Verizon To Limit Unlimited Data Plans


Droid-Life is reporting that Verizon plans to put limits on their remaining unlimited data plans. Their sources say that all users that use “an extraordinary amount of data” will be notified via mail. After August 31, users using that “extraordinary” amount may be cut off entirely. Droid-Life has updated their article with a Verizon statement that appears to set the ... Read More »

Best Buy’s Black Friday in July: Actually Decent Game & Tech Deals


This weekend, Best Buy is joining other retailers in their consistent attempt to make “Black Friday in July” into a successful marketing event. Even though we think the whole thing is still very much gimmicky, the sales has actually been steadily getting better through the years. In the video game deals section, we’re spotting a number of new historic low prices, particularly on ... Read More »

NVIDIA Announces new $1200 Titan X GPU Powerhouse

Titan X

For the past couple of generations NVIDIA has dominated the higher end of graphics cards. While AMD has been able to compete in the lower and mid-tier regions for the most part, the NVIDIA options have blown away the top for the most part with the previous Titan X, 980ti, and 1080. It appears though that the 1080 wasn’t enough ... Read More »

Musk Outlines Phase Two for Tesla Motors

Tesla Logo

Tesla Motors founder and CEO Elon Musk has announced the company will be entering its second stage. The post states that Tesla has achieved the goals that he outlined 10 years ago. The original plan was to create an electric sports car and use the money raised from that to eventually expand into a wider range of cars. The reason for ... Read More »

Snowden and Huang Design Device to Combat Phone Surveillance

surveillance header

NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden and hardware hacker Andrew Huang have designed a device which detects whether or not a phone’s radio is transmitting. This is to combat the ability of government agencies to turn a person’s own phone into a tool of surveillance. While anyone concerned about government surveillance could make use of such a device, Snowden considers journalists to ... Read More »

Crowdfunding Spotlight: The Z Mouse

The Z Mouse

Proper tools are a dime a dozen for gamers. The selection of available hardware that aims to make whatever you’re doing on a PC quicker, more convenient, and more responsive is getting larger every day, and while a lot of companies have settled into a comfortable design that has been proven to work well for most applications, some companies are still ... Read More »

WikiLeaks Blocked in Turkey After Massive Email Leak

Turkish Flag

WikiLeaks has released a searchable database of nearly 300,000 emails connected to Turkey’s governing party, the AKP. This is part one of the AKP emails, and includes email addresses beginning with the letters “A” through “I.” The site doesn’t mention a timeline on when the rest of the emails will be published, but it will likely be in the near ... Read More »

Sony President Shuhei Yoshida Becomes Latest OurMine Victim

Hacker Header

Hacking group OurMine has been making a name for themselves by hacking people like Markiplier and DDOSing Pokemon Go this past weekend. That hasn’t stopped them though from seeking even more high profile targets, and this time, they decided to hack Sony President Shuhei Yoshida’s Twitter account. Beginning at around 2AM this morning, OurMine appeared to take over the twitter account and ... Read More »

Brazil’s Highest Court Overturns Third WhatsApp Block

Legal Tech Header Large

For the third time in the last eight months, a Brazilian judge has ordered wireless service providers to block WhatsApp. The encrypted messaging app is once again being targeted because it will not turn over message data requested by police. Previous blocking orders that were issued had set time limits, one was 48 hours and the other 72, but the ... Read More »

ONEmicro Review – Too Steep a Price

ONEaudio ONEmicro

With mobile technology like laptops focussed on becoming as thin as possible, a lot of devices have to sacrifice physical features for lightness and thinness. While audio technology is getting better each year, it’s still one of the weaker parts of any given laptop. It’s because of this that portable speakers are as popular as they are right now, and the ONEmicro ... Read More »