Review: Rollers of the Realm: Pinball + RPG = Surprising Fun

A good mixup of Pinball and RPG mechanics

Rollers of the Realm could have been a tricky review to do. The game would seemingly have a niche category: a pinball game with RPG elements for the PC. While several people might have played the free pinball game that came with versions of Windows past, one could think that those looking for a pinball experience would go for the ... Read More »

Insanity’s Blade Review – When Berserk Meets Gargoyle’s Quest


One of the strangest trends in indie gaming over the past couple years has been NES-styled platformers. Half banking on nostalgia and half banking on difficulty, most NES-inspired indies are lackluster, lazy games. However, there’s always that rare diamond in the rough. Games like La-Mulana, Hotline Miami, and Shovel Knight take full advantage of a retro aesthetic to make games ... Read More »

Space Journey Review – Jump Little Alien

Space Journey

Space Journey is a physics based puzzle game for Android. This little mobile game is challenging and fun.  If you are an Android users who enjoys physics based puzzles you might want to give this game a try. Read More »

Dragon Age: Inquisition Review – The Age of Dragons Has Arrived

Dragon Age_Inquisition_10

Dragon Age: Inquisition Review  In terms of sheer content and possible time-consumption, there aren’t many video games that will give you as much bang for your buck as DA: I. In truth, there aren’t really many products, in any form of entertainment media, that will bring as much to the plate as Dragon Age: Inquisition. Dragon Age: Inquisition is the ... Read More »

The Deer God Review – Brother Bear And Terraria’s Child


Now to let you all know up front, this game is in Early Access, and as of this date, I am still unsure if it has an ending… Other than that it is a very fun platformer game, but it is far from perfect. I played the Android version, which seems to be an earlier access than the Steam version, ... Read More »

Book of Unwritten Tales Review – A Tale Best Left Unwritten


I’ll be honest. Right here, right now. The only things I found enjoyable about this game are the music, voice acting, and the humor. That’s about it. It’s been a little more than a week since I beat both this and the expansion/addition The Critter Chronicles. I had enjoyed the game while I was playing, but it really didn’t last long after that dreadful ending. Anything I liked about ... Read More »

Valkyria Chronicles – A Great War

Valkyria Chronicles Banner

Sometimes, games make a trip across from console to PC. Many times these games are plagued with bad interfaces, poor optimization, and bugs that show a rushed porting job done by a team not experienced in it. Then sometimes you get ports that take years to happen but when they do, the care and work put into them is obvious. ... Read More »

Sneaky Sneaky Review – Those googly eyed sprites


“Sneaky Sneaky” is awesome. Borrowing gameplay elements from stealth, roguelike, turn-based RPG, puzzle and even Zelda games, Sneaky Sneaky manages to take all these influences and turn them into a  glorious mashup of casual and hardcore gameplay with all the cuteness of a fluffy basket of (stabby, rogueish) kittens. There’s a lot more to it than  that though, and the depth ... Read More »

Lords of Xulima Review – Pray to the RNG God


Lords of Xulima is a great homage to the classic isometric RPGs of old. In many ways, the clunky, non intuitive, and downright challenging aspects of those games are featured in Lords of Xulima, and in other ways Lords of Xulima brings in some modern conveniences (in a good way) that should make the game much more friendly to those ... Read More »