Unravel Review – A Simple Love


Indie gaming has come a long way in the past decade. Arguably taking off due to Jenova Chen’s flOw and Jonathan Blow’s Braid in terms of mainstream potential, indie games are now part and parcel with the fabric of the gaming industry, often in good and bad ways. Good for giving us fresh ideas and unique takes on tried and ... Read More »

Plantera Review – Boredom Clicker

Plantera Header

Idle games occupy an interesting position in the video game climate. Most of us don’t really think of games like AdVenture Capitalist or Cookie Clicker as core video games, or even really recognize them as games at all. They’re really just distractions, nice ways to pass the time and still feel like you’re accomplishing something thanks to ever-increasing numbers, enticing you to get the ... Read More »

Firewatch Review – Real Talk

firewatch review

Many players will be immediately uninterested in Firewatch upon learning that the game is dreadfully close to the “walking simulator” genre. However, for narrative junkies like myself, there will certainly be more than a passing interest. Fans of Telltale’s style of adventure should be familiar with the way the game plays, which makes sense considering the pedigree of the game’s developers. Still, Firewatch manages ... Read More »

Fortified Review – Invasion of the Mars Men


In a time when most shooters seem dedicated to the idea of various paramilitary groups warring for their own survival, it’s sometimes nice to see a good old-fashioned fisticuffs between patriotic Americans and a completely alien foe. A throwback to a retro style without all that social paranoia souring it up with meaning. Fortified provides just that, with classic designs and clichéd ... Read More »

Flamebreak Review – Indie Classics Flambé


Flamebreak is a twin-stick fantasy fighter, with roguelike elements and a harsh difficulty curve. Drawing on inspiration from sources like The Binding of Isaac, FTL, and Rogue Legacy. Those are some pretty good titles to draw inspiration from, but Flamebreak feels, ironically, a bit more watered down than any of it’s inspirations. Having played each of those games and now having ... Read More »

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Review – I Am Turok!

Turok Header

Back in late 2014 and for two thirds of 2015, I ran a weekly column here at TechRaptor called First Person Saturday, where I’d give some old or overlooked FPS games a look. One of the games I always wanted to check out was Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, a 1997 FPS developed for both the Nintendo 64 and PC. However, there was ... Read More »

Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel Review – Hardcore Cat Fight

nitroplus review header

Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel is a great fighting game. With an interesting story mode, a varied selection of characters, and one of the most enjoyable battle systems I’ve used in recent memory, there’s a lot to like here. Nitroplus Blasterz’ premise isn’t all that different from last year’s Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax. You take a bunch of characters from ... Read More »

The Witness Review – A Matter of Perspective

The Witness Island

Imagine a world where your perception on your surroundings is as important as the air you breathe. Where you must always think on your feet and look at things at an angle. A world of constant challenge and achievement met with a cold disregard to your accomplishments. This sums up The Witness in a nutshell. For the past week, The Witness ... Read More »

Order of the Thorne Review – Hide and Seek

Order of the Thorne

The Order of the Thorne has an interesting and uncomplicated view of itself, presenting little and asking for even less of it’s players. The game begins with a bard named Finn establishing his motive, which is to be the best and most well-known bard in all the land. He wants to accomplish this by creating a song that sums up all the ... Read More »

Gravity Rush Remastered Video Review: Fly Like An Eagle


Coming in at $29.99 and hitting store shelves today, Gravity Rush Remastered takes the cult hit PlayStation Vita game and brings it to the PlayStation 4, with a nice fresh coat of paint. This comes as a prelude to the announced Gravity Rush 2 that’s coming down the road. Because I’m one of the YouTubers of TechRaptor, this is of course in a ... Read More »