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IMO: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor


With Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Monolith Productions bring together a number of beloved elements: Arkham-style combat, Assassin’s Creed’s traversal and stealth elements, and the world of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. While they’re each executed well individually, their imperfections are brought to the forefront by the time the game is brought to an anticlimactic end. Read More »

Endless Legends – A review that never ends

Endless Legends Concept Art

Endless Legends is Amplitude Studios’ latest release in to the 4x strategy genre. In a genre dominated by science fiction (including Amplitude’s previous release Endless Space), and historical games (like the genre defining Civilizations), Endless Legends is a fantasy 4x – something attempted but rarely successfully.  Read More »

NHL 15 Review – A Bare Sheet of Ice


The NHL series is kind of the redheaded stepchild in the EA Sports brand. Seldom given much attention outside of Canada, EA’s NHL series has quietly fought the reputation of other EA Sports by being pretty, well, good. For the past several years, the team at EA Canada has done work in their one year turnaround time that eclipses the roster updates produced by ... Read More »

TxK Review

TxK review Image

TxK was released by Jeff Minter’s company, Llamasoft, on the PlayStation Vita earlier this year, but became a PlayStation Plus title during the month of September. I feel it necessary to preface this review by stating that if you are a fan of Minter’s work and have followed his games since the early 80’s, you probably won’t need any help ... Read More »

NoScope ‘Orion’ Glasses Review

No Scope Glasses

NoScope’s ‘Orion’ glasses offer adequate, affordable competition to the industry giant Gunnar. Watching the winning strike of a Dota 2 tournament, you might spy the warring teams wearing a pair of yellow-tinted glasses. Those aren’t fashion statements, they help reduce strain on the eyes caused by computer screens. Given the growing barrage of brightly lit screens we look at every ... Read More »

Devious Dungeon Review

660 devi

Devious Dungeon is a fun platformer rogue-like game that is very similar to the likes of Rogue Legacy and Vertical Drop Heros. The gist of the game is this, there is an evil everchanging castle that you must defeat, so you, being the hero, goes into the castle and to fight it off. The games mechanic of never truly dying ... Read More »

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor – Review


Fans of the Tolkien universe of Lord of the Rings can be happy that they get a new change to dive in with Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. A third person action adventure game by WB Interactive and Monolith Productions for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC versions, or Behaviour Interactive if you have the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 ... Read More »

FEZ Review


Story The storyline to Fez is extremely weak. The protagonist has a pretty cliche motivation: saving the world, but plenty of good games have done the same, so that is not something to hold against Fez. What there is to hold against Fez is that other than during the start of the game, the storyline is not explicitly developed at ... Read More »

Game and Wario Review: Lost in Adaptation

Game and Wario preview

As previously reported, the Club Nintendo Gold/Platinum Reward offerings ditched the pretense of physical goods entirely in favor of digital options. This means that they can’t run out of prizes at the risk of leaving the door open to dump the misunderstood recent titles on the fans. Case in point is Game and Wario, which may serve as a perfect ... Read More »