Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 Finally Recieves Update


A couple of months now since the release of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5, and it seems that it’s getting its first major update. Announced back at E3 at launch Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 was clearly not ready. With plenty of physics glitches and plenty of fun YouTube videos of characters flying away or glitching through half pipes people ... Read More »

Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies expansions rolls out all week

CS Nexon Zombies

The free to play Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies is getting all kinds of updates this week. Tales of the Undead is a content pack filled with new classes, game modes, scenarios and items. If you don’t think you’ll have enough time to play it all then don’t worry cause it’s coming out over the space of six days. Right now two ... Read More »

Most Disappointing Games of Gen 7 – Sonic ’06

Sonic 06 Preview Image

It had to come to this. We’ve been discussing the worst games of Gen 7, and we wanted to make sure that Sonic wasn’t left out. It was E3 in 2005 that the game Sonic the Hedgehog was announced to fans as part of the 15th anniversary of the Sonic series. The main aim of this game was to show Sonic ... Read More »

Can Kotaku Be Fixed?


I’m not a fan of Kotaku.  I think Patricia Hernandez was the worst writer in gaming from before E3 2013 until the staff at The Mary Sue decided the title of Worst Writer in Gaming and Technology looked good enough to want to wrest it away from Hernandez. So, for the Kotaku fanbois out there, take what comes with a ... Read More »

Best of Steam Exploration Sale

Steam Exploration Sale

While Black Friday sales are taking over the world this weekend, Steam has stepped up to match with its Exploration sale. While we’ll be having a Black Friday sales guide soon, with over eight thousand titles right now on sale on Steam, I thought it would be worthwhile to take a bit to look through for some of the better ... Read More »

Impressions on Summoner’s Con, the League of Legends Fan Event

summoners con cover 2

A few months ago, a close friend of mine pointed me in the direction of an event called Summoner’s Con, a community-run convention for the insanely popular competitive video game League of Legends. I’m a fairly avid player of the MOBA, so the two of us decided it would be an interesting thing to go to and not too far away ... Read More »

Paladins: Champions of the Realm Beta Impressions

paladins logo

Paladins, the upcoming game from Hi-Rez Studios, is rather difficult to describe succinctly. It’s either a class-based team-oriented FPS with light MOBA elements, or a highly casual MOBA with FPS gameplay. Even after clocking nearly twenty hours in the beta, I’m still not sure which description is correct. The only thing I’m certain of when it comes to Paladins is ... Read More »

PlayStation Plus Games For December 2015

PSPlus December 2015

December is upon us next week and with it we are going to be getting a whole slew of free titles while you are subscribed to PlayStation Plus. Every month with PlayStation Plus free games you get to download a couple of titles to your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. This month for the PlayStation 4 gamers will ... Read More »

Most Disappointing Games of Gen 7 – Ride To Hell: Retribution

Ride to Hell

As a critic, I’ve always found it important to widen my palette and sample media from all ends of the spectrum. I love contemplative small games like Undertale just as much as I love licensed nonsense like Transformers. The Room is, without any hint of irony, one of my favorite movies of all time, and I’d just as soon choose ... Read More »

Fuego! Review – A Puzzling, Lonely Shootout


In the the brutal world of banditos and gunmen, bullets do the talking and money is life’s only reward. Luckily Fuego! uses animals in sombreros, turning wild west shootouts and bank robberies into a stylish puzzle game that can be played alone or competitively. The player with the most gold wins, and you’ll get that loot even if you have ... Read More »