Little King’s Story to Release for PC on August 5th

Little King's Story Header

In 2009, XSeed and the now-defunct CiNG released Little King’s Story on Wii, a Pikmin-like strategy game set in a darkly comedic fairy tale world. While it gained a cult following from those who played it, it’s cartoony appearance on top of its Wii exclusivity led it to fade into relative obscurity. However, thanks to nothing short of a miracle, XSeed and ... Read More »

DOOM Gets Mancubus Sized Free Update

Doom Review Header

DOOM came around two months ago now, blowing everyone away, including us, with the single player campaign, though not exactly much so with the multiplayer and SnapMap components. Still, there is a dedicated audience that plays the multiplayer, and mappers ranging from casual to hardcore like to make use of SnapMap (yours truly included). Today’s update, sized up to an ... Read More »

Metal Gear Solid V: Definitive Edition briefly listed on Amazon

metal gear solid v header

It would appear that Konami are not quite done with Metal Gear Solid V if the brief listing of a Metal Gear Solid V: Definitive Edition is anything to go by. The Amazon listing, which has now been taken down, is replaced with a by a 404 message. There was a placeholder date of December 31, 2016. The listing was spotted by a Reddit user before ... Read More »

This Is the Police Delayed Due to Publisher Error

this is the police weappy studio 1

There are a lot of reasons games can get delayed, but the delay of Weappy’s This Is the Police is one of the weirder reasons out there. Initially supposed to launch yesterday, This Is the Police  has been delayed to August 2nd due to a publisher mistake. Originally there was no explanation provided for the delay but publisher EuroVideo explained it on the This is ... Read More »

Disney Infinity Online Services Shutting Down

Disney Infinity 3.0 Set

A few months ago Disney confirmed they were ending the Disney Infinity toys-to-game line and canceling future updates to Disney Infinity 3.0. Now it seems they’re taking another step and shutting down online services for the game by March 3rd. The shutdown will happen in steps and the first step is today. Starting today you’ll no longer be able to ... Read More »

Native Userland PlayStation Vita Hack “Henkaku” Released, Allows Homebrew


Everyone remembers that the PSP was more or less a hacker’s dream. A strong, mobile device that could emulate game systems better portably than any other hardware at the time, and allowed for great homebrew? It’s no wonder that the system was and is so popular as a portable emulation/DOOM machine. For as popular as the PSP was for homebrew, ... Read More »

Alienware Steam Machine Core i5 Model is Now Only $375


Valve’s attempts with the Steam Machine platform has seen mixed results. Often the cheapest units are in the $500 range where their capabilities are questionable at best. And on the flip side, higher-end Steam Machines are at the ~$1,000 range.  At that point, why not build your own? In comes the Alienware Steam Machine from Dell. This week Dell is selling their mid-ranged version of their ... Read More »

Pokemon GO Creators Not A Fan of PokeRadar Tools

pokemon go space cover

Pokemon GO has been out a few weeks now, and as with any wildly popular digital app there has been its fair share of knock offs popping up as well as tools designed around the augmented reality app intended to help players. One of the more popular types are Pokemon tracking apps, which alert players when certain rare Pokemon pop up ... Read More »

The Great Whale Road Enters Steam Early Access

The Great Whale Road

Sunburn Games has released their historically accurate Viking RPG The Great Whale Road in early access on Steam. If you’ve ever wondered what it would have been like to be a Viking in the 7th century, now is your chance. From sailing the North Sea to establishing settlements, this game will allow players to experience Viking life from the perspective ... Read More »

Overwatch Character Highlight: Zenyatta

Zenyatta cover

Until recently, Zenyatta was one of the most underutilized support heroes in Overwatch. Zenyatta can heal more than Lucio to an individual target, but doesn’t have to stay on a teammate to keep the health flowing like Mercy. Zenyatta also has very high damage output—his primary fire and alternate fire can cause a lot of damage, and from a good ... Read More »