Google Announces Android Wear for iOS

Android Wear iPhone

Android Wear has officially launched on iOS devices as of today. Through the Android Wear app currently in the App Store, iOS users are no longer limited to the Apple Watch or Pebble for wearables. Users of the iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, or 6 Plus with iOS 8.2 or newer are compatible with Android Wear. Officially, Google is supporting ... Read More »

This Week in Kickstarter – TOTALLY LEGAL

Divinity- Original Sin 2

This Week in Kickstarter we’ve got a sequel to a smash hit, a new way to interact with the digital world, and a Gameboy inspired Raspberry Pi emulator.  Divinity: Original Sin 2 The sequel to the hit Kickstarter. What can be said at this point? The title delivers more to you than I could in words! Divinity: Original Sin wow’d ... Read More »

Boeing Demonstrates Compact Anti-Drone Laser

Boeing Logo

In order to deal with the threat posed by unmanned aerial vehicles, Boeing has developed a new high-powered laser that can take them out of the sky. This is not Boeing’s first foray into drone zapping weaponry. Last year they demoed a truck mounted laser that could accomplish the same task. However, this new weapon is much smaller. Rather than requiring a ... Read More »

Myo Review – Control Your Device with a Flick of Your Wrist


The Myo Armband by Thalmic Labs is a device you can wear on your upper arm that can connect with various devices and applications so that you can take control of them in a more human way. This device is a one size fits all due to the design incorporating plastic so as to ensure that all of the mechanical ... Read More »

Germany Takes Aim at Racist Facebook Posts


It seems Germany won’t tolerate racist Facebook posts for much longer. In an interview with Reuters, German Justice Minister Heiko Maas explains that Facebook needs to do more deal with posts inciting hatred against racial minorities, in order to bring the site into accordance with German law. Maas pointed out that Germany has a narrower interpretation of free speech than some ... Read More »

Twitter Cracks Down on Archiving Politicians’ Deleted Tweets

WAM Twitter

In a controversial move, Twitter has completely cracked-down on third-parties making use of the Twitter APIs to archive politicians’ deleted tweets. While this move may come as a shock to some people, it’s actually in accordance with Twitter’s longstanding policy that developers making use of the API’s must delete content that Twitter reports as deleted. Back in May, Twitter had ... Read More »

Chicken Nugget 3.0 Update Brings Big Fixes and Features

Twitter logo

People who utilize adaptive technology have to resort to specially designed applications because the websites and software do not meet their accessibility needs. That’s why blind developers are very welcomed in the blind community. Not only do they create applications that often excel past the mainstream while being accessible, there’s a level of security when a visually impaired computer user ... Read More »

Apple Launches iPhone 6 Plus iSight Replacement Program

iPhone 6 Plus

Apple has announced a replacement program for iPhone 6 Plus models with camera issues. According to Apple, there was a manufacturing defect in a “small percentage” of devices that were sold between September 2014 and January 2015 that can cause the pictures taken with the iSight camera to look blurry. This is limited to the camera on the backside of ... Read More »

AT&T Hotspot Caught Injecting Advertisements Into Web Pages

AT&T Logo

AT&T was caught injecting advertisements into traffic that goes through its free Wi-Fi hotspots, which is not only an inconvenience to the user, but may also introduce privacy and security concerns. This was discovered by Jonathan Mayer, a computer scientist and lawyer at Stanford University, while he was waiting for a delayed flight at Dulles Airport. Mayer noticed many of ... Read More »