NVIDIA Game Ready Driver Causing Issues But A Fix Is Out


Yesterday NVIDIA released a driver update for their graphics cards in order to get ready for the release of Tom Clancy’s The Division. This update is numbered 364.47 but as soon as the update was downloaded many users were reporting all kinds of adverse effects including BSOD, inability to boot to windows, and all kinds of other video related issues. After some ... Read More »

Exploit Allows Contact and Phone access via a locked iPhone in iOS 9.0.1

iOS 9

The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 9.0.1, released earlier this week. But, there’s already an exploit has been found allowing access to photos and more without the unlock code. This is not a full bypass thankfully, so using this exploit only gives someone access to the phones contacts and photos. Keep in mind the chance of someone stumbling upon this is ... Read More »

The Round Up: New Budget PC

500 dollars

Since AMD released their new line of GPUs and RAM prices have been going down to the lowest they’ve been in 3 years, there doesn’t seem to be a better time to build a nice PC. So, we’re going to build a budget PC that’ll be able to run pretty much anything except Batman: Arkham Knight. There might be some ... Read More »

The Round Up: AMD R9 Fury X Build

R9 Fury X

[Picture Credit] Ah, post E3. What a time, right? After all that excitement, what is there left to do? Well, how about build a computer with the new AMD graphics card that was revealed during E3! AMD announced the R9 Fury and Fury X at E3, showing off some interesting stuff for AMD graphics enthusiasts. Today, we’re going to make ... Read More »

The Round Up: GTX 980Ti Monster Machine

GTX 980Ti

The GTX 980Ti just dropped, effectively forcing AMD’s hand in having to be faster or cheaper while still giving amazing performance. That’s still a ways off, so let’s put together a beastly machine centered around the current reigning king of gaming GPUs. This is going to be an expensive build, and as usual, all money is in USD and links ... Read More »

The Round Up: PC Gaming Sweetspot


People are constantly looking for that Gaming Sweetspot when it comes to PC gaming. The sweetspot, in my opinion, is being able to play games with good graphics settings, like medium to high settings, at 1080p with 60 frames per second or higher. Most people think you need a $1000 computer to do this. You used to, but not anymore. ... Read More »

The Round Up: The Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt released on Tuesday May 19th, with some surprising recommended requirements on PC. So, like the GTA V PC we did last month, we’re going to see how much it will cost to put together a PC that meets the recommended system requirements for The Witcher 3. This is a highly anticipated RPG from CD ... Read More »

The Round Up: Screw Prebuilt Edition

No Prebuilt

Ever since I have started writing this weekly article, people have been saying “Why not just buy prebuilt computers instead?” Other than the cost savings you can get or performance per dollar, I always use the point that you learn something by building a computer. You learn an increasingly valuable skill, one that has helped land me two jobs, as ... Read More »

The Round Up: Low End Gaming PC

Cougar Spike

The last few weeks we’ve been going bonkers with high resolutions, high prices, and high speeds, but what about someone who just wants to play some older games? Well that’s what we’re going to be doing today. We’ve got a really cheap build today, coming in at the price of an Xbox 360, but since this is a computer, you ... Read More »