Infectonator: Survivors Preview – I Never Survive

Infectonator Banner

I was fortunate enough to run into the Toge Productions crew at PAX Australia, and play their new title Infectonator: Survivors, and I was a fan almost instantly. Survivors is an amalgamation of rogue-like, RTS, tower defense, and survival simulator all rolled into one neat, pixelized, and super hard package. The game is based around a formula that has worked in many ... Read More »

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void First Impressions – Saving the Universe

StarCraft II - Legacy of the Void

Finally, after five years, the storyline of StarCraft II has ended; seventeen if you count the entire saga thus far. If you’ve played one of the game’s campaigns before, you know what to expect – an interesting mix of RTS and RPG mechanics that have been Blizzard’s tentative step forward for the RTS genre as a whole. To be blunt, ... Read More »

PAX Australia 2015 – Master Of Orion & World Of Warships


As part of TechRaptor’s PAX Australia 2015 coverage, I was lucky enough to sit down and have a chat with Randall King and Max Chuvalov of to talk to them about their recently released World of Warships, as well as their upcoming reboot Master Of Orion.  NOTE: One of the caveats going into this interview is that I was not allowed to record ... Read More »

NOCT Preview – Sleep Tight, Don’t Let The Giant Bugs AAAAAAAGH!

NOCT Feature 660x330

XMIT: “Hey. Yes, you. Look, I can help you but you’re going to have to listen and do exactly what I say.” RECV: “What? Where are you?” XMIT: “Good job staying alive this long on your own. There aren’t many survivors. I’ve got an infra-red drone up overhead, so I can see you real pretty-like on my screen. I can ... Read More »

PAX Australia 2015 Wrap-up

Pax Australia

So PAX Australia has come and gone, and as I lie in my bed, nursing my sore feet, I thought a short wrap-up article was in order. This isn’t a comprehensive wrap of everything there was to do at PAX, as there was just so much on display, but the indies are what stick out to me most. I had no ... Read More »

Brigador Preview – Isometric Bitmap Mecha Carnage

Brigador Featured Image_

Brigador is a fun time.  Stellar Jockeys are building a piece of textbook neostalgia.  This game is a neon rainbow layer cake of elements of 90s beloved classic games. Here’s the recipe for Brigador: Isometric urban maps from Syndicate. Mechs and tanks from Mechwarrior 3050. Fond memories of Desert, Urban, and Jungle Strike. An obscure game from 1996 called Bedlam that ... Read More »

Subaeria Preview – Still Very Much in Beta

Subaeria title

Previewing an Early Access game is sometimes tricky. Some games are in early beta, meaning that the game still has a way to go before it is finished. What is important to me is that the mechanics have been made, the framework is there, and the dev team has a clear idea of what direction they are going in. However, with Subaeria, I ... Read More »

Angels Fall First Preview – The Battlefront We Actually Wanted

AFF Featured Image

Angels Fall First is a new “combined arms” game that showed up on Steam Early Access not too long ago, featuring both first person shooter and space battle theaters of war. On the ground it plays like Battlefront or Battlefield, and in space the closest comparison that comes to mind is either to Star Fox or, again, Battlefront. Angels Fall ... Read More »

EGX 2015 – Four Sided Fantasy


Indie platformers are aplenty these days and it seems to be hard to come up with one that has a unique ability to stand out in the crowd. Four Sided Fantasy manages to create something fun and unique. At EGX 2015 I got a chance to play Four Sided Fantasy. It is a puzzle platformer that offers up some unique ... Read More »

Scouting Party – Subaeria

Subaeria SP small

Welcome to the new Scouting Party! In an effort to give our audience the best possible coverage of games, select Scouting Party videos will now be accompanied by a written preview that gives readers a more in-depth look into the game as it stands than a first impressions video alone could. We’re still experimenting with this format, so please let ... Read More »