Partying in Hearthstone Like It’s 1996!

Hearthstone Logo

Oh, look, it’s a news post from Daxxarri about Hearthstone.  Might as well see what Dax has to say. Exciting changes are coming to the Tavern! We’re proud to announce that we’re introducing game formats to Hearthstone! Whether you’re just getting into Hearthstone or you’re a seasoned veteran, the new Standard format will help keep Hearthstone fresh, exciting, and accessible ... Read More »

Hitman Gets More Details on Features and Beta


It’s just a little over a month until the first episode of the Hitman reboot becomes available to the consumer. Sony has prepared a nice little overview detailing some of the features coming to the game, as well as give us some more details on what players can expect from the beta. But first, here’s a new trailer:  By now you ... Read More »

Flamebreak Review – Indie Classics Flambé


Flamebreak is a twin-stick fantasy fighter, with roguelike elements and a harsh difficulty curve. Drawing on inspiration from sources like The Binding of Isaac, FTL, and Rogue Legacy. Those are some pretty good titles to draw inspiration from, but Flamebreak feels, ironically, a bit more watered down than any of it’s inspirations. Having played each of those games and now having ... Read More »

Halo 5 Adding Assault and Grifball in February Update

halo 5 assault

343 Industries have put up a community update over on Halo Waypoint which details what is upcoming in the month of February for Halo 5: Guardians. Buried among some interesting talk about balancing for team colors and changing REQ costs in the game’s Warzone mode, there is news about three new gametypes headed for Arena soon.  Most significantly, February’s update will include Assault, ... Read More »

Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition Released

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Justifying the enormous trust of Kickstarter backers once again, Shadowrun developer Harebrained Schemes has not only delivered a stellar game but now they’ve fulfilled the $1,000,000 stretch goal and added the promised six hour long mini-campaign, even though they originally promised four or five hours. As a result the game has been rebranded Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition to ... Read More »

SMITE Tweaks Daily Quests System Brings Back Daily Login bonus


Season 3 of SMITE started only few days ago, but Hi-Rez is already shaking the things a bit. With patch 3.1, a lot of new stuff have been introduced in the game. One of the new features is that the daily login bonus have been replaced by a daily quest system of the likes of the ones used in Heroes of the Storm or ... Read More »

Paper Mario and the Power of Charm

Paper Mario Header

The 5th generation of consoles was one of the best times to be an RPG fan. Final Fantasy VII, Xenogears, Chrono Cross, Wild Arms, Legend of Dragoon—I could go on and on with the hits. However, none of these classics can claim my spot as my favorite 5th-gen JRPG. None of them can even come close to touching my love ... Read More »

How Much Would a Round of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Actually Cost?

Counter Strike Global Offensive Cost

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a shooter that boasts a huge fanbase, massive eSport and competitive scene, and community that is fervent about their game and the strategies they use. The game includes a number of maps, guns, and pieces of equipment that are found all over the world and instantly recognizable by players who have played the game. Each of ... Read More »

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Hits PC With Port Issues


Bandai Namco’s prolific output as of late has been celebrated by some, as we’re now seeing the stateside release of games that we never thought would hit America. However, gamers on PC are a bit more technically discerning, and recent releases on the platform have been met with critical reception to say the least. Most recently, the PC release of NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: ... Read More »

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Review – I Am Turok!

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Back in late 2014 and for two thirds of 2015, I ran a weekly column here at TechRaptor called First Person Saturday, where I’d give some old or overlooked FPS games a look. One of the games I always wanted to check out was Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, a 1997 FPS developed for both the Nintendo 64 and PC. However, there was ... Read More »