King of Fighters XIV Review – Fighter’s Resurrection

King of Fighters XIV

There was a time when the fighting game scene was defined by two companies: Capcom and SNK. Street Fighter is far more well known by the mainstream gaming audience, but SNK’s King of Fighters, was regarded just as highly by fans of the genre. Funnily enough, both series’ genesis can be attributed to the same man, Takashi Nishiyama. He developed the original ... Read More »

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X Review – Remixed Tunes

Project DIVA X header

Reviewing this game was harder than I expected it to be going in. Although I’ve had experience with the Project DIVA series in the past (having reviewed Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd back in 2014), and I even imported the title (Project DIVA X) at the Japanese launch, it took me a decently long time to decide if some of the ... Read More »

Attack on Titan Review – Hunted Become The Hunters

Attack on Titan - Preview Image

Based on the Manga and Anime of the same name Attack on Titan (known as A. O. T.: Wings of Freedom in Europe) is a 3D Action game coming to you from Koei Tecmo. The title follows the storyline of the series until the end of the first season, allowing players to relive some of their favorite moments from the show. ... Read More »

The Turing Test Review – Remote Access Achieved

The-Turing-Test Logo

It is very easy for a video game to draw inspiration from the blockbuster. There is a craft to perfecting gunplay and timing explosives, but the gaming audience is usually forgiving of a lackluster thrill ride. It is a bit harder for a game to nail a serious tone. Requiring patience and forgoing fantastical elements can lead to players mocking ... Read More »

Metrico+ Review – Graphic Content

Metrico+ Header

In 2014, puzzle-platformer Metrico released as a PlayStation Vita exclusive. While it was an interesting looking game, it suffered from its need to use every single gimmick available on the Vita, leaving it rather awkward to control and not very fun to play. Two years later and it seems the developers are giving the game another shot with Metrico+, an ... Read More »

Umineko: When the Seagulls Cry Review – A Review in Red

Umineko logo

While author Ryukishi07 is best known in the West for his gory murder/mystery visual novel Higurashi, many of his other works have been relegated to Japan for years, available only to readers only via fan translations and less than legal channels. That changed recently when the second of RO7’s “When they Cry” series made its American debut on Steam. This ... Read More »

Road to Ballhalla Review – Balls to the Hall

Road to Ballhalla Header

Balls are great. You can roll them, bounce them, pass them to people, hit people with them, use them to play with your dog, and many other activities. Eventually, they get worn down and need to be tossed out and replaced, and that’s when the balls ascend to Ballhalla to receive their reward. Before they can get to Ballhalla, they ... Read More »

Strike Vector EX Provisional Review – Failure to Strike

Strike Vector EX_20160821233230

Originally released in 2014 as a PC exclusive online competitive shooter, Strike Vector was noticed for its fast pace combat and fun mechanics. However, it never really got much of an audience, not even breaking 1,000 players at its peak. Attempting to fix this, Strike Vector EX is an updated version of the game being released to consoles. Featuring a ... Read More »

Reigns Review – Addicted to Death

Reigns Logo

It’s good to be the king! Or at least that’s what we’re told. More often than not in Nerial’s card game Reigns, being king results in misery, death, and dismemberment. Yet, each unique path to destruction is your own choosing, and this addicting game will have players readily dying again and again. Reigns is a simple card game that puts players ... Read More »