The Round Up: Low End Gaming PC

Cougar Spike

The last few weeks we’ve been going bonkers with high resolutions, high prices, and high speeds, but what about someone who just wants to play some older games? Well that’s what we’re going to be doing today. We’ve got a really cheap build today, coming in at the price of an Xbox 360, but since this is a computer, you ... Read More »

The Round Up: GTA V Recommended Specs


GTA V released this week on PC, and it has already sold a million copies. Now, this is awesome, and shows that the PC platform is alive and well. But how about people who wanna move to PC? Well, we’re going to see how much it would cost to build a new PC to match the recommended settings of GTA ... Read More »

The Round Up: Cooler than Mac Pro

Mac Pro Ashtray

My friend recently asked me to help put together a part list for a workstation. However, he’s also a major gamer and wants to get into making YouTube videos and the like. He had saved up a ton, and wanted me to put together something for around $2000 USD. So, that’s what we’ll do today. This beast is way cooler ... Read More »

The Round Up: 4K Done Right

Tri-X R9 290x

So, we did a few 4K builds in the past, but after looking at some benchmarks from competitors, crunching some numbers, we found a way to get 4K for $400 less than the last major 4K build at great frame rates. As usual, all prices are USD and from Amazon unless otherwise stated. Let’s get started. Read More »

The Round Up: Awesomely Affordable ITX


Form factor seems to be a key buzzword this day and age, with many people opting for small systems that can just do what they want. This is also a common argument people use during the console vs PC debate. A common statement I’ve heard is that you can’t build a PC for a similar price to the consoles. Well, ... Read More »

The Round Up: Mid Range Build

Thermaltake H21

After a little bit of a hiatus, The Round Up is back, and we’re gonna do a simple, affordable build for the people who don’t have the money to spend on a super build, so we’ll go for a Mid Range Build this week. Nothing too crazy, just something everyone would agree would be good for the price. As usual, ... Read More »

The Round Up: X99 Workstation Insanity Machine!


Before we start doing this whole round up, let me go on record: I would never recommend an X99 system at this time strictly for gaming. There are many more cost effective ways of getting to the glorious 1080p, 60FPS, Ultra setting goodness without using the latest and greatest stuff. X99 is workstation level stuff, but that doesn’t mean we ... Read More »

The Round Up: Gamer Sweet Spot Time


We haven’t done a sweet spot build in quite a while, over a month, so let’s see what we can build for a moderate sum of money. We’re aiming for ultra settings, 60FPS, and 1080p or higher for this build without breaking the bank. This gives us a bit of room to work with. As usual, prices are in USD, ... Read More »

The Round Up: Home or Office Computer

dad computer

Let’s take a little break from the crazy expensive gamer oriented computers and focus on something our dad’s might want. Since I work at an electronic’s store, I see all the time that kids come in with their dads, and their dads want to pay for a cheap desktop for their office. This can cost them at least $500, which ... Read More »

The Round Up: Affordable 4k Gaming?

1080 vs 4k

Everyone can see it. 4k monitors are coming down in price. While they aren’t as cheap as 1080p monitors, and some aren’t as good, a lot of people still want them. So is there a way to get affordable 4k gaming? That’s what this build will be for. However, this build won’t be for the most intensive games. It’ll be ... Read More »