E3 2015 – All we know about Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

assassins creed syndicate

Assassin’s Creed is one of those game franchise that even someone that is only tangentially aware of the existence of video games probably heard of. It’s one of those series that hit the collective imagination pretty hard and managed to create a wide fanbase that expect the next iteration of the franchise every year. Once again, Ubisoft does not keep its ... Read More »

Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4) Review – Fear the Bat … mobile

Batman Arkham Knight With Manbat

For the sake of the audience, I have formatted this review in two different ways. If you want to watch the video review, then watch the video on our YouTube channel (with the video embedded below), but for those who’d prefer to read the review as well, I’ve included the script (for the most part, with slight word changes here ... Read More »

PCMasterRace Explained


Social media is the gift that keeps on giving. Shame these gifts aren’t refundable for regaining lost sanity. At least the spat wasn’t spurred on by fanboyism. That’s a plus, right? It’s no secret that I follow various diverse people on my personal Twitter account. We’re talking cutesie Japanese artists to #GamerGate supporters to tantalizing food blogs and everything in ... Read More »

This Week in Kickstarter – Week of June 28


Welcome back to This Week in Kickstarter! This week, we’ve got conquest on ancient battlefields, Cold War Cthulhu, and lightsabers! Mare Nostrum – Empires Latin for “Our Sea,” lead your Empire to victory! In Mare Nostrum, players will lead their empires to victory and glory. Players choose leaders from history and raise their respective provinces. Different provinces have different resources available. ... Read More »

European Speedster Assembly 2015 Kicks off Its First Day

ESA Featured Image

Today was the first day for the European Speedster Assembly, known as ESA, an annual week long speedrunning event taking place in Skövde, Sweden. This year’s ESA promises to be bigger than ever before, with 149 performing speedrunners and 321 hours of gaming content across two dedicated streams ( and, as well as both German and French restreams. ESA ... Read More »

How to Make a Successful Walking Simulator

walking simulator cover

Recently, the independent game company Tale of Tales announced they would no longer be making games commercially, after their most recent game, Sunset, failed to sell. Despite spending a great deal on PR, and being well received by mainstream journals, Sunset didn’t seem to click with the gaming community. Most have blamed this on the community itself, claiming gamers opposed the game on ... Read More »

Reforging the Suit: Batman: Arkham Knight gets First PC Patch

Batman Arkham Knight Batarang

Few games manage to get released in a state similar to Batman: Arkham Knight and it’s mass pulling from various stores is a first for a triple A game – almost all retailers have removed the PC version of the game from their shelves at Warner Brother’s request. Warner Brother’s VP of game technology Gary Lake-Schaal has posted what the team ... Read More »

E3 2015 – All we know about Just Dance 2016

just dance 2016 cover

Just Dance 2016 is the newest addition to the popular franchise to be released by Ubisoft this October. Instead of requiring extra accessories to play, the new Just Dance will only require your smartphone and Just Dance Controller App. The new app will allow players to track their calories burnt, create playlists, and allows for up to six players at once on the newest ... Read More »

Rewind Review – Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

Sly Cooper Thievius Raccoonus 1

Has anyone ever regretted the fact that there are games out there that you know by reputation, but never played? One of the opportunities for this review is to remedy that on a game I at first rejected in my youth because I felt I was too old for it. The colorful, cartoon world, the platforming, it felt childish to ... Read More »

Screenshot Survey: Tridents and Turnips


Batman may be broken and recalled on PC, but at least we have indie games and developers working hard to deliver functional projects each and every day. On Saturdays, they even share some screenshots with us. So it is every week with the Screenshot Survey, where we showcase five of the most interesting story from the world of indie developers, ... Read More »