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IMO: [Satire] Ima Win GotY 2014


WARNING: The following is supposed to be satirical. Serious things appear on the next page. With 6 weeks left of 2014, it seems to me the Game of the Year race is wide open.  There’s another Madden Warfare; Borderlands 2.5 is a disappointment; Dark Souls II isn’t accessible enough for the non-gamers in gaming media to assess if it is ... Read More »

Last Inua – Arctic 2D Platformer

Last Inua

2D platform adventure Last Inua has recently been greenlit on Steam and will be available for Mac and PC this December from publisher Wired Productions and developer Glowforth.  The release of the game’s official launch trailer highlights the game’s unique art style and winter landscape. Last Inua will receive new features for it’s PC release and be ready to download for ... Read More »

Shoestring Gaming – Black Friday, Cyber Monday and More!


That time of the year for gamers working on a shoestring budget is among us, Thanksgiving weekend with all the glory and death of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. This week I’m going to be detailing as many different sales going on not just in physical stores but also in digital stores across America and around the World so ... Read More »

Dark Souls 2 hits the next gen with “Scholar of the first Sin”

Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the first sin

Bandai Namco announced that a new version of Dark Souls 2, latest addition to the ‘Souls’ saga and one of the most successful RPGs of the past gen, will hit the shelves next year. Scholar of the first Sin will include a number of new features that the current owners of Dark Souls 2 will be able to download via a ... Read More »

343 Industries Apologize for Master Chief Collection Online Troubles


The Master Chief Collection, released on Nov. 11 was meant to be a celebration of the four main series Halo games but has unfortunately been 2 weeks of frustration for people wanting to play online. This has lead to 343 Industries issuing an official apology for the games problems. Since its launch, the game has been unable to provide a ... Read More »

Steam Powered Giraffe creating the soundtrack for SteamWorld Heist

SteamWorld Heist and Steam Powered Giraffe

Steam Powered Giraffe, the San Diego based band, will not only be making the soundtrack for the upcoming SteamWorld Heist but will be appearing in the game as well. SteamWorld Heist is the sequel to the 2013 game SteamWorld Heist created by the Swedish indie game company Image & Form. Steam Powered Giraffe will be creating all of the songs ... Read More »

Tales from the Borderlands Released

Tales from the Borderlands

In a world where release dates are built up for months on end, one company dares to be different, Telltale Games. Instead of properly setting up the release date, letting everyone hype and go crazy in anticipation, Telltale Games just said before the end of the year… and then nonchalantly let it drop that Tales from the Borderlands would release ... Read More »

Kotaku Updates Plagiarised Article


Recently, Kotaku came under controversy again when an article appeared on the site which was translated almost directly from the work of French, Youtuber, Corentin Lamy. The article which was written by Nathan Grayson back in July and discussed characters from Elder Scrolls, was originally written by Lamy, in French, and later translated, almost word for word, by a reddit ... Read More »