Victor Vran Preview – Vacant, yet Vibrant and Vigorous.

Victor Vran Title

Early Access games have had a bad reputation since almost it’s creation on Steam. Most developers who use Early Access are those who dream big for the game they desire – but the fall is much bigger when the reality sets in that they aren’t able to fulfill their promises (RIP Double Fine). Some of the better game that use Early ... Read More »

Star Ruler 2 Preview – Galaxy Management

Star Ruler 2 title

Space, the endless void that seemingly reaches infinitely. It brings the infinite unknown, where all men and women can look up to the sky and wish to see the twinkling stars light years away. Alternatively, you could be an avid gamer and just want to watch ships blow each other up as that is what games seem to do best. ... Read More »

Stairs Preview – Classic Atmospheric Horror

stairs logo

Recently backed for release on Steam Greenlight, Stairs, a horror game by Greylight Entertainment aims to bring back the classic atmospheric horror genre. With the huge success of the Five Night’s at Freddy’s series, horror games often fall back on jump scares in order to make their player’s trousers brown. Stairs takes horror games back to their roots. Slow build ... Read More »

Space Engineers Preview — Minecraft For Geniuses

space engineers says hi

Space Engineers is an Early Access title being developed by Keen Software House. Keen is responsible for developing a multitude of games with similar themes. Destructible environments, science fiction, and resource management are reoccurring elements in most of their titles. While their earlier releases did not garner a lot of good attention, their two most recent titles, Space Engineers and ... Read More »

PAX East 2015: Roguelike Ramble


As someone who covers games in 2015, I’m really glad that I enjoy rougelikes. Not just because of how ubiquitous they are, but because of how modern technology is allowing the genre to flourish and evolve before our eyes. A roguelike having five hundred distinct items each with unique traits and combinations with other items is not a far off ... Read More »

PAX East 2015: Devolver Deluge


If Adult Swim Games is the current rock star publisher of the indie scene, Devolver Digital is the punk rock critical darling that they stole from. Displaying a devil-may-care attitude and sporting an uneven back catalog to match, Devolver is at least brave enough to experiment and put out projects that other publishers might shoot down with fits of laughter. ... Read More »

PAX East 2015: The AAA Megabooth

overwatch PAX

It has been happening for a few years now, but PAX East 2015 was the year that smaller developers and publishers officially took over the show floor. If big publishers showed up at all, it was with one game and some merchandise to sell. Spots normally assigned to companies like Sega, Konami and WB went towards YouTube and Twitch instead. ... Read More »

Rising World Preview – A Serious Take On Blocks

Rising World

When Minecraft became wildly popular it spawned a lot of imitators. Rising World is one such voxel sandbox game and it has the potential to be a great one. Rising World is a voxel sandbox game developed by JIW-Games and published by KISS Ltd. The player is presented with a seemingly limitless open world within which they can build and survive. This is ... Read More »

PAX East 2015: Adult Swim Games Survey

adult swim games

The Adult Swim Games booth was tucked into the far corner of the Indie Megabooth at PAX East 2015, but that didn’t stop their high profile presence at the show. For two years now, Adult Swim has been putting out a parade of indie hits, and they had a full lineup at the booth outlining the rest of their year. ... Read More »

Project Nimbus Early Access Preview – A Mecha Dream

Project Nimbus

I’m going to freely admit, I’m not the most knowledgeable mecha fan in the world. While I certainly love giant robot combat, my experience really extends to a handful of video games, Gundam, Gurren Lagann, and Evangelion. However, I can safely say that I’ve experienced enough to know a good mech experience when I see it, and Project Nimbus certainly is ... Read More »