Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 Officially Confirmed

THPS 5 screen shot

After several months of hinting tweets towards a new Tony Hawk game, Activision, Robomondo, and Disruptive Games finally officially announced Tony Hawks’s Pro Skater 5. As expected from the title the game is going to be returning to the classic gameplay style of the originals. Besides Hawk (duh) other skaters set to be included in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 are: ... Read More »

Siralim, a recent rogue-lite, gets an update on Steam


A recent update for the RPG rogue-lite Siralim makes changes to the game’s graphics and user interface, while also making changes to the game’s spells and abilities. The update, Siralim v2.0.15, changes fifty features in total and 14 bugs and crash issues. It was released on May 3rd. Siralim, which was initially launched on Steam on April 24 of this year, is the ... Read More »

Rockstar Bans Players for Using Mods in Grand Theft Auto V


Modding has caused a stir in the gaming community once again as reports of being banned for using mods in Grand Theft Auto V flood the Steam store page. While bans for using mods or cheats online are nothing new, these bans also seem to be targeting people who use them exclusively in single player mode. Rockstar has never officially ... Read More »

GOG steps up to the plate with new gaming platform Galaxy

GOG Galaxy

Valve has been the dominate market share in terms of being the online distribution platform for games for the past several years, with Origin and Uplay not really holding the same variety of games and exposure that Valve has had. Even with other purchasing sites such as the Humble Bundle Store for example, the majority of the games for purchase ... Read More »

Indie Interview – John Choi from Little Devil Inside

little devil inside logo

In this round of interviews with indie developers, TechRaptor speaks with John Choi, one of the developers behind a new project to hit KickStarter called Little Devil Inside which is a new take on the RPG genre. TechRaptor: Tell us a little about yourself and your game Little Devil Inside. John: Neostream originated back in 1998 as a multimedia company producing various ... Read More »

An Interview With the Man Rebuilding Powerslave

Powerslave EX Header

Powerslave has always been a game I’ve wanted to cover for First Person Saturday, but I’ve never quite got around to it. Which is quite a shame, considering that Powerslave is an excellent FPS game, and Samuel ‘Kaiser’ Villarreal seems to agree with me. He’s an experienced level designer who is rebuilding Powerslave from the ground up, and I got a chance to contact ... Read More »

Marvel Heroes 2015 Review – No-Prize Winner


With the hurricane of hype surrounding Avengers: Age of Ultron still fresh in our minds, it seemed only appropriate to revisit Marvel Heroes. The free-to-play action RPG has been humming along for a couple of years now, building a solid community on top of a fair and rewarding in-game economy. Looting and tuning characters to acquire gear faster and heal ... Read More »

The Last Door Review – Doorless Chronicles

The Last Door

In a post-apocalyptic world where doors are the new oil and oil is the new styling gel, one Australian stands against the endless hordes of waste in their search for the last door. Oh wait, that’s from my secret screenplay of the same name. The Last Door being written about today is a point & click adventure inspired by literary ... Read More »

502 Krew RPG Speedrun Marathon Is Over – Here’s the Recap

502 Marathon 3 Featured Image

The 502 Krew RPG Speedrun Marathon is now over after finishing its third day. The final day had good runs of Ys Origin, Megaman Battle Network 3, Pokemon Red, and the last part of Treasure of Rudra, as well as a four way race on the Pokemon Trading Card Game. The goal of the marathon was to gather $800 to ... Read More »

Screenshot Survey: Wrestling With Skulls


Welcome back to the Screenshot Survey, a regular feature where I round up several of the best tweets of any given #screenshotsaturday. Come here to get a preview of the next breakout Steam titles and hidden Greenlight gems, as well as glimpses of graphics that will most likely change several times before getting to your computer screen. Let’s begin! Beelzebuth ... Read More »