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Dragon Age Keep Now In Open Beta

Dragon Age Keep Logo

Dragon Age: Inquisition releases in just a few weeks on November 18th, 2014, and when Dragon Age: Inquisition was announced Bioware had a bit of a problem. Their save import system that had worked for Dragon Age II would no longer be effective, and had previously had importing issues and bugs that caused problems with previous games. Not only that, ... Read More »

Google Fit: Keeping Android Users Healthy

Google Fit announcement image.

With health issues such as obesity, heart disease, and other problems such as high cholesterol plaguing our society at epidemic levels over the past few years, fitness has become incredibly important to us as a society. This has become easier over the years with fitness apps for smartphones and tablets, as well as gadgets that enable us to track our ... Read More »

Taco Bell Mobile Ordering App is Out!

mobile ordering

Ever since last year Taco Bell has been hinting at a new implicated mobile ordering app that will allow you to order Taco Bell food items over your mobile phone. Starting on 10/28/2014, this app was released, allowing for you to order store specific items over your mobile device. This doesn’t come without its perks though, with this app you ... Read More »

Looking for the New Nexus 6


There have been quite a few announcements in the world of Google this week. They have announced the new Nexus 6, made by Motorola, which is now expected to be available for pre-order in late October. As of now, it will be carried by all US carriers—which for some is a relief after news that the new Moto X would ... Read More »

Apple Reveals Apple Watch

Apple Watch banner

It’s all true.  Apple today launched the first new product category of the Tim Cook era, the Apple Watch, and took a giant cannonball into the pool of wearable computing. Rather than take an iPhone and shrink it to fit your wrist, Apple builds a new user experience from scratch. Read More »

Apple Announces iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 banner

Today Apple joined the big kids’ table. At an event at Flint Center for the Performing Arts , Apple revealed the next iterations of their flagship product, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 will come with a 4.7-inch display, while the iPhone 6 Plus will have a 5.5-inch screen for “phablet” fans.  Read More »

Facebook Mobile feature is taking up too much data!

Facebook Mobile

Users of Facebook on both computers and mobile phones are aware of the frequent adaptations and developments being introduced. The latest of these features is for a video that a user posts to autoplay without any interaction from a user past scrolling to a point where the video is seen. A feature like this can very easily and very quickly ... Read More »

Dont like Facebook Messenger? Google does…


Admist all of the craziness and backlash Facebook has received about making people split their time between two of their apps (and here’s my opinion on it) someone is paying attention. If seems that an alpha build of Google Hangouts was shown off on Caschys Blog showing off a ‘chat heads’ style for it.             ... Read More »

IMO: The Great Facebook Split


In case you have been living under a rock, this past week Facebook made the move to force people to download the ‘Messenger’ app to utilize their Facebook Messenger in their app. The masses have been in outrage ever since, because….change. They have complained about having to download another app. They have complained about the permissions of Messenger. They have ... Read More »

Motorola to Shut Down American Assembly


Motorola, a company know for it’s highly customizable Moto X, will be closing it’s American factory at the end of this year due to low sales. The company brought an assembly presence to Texas hoping to strategize a new way to get it’s new line of phones into the hands of US consumers. In response to an interview by the Journal, President ... Read More »