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The Battle for Wesnoth Receives Major Update


The Battle for Wesnoth is an open-source game that has been in development for over a decade, and is easily one of best turn-based strategy games you can find on PC. With the release of a major update that has been in the works for quite some time, now is a great opportunity to give this game a try. Read More »

Lethal League Review – Cyborg Alligators Live Here


One of the great things about independent games and the distribution power of the internet is all sorts of strange concepts can come to life to the gaming public.  Whether it is the two-button fighting game Dive Kick, to the rectangular-based puzzle platform of Thomas Was Alone, it isn’t too much of a surprise that see a game like Lethal ... Read More »

Microsoft confirms they didn’t receive any hacking attack


Last week, we reported on the hacking group DerpTrolling posting a pastebin with several thousands login information from PSN, Windows Live and 2K accounts. Few days later, Sony announced they found no evidence of breakthrough in their systems and no evidence of personal information being compromised. Today, the Xbox One team confirmed to Gamespot that none of the accounts of ... Read More »

To the Green: Ancestory the Strategy Card Game

To The Green: Ancestory

To The Green is our weekly look at one game current in Steam’s Greenlight process. There are many games mired here, and some of them have good ideas stuck in the gears that Valve has in place. Here we seek to bring to mind one game a week to discuss. Ancestory is a 1-on-1 card turn-based strategy game that is ... Read More »

Developers React to the IGDA Controversy


Authors Note: The developers had a lot to say about this, so I have cut down many of their answers for length with their permission. Following the recent controversy, where the International Game Developers Association wrongly labeled almost 11,000 people the worst offenders of online harassment, many have spoken out. TechRaptor decided to give a voice to developers to tell their ... Read More »

The Problems with Kotaku Lie Much Deeper than Corruption


Writer’s note: I have chosen not to link directly to any articles here in order to reduce the harassment of those involved. I researched this article myself and through information sourced to me, by asking my twitter followers and readers of /r/KiA. I would like to thank everyone who helped me, all opinions are as ever my own. Over the ... Read More »

Fortnite: Build, Protect, Survive, Repeat


AND ZOMBIES!   Us gamers, we have a tendency to love games with zombies as evidenced by titles such as Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, and who can forget Nazi Zombies?  Epic Games calls the above creatures monsters, but they aren’t fooling anyone.   Those are zombies in my book!  As gamers, we also like to play with others (get ... Read More »

Magnetic By Nature review – An attractive experience


Magnetic By Nature is the tale of a robot, lost deep underground in the remnants of what appears to be a 1920s Art Deco technological utopia. The Art Deco vibe carries throughout the whole game, tying together otherwise dissimilar levels into a coherent journey through the abandoned metropolis. The object of this journey is a simple one – to reach ... Read More »