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IGDA names over 10,000 people the worst offenders of online harassment


IGDA ,the international game developers association, recently released a resource for how to best deal with online harassment. The resource, which includes extreme measures such as links to a suicide prevention hotline for those who have experienced severe and mentally damaging threats, also recommends a Twitter tool which blocks “some of the worst offenders” of online harassment. Read More »

Hacker group DerpTrolling leaks 5000 PSN, Windows Live and 2K accounts


For those of you that don’t know, DerpTrolling is the hacker group that took responsibilities for the DDoS attacks to Blizzard servers last weekend. So you now know who to blame for not being able to enjoy Warlords of Draenor. That said, some hours ago the hacker group released on their twitter account a pastebin link containing username and password ... Read More »

Bloodborne details emerge from the shadows!

Bloodborne banner

With Bloodborne being delayed next year, fans of FromSoftware are still eager to know what this PS4 exclusive will have to offer. Perhaps the delay has even heightened that by reminding them that it’s on the horizon in early 2015.  Read More »

Cars in next gen GTA V feeling a bit sluggish? Take off your turbo *Update*

next gen gta v

**UPDATE** The latest patch deployed only hours ago has seemed to fix the problem among many other issues! Next gen GTA V’s  launch hasn’t been the smoothest. Problems with online character transfers from old generation, and trouble finding populated rooms in GTA: Online have been among the most annoying. But one of the many things fans have noticed is that ... Read More »

Telltale’s Game of Thrones: Meet the Forrester

Game of Thrones

We talked before about Telltale’s new episodic saga about Game of Thrones. We said that the story will revolve around the vicissitudes of the house Forrester, a house loyal to the Stark of Winterfell. Today, we finally meet the main characters. Telltale conceded an exclusive for each of the 13 characters to 13 different sites. The cast is now fully revealed ... Read More »

MewTwo Available as Paid DLC for Smash Bros.

Mewtwo 3ds

Mewtwo announced as a paid DLC fighter for Smash Bros. players who did not buy both versions. The #150 Pokemon makes his return to Nintendo’s party brawler in Spring 2015. Some Smash players who watched the Nintendo Direct last month may have felt left out with the announcement that Mewtwo would be a playable fighter for the dedicated fans who ... Read More »