New Silent Hill Game Aborted?


Recently, the demo game PT, or Playable Teaser, was set to be removed from the Playstation store on April 29th. The brief yet well received offering was meant to be a trailer for an upcoming new Silent Hill game. This removal in and of itself was not especially worrying, but now a flurry of tweets from those associated with the project have indicated that ... Read More »

ESL Halo Cancels Cup #1 Following Connectivity Issues

esl play halo

It was announced last night that ESL Halo has decided to cancel Cup #1 in their current series, after players began complaining about party connectivity failures. The Cup was meant to be held today and was canceled at the last minute. ESL Halo made the announcement on Twitter. [NA] Due to issues with party connectivity, we have decided to cancel Cup #1. ... Read More »

Killing Floor 2 Will Not Allow Paid Modding, Censors Harassment

Killing Floor 2 Tripwire Games

Tripwire Interactive has updated their end user licence agreement for their title Killing Floor 2, reflecting several new changes in the wake of recent events. Of note are two major changes in particular. The first, section two of their new EULA, discusses how Killing Floor 2 and modifications to the game. With the recent change in policy by Valve in allowing ... Read More »

Gaming Industries Top Public Companies Generate $54.1 B in Revenue

Gaming Culture Photo One

The gaming industry is booming, according to estimates from research-firm Newzoo. Newzoo has reported that the gaming industries top publicly traded companies have generated $54.1 billion in revenue in 2014, an increase of  10.4% from last year. What’s more, the top 25 gaming companies take up the lion’s share of the growth, nearly 65% of the entire market is theirs ... Read More »

Rockstar Under Fire After Social Club Accounts Stolen, Customer Hangups

grand theft auto v screenshot

 It has become an expectation that hyped PC releases will run into some issues, and GTA V has not been an exception. Many people have taken to the Internet with complaints about the PC launch, but likely the most controversial thus far have been allegations that Rockstar Social Club accounts have been hacked and stolen. Complaints about stolen accounts began ... Read More »

Total War: Warhammer announced

Warhammer - Orc vs. Man

Correction: This article has been updated to note that Total War: Rome II is not the latest entry in the franchise. That distinction belongs to Total War: Attilla. Fans of RTS developer Creative Assembly and tabletop publisher Games Workshop had known of a collaboration between the two British titans since their announcement in December 2012. The medium: a desktop strategy game. The IP: ... Read More »

Axiom Verge Coming To PC And Vita : Metroidvania Fans Rejoice.

Axiom Verge

“It’s been a surreal couple of weeks,” wrote developer Tom Happ, “Axiom Verge has exceeded my wildest dreams…I don’t feel like this is real, or that I’m really here experiencing it.” The April 11th blog post details how despite the unexpected runaway success of his indie game, Happ could think of nothing at the time of its launch but the ... Read More »

Little Orbit to Release a Brand-New Adventure Time Game This Fall

adventure time

Cartoon Network is teaming up with development studio, Vicious Cycle and Little Orbit to bring a brand-new Adventure Time game in 3D to multiple platforms in the Fall of 2015. Titled Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations, the game is a real-time, fully 3D action twist on the oldschool graphic adventure games. Join Finn and Jake as they carry on ... Read More »

Infinity Runner comes to PS4

infinity runner

There should be cheers around my welsh homeland today as Infinity Runner becomes the first game developed entirely in Wales to make its way onto the Playstation Network. The game which is part of the endless runner genre takes place on a spaceship which you try to escape battling against obstacles and enemies. Jim Sterling formerly of The Escapist reviewed it last ... Read More »

Former White House Adviser Reveals Government’s Current View On Video Games

Tuesday April 21, shared an interview with a former senior adviser at the White House, Mark DeLoura, about the governments concerns and views on video games. Video games and violence, it’s a debate almost as old as video games themselves. From the formation of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) because of Mortal Kombat to the 2011 Supreme Court ... Read More »