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6 Tips For Purchasing A PC This Holiday Season

Santa Hat Flash Drive Money Header

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and some people are probably looking to buy some kind of technology for the gaming enthusiast or geek in their life. But there are just so many choices out there that it’s difficult to figure out where to get started when you’re purchasing a PC or anything similar. Although I’ve only been writing for TechRaptor for about a ... Read More »

New Google Maps Shows Where You’ve Been, But Don’t Freak Out


A new version of Google Maps has just been released. Version 9.12.0 is rolling out with a new feature called Timeline. With timeline, it will show you where you’ve been, with approximate drive times and places you stopped. If you use Google Photos, it will even show a picture that you took during that time, to help you remember what ... Read More »

How to Deactivate Wi-Fi Sense on Windows 10 Devices

Windows 10

Windows 10 is nearly among us and with it there is one feature that has people concerned called Wi-Fi sense, and while its implementation is for ease of use, the potential for it to be used for nefarious purposes is causing some alarm. It is fair to also say that Wi-Fi sense has been a feature of Windows Phone devices ... Read More »

Here’s how to enable Java in Chrome 42 and newer

Google Chrome

Many of you may have noticed that since upgrading to the latest release of Chrome (version 42) certain plugins such as Java, Silverlight and many others have been blocked as Google attempts to phase out NPAPI support. For those interested, Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI), is an architecture designed so that plugins can be created that will work across multiple ... Read More »

PSA: Compromised E-mail Can Mean Compromised Everything.


We see it in the news just about every day now. Stories about how some big company had its user-data hacked and stolen, or maybe how fake cell phone towers are intercepting your transmissions. It’s at a point where even reasonably cautious individuals run a serious risk of having their accounts and information compromised. It’s great if you can prevent these ... Read More »

The Iron Mac: How to Get Rid of Annoying Local Items Keychain Box


You log into your Mac, the desktop appears, and before you can click on your browser to get to work or to Redditing, you’re confronted with a dialogue box. It wants you to unlock the “Local Items Keychain.” You enter your password, and the box shakes its head at you. You try again. Nope. Despair not! Here’s a way you ... Read More »