Undertale Review – No Bones About It

undertale logo

I have spent countless hours wandering a bombed out wasteland in Fallout, venturing to alien facilities in Halo, and warring with dragons in Skyrim. Each of those worlds are fondly remembered, but they are nothing compared to the feelings I have for the world I only recently visited for a dozen hours. The world of Undertale feels instantly familiar and ... Read More »

Pop Puff and Away! Review – Sweet Puzzlin’ Cupcakes

Pop Puff and Away

Pop Puff and Away is a cute and casual mobile puzzle game from Accidental Rebel Games. Finalist for Best Kids and Family Friendly Game at Indie Prize Casual Connect Asia 2015 and  Best Mobile Game Philippine Game Festival 2014, this game is well polished. The aesthetic is cute and the puzzles are well-designed and challenging. In Pop Puff and Away players ... Read More »

Armikrog Review – A Fun but Broken Clay Adventure


After about two years of Kickstarter, development time and delays, Pencil Test Studios has finally released Armikrog, spiritual successor to the 1996 claymation point-and-click adventure The Neverhood. Armikrog puts players in the role of Tommynaut, youngest in a trio of astronaut siblings that is now a solo due to the other two being dead. Tommynaut is joined by his faithful ... Read More »

Pixel Galaxy Review – Pixelated Frenemies

Pixel Galaxy

Pixel Galaxy is a shoot ‘em up from indie developers Serenity Forge. This fun little game has some unique mechanics and a retro arcade vibe.  It was released on October 2, 2015 and is available on Steam for Windows and Mac. The first thing players will notice is that the music in Pixel Galaxy is great. Along with the upbeat ... Read More »

Amnesia: Memories Review – Piecing it All Together


Amnesia: Memories is a visual novel, if it wasn’t already clear, but more than that it is a dating sim. Not the one for guys like Katawa Shoujo or the more recent Huniepop, but the more traditional “otome” variety. Let me preface this review by stating that I didn’t quite understand what I signed up for when I first started playing ... Read More »

Card Hunter: Expedition to the Sky Citadel Expansion Review

Card Hunter Expedition to the Sky Citadel

Originally launched in 2013, Card Hunter is a unique blend of Dungeons and Dragons story and RPG elements combined with card-based gameplay. The game offers a wide range of campaigns and stories to play through as you level up your characters, and with its debut on Steam, has released an all new expansion: Expedition to the Sky Citadel. This science fiction ... Read More »

Volume Review – Quietly Underwhelming

Volume Header

Volume is a stealth game from Mike Bithell, the man behind Thomas Was Alone, which is a game that told a fantastic story using only colored blocks and, to be honest, will be a tough act to follow. Set in a time unknown, your job is to educate the country of England on how to take back their land from a Corporatocracy, run by ... Read More »

ClusterPuck 99 Review – Air Hockey Evolved

ClusterPuck 99

It seems that the local multiplayer craze of the past few years has hit a peak recently. The genre has expanded out far and wide, and many games that would have been praised before are now plagued by obscurity and fighting amongst their talented competition. ClusterPuck 99 had been out for some time on Desura before hitting Steam at the ... Read More »

STASIS Review – This Looks Nice But Please Shut Up

stasis cover

Point-and-click adventure are one of the great staples of gaming, but also the easiest to make fun of. Pretty much everyone has cracked a joke about the illogical thinking that sometimes goes into them, and STASIS is no exception to that mockery, but it is likely the most valuable asset the game has. STASIS began, like many large-scale indie games nowadays, as a Kickstarter. ... Read More »