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Canadian PC Build: The Gretzky


I’m a Canadian. Lived here all my life. So take it from me when I say prices for PC components get crazy up here. Like Australia, not a lot of PC stuff ships through Amazon, but we’re lucky enough to have a bunch of other PC stores. So we’ll be using a combination of those as well as where ... Read More »

Shoestring Gaming – 11/13/2014


Having been on somewhat of a horror kick lately, what with Nosgoth, System shock, VtM: Redemption and Ghostbusters, we thought we would continue on the theme this week.  On that note, and due to the recent success of Alien Isolation, we thought we would start with a tried and true classic. Alien Vs Predator Classic is unfortunately not on sale ... Read More »

German PC Build: The Panzer!


Last week, I did an Australia PC build, and had a bit of trouble because of the lack of Amazon, and some crazy prices. This week, we’ll be looking at a German PC Build, known affectionately as The Panzer! Because it will be a tank and mash through everything at this price range. Once again, we’ll be having a ~700 ... Read More »

Australian Computer Build: The Kangaroo


So for November, we’re going to be doing different computers for different areas of the world, starting with Australia. First thing I noticed was a lack of parts on Amazon Australia, which saddened me, so the Amazon links will be American, and the other links will be Australian. Which sucks, but at least any of our Australian readers will still ... Read More »

Plutonium: Epic Gaming Computer


So this is going to be a computer you can go to forums with and brag about. This is the kind of computer that won’t just beat the consoles, it’ll make them cry and run away. The Plutonium is an Epic Gaming Computer, built completely for gaming. Everything was chosen with horsepower in mind, but meant to stay below the ... Read More »

<$400 Beginner PC Build or How to Learn from Mistakes


So, my last build got a fair bit of criticism, and like any good writer, I’m going to take that in stride. My “console killer” build had a few people a little angry at me, so I’m going to try to see if I can build something that might be more to their liking. No, I’m not pandering, I’m taking ... Read More »

Console Killer: $450 PC Build

kaveri Console Killer

$450 “Console Killer” Rig PC gaming has never been as affordable as it is these days. You can actually get a decent PC that can play games for a relatively low price, and when the current gen consoles came out, the Xbox One and PS4, the term console killer was thrown around quite a bit. So that’s what we’ll be ... Read More »

Bang for your Buck: Best Graphics Cards Oct. 2014

R9 260

Graphics cards. They’re probably the most important part of a gaming computer, but one of the major problems is what graphics card you should buy. There are tons of different graphics cards at a wide range of budgets, and today, we’re going to look at the best cards for your money. There are two questions you should ask yourself while looking ... Read More »

AMD PC Build: The Bee – $550 1080p Beast


There are a lot of new developments happening with computers right now. Nvidia recently revealed two new graphics processors, and AMD is expecting to counter in the coming months. A lot of people want to build new computers now, though. They’ve been saving up for ages. Unlike the last build, though, this rig will be more about what AMD has ... Read More »