Former Employee Sues Yahoo, Claims Gender Discrimination Against Men

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Gregory Anderson has filed suit against his former employer Yahoo, over what he claims to be an unjust termination. Under California law, employers are required to give 60 day notice if they fire more than 50 employees at a single location in a 30 day period. The complaint alleges that Yahoo gave no such notice when it laid off over ... Read More »

EFF Lawyer Suspended From Twitter

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Daniel Nazer, a lawyer for the Electronic Frontier Foundation who mostly focuses on patent issues, had his twitter account shut down last week after posting a “harassing” tweet. The issue concerns a discussion between Nazer and Jon Palma, the head of Ares Rights. Ares Rights is a Spanish firm which is notorious for sending out bogus DMCA claims on behalf ... Read More »

Maryland Bill Would Protect Consumers’ Right to Post Negative Reviews Online

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) reports on a bill being considered by the state legislature of Maryland, which would protect the rights of consumers to post negative reviews of products online, despite sneaky clauses buried in the contracts. Many businesses are now including gag clauses in their contracts to prevent customers from leaving negative reviews online. This bill is modeled ... Read More »

How to Turn Ggautoblocker from Blacklist to Blocklist

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Apparently Twitter has not a singular problem, but six of them, if Tadhg Kelly is to be believed.  One of the six problems is harassment, or, if you’re of Kelly’s particular ideological ilk, unorthodox thought.  In making his case, he namedrops the now infamous Randi Harper, serial Twitter abuser and “developer” of the ggautoblocker.  Kelly’s implication is ggautoblocker is a ... Read More »

US and EU Reach New Data Transfer Deal

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The European Commission has announced that a new agreement has been reached between the US and the EU concerning the transfer of personal data from Europe to the US. The previous treaty, known as Safe Harbor, was overturned by the European Court of Justice(ECJ) in October of last year. The case was filed by Austrian law student Max Schrems against ... Read More »

Postage in the Digital Age

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The digital age has brought about a lot of changes to the way we view things and how we communicate with each other. More and more things are being done online, but while that is true for personal use in many ways, there are things that absolutely have to be sent by mail. Most things we order—many letters, legal forms, ... Read More »

[UPDATED] Chain Reaction: The Fine Brothers Saga

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Fine Brothers Entertainment has dropped all trademark claims to the “React” video format and will be shuttering its video line of the same name, according to the company’s verified Twitter account and a statement released on Medium. Social media was set afire when the company, most known for their series featuring kids reacting to retro electronics, announced a series of ... Read More »

French Politicians Propose Ban on Linking Without Permission

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French news site Numerama reports on a proposal by French politicians to ban hyperlinking to a creative work without permission (English translation by Open Media). The idea, proposed by two Socialist members of parliament, had already been proposed before but was rejected. Now they are making another attempt to get it passed. Previously, the Court of Justice of the European ... Read More »

Canada Will Cease Sharing Some Surveillance Data with Allies

Canada Parliament

For decades, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have cooperated in an intelligence sharing agreement informally known as the five eyes. We know that at least some of the intelligence shared is mass surveillance data of the countries’ own citizens. However, it appears Canada is going to temporarily cease sharing some data with its allies until ... Read More »