Scraps: Modular Vehicular Combat Preview


Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat is just what it says on the tin: build a car, fight, collect scrap from your fallen foes, hit the evac point with your pickings, repair and revise your vehicle, then get stuck back in. Notice that’s “revise,” instead of “upgrade”?  You aren’t just limited to what you started with in a match.  If your current ... Read More »

Leap of Fate Preview – Big Mo, Best Mo

Leap of Fate Feature Image

It’s always nice to see Steam’s Early Access program being used the way it is meant to be used, as a way to help fund indie games that are still being developed and not as a dumping ground for misleading garbage. Though this is happening less and less due to the Steam Refund Program, Early Access still has a bit ... Read More »

Most Anticipated Game of Fall 2015 – Xenoblade Chronicles X

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Living in a lake-effect snow area tends to warp one’s perception of seasonal changes, so imagine my surprise when I discovered that the December 4th debut of Xeonblade Chronicles X actually counts as an autumn release. Huzzah! It’s a particularly exciting localization for two reasons: First, the original Xenoblade Chronicles on the Ninteno Wii almost didn’t make it to North ... Read More »

Road Redemption Preview – Road Warrior

Road Redemption Header

Remember Road Rash? The Sega Genesis game about motorcyclists bashing each other’s heads in with chains and and bats? What if I told you that game had a spiritual sucessor for the PC? One where you can play as Shovel Knight slicing into a police officer with a broadsword? Yes, the game’s as awesome as it sounds. In Road Redemption, you play ... Read More »

Chaos Reborn Preview – Insert Clever Pun Here


Chaos Reborn is one of those games that has a title uniquely suited to it—the gameplay is nothing if not chaotic, and it is a remake of the classic Chaos, thus it being reborn. Genius. Kidding aside, Chaos Reborn is an interesting title. It’s a funded Kickstarter title that has since gone on to Steam’s Early Access, and it is currently in ... Read More »

Tree of Savior – First Impressions of the Closed Beta


Most MMO players have fond memories of their first encounter with the genre. It’s not unusual to hear them recall a time before Warcraft’s decade long market dominance, when they first stepped into the online world of games like Everquest and Ultima. My memories, however, are of the Korean MMO Ragnarok Online. A game that despite, or more likely because ... Read More »

Evoland 2 Preview – All the Genres

Evoland 2

Games generally aim to have what is known as a mechanical identity—a certain set of mechanics the game is easily identified with. This generally ties in heavily with genre conventions, as genres are defined by their mechanics, and games use that as the base, twisting it some to create their own mechanical identity. Mechanical identity is one of only a ... Read More »

We Are Legion First Impressions


On Sunday, PWNEE Studios, makers of Cloudberry Kingdom, held a stress test for their new multiplayer RTS game, We Are Legion. In We Are Legion, players take command of a massive army whose goal is to defeat the other army by killing their Dragon Lord, the source of their power. If you’ve played RTS games like Warcraft III, We Are Legion’s ... Read More »

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 First Impressions – Terror in the Night

Five Nights At Freddy's 4

Something you should know about me is that I’m a very nervous person. I jump whenever a friend sneaks up behind me to say “boo,” I look around me when I hear strange creaks in the house, and I freeze up at unexpected knocks at the door. There’s a warning in front of these sorts of games that tells me that ... Read More »