EB Games Australia Lists Nintendo NX Placeholder Price For $999

Nintendo NX preorder

With the news of Nintendo’s upcoming Nintendo NX scheduled for release on March next year, EB Games Australia has now listed a placeholder price for the upcoming console. Listed for a placeholder price of $999 Aus (£520 / $760 US / 667 Euros), consumers can now secure a place for Nintendo’s 9th console iteration. While it’s obvious that the current ... Read More »

PlanetSide 2 gets Base Building Update

Planetside 2 - preview

PlanetSide 2, a popular mmofps, has just received an update allowing for base building. Normally in PlanetSide 2, there are set continents and set bases but with this change to the game there is a lot more diversity in the kinds of battles to be had. PlanetSide 2 is a game developed by Daybreak Games and currently available on either ... Read More »

Pokemon Go Beta Footage from Australia Leaked

Pokemon GO Title

Pokemon Go is currently in a beta testing period, rolling out in waves across the world. This free to play Pokemon game was first announced last year showing fans of the Pokemon franchise that soon they’ll be able to catch and battle Pokemon like a real trainer. After originally being in beta in Japan Pokemon Go has recently come to Australia ... Read More »

Oxenfree is coming to PlayStation 4

Oxenfree - Preview

Oxenfree, the supernaturally themed adventure game, is going to be coming to the PlayStation 4 at the end of next month. Originally released for Windows, OSX, and Xbox One back in January to favorable reviews. It’s not just that Oxenfree is coming to PlayStation 4 but it will also have added PS4 specific elements. In Oxenfree you follow the lives of Alex ... Read More »

King of Fighters 2000 is coming to PS4 on May 3rd

King of Fighters 2000 - Preview

Announced via the latest episode of PlayStation Blogcast, King of Fighters 2000 is going to be coming to the PlayStation 4 next week. While SNK is also still working on King of Fighters XIV and the enhanced The Last Blade 2 (another classic SNK game), they have also let us know that King of Fighters 2000 will have a slight upgrade from the 2000 release. ... Read More »

PSA: Dark Souls 3 Player Causing Softbans Online

Dark Souls 3 Combat

For those playing Dark Souls 3 online on the PC, it’s time to play at your own risk for a while.  Reports have surfaced from a poster on NeoGaf that a player going by the name of ‘Malcolm Reynolds’ is currently softbanning other players in the game by using hacked weapons. Softbanning essentially forces players to play the game only ... Read More »

Valve Begins Banning Over TF2 Hacks, Pros Caught

team fortress 2 matchmaking TF2

Valve has been striking back against cheaters in their landmark multiplayer game, Team Fortress 2. The cheaters in question were using a very popular hack to the game, named LMAOBOX. The hack itself has been available for the past five years, both in free and in a paid premium package, and featured numerous hacks for TF2, including aimbots for automatic Spy ... Read More »

Move or Die gets Twitch integration

Move or Die - Viewers vs Streamers Preview

A new update has just released for Move or Die, a popular multiplayer steam title. The update is called Viewers vs Streamers and brings a wide variety of content including Twitch integration, new characters, new game modes, and even a new announcer voice.  Twitch mode can now be enabled in the settings and will allow people watching in the stream chat ... Read More »

Star Wars Day bonuses for Star Wars games


Next week is Star Wars day, May the 4th, and as a part of the celebration EA is offering a variety of bonuses in Star Wars titles. There will be gifts for players of Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and even Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. In Battlefront players who log on on the 4th of May will get a bundle ... Read More »

Mass Effect: New Earth, a 4D Theme Park Ride, Opening in May

Mass Effect New Earth Theme Park Ride

While Mass Effect: Andromeda is rumored to have been delayed until early 2017, fans of the sci-fi space opera will still get something released from the franchise this year, in the form of a thrill ride in a theme park. Mass Effect: New Earth is a theme park ride will be opening in Great America park, located in Santa Clara, ... Read More »