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Ubisoft Apologizes for Unity, Offers Freebies

Unity Header

The state of Assassin’s Creed Unity at launch has been highly publicized in recent weeks. The first Next-Gen Assassin’s Creed shipped buggy, technically inept and frankly terrifying if you experienced the “no-face” glitch. Ubisoft has addressed the issue with a message from Ubisoft CEO Yannis Mallat, in full below. The launch of Assassin’s Creed Unity was a highly-anticipated moment for ... Read More »

Untimely Gamer Attempts to Boycott SeedScape for Developer’s Political Views

seedscape 3

SeedScape by indie developer Jennifer Dawe was still in its alpha stages, hadn’t even been greenlit yet, and yet had come under scrutiny for its developers political views. The game which is a casual farming simulator, reminiscent of retro games such as harvest moon, but with a slight combat element, is still in the early stages but has received a ... Read More »

Games with Gold December 2014

Games WIth Gold December

The last month of the year is among us and with a new month is a new Games with Gold revealed to us by Xbox Live’s Major Nelson on his blog. Games with Gold is a program where each month Xbox One games will get a free game and Xbox 360 gamers will get two free games with the first ... Read More »

Earthcore: Shattered Elements Closed Beta Testing


Closed beta testing for Tequila Games upcoming mobile CCG, Earthcore: Shattered Elements is now open for registration.  The game is a digital collectible card game which combines strategy, crafting and story for a unique experience.  The closed beta will give 100 players a chance to try out the game and give the developers valuable feedback. Read More »

Concerns over Privacy Regarding the GamerGate Blocklist

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Disclosure: There was a recent controversy concerning an article I wrote about the blocklist. I made 2 errors in the piece which have since been corrected. You can read about the edits here. I have still never spoken to Randi Harper personally. She has never attacked me or TechRaptor, her followers  however did. Please take note that while I try ... Read More »

An Apology to Our Readers


I am human. Sometimes when I write articles I make small factual or grammatical errors. My readers are often quick to point these out to me, and I try my best to edit the articles straight away. For example, when I wrote this article I accidently missed out @FartToContinue from the blacklist. When a reader informed me of this error, ... Read More »

Last Inua – Arctic 2D Platformer

Last Inua

2D platform adventure Last Inua has recently been greenlit on Steam and will be available for Mac and PC this December from publisher Wired Productions and developer Glowforth.  The release of the game’s official launch trailer highlights the game’s unique art style and winter landscape. Last Inua will receive new features for it’s PC release and be ready to download for ... Read More »

Dark Souls 2 hits the next gen with “Scholar of the first Sin”

Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the first sin

Bandai Namco announced that a new version of Dark Souls 2, latest addition to the ‘Souls’ saga and one of the most successful RPGs of the past gen, will hit the shelves next year. Scholar of the first Sin will include a number of new features that the current owners of Dark Souls 2 will be able to download via a ... Read More »