Ex-Red 5 CEO Mark Kern Discusses Buying Back the Firefall IP

Firefall Artwork

Mark Kern, the ex-CEO of Red 5 and one of the developers behind the PC game Firefall, has stirred up a hornets nest on Reddit over the past few days. A post by Kern (which has since been deleted but has been archived) titled “What buying Back the Firefall IP Really Means,” claims that he is not really interested in the Firefall ... Read More »

Batman: Arkham Knight: GOTY Edition Leaked by Amazon Germany

Arkham Knight PC mess feature

Surprise, surprise, the Joker’s got a surprise for those Batman fans out there. Although PC players will not be happy with the surprise, because Batman: Arkham Knight is making its return to the news headlines. First noted by Dualshockers, Amazon Germany, which has a tendency to leak games before they are announced by the publisher, has put up a store listing ... Read More »

Political Animals Vote This Autumn


What if animals had their own country? No, not like that furry movie, I mean what would they end up doing? Probably it would be chaos and a lot of excrement, but if they were talking animals in suits and twee hats, they’d likely have to form political parties and run for elected office. Simulate this inevitable formalization of the state ... Read More »

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 1.20 Patch Released

The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Header

With the second and final expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt coming early next week, CD Project RED is on the cusp of releasing a rather substantial update that implements a slew of fixes and tweaks, and adds some quality of life stuff to the game in preparation for Blood and Wine.  You can read the full patch notes here, and ... Read More »

No Man’s Sky Officially Delayed to August

No Mans Sky Artwork 2

Well, it’s official now and it appears the rumors were correct; No Man’s Sky has been delayed.  Hello Games founder and head developer on No Man’s Sky, Sean Murray, revealed today that the game has been officially delayed. Thankfully the delay is only a slight one; with the game now slated for release in early August. Murray states in a blog ... Read More »

Calgary Expo Bans Religion And Politics

Calgary Expo

Not familiar with the Calgary Expo? The Canadian-based convention is one of the largest in the whole of North America and is a joyous celebration of all things pop culture. From comic books, to movies and video games, the expo has got you covered in this 4-day geekdom bonanza. Accolades include reuniting the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast for ... Read More »

Fran Bow Devs Begin New Project – Different Galaxy


Telling the tale of a little girl stuck in a mental health hospital who tries to get home by shifting dimensions while being pursued by a malevolent entity, Horror point & click adventure Fran Bow released last year to glowing user reviews. It turned out to be an unexpected gem with a somewhat ambiguous story that provided enough tangible clues to support a number ... Read More »

Yomawari: Night Alone Comes to North America October 25th


NIS America has announced the release date for Yomawari: Night Alone – the next title from the developers behind htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary. The game will release in North America on October 25th for both PlayStation Vita and Steam. Along with a standard digital release on both platforms, the title will also be receiving a Limited Edition for both versions ... Read More »

Prey 2 Domain Updated Ahead of E3

Prey 2 PC 2013 1

Prey 2 had been mired in development hell before finally being cancelled by Bethesda in 2014. From what had been shown, people were excited to play it. Being able to play a human bounty hunter out in the Galaxy that used crazy sci-fi equipment to catch space criminals sounds like a great idea for a game. However, this premise wasn’t ... Read More »

Hitman Episode 3 Releasing May 31


The third episode for IO Interactive’s stealth game HITMAN will be coming to a screen near you on May 31.  This info comes from an official blog post and details some of the new features you can look forward to in this episode, as well as some new background info on the new map set in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh, ... Read More »