The Living Dungeon Review – Deadly Puzzles

Radiation Burn

The Living Dungeon is the debut title from indie developer Radiation Burn. This adventure strategy game offers unique and challenging problem solving but it also has some frustrating quirks. It is currently available on Steam and has already received some useful updates since it’s launch in early November. Billing itself as an action-strategy tabletop RPG simulator with fast decision making, lots ... Read More »

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Review – Reaffirming Greatness

StarCraft II - Legacy of the Void

There is a certain narrative heft to Legacy of the Void’s storyline. Playing through it feels different from the past two entries in the StarCraft II trilogy, especially as the increasing certainty that this is the end only becomes more prominent throughout the entirety of the campaign. The story follows the Protoss trying to reclaim their homeworld Aiur and their struggle against ... Read More »

Game of Thrones Season 1 Review – Well Grounded, Poorly Executed

telltale game of thrones season 1

Telltale tried to adapt the popular A Song of Ice and Fire series into a narrative-driven adventure game in their own Game of Thrones. A rich world filled with deep history, intrigue, deceit, and more seems the perfect backdrop for just about any medium—this is particularly true for the narrative-driven Telltale style. While Telltale does a good job of making you feel as ... Read More »

The Purring Quest Review – Purrfectly Pleasant Platforming


While free games may seem like every gamer’s dream, the review copy is very much a double-edged sword. So many games look promising only to see you plowing through hours of mediocre gameplay in order to write a review. The lure of playing as a cat who journeys around and encounters famous internet felines was too much to resist picking ... Read More »

Fallout 4 Review – Catch That Uranium Fever


It was near the end of my journey through The Commonwealth, and I was deep underground. My companion and I were fully decked out in power armor stolen from the Brotherhood of Steel, firing gatling lasers at synthetic men who were mindlessly trying to take us down. One of them mutated after I shot him, his health returning as he ... Read More »

Command: Northern Inferno Review – Warfare By the Book

Command Northern Inferno

For many, all that really needs saying is that Command: Northern Inferno is published by Matrix Games, aficionados and experts in the field of classic wargaming. Where Paradox is mainly known for sweeping strategic games on grandiose levels (like Hearts of Iron), Matrix has spent decades supporting games with a more specific focus (like Panzer Corps and Thirty Years’ War).  ... Read More »

Give it Up! 2 Review – Jump, Jump, Jump, DAMN

Give It Up! 2 header

Imagine if Super Meat Boy and Dance Dance Revolution had a baby. The imagined result is perhaps not a little black blob jumping from platform to platform backed by a techno soundtrack, but Give it Up! 2 still fits that description pretty closely. Give it Up! 2 is a rhythm/platforming game developed by Invictus Games for iPhone and iPad. This little ... Read More »

Fallout 4 First Impressions – Diamond City In The Rough

Fallout 4 Vault Boy

I am currently twelve hours and change into my trek through the Bostonian wasteland, and I am here to confirm on the day of release that Fallout 4 has treated me right during that time. I’m playing through for a full review on Steam, so I can’t comment on some of the technical hiccups that have affected users on console. ... Read More »

Rise of the Tomb Raider Review – More to Explore Than Ever Before!

Rise of the Tomb Raider Preview

Lara Croft is back in the spotlight once more with her latest outing in Rise of the Tomb Raider. We continue Lara’s journey in the sequel to the popular 2013 franchise reboot. At the end of Tomb Raider, our heroine began to realize that the mystical artifacts that her father had been looking into might be more real than she expected. With her ... Read More »