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New version of the Citadel Trojan attacking password managers

Citadel Malware

The Citadel Trojan is not exactly a new malware. It existed from some time. It operates in a pretty simple way: when the malware reaches the victim’s machine, it connects to a remote command-and-control server to download a configuration file that states what the software is supposed to look for and then it starts keylogging (registering user’s keystrokes). IBM Trusteer researchers found ... Read More »

Tech Deals Roundup of 11/22


With winter approaching quickly, Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner, and holiday shopping season 2014 about to go full throttle, all the latest and greatest technology products are out. Like the few crazy people who camp outside the stores 2 weeks before Black Friday, some companies are beating the rush by releasing their great deals a bit ... Read More »

Apple encryption attacked by D.O.J for the sake of the children


Last month I reported on how the Chinese state reacted to Apple’s strengthening of data security on its devices by carrying out an attack on the iCloud. Now a report in the Wall Street Journal has revealed that the Deputy Attorney General of the United States met with Apple executives last month in an attempt to pressure them away from ... Read More »

This Week In Kickstarter: 11/21/14


Welcome back to This Week in Kickstarter, where interesting Kickstarters are brought to you by TechRaptor! This week we have the traditional mix of 6 projects with things like talking frogs, virtual reality, and crazy adventures! Get ready and hold on because we’re diving right in! Momentum is our first project and it is an odd, gravity driven platformer that ... Read More »

Hacker group DerpTrolling leaks 5000 PSN, Windows Live and 2K accounts


For those of you that don’t know, DerpTrolling is the hacker group that took responsibilities for the DDoS attacks to Blizzard servers last weekend. So you now know who to blame for not being able to enjoy Warlords of Draenor. That said, some hours ago the hacker group released on their twitter account a pastebin link containing username and password ... Read More »

Apple Gets Rid of “Free” Label For Apps


Freemium games are on the rise, but there has been a widespread criticism of them since their inception. Why? Because Freemium games are in no way free. Yeah, they start out free, and you can play them without ever paying a dime, but then people are pressured into making microtransactions in order to make a game they thought was free, playable, ... Read More »

5 Computer Myths Some People Actually Believe

A cat resting awkwardly under a keyboard

We’re finally living in a time when I can say proudly that computers have been with us for quite a while. 30 years ago, a personal computer in the home was something clearly unthinkable for the average working household. During the 90s, sales for PCs started increasing as graphical operating systems began appearing on the market and, boy, did they ... Read More »

Review: OnePlus One


Among the deluge of this year’s smart phone, one product might have fallen under the common knowledge radar.  Chinese start up OnePlus has not yet been around one year, but back in late April 2014 they released their first smartphone, One (and yes, when you tell someone you own a OnePlus One, you will ironically receive the response ‘Two?’ with ... Read More »

New from Nokia; N1 Tablet and Z Launcher.


Yesterday Nokia tweeted the picture of a mysterious black box, and told us to wait a day for some big news. Today we discovered the contents of the box; the Nokia N1, an android based tablet. This device is a strange Hail Mary for the Finish tech company that once bragged about being the largest mobile phone vendor worldwide.  Last ... Read More »

Intel announces S2600TP Server Family


Today, Intel announced the S2600TP family of dual socket servers targeted at high-performance computing, cloud and data storage solutions, which support the Xeon E5-2600 V3 processor line. Read More »