Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Preview – Retold Fairy Tale

Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Preview Header

Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir hits Western shores early next month, marking the ability to play Odin Sphere on every PlayStation system that has released within the last ten years. Much like when Vanillaware updated Muramsa: The Demon Blade when they ported it to Vita as Muramasa: Rebirth, Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Vanillaware has taken the opportunity to update Odin Sphere to their ... Read More »

Seraph Preview – Not Heavenly Yet

Seraph Header 2

I like the idea behind Seraph. I’m still iffy on the game itself, but I like the idea behind it. Made by Dreadbit, the developers behind the steampunk robot puzzle game Ironcast, this game is a side scrolling shooter where all the aiming is done for you. Thankfully that doesn’t make Seraph too easy, but I’m not sure if it’s ... Read More »

Hands On with Auto Age: Standoff at EGLX 2016

Auto Age Header

I miss Car Combat, and so do the developers of Auto Age: Standoff. Despite its weirdness as a genre (cars are like 20th on the list of “best ways to fight”), Car Combat is the home of some excellent titles of the past. I had some truly great times playing the original Twisted Metal, Extreme-G, or Mario-Kart’s arena mode. But ... Read More »

This is the Police Preview – Criminally Deep

this is the police logo

The work of a police officer relies heavily on following their gut. One wrong decision could be a life or death scenario for anyone involved. That is the feeling Weappy Studios successfully captures in a demo for their upcoming game. This is the Police is a police management game in the perspective of a retiring police chief. The demo for ... Read More »

Sumer Preview – Tribute to the Gods


If you’ve got some friends over and you want to all play a video game together, there’s an awful lot of multiplayer titles to choose from. Many of them have a serious focus on combat and derive from fighting games and beat ’em ups. A smaller and somewhat neglected segment of multiplayer video games is the digital board game – ... Read More »

Astral Terra Preview – A Beautiful Void

Astral Terra

I heard of Astral Terra from another writer. I’m a sucker for any sandbox game that lets you build stuff and run around in a fantasy world, and Astral Terra seemed to fit the bill. However, I didn’t quite find what I expected. Astral Terra is currently an Early Access sandbox game being developed by Tethys Interactive, where you can manipulate the world ... Read More »

RunGunJumpGun Preview – A Promising Shot at Fun


ThirtyThree Games’ RunGunJumpGun is a memory of gaming’s early eras that lives up to modern standards. Set in a post-apocalyptic solar system where the player must escape the wrath of a villainous empire,  RunGunJumpGun is an automatic runner that allows players to navigate levels by alternating between shooting an oversized gun at approaching obstacles and using that same weapon to hover over ... Read More »

Hands on with Arrow Heads at EGLX 2016

Arrow Heads Header

At EGLX I was pretty busy watching eSports events, conducting interviews, attending panels, buying swag. When the weekend ended, the only thing I wanted to go back to was Arrow Heads, and I couldn’t because there was always a queue.  This article is kind of cheating; everything about Arrow Heads and the team at Oddbird Studio is incredibly endearing. It also doesn’t help ... Read More »

Uncharted 4 First Impressions – Seeking Fortunes

Uncharted 4

The hour grows late as  I sit down to write this first impressions piece. Like many of you, we here at TechRaptor had to wait to play the most recent offering from Naughty Dog until launch day and I’d never be able to sleep tonight if I didn’t get my initial thoughts about Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End out now.  Let’s ... Read More »

PAX East 2016 – LawBreakers, Mirage, and Arenas Galore


We are in the midst of a revolution in regards to first person shooters. Born due to necessity thanks to the continued dominance of the Call of Duty juggernaut, companies have stopped trying to copy the beast and instead looked further back to the glory days of Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament. The Arena Shooter mentality is back with a vengeance, and I ... Read More »