Men Are From Programs, Women Are From Apps

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“On the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog.” This old saying relates to the fact that, unless you volunteer information about yourself online, no one knows anything about who or what you really are.  Up to that point, it’s all ones and zeros.  So when each individual enters the Internet, they’re a blank slate to everyone else … until ... Read More »

Google Expands Right to Be Forgotten Policy

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Under pressure from European regulators, Google is expanding its right to be forgotten policy. Under EU law, European citizens can request that search engines remove links from their search results if the linked sites contain information about the person that is inaccurate or out of date. Initially, Google agreed to comply with the law, to a point. Google did agree ... Read More »

Shareholder Report Reveals Shrinking Userbase for Twitter

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Twitter’s shareholder report for Q4 of 2015 is out, and it has some mixed news. On the positive side, revenue is up. While Twitter has never been profitable in its entire existence, it is now losing less money than it was the previous year. Q4 revenue was $710 million, an increase of 48% compared to Q4 of 2014. Twitter is ... Read More »

Congressmen Fight Back Against Proposed Encryption Bans

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In recent months, politicians have gone completely nuts on the topic of encryption. Presidential candidates have made the dangers of encryption a talking point on the campaign trail; two bills are being considered by congress to deal with the issue, one requiring backdoors in encrypted communications and the other merely creates a commission to study the issue; and two states, ... Read More »

Twitter Announces Trust and Safety Council

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Today, Twitter has announced a Trust and Safety Council, in order to deal with bullying and harassment on its platform. The purpose of the council will be to advise Twitter as the company develops new policies and products. The council will be composed of over 40 organizations from around the world at the start, and possibly more organizations will be ... Read More »

Executives Abandon GitHub Amid Culture Shift At the Company

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The repository hosting company GitHub appears to be in the midst of a crisis, with at least 10 executives leaving in the last few months. A recent article from Business Insider provides some insight into the changing culture at the company, which may be the reason some of the executives left. These changes are mainly the responsibility of cofounder Chris ... Read More »

Former Employee Sues Yahoo, Claims Gender Discrimination Against Men

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Gregory Anderson has filed suit against his former employer Yahoo, over what he claims to be an unjust termination. Under California law, employers are required to give 60 day notice if they fire more than 50 employees at a single location in a 30 day period. The complaint alleges that Yahoo gave no such notice when it laid off over ... Read More »

EFF Lawyer Suspended From Twitter

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Daniel Nazer, a lawyer for the Electronic Frontier Foundation who mostly focuses on patent issues, had his twitter account shut down last week after posting a “harassing” tweet. The issue concerns a discussion between Nazer and Jon Palma, the head of Ares Rights. Ares Rights is a Spanish firm which is notorious for sending out bogus DMCA claims on behalf ... Read More »

Maryland Bill Would Protect Consumers’ Right to Post Negative Reviews Online

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) reports on a bill being considered by the state legislature of Maryland, which would protect the rights of consumers to post negative reviews of products online, despite sneaky clauses buried in the contracts. Many businesses are now including gag clauses in their contracts to prevent customers from leaving negative reviews online. This bill is modeled ... Read More »

How to Turn Ggautoblocker from Blacklist to Blocklist

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Apparently Twitter has not a singular problem, but six of them, if Tadhg Kelly is to be believed.  One of the six problems is harassment, or, if you’re of Kelly’s particular ideological ilk, unorthodox thought.  In making his case, he namedrops the now infamous Randi Harper, serial Twitter abuser and “developer” of the ggautoblocker.  Kelly’s implication is ggautoblocker is a ... Read More »