Game of Thrones Episode 3 Review – Hopeless

telltale game of thrones episode 3 sword in the darkness

Game of Thrones Episode 3 starts to reveal the avenues that the series will go down and hinting at possibly where they might end. Unfortunately, those avenues look, not predictable in the means players will reach them, but somewhat predictable in their end. That is especially true now more than ever, as Episode 3 starts to reveal plot points that ... Read More »

Ironcast Review – Randomized Robots

ironcast logo

Random elements are a vital element of any roguelike. They add to the unique nature of each run and surprise even the most veteran players. However, these surprises can usually be minimized with skillful play. Rogue Legacy can be conquered with careful platforming, and a master at The Binding of Issac has long since memorized enemy patterns and room layouts. ... Read More »

Battlefield Hardline Review – The Sound of Some Police

Hardline Image

Battlefield Hardline is kind of an enigma. The reason being is because it seems to want to be two things at once. The single player and the multiplayer are more separated than any Battlefield game before it, which causes some strange feelings when you transition between them. This doesn’t make Battlefield Hardline feel less like a Battlefield game, but harms the ... Read More »

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Review – It’s a Horror Alright.


I know that it’s a series that started with the shambling corpses of the undead, but I didn’t expect Resident Evil Revelations 2 to be dead on arrival. I was a fan of the first game that I played on the 3DS, and felt like they had made strides in the survival horror genre after the disappointing outings that occurred ... Read More »

Battle Worlds Kronos Review – Turn Based Tedium

Kronos Header

Battle Worlds Kronos isn’t as fun as it could be. It ticks all of the requisite boxes for things that turn based tactics games should have and while it’s stable and playable, there just isn’t anything about it that is especially interesting or fun. Battle Worlds Kronos has no qualms about being a difficult game, and high difficulty can actually ... Read More »

Magic Cat Story Review – Cute & Matchy

Magic Cat Story

Netmarble US Inc.’s first casual game for the mobile market, Magic Cat Story, was released for iOS and Android on March 5, 2015.   Magic Cat Story is a color block matching puzzle game with a heaping helping of cuteness.  Players will match blocks to help the adorable Kevin defeat an evil wizard named Constantine who has turned he and all his ... Read More »

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Review – I Guess I Like Hurting People.


I, like a lot of people, was completely won over by Hotline Miami. It was a humble little Gamemaker game developed by the 2 man studio Dennaton Games with some pretty great ideas. They took a tried and tested genre and sparked new life, creating an intense little slice of rapid violence that offered a new twist on trial and error ... Read More »

Codename S.T.E.A.M Review – Running Low on Steam

Codename STEAM Review Header

Former President Abraham Lincoln, after supposedly faking his assassination in 1865, begins a clandestine shadow organization with cutting edge technology to combat any threats that would impose the ideals he would stand for. In turn, alien beings begin to suddenly attack a steampunk London, which has Lincoln lead a ragtag team of literary characters, folklore heroes, and a giant steam ... Read More »

The Order: 1886 Review – A sixty-dollar tech demo

The Order 1886 Review

Prior to beginning this review I have to admit that it is rather remarkable how harsh I have been lately on games that I have genuinely enjoyed. My last two reviews were brutal despite liking what I was playing. I will not be following that formula for The Order: 1886, a title that defies conventional wisdom by being both short ... Read More »

Silent Hill Alchemilla Review – An Unsettling Adventure

Silent Hill Alchemilla

It’s the middle of the night in the summer and I’m sleeping over a friend’s house. The air conditioner is making the room bitterly cold. My friend’s cat is scratching at the door of the room. We stare silently at the dark corridors of an otherworldly hospital where the walls are covered in rusty grates and blood. Mysterious and foreboding ... Read More »