Adventures of Pip Review – Pixelism?!?

Adventures of Pip

Surprisingly, the title of this Adventures of Pip review is actually reasonably appropriate for the game, so I pass the lack of clickbait test. The Adventures of Pip is a pixel platformer for Steam that allows you to switch between different iterations of video game history per say, aka from a single pixel to a lot more detailed 16 bit ... Read More »

Sym Review – Social Anxiety Explored

Sym Header

Games are an interesting thing when it comes to delivering a message. We’ve seen games that are as blunt and ineffective at it as Depression Quest to more mechanical implementations like Papers, Please. There’s a wide variety of games with messages, from blunt trauma examples to those that tend to more subtle delivery. Sym is more on the blunt side, but ... Read More »

Hatoful Boyfriend Review – Heartful or Hurtful?

hatoful boyfriend

Hatoful Boyfriend has been out a few years now so the concept should not be new to most gamers, but the remake for PS4 and Vita has been recently released alongside the PC versions last year and so it seemed a good time to take a look at the updated ports. The first thing to note about Hatoful Boyfriend is ... Read More »

Alphabear Review – Spelling Bears


Alphabear is the latest game from Spry Fox, the minds behind the popular match three game Triple Town. The adorable bears are back, but Alphabear is an all new word spelling, mobile puzzle game. Available worldwide for iOS and Android, it’s as addictive as it is adorable. Simple to learn, there’s still a surprising amount of strategy incorporated into Alphabear. ... Read More »

Rocket League Review – Going Supersonic

Rocket League Review

Rocket League has been a massive hit as of late, and for good reason. It’s one of those ideas that is the perfect elevator pitch: cars playing soccer. From the onset, Rocket League seems absurdly simple. A game can have anywhere from two players to eight players, and each player plays a variant of a specific car, ranging from fast and slim ... Read More »

Legions of Steel Review – Tactics, Basically

Legions of Steel Header

Legions of Steel, published by Slitherine and developed by Studio Nyx, is a digital recreation of the tactical board game of the same name that was released originally in 1992 and borrows heavily from the more well-known Space Hulk. Having not played the original board game I cannot say how faithfully the recreation is, but I can say that Legions ... Read More »

Lost Dimension Review – Out Of This World

Lost Dimension Header

During this year’s escapades at E3, we got the chance to try out a bunch of ATLUS’s offerings at their booth, and although games such as Etrian Odyysey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight and Persona 4: Dancing All Night were easily the largest titles on display, the company also had a few surprising games as well.. Lost Dimension was one ... Read More »

Legend of Kay Anniversary Review


Legend of Kay Anniversary is an HD remaster of the 2005 action-platformer Legend of Kay, offering higher quality, models, audio, and textures. Remasters are normally reserved for more popular game series such as Sly Cooper or Oddworld, so it struck me as strange that a singular game that I can only remember from a box sitting on the used game ... Read More »

Guild of Dungeoneering Review – Who Wants to Be a Dungeoneer?

Guild of Dungeoneering Featured Image

Guild of Dungeoneering is a game by Gambrinous, purchasable here at GOG for $15 or from other outlets seen on their website. It’s a turn based dungeon crawler that gets its originality by building the dungeon around the hero rather than by playing as the hero directly. Each turn you can play three cards, of which there are rooms, monsters, and ... Read More »