Screamride Review – Seat Belts are Optional


There are two very specific things that Screamride does right. The first is to allow the player creative freedom to build any number of gravity defying roller coasters and watch them go. The second is that it shows the players the aftermath of said coasters in the form of hapless riders who get flung mercilessly from their cars, all shown ... Read More »

The Escapists Review – The Shawshank Pixelated Redemption

The Escapists

The Escapists is a game that made a name for itself during its Early Access period. The idea behind it is both simple and appealing: a prison escape simulator. At this time, in every article (including this one) about the game, you’ll encounter at some point a parallel with Prison Architect. As much as I think the developers of both ... Read More »

Anodyne Review – Yes of Course… a Broom!


With the current wave of indie titles, many developers are making games that show a clear inspiration from more retro titles. The best of these games give the feeling that their creators really loved the games of old. Anodyne, on the other hand, takes the retro throwback in a bit of a different direction. Read More »

Freedom Planet – 90’s gem for 10’s

Freedom Planet

Freedom Planet is a game by Galaxytrail that will remind any 90’s kid of a certain blue hedgehog. In fact, the force behind this game will not deny the inspiration. This is where the similarities end, however. Artistically, Freedom Planet has a Sonic The Hedgehog look about it, but the game play and voice acted story is where this game ... Read More »

Deathtrap Review — Good Fun With Friends

deathtrap artwork cover

Deathtrap was published and developed by NeocoreGames, the developer responsible for releasing the Diablo-like titles, The Incredible Adventures of Vanhelsing I & II, both of which were pretty warmly received and excelled at depicting a dark and tainted world. So it is no surprise that Deathtrap also does a good job at portraying a tainted and gothic environment. Released on Feb. ... Read More »

Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus Review – Everybody Loves A Good Beat-Em-Up

senran kagura

If there is one thing that the Senran Kagura series is proud to boast, it would have to be its dedication to fanservice. Both fans of the franchise as well as its detractors seem to agree on that front, as even the director of the series doesn’t hesitate to show his absolute devotion to the female body. If you’re reading ... Read More »

Throwback Thursday: Road Rash Review – Arcade Bike Fighting Action!


Getting punched going 140mph hurts. That being said, it is also an insane amount of fun. Road Rash on Sega Genesis has both of these in spades. A cross country bike racing game, it does a great job of mixing fast paced action, fast driving, easy to learn controls, and great music. The main gameplay is made up of sprint ... Read More »

Titans Review – Craft,Collect, Battle!

Titans Card Battle Mobile Game

Titans is a mobile battle card game from Uken Studios.  First released for iOS devices, the game is now available for Android.  Titans combines elements of crafting along with strategy  and real-time multiplayer game mechanics for a unique card battling experience. Read More »

New 3DS XL Review — Stable 3D At Last!

new nintendo 3ds xl

After many months of being available in Japan and Australia, the New 3DS XL has launched in North America and Europe. To the chagrin of many, Nintendo has decided to not release the standard-sized 3DS in North America, maintaining a strategy used for some time with the only models available being the 3DS XL and 2DS. As a result, those ... Read More »