GoG releases Act of War: Gold Edition

Act of War

    One of the best RTS titles of the past decade has finally made it to GoG games and as such, is finally playable on modern systems. Act of War: Direct Action and its expansion/sequel High Treason have been released together as the Gold Edition. The critically praised games combined the Command and Conquer style of strategy with a near-future technothriller ... Read More »

Pillars of Eternity Review – The Eternal Question

Pillars of Eternity Review Header

What makes a good role-playing game? A simple question, yet broad in it’s scope. For many, a good role-playing game can be defined by the emphasis of player interaction and exploration. Others would claim the richness of depth in the mechanics itself, the game system it is based on, is the true test of it’s bonafides. Many prefer real time combat ... Read More »

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006: An Avant-Garde Masterpiece

Sonic the Hedgehog Review Header

Some works of art go under-appreciated until long after their initial presentation to the public. Sonic the Hedgehog is a case of a misunderstood work of genius that will age like a fine wine. Sonic the Hedgehog, often referred to under the name of ‘Sonic 06‘, is the tale of humanity’s transition from a traditionally subsistent society to industrialization and ... Read More »

Raptr introduces to catch and share gamers’ best moments header

If you play on PC, you probably stumbled on Raptr at least once. If not, it’s a service that allows you to optimize your PC games performance and that allows you to collect points by playing games to later use them to redeem various rewards. The free client also has a community hub, where players can share their screenshots, talk about the ... Read More »

Victor Vran Preview – Vacant, yet Vibrant and Vigorous.

Victor Vran Title

Early Access games have had a bad reputation since almost it’s creation on Steam. Most developers who use Early Access are those who dream big for the game they desire – but the fall is much bigger when the reality sets in that they aren’t able to fulfill their promises (RIP Double Fine). Some of the better game that use Early ... Read More »

Bandai Namco Opens its IP Vault To Developers [Updated]

Pac Man Smash

UPDATE: A representative for Bandai Namco had this to say regarding an American version of the program: “This program is currently exclusive to Japanese domestic developers. There may be a chance for it to open up to the Western market, but we cannot confirm at this point in time.” So it seems that Japan will be the test market and ... Read More »

Claws and Feathers Review – Disgruntled Avians

claws and feathers logo

Good games can come from anywhere. This fact shouldn’t be surprising, but sometimes it is, and sometimes it’s best not to judge a book by its cover. Especially when that cover is the same ugly bird monstrosities that have defined a certain section of the gaming landscape for years now. Those who go in with an open mind will find ... Read More »

Halo 5: Guardians Trailer Reveals October Release

Halo 5 - Guardians promotional image

A pair of new trailers for Halo 5: Guardians has revealed that the game will drop on October 27th of this year on Xbox One. Each trailer shows a scene from a different perspective, one familiar and one new. Master Chief will of course be returning, although he is in a difficult position after the events of Halo 4. He ... Read More »

Atari Launches reboot of Asteroids


Asteroids: Outpost is a reboot of 1979’s iconic arcade game Asteroids. According to Eurogamer, it was made available on Steam for Early Access on March 27th in a new campaign to reboot several of their classic games.  The Asteroids reboot was made by indie developer Salty Games and published by Atari. While the 1979 original was a top-down survival space-shooter in which players dodged asteroids and shot them ... Read More »