focus. Instead, the sole concern of the report is full disk encryption, which prevents any data on a ... Read More »

Senators Prepare Legislation to Extend NSA Surveillance, Mandate Encryption Backdoors

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In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, members of US law enforcement agencies as well as other government officials were quick to push the notion that more surveillance is needed to combat terrorism. Some of the suggestions for combating terrorism including extending the NSA bulk collection of phone records and to mandate backdoor in encryption. Now the legislative branch is ... Read More »

Popcorn Time May Not Be Dead After All

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If you’re at all familiar with streaming movies or televisions shows online, there’s no doubt you have at one point in time run across Popcorn Time. The program, which has been hailed as the “Netflix for pirates”, has gone through its own series of dramatic takedowns. The latest saw several developers leaving the project amid fears of a lawsuit. Later ... Read More »

Veerender Jubal Photoshopped To Be Paris Attacker


When it comes to the game of terrorism, there are no winners—only losers. On a faithful Friday the 13th, people in Paris were enjoying themselves until out of nowhere everything was taken away in an instant. Almost as if the superstition about the date were true, at least 129 people took their last breath that night. Future families gone in the ... Read More »

FBI to Increase Wiretapping, Snowden and Encryption Blamed for Paris Attacks


In the wake of the recent Paris attacks, the FBI is going to increase wiretaps on suspected ISIS sympathizers within the US. Agents told CNN that there are no known terrorist plots active in the US, and this move is merely a precautionary measure. The agents report that this move is not unprecedented and the same thing occurred after the ... Read More »