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Fortnite: Build, Protect, Survive, Repeat


AND ZOMBIES!   Us gamers, we have a tendency to love games with zombies as evidenced by titles such as Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, and who can forget Nazi Zombies?  Epic Games calls the above creatures monsters, but they aren’t fooling anyone.   Those are zombies in my book!  As gamers, we also like to play with others (get ... Read More »

Ocular Reality – Windlands

Windlands Logo

Ever wanted to run, jump and fly in a world just for you? Windlands is that type of game, giving you freedom of movement and a mechanic which allows you to access new parts of the level by climbing and flinging yourself into the sky. Windlands currently has support of DK1, DK2 and now even has a full screen mode ... Read More »

Ocular Reality – Welcome to Oculus

Welcome to Oculus

Welcome to the first of Ocular Reality, a series where every week I’m going to look at an Oculus Rift game or tech demo and see how it works in terms of gameplay and how well it makes use of the Oculus Rifts interesting features. For the first week I plan to look at the very first application I used ... Read More »

Warlords of Draenor Launch Day Impression


Anyone who knows anything about gaming knows that World of Warcraft is kind of a big deal in the MMO realm.  Anyone who knows anything about World of Warcraft  knows it’s most recent expansion, Warlords of Draenor, went live on November 13th, 2014.  The launch met with a lot of criticism and issues (as most launches do) from numerous people, but ... Read More »

Darkwood – First Impressions


This first impressions article was written while Darkwood was running on Alpha 2.1. Darkwood is an isometric, survival horror, indie game with a couple of RPG elements and a focus on exploration. A formula that from the perspective of horror enthusiasts might at first seem odd. Horror after all is about immersion, and a first person, or third person, perspective ... Read More »

Evolve Big Alpha – An In-depth look.


The online gaming world right now is all a buzz with Turtle Rock Studios new title Evolve.  The studio that brought us Counter Strike: Condition Zero, Half life 2: Death-match and the Left4Dead series have created a brand new cooperative experience. Evolve is a new science fiction experience with assymetrical cooperative gameplay. Though the Evolve Big Alpha started off pretty ... Read More »

First Impressions of Fabula Mortis: Concepts Don’t Make a Game


“Design must seduce, shape, and perhaps more importantly, evoke an emotional response.” – April Greiman   Fabula Mortis is able to do this, but in the wrong ways. Unfortunately for Deadghost Interactive, several of the design decisions made in shaping this steam punk and fantasy world has led to a boring and unbalanced shooter. While it has an appealing visual ... Read More »

Pokemon: Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire Demo

Ruby Sapphire Header

We at TechRaptor were lucky enough to get a hold of the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire / Omega Ruby demo. For the first time Nintendo has released a demo version of one of their Pokemon titles and we’re here to tell you what its all about. As a demo it is the barest of bones, you are able to choose one ... Read More »

Chuck’s Challenge 3D Preview (Flummery Update)

660 330 2

Chuck’s Challenge 3D is a fun puzzle challenge game that will keep most people on their toes, a newer spin on the older title Chip’s Challenge. on October 20th an update is going to released to add some extra fun and ability to the game for no extra cost. This update was set up after the games Kickstarter reached the intended ... Read More »

Natural Selection 2- Preview & Impressions


Once a mod for Natural Selection 2, NS2:Combat removes the series’ signature RTS elements while retaining upgrade elements such as weapons, armor, evolutions and abilities that progress throughout the match. It’s a neat approach that more FPS games seem to be taking (with the upcoming Evolve containing similar elements), and one that plays wonderfully, despite some of the game’s other ... Read More »