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Rumor: Xbox One CPU moving to 20nm?


So apparently, AMD has designed a 20nm chip for the Xbox One. Discovered by Mosen from Beyond3D’s forums, the post quotes the LinkedIn page for the Senior Design Manager of SOC (system on chip) for AMD, which states he “”Successfully planned and executed the first APU for Microsoft’s XBOX One Game Console in 28nm technology and a cost-reduced derivative in 20nm ... Read More »

Net Neutrality Petition presented to Obama

Net Neutrality

One of the big fights of recent years has been around Internet access and the fact that internet architecture has been falling behind in many countries compared to the bandwidth used. Net Neutrality is the term for the belief that internet speeds should have no basis in paid ‘fast lanes’ or set up in speciality channels – everyone moving through ... Read More »

Virtual Reality and the Future of Survival Horror


Horror is back in vogue. Triple A titles like The Evil Within, Aliens Isolation, and the upcoming Silent Hills have put the genre back in the spotlight, along with indie titles like slender and outlast. It’s not that gamers have rediscovered how much the like to be scared, but rather that developers are using new design approaches and technological platforms ... Read More »

Microsoft announces Microsoft Health and Microsoft Band


Microsoft has taken yet another step into the health and exercise field with the announcement of their new cloud based health service, aptly called Microsoft Health, and a wearable band to track your daily activities and communicate with the Microsoft Health to figure out the best regime for you. It can also be paired not only with Windows Phones but ... Read More »

Apple CEO Tim Cook Comes Out as Gay

tim cook apple

In a letter published by Bloomberg Businessweek Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged publically that he is gay. Looking back on past panels gone off script and rather underhanded speculation by particular websites known for gossip Cook’s sexuality was alluded to but mostly unknown until now. Read More »

YouTube now supports 60fps


Many people around the world will be saying one word: finally! YouTube now officially supports 60fps playback on videos. Before, higher fps counts were used on special occasions, like for big budget movie trailers. Now though, uploading in 60fps is available to every YouTube user. YouTube has now upgraded to 60fps YouTube. Note: this only works on Chrome for now, though ... Read More »

Nexus 6 comes with free Google Music

Nexus 6

Ah, November, we can always tell your approach by the cooling weather and the beginning of price drops and giveaways. Google is now stepping up to the plate, by offering 6 months free of Google Music if you buy the Google Nexus 6 before December 31st, 2014. You do have to use it more or less immediately as if not ... Read More »

CurrentC Hacked – is it really more secure?


In a continuing to develop story of CurrentC vs Apple Pay, CurrentC has just taken a blow with it being hacked. Currently, CurrentC is in an early trial program that is being used in certain areas with retailers like Walmart who support CurrentC over Apple Pay. CurrentC was hacked and within 36hours, they were able to release a statement on ... Read More »

Google Fit: Keeping Android Users Healthy

Google Fit announcement image.

With health issues such as obesity, heart disease, and other problems such as high cholesterol plaguing our society at epidemic levels over the past few years, fitness has become incredibly important to us as a society. This has become easier over the years with fitness apps for smartphones and tablets, as well as gadgets that enable us to track our ... Read More »

YouTube Plans Music Subscription Service


Ever since the website began, YouTube has been a popular place listen to music. At first, it was basically a wild west where anyone uploaded whatever songs they wanted, regardless of whether they actually had permission to do so. Luckily for those with ethical and moral concerns, YouTube soon made a deal with the recording industry to give ad royalities ... Read More »