Technobabylon Review – Cybercity Adventures


Technobabylon is the newly released cyberpunk adventure by Technocrat Games (James Dearden, who we interviewed yesterday) and published by Wadjet Eye Games. Originally developed by Technocrat as a freeware, it was picked up by Wadjet Eye Games and converted into a full commercial release with voice acting, improved art, and a more complete story. Technobabylon is a classically-styled cyberpunk point ... Read More »

Marvel Future Fight Review – Make a super team

Marvel Future Fight

Create and manage your own powerful superhero team in Netmarble’s mobile action RPG  Marvel Future Fight. The game features 36 Marvel heroes to play as in addition to many iconic villains to match yourself against.  Marvel Future Fight is available on iTunes and GooglePlay free-to-play.  Read More »

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim Review – An “Ys”-y Recommendation

ys vi review header

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim, at its original Japanese release, was the first Ys title to release in nearly 8 years. With its 2005 PS2 release in the West, it was the first Ys game to see a western release in a decade. Today XSEED Games/Marvelous USA brings us the original PC version of Ys VI, along with some various ... Read More »

Dokuro Review – Everyone loves escort missions


Dokuro is a game that has been around for a while. It received stellar reviews on the PlayStation Vita and some time ago approached the PC audience to offer us its quite unique art style and puzzle experience. Dokuro is at its core a frankly awesome puzzle game. It is challenging (despite some difficulty spikes here and there), it’s endearing, ... Read More »

Chroma Squad Review – Spandex Warriors

Chroma Squad Title

After a development cycle interrupted by looming threats of legal action due to copyright issues, Chroma Squad, a a Kickstarter turn-based isometric tactical strategy with Super Sentai spices, created by Behold Studios, has made it across the finish line after reaching an amicable agreement with Saban Entertainment. Thank goodness for that, because it’s every bit as charming as the developer’s ... Read More »

Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown Review – Cyberpunk Online

Shadowrun logo

Shadowrun, an alternate reality tabletop RPG produced in 1989, is a series that continues to garner a great deal of love from a core fan base due to its unique cyberpunk mixed with Tolkien-esque fantasy setting. Shadowrun Chronicles (Formerly known as Shadowrun Online) is another game set in this dystopian, conspiracy-riddled world, where an orc with cybernetic arms is going ... Read More »

Uncanny Valley Review – Scariest Security Guard Sim

Uncanny Valley 1

Abandoned buildings. Although often derelict and spooky (See Dark Fall: Lost Souls) or overrun with creeps and vagrants (See Outlast), there is something particularly uncanny about an abandoned building that is still spotless. As if everyone who inhabited it just left and never returned. As if, perhaps, something led them to run away in a hurry, fearing for their lives. ... Read More »

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Review – A Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein the Old Blood Header

Last year saw the release of Wolfenstein: The New Order, one of my personal games of the year. It had everything I would want from a Wolfenstein game: intense firefights, loads of nazis, and a diverse lineup of locations. However, there was one thing it lacked. Castle Wolfenstein itself. Thankfully, part one of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood rectifies that with B.J. Blazkowitz infiltrating the ... Read More »

Titan Souls Review: Bring More Arrows Next Time

Titan Souls

Titan Souls is one of those games that causes a polarizing effect on the players who play it, as it’s very hit or miss depending on the experience that plays out. Several publications, as well as myself, have drawn comparisons to the famous Shadow of the Colossus. There is an essence of truth to this due to the Boss Rush ... Read More »

Marvel Heroes 2015 Review – No-Prize Winner


With the hurricane of hype surrounding Avengers: Age of Ultron still fresh in our minds, it seemed only appropriate to revisit Marvel Heroes. The free-to-play action RPG has been humming along for a couple of years now, building a solid community on top of a fair and rewarding in-game economy. Looting and tuning characters to acquire gear faster and heal ... Read More »