Government Can’t Cut Cable Then Pose As Technicians, Judge Rules

Movie: The Cable Guy (1996)

It is a violation of the Fourth Amendment for law enforcement to pose as internet service technicians for the purposes of gaining entry after cutting the service, a federal judge has ruled. The ruling stems from United States v. Wei Seng Phua, et al., a case in which the FBI, Nevada Gaming Control Board, and employees and Caesar’s Palace Hotel ... Read More »

Phil Spencer Wants To Focus On First Party Games For E3

Phil Spencer E3

Sunday April 19, Phil Spencer spent some time talking to people on twitter about various topics, one of which was Microsoft’s plans for E3. Spencer wants to focus on first party games for Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference. He also teased a new exclusive IP reveal for E3. @Masih3KA We should have new exclusive IP at E3. I'm trying to make ... Read More »

This Week in Kickstarter – Week of April 19

TWiK Cover 419

This Week in Kickstarter we have a surreal point-and-click adventure set in a bird cage, a little device that cooks for you and a pillow that maximizes your sleep potential. DreamCage 28 A surreal point-and-click adventure with a unique setting and atmosphere. DreamCage 28 is a successor to Big Loop Studios previous success Escape From 26. In both games, your objective ... Read More »

Bell Hit with $750 Million Lawsuit over Privacy Violations

Bell Logo

Bell, the Canadian telecommunications giant, is facing a $750 million lawsuit over alleged privacy violations relating to its Relevant Ads Program. This national class-action lawsuit is being filed on behalf of Bell Mobility and Virgin Mobile customers who have had sensitive personal information and activity data sold to advertisers by Bell. The Relevant Ads Program began in 2013, and worked ... Read More »

The Round Up: GTA V Recommended Specs


GTA V released this week on PC, and it has already sold a million copies. Now, this is awesome, and shows that the PC platform is alive and well. But how about people who wanna move to PC? Well, we’re going to see how much it would cost to build a new PC to match the recommended settings of GTA ... Read More »

Voxbox Offers Customers Cutting-Edge Holographic Technology


Holographic Optical Technologies, a holography company based in Augusta Georgia, is going to bring its cutting edge Voxbox to the public. Although the technology behind the Voxbox has seen some usage in field of medicine, so far it hasn’t been available to a mainstream market – but that’s about to change. With a Kickstarter campaign scheduled to start on April ... Read More »

WikiLeaks Creates Searchable Archive of Sony Documents

WikiLeaks Logo

Sony has run into more trouble relating to the major hack they suffered late last year. WikiLeaks recently created a searchable online archive of all the documents that were leaked in the hack. The archive contains over 170,000 emails as well as over 30,000 other documents from Sony Pictures and subsidiaries. Although the documents have been available online already, the ... Read More »

FCC Investigating Verizon over “supercookies”


A letter was recently revealed to the public which indicates that he Federal Communications Commission is going to investigate Verizon over its usage of supercookies. In response to criticism form privacy advocates, Verizon announced in January that users could opt out of the supercookies and they would no longer have their activity tracked. AT&T was also under fire last year ... Read More »

Australian ISPs ordered to identify pirates


The battle between online piracy and media companies rages on, as Australian ISPs are ordered to relinquish the names, email and residential address of people who have pirated the movie Dallas Buyers Club. The company that owns the rights to Dallas Buyers Club used a program called ‘Maverick Monitor’ to trace the copy-righted material that was pirated via BitTorrent, and ... Read More »

The Sharkoon FireGlider Review: Low Price, High Value

Sharkoon Mouse Box

The FireGlider is a wired ergonomic gaming mouse from Sharkoon, a German company that’s been making various gaming-related computer hardware since 2003. The Sharkoon FireGlider has been on the market for a few years, but has largely flown under the radar due to the company’s lack of recognition compared to bigger brands like Logitech or Razer. I saw that it ... Read More »