Germany Takes Aim at Racist Facebook Posts


It seems Germany won’t tolerate racist Facebook posts for much longer. In an interview with Reuters, German Justice Minister Heiko Maas explains that Facebook needs to do more deal with posts inciting hatred against racial minorities, in order to bring the site into accordance with German law. Maas pointed out that Germany has a narrower interpretation of free speech than some ... Read More »

Twitter Cracks Down on Archiving Politicians’ Deleted Tweets

WAM Twitter

In a controversial move, Twitter has completely cracked-down on third-parties making use of the Twitter APIs to archive politicians’ deleted tweets. While this move may come as a shock to some people, it’s actually in accordance with Twitter’s longstanding policy that developers making use of the API’s must delete content that Twitter reports as deleted. Back in May, Twitter had ... Read More »

Chicken Nugget 3.0 Update Brings Big Fixes and Features

Twitter logo

People who utilize adaptive technology have to resort to specially designed applications because the websites and software do not meet their accessibility needs. That’s why blind developers are very welcomed in the blind community. Not only do they create applications that often excel past the mainstream while being accessible, there’s a level of security when a visually impaired computer user ... Read More »

Apple Launches iPhone 6 Plus iSight Replacement Program

iPhone 6 Plus

Apple has announced a replacement program for iPhone 6 Plus models with camera issues. According to Apple, there was a manufacturing defect in a “small percentage” of devices that were sold between September 2014 and January 2015 that can cause the pictures taken with the iSight camera to look blurry. This is limited to the camera on the backside of ... Read More »

AT&T Hotspot Caught Injecting Advertisements Into Web Pages

AT&T Logo

AT&T was caught injecting advertisements into traffic that goes through its free Wi-Fi hotspots, which is not only an inconvenience to the user, but may also introduce privacy and security concerns. This was discovered by Jonathan Mayer, a computer scientist and lawyer at Stanford University, while he was waiting for a delayed flight at Dulles Airport. Mayer noticed many of ... Read More »

How to Choose Web Hosting for Your Sydney Business

Choosing Web Hosting

As a business owner you deal with clients and suppliers all the time, so when it comes to choosing a web host you want all your ducks in a row. You need to know all of your options, so you can decide what type of hosting package is best for your business and you need to make the right choice ... Read More »

UN Privacy Chief Calls UK Surveillance Worse than Orwell Could Have Imagined

United Nations Human RIghts Council

The United Nations appointed Joseph Cannataci as its first privacy chief in July. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Cannataci has called out the UK for being especially egregious in violating its citizens privacy with its extensive surveillance apparatus. He considered it worse than the mass surveillance depicted in George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, stating, “at least Winston was able to go out in ... Read More »

On Copyright and the Theft of Views


Around 2012 the Internet went ablaze when Congressman Lamar Smith, who represents the 21st district of the state of Texas, was caught red handed using a photograph from photographer Don J Schulte, without any permission of the sort from the author, who had Creative Commons license on his work. Obviously, not one mention of the author of the photograph was to be ... Read More »

This Week in Kickstarter – Giant Robot Duel

USA Robot

Welcome to This Week in Kickstarter, where men build giant robots, women set trends with Bluetooth wrist bands, and interplanetary invasions are done by a single guy with a pistol. Megabots, Inc. Help create the giant combat robot America deserves. MegaBots, Inc. challenged Japan to a giant robot duel, and they accepted! But demanded that hand to hand combat be included ... Read More »

NVIDIA Announces GTX 950 is Now Available Worldwide

GTX 950 Front

The official NVIDIA blog has announced that the GTX 950 is now available for purchase worldwide and retails for $159. While the 950 is less impressive than the other members of the 900 series, like the GTX 960, 970 and 980, it does offer a significant improvement over previous generations. NVIDIA claims that it offers 3 times the performance of ... Read More »