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6 Tips For Purchasing A PC This Holiday Season

Santa Hat Flash Drive Money Header

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and some people are probably looking to buy some kind of technology for the gaming enthusiast or geek in their life. But there are just so many choices out there that it’s difficult to figure out where to get started when you’re purchasing a PC or anything similar. Although I’ve only been writing for TechRaptor for about a ... Read More »

PSA: Compromised E-mail Can Mean Compromised Everything.


We see it in the news just about every day now. Stories about how some big company had its user-data hacked and stolen, or maybe how fake cell phone towers are intercepting your transmissions. It’s at a point where even reasonably cautious individuals run a serious risk of having their accounts and information compromised. It’s great if you can prevent these ... Read More »

Good file names will increase your productivity

Good File Names

Whether you are at work or at home, good file names on all of you files are important. Folders will help too, but we can get into that some other time. Making clear and easy to understand file names will save you time and hassle when looking for important files on your computer(s).Some people are really great at naming and ... Read More »

Speed up and Clean up your PC!


Whether or not you may be having issues…such as: Slowness Application and PC issues Internet Browser issues Registry Errors There is an application that can help you clean up and speed up your PC.. for free! CCleaner CCleaner is a free application with two awesome functions CCleaner will search and identify issues with your registry, and then fix them (Registry ... Read More »

Utility: “The PC Decrapifier”

PC Decrapifier

This is a great tool for PC Techs, or anyone buying a new PC. You know all of the annoying, pointless, software that companies install on new PCs? You know how much time it takes to remove it all? Yeah, we all do! Well, there is tool that can be used for easy removal of the bloatware that can get installed ... Read More »

Transfer files faster

TeraCopy Transfer Files

Are you constantly transferring files on your PC, especially large ones? I know most people are transferring large files to and from PC and hard drives now, and the Windows transfer does not cut it, at all. If you are one of the many users frustrated with the windows explorer transfer, there is a fantastic bit of freeware out there ... Read More »

Excellent Anti-Virus for Free


Need anti-virus? Cheap? Check out “Avast!” Avast! is a free and lightweight antivirus protection software, that works fantastic and boasts: “avast! Free Antivirus is the best virus and spyware protection available.” Avast! Boasts over 130 million users worldwide and has recently been rated the fastest scanning anti-virus in the world at 16.3 MB/S (Next was McAfee with 11.2 MB/s). In terms of its ... Read More »