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Interstellar Marines – A Preview, and Initial Thoughts

Interstellar Marines 3d rendering

“Help me.” comes through my headphones. Its a whisper somewhere near my left side. Spinning around, I only see my teammate, another player going by the name of Nightmare, covering me as we clear a room in an office space. Turning back around, I see a robot running at me. I had heard it a split second before, it had ... Read More »

Early Access Preview: From The Depths

A custom-built Apache attack helicopter takes on a battleship in a toe-to-toe brawl.

From The Depths is a monster, lurking silently and gathering steam for its eventual rise. Featuring highly complex vehicle building and control mechanics, this game is definitely not for the faint of heart. Its status in early alpha also means there are a lot of rough edges, though the lone developer is definitely putting in the time and effort to improve ... Read More »

Journey into Bedlam


Bedlam, a new post-apocalyptic role-playing game funded through Kickstarter has been launched as of the 25th. It is being developed by a newly formed studio called Skyshine Games. The three leading minds behind it are a mix of veterans from different backgrounds all culminating in a representation that is quite frankly, stunning. John Mueller comes from a 20 year background ... Read More »

The Long Dark Preview


One thing to keep in mind while reading this: The Long Dark is still in Alpha, this is an Alpha preview. Many features, mechanics, etc. are not set in stone and are very likely to change. Also, many features are yet to be included in the game. This is solely an evaluation of the core concepts behind The Long Darkand ... Read More »

Testing your Reflex

Reflex Splash

In a home grown twist, a new game, Reflex is gaining steam. Launched on September 20, comes an FPS that sings of days long gone. Where political correctness wasn’t even a thing and games could choose to be mindless gratuitous fun. Enter Reflex, a competitive arena based first person shooter in the veins of Unreal tournament or Quake live. Reflex ... Read More »

Kain absent while Nosgoth wars.


The land of Nosgoth has always had a rather rich history to it,  with five games under it’s belt all well-written and acted as well as ten cancelled proposals throughout it’s history, it’s no surprise to see that a sixth one is just around the corner. What is surprising this time round is this one appears to be entirely multiplayer with ... Read More »

Wasteland 2 Preview – 26 years in the making!

Wasteland 2

InXile’s new game is out today and the internet is all a flutter with the release of Wasteland 2. The news is big and why would you expect anything less for a game that has been 26 years in the making, from a collaboration between some of the greatest game developers of our time? Wasteland was originally developed and released ... Read More »

Super Smash Bros 3DS demo – First Impressions

Super Smash Bros 3DS

The latest installment of the Super Smash Bros series is coming to the 3DS in a little under 3 weeks. This week after a Treehouse Direct Nintendo released codes for Nintendo Club platinum members to get their hands on the demo for Super Smash Bros 3DS earlier than the general public. This demo allows players to try out three new ... Read More »