EGX 2015 – Four Sided Fantasy


Indie platformers are aplenty these days and it seems to be hard to come up with one that has a unique ability to stand out in the crowd. Four Sided Fantasy manages to create something fun and unique. At EGX 2015 I got a chance to play Four Sided Fantasy. It is a puzzle platformer that offers up some unique ... Read More »

Scouting Party – Subaeria

Subaeria SP small

Welcome to the new Scouting Party! In an effort to give our audience the best possible coverage of games, select Scouting Party videos will now be accompanied by a written preview that gives readers a more in-depth look into the game as it stands than a first impressions video alone could. We’re still experimenting with this format, so please let ... Read More »

EGX 2015 – Steamworld Heist Hands On

Steamworld Heist

Steamworld Dig was a surprise success for developers Image and Form. The game was very well received by critics and fans alike, standing at a “Very Positive” rating on Steam and an 82 on Metacritic for both PS4 and 3DS. While Steamworld Dig was a 2D platformer with an emphasis on digging and exploration, the upcoming Steamworld Heist isn’t just more ... Read More »

EGX 2015 – Tom Clancy’s The Division

Tom Clancy's The Division

The Division created a lot of buzz when it was first shown off at Ubisoft’s press conference at E3 2013. The gameplay presented at the event won a lot of people over for its demonstration of teamwork and focus on tactics that the Tom Clancy series is typically known for.  The thing that I think appealed about The Division to a lot ... Read More »

EGX 2015 – Videoball Preview


I’m typically not a competitive person when it comes to games. Videoball makes me competitive. From the few games I got to play I was constantly trying my hardest, concentrating on every move I made. It seems to be one of those games that makes you not just want to win, but absolutely destroy your opponent. Videoball has a simple ... Read More »

EGX 2015 – Iconoclasts


One of the many indie titles that took my eye on the EGX floor was Iconoclasts. Iconoclasts is a Metroid Fusion inspired 2D platformer developed by Joakim Sandberg, an indie developer known for similarly styled titles such as the freeware games Legend of Princess and Noitu Love 2. Iconoclasts has an emphasis on combat, puzzles and world exploration. You play as Robin, a ... Read More »

EGX 2015 – Just Cause 3 Preview

Just Cause 3

In the 20 minutes hands-on demo I played of Just Cause 3, I blew up a power station, drove a sports car off a mountain and flew face first into a cliff using the new wing suit. It was all great. Just Cause 3 is unbridled mayhem. The game is set on the Mediterranean island republic of Medici. The island is ruled ... Read More »

All Guns on Deck Preview – All Hands to Battle!

All Guns on Deck header

All Guns on Deck is one of those titles in Early Access that is worth keeping an eye on. This little real-time naval action/simulation has the potential of becoming a very solid title with time. The core system is pretty solid, but it needs adjustments in the right places. When the game starts, you’re thrown in your first battle with a ... Read More »

EGX 2015 – Shadow of the Beast early impressions.

Shadow of the Beast title

Out of all the classic franchises to get a reboot for next gen, Shadow of the Beast is certainly a strange choice. Shadow of the Beast was a classic little side scrolling series for systems ranging from the Atari ST the the Sega Genesis which faded into obscurity a long, long time ago. The Genesis version was one of my earliest ... Read More »

EGX 2015 – Thumper Preview


Thumper’s crazy visuals and intense music made me feel as if I was witnessing some catastrophic, universe ending event. It is pure psychedelic, timing based madness. It’s hard to describe what the game is actually like. At its core it seems to be a rhythm game. On the website for Thumper they describe it as, “A RHYTHM VIOLENCE GAME”. The timing and ... Read More »