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Forward to the Sky, to the green!

Forward to the Sky Towerview

It’s a special day in an Indie games life when it feels that its far enough along to produce a trailer and send it off to Steam Greenlight to try to push through. And that step is one that Indie Dev Magicnology reached with its Action Adventure game Forward to the Sky! Built in the Legend of Zelda mould, Forward ... Read More »

Xbox One November Update – Trending Now!

Xbox One

Since its rocky controversial start, the Xbox One has rebounded some to be a solid and often updated device. While things such as the mandatory Kinect, always online and Microsoft’s parity policy may always mark its legacy, monthly updates to the software have improved it greatly, as this month’s Xbox One Novermber update promises to do. November is going to ... Read More »

Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 – Prime for Green Light


My god was that quick or what? Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Greenlight page is up as of the 21st of October. The original was released only two months ago, and hot on it’s heels comes the sequel once more developed by solo-act, Scott Cawthon. With the Greenlight page comes a brand new trailer to help amp up the horror. ... Read More »

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Backer Alpha Starts

Kingdom Come Deliverance Art

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a game that promises the moon and seems to be making progress to deliver on it. It’s a game that seeks not to bury itself in fantasy tropes and clichés but instead to create a realistic depiction of the medieval world using real life events to inspire it with an open world, open narrative design. Kingdom ... Read More »

E Sports on HBO’s Real Sports


When it was announced earlier this year that Robert Morris University, a small private college in Chicago, would be handing out hefty scholarship to professional League of Legends players, we all knew it was only a matter of time before the sports media would give these aspiring ‘athletes’ some slick 30 for 30 inspired coverage. Cue Bryant Gumbel, who else? ... Read More »

New Payday 2 DLC to Feature John Wick related content


A new, free Payday 2 DLC will be available for download today for everyone. It includes many new features, like weapons and a new perk system, but most surprising of all is the inclusion of content relating to the movie John Wick. Please correct us if we are wrong, but TechRaptor is confident this may be the first example of movie related ... Read More »

Hyrule Warriors to Receive Amiibo Functionality


Earlier today, Nintendo of America’s official Twitter account let slip that last month’s Hyrule Warriors – the fantastic crossover between The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors – will be receiving an update to allow for Amiibo functionality. Read More »

Two more Pokemon games coming to 3DS virtual console and ORAS demo code

Pokemon Logo Yellow Background

Fans of the Pokemon franchise have even more to look forward to as The Pokemon Company has announced that two Game Boy Color Pokemon games are going to be coming to the Nintendo 3DS very shortly. Not any of the main franchise games but Pokemon Puzzle League, a match three style puzzle game, and Pokemon Trading Card game, based upon ... Read More »