European Court of Justice Overturns Safe Harbor Deal Amid Fears of NSA Spying

NSA seal

The Safe Harbor data sharing agreement between the US and the European Union(EU) is no more. A ruling by the European Court of Justice finds that the deal is inadequate to protect the privacy of European citizens. In the EU, privacy law forbids companies from moving data out of the EU into jurisdictions with weaker privacy protections. The safe harbor ... Read More »

Windows 10 Devices Live Event – Recap

Windows 10 Event

It’s been 10 weeks since Windows 10 and 110 million devices are now running windows 10. It’s explained that there have been 650 billion pages viewed on Edge, Xbox One gamers have streamed over 120 years worth of gameplay and Cortana has been asked over a billion questions. More than 1.25 Billion app store visits has led to developer revenue ... Read More »

This Week in Kickstarter – Call A Tree, Seriously

RePhone Plant

This Week in Kickstarter we’ve got laser powered razors, the return of the BattleTech series, and a card game by Hank Green. BATTLETECH Turn-based tactical ‘Mech combat. From the creators of the Shadowrun series. BattleTech is a single player, turn based tactical game set in the 3025 era. It features mech combat and PvP multiplayer (after having reached its funding ... Read More »

The New Yorker Festival’s Tech@Fest – Cyber Privacy

NYer Tech Fest Cyber Privacy

The first time I visited the World Trade Center it was an entirely different building. I returned to the location on Saturday, October 3rd to attend The New Yorker’s Tech@Fest, a technology-centered series of events during their annual New Yorker Festival. The building itself was certainly awe-inspiring. I entered through the Vesey St. entrance and picked up my ticket for ... Read More »

Pop Puff and Away! Review – Sweet Puzzlin’ Cupcakes

Pop Puff and Away

Pop Puff and Away is a cute and casual mobile puzzle game from Accidental Rebel Games. Finalist for Best Kids and Family Friendly Game at Indie Prize Casual Connect Asia 2015 and  Best Mobile Game Philippine Game Festival 2014, this game is well polished. The aesthetic is cute and the puzzles are well-designed and challenging. In Pop Puff and Away players ... Read More »

Amazon Will Ban the Sale of Apple and Google Video Streaming Devices


With an announcement by Amazon that it will no longer be selling Apple and Google Video Streaming devices, Amazon attempts to protect its own streaming service. Amazon sent out an email to marketplace sellers that it will stop selling Apple TV and Google Chromecast, because those devices do not work well with Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming service. No new listings ... Read More »

US Presidential Candidates, Technology, and Video Games

donald trump candidate president

If you live in the United States, you are no doubt in the process of boarding up your windows and cancelling your cable as swarms of unpaid interns prepare for the upcoming primaries that will be the first step in determining the next President of the United States. What time is more exciting (and possibly annoying) than the regular four year ... Read More »

New AMD PRO A-Series Processors Now Shipping in Commercial PCs

AMD logo

AMD recently announced its latest generation AMD PRO A-Series processors are now shipping in commercially available Windows 10 PCs, including desktops and laptops. However it’s not just for personal use. AMD is extolling the benefits is processors will bring to businesses. AMD promises businesses, “unmatched dependability, stability, processor longevity and an opportunity for richer system configurations.” Data breaches are a major ... Read More »

Twitter Developing New Product to Go Beyond 140 Characters

Twitter logo

Twitter may be ditching its distinctive 140 character limit soon. According to Re/code, sources close to the company have stated that Twitter is working on a new product that will enable users to publish long-form content to the site. It appears as though actual tweets will still be limited to 140 characters. This product might work something like a TwitLonger, ... Read More »