Vulture for NetHack Coming to Steam

Vulture for NetHack0

When the original NetHack was released on July 1987, it’s refinement of the genre paved the way for many of the modern roguelikes we have today. NetHack is one of the oldest games still being worked on today, with a new version teased last September. In a few days, Steam users will be able to play a graphical revamp of ... Read More »

Nintendo Announces New Youtube Content Creators Guidelines

Nintendo has revised their policy on YouTube videos.

Ever seen Youtubers play a classic Nintendo game like Super Mario Brothers 3 or Kid Icarus? Well, Nintendo has officially announced a new content creators program, which will allow users to make videos based on the content of Nintendo’s published work, in a revenue sharing model with Nintendo. Now please note, this would be separate from YouTube’s share that are ... Read More »

Offworld Trading Company Heading to Early Access

Offworld TC 660x330 Logo

In a message to its community, Mohawk Games have announced that their upcoming real time strategy/business simulation/very exciting-looking title ‘Offworld Trading Company’ will be making its way to Steam’s Early Access program, after having been in the hands of fans for some time through Mohawk’s own “Founder’s Program”, in which the earliest of adopters (from when the game was less of ... Read More »

Pokémon: Reckless Emboar Event Live For NA


Following up to the Contrary Serperior event, the code for Reckless Emboar event, previously available only to Nintendo’s Japanese Customers, is now live for players in North America as well.  The code for Reckless Emboar is “POKEMON500″ and must be entered into the Mystery Gift interface on the title menu of Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire to receive these ... Read More »

Toxikk Early Access Preview: Toxically Addicting

Toxikk Logo

Toxikk’s initial trailer promised a lot of bold things. A return to form of the arena shooter genre with all the flair of a modern shooter. While I was excited, I was also reasonably skeptical. So when I installed Toxikk the day after its release, I was ready for anything. Thankfully, the game has delivered on its promises thus far and ... Read More »

Titans Launches on the App Store


Titans is a new mobile card game from Uken Studios.  The game is available to download as of Thursday, Jan. 29th in the App Store.  Titans aims to bring a fresh approach to the card battle game genre with crafting and real-time multiplayer combat. Read More »

How to help Women in Gaming – An interview with The Fine Young Capitalists

The Fine young capitalists

After getting their Indie GoGo campaign successfully funded last year to help a women see her gaming idea come to life The Fine Young Capitalists have not stopped working to help women in gaming. I reached out to talk to them about their latest projects and what we can do to help women in our industry. A belated congratulations on ... Read More »

Games with Gold February 2015

Games With Gold February

February is almost among us and Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has just released the list of all of the Games with Gold that will be available for Xbox Gold subscribers for the month. Games with Gold is a system where each month a new free game for Xbox One and two free Xbox 360 games will be available to download. Read More »

Rape, Violent Adult Themes, And The Infantilization of Gaming

Hotline Miami Wrong Number

Last week, news broke that Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number was going to be banned in Australia following a verdict from ‘The Australian Classifications Board’ after they refused to rate the game. This is only the latest in a string of recent decisions to directly censor certain aspects of videogames, albeit only in one country. Other very recent attempts to remove games ... Read More »