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Gmail 5 for Android

New Gmail

As Google is moving everything it can to match its new Material Design philosophy, it is natural that Gmail would also get updated – and it has been. It isn’t just a major update, but a major usability one for Androids with Lollipop. Gmail 5.0 will now not only handle your Gmail but all your email. Whether it is on ... Read More »

Google Business View: A New Way to Shop


Have you ever wondered what the inside of a business looks like? Ever been walking through Google’s street view and wish you could see more about a place? Well, now with Google Business View you can! Google’s Street View technology has always had a lot of potential – just go walk down a street on it in a city you’ve ... Read More »

iPad: the New Generation

Black Apple logo

Apple has announced the new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. The new iPad will reportedly have an improved retina display and better cameras for taking photos and videos. Both will be available in gold, silver, and space gray, with an aluminum body, and will offer Touch ID. Read More »

NoScope Hydra Gaming Glasses – Review

Hydra - Noscope Glasses

We live in an age where we spend a lot of time in our lives looking at screens, they can be big screens like large TV’s or computer monitors, or they can be small screens, like a phone, nonetheless it’s a lot of screens. A lot of people are affected by these screens on a daily basis and NoScope has ... Read More »

How small can a computer get?

The tiny APM-D01

It’s a question that’s been asked more and more these days with a world of tiny phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Miniaturization is the order of the day when it comes to electronics – how small can you get something and still have it be worthwhile? Read More »

Wikileaks Releases New Draft of Trans-Pacific Treaty


Wikileaks has revealed today a new draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It is a highly controversial free trade treaty including 12 countries from the Asia and Pacific region. The leak is composed of a version of the treaty’s second chapter, which is said to have been from negotiations in Vietnam in May of this year. Read More »

New app from Skype called Skype Qik

Skype Qik

A new way to video message has been released by popular video chat service Skype. This past week Skype announced that their app Skype Qik will enable people to message one another using audio and video when you just don’t have enough time to sit down and spend time Skyping in full. Skype Qik is currently available on iOS, Android ... Read More »

Looking for the New Nexus 6


There have been quite a few announcements in the world of Google this week. They have announced the new Nexus 6, made by Motorola, which is now expected to be available for pre-order in late October. As of now, it will be carried by all US carriers—which for some is a relief after news that the new Moto X would ... Read More »

This Week In Kickstarter 10/17/2014

Elegy for a dead world

-By Tabitha Dickerson & Kestutis Kalvaitis The Black Glove. A simple name for the new twisted narrative-driven first person puzzler from Day For Night Studios. Day for Night is a studio that was formed via Bioshock Infinite Allumni. The Black Gloves looks to be a rather unique puzzler set in a macabre and twisted plane of existence called The Equinox. The ... Read More »