New Google Maps Shows Where You’ve Been, But Don’t Freak Out


A new version of Google Maps has just been released. Version 9.12.0 is rolling out with a new feature called Timeline. With timeline, it will show you where you’ve been, with approximate drive times and places you stopped. If you use Google Photos, it will even show a picture that you took during that time, to help you remember what ... Read More »

[How To] Reset Your Phone Right


Have you noticed recently your phone just doesn’t feel like your phone anymore? It’s acting a little slow. Apps start closing unexpectedly. There are delays when you try to text, or answer a phone call. Its frustrating. It makes you want to throw your phone against the room, but you can’t because you still have a few more months on ... Read More »

iPhone does not work on firewalled Wi-Fi

Wifi Logo 2

Do you have an iPhone you are trying to connect to your company’s wireless and can connect fine, but when on it you can’t do any normal wi-fi functions? Chances are a setting needs to be changed on your firewall, called “aggregation” On a SonicWall Firewall, underneath Firewall in the wireless, is a checkbox for “Aggregation”. Disable this, and iPhones ... Read More »