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RaptorCast Episode 3!

RapCast 3

It’s that time of the month again, the RaptorCast is back! Join Rutledge Daugette and Stephen Gillespie for discussion of all the biggest gaming and tech news. This time we have in depth conversation¬†on the new Call of Duty, Origin, Destiny and Tales from the Borderlands! Find us on iTunes (would you kindly subscribe?) or on Podbean! Read More »

RaptorCast #2 (And the first one!)


Those of you who keep up with us on Youtube will already be aware, but for the uninitiated among you I am here to announce a brand spanking new TechRaptor podcast. It’s the Raptorcast. It focuses on all things tech (which usually means a lot of gaming discussion) and is based around entertaining and informing. We think it’s pretty great, ... Read More »

Podcast #3 – Google Hangout

TR Podcast Small

We’re trying an all new format with our Podcasts…Google Hangouts! Join J.R. Moore, Jason Dulin, and Rutledge Daugette as they discuss Technology, Software, Mobile, and Gaming events, then finish it up with some news! Let us know what you think of our new format for Youtube! We’re still making the podcast for download and iTunes as well! Leave us a ... Read More »

Podcast #2 – Post-E3 Discussion

TR Podcast Small

Welcome an all new member to the podcast crew, John Quilty, as he joins Ken Anderson and Rutledge Daugette in a (long, very long…sorry) discussion about E3 and everything that we saw during the 4 days of gaming that we all look forward to every year. We promise podcasts will be shorter from now on! Read More »

Podcast #1 – Pre-E3 Thoughts

TR Podcast Small

Ken Anderson (a new person to join the Tech Raptor team) joins Rutledge Daugette in hashing out and discussing all of the buzz, rumors, and news surrounding this year’s E3. For those who don’t know, and Rutledge will explain more, E3 is the big Gaming Expo that occurs every year in June. Read More »