WFFF:SAS:GOTH – Fun + Comedic But Unpolished.

Will Fight for Food Header

There aren’t that many game developers that would make a zany game like Will Fight for Food: Super Actual Sellout: Game of the Hour. Many of the games that do take the extra step to purposefully focus on comedy are point-and-click adventure games such as Monkey Island and Sam and Max. To my knowledge the only comedy that comes from 2D brawlers is the cheesiness ... Read More »

Convoy Review – Calling All Trucks

Convoy Spaceship

Convoy is a roguelike strategy game with some RPG elements developed by Convoy Games and released on Steam April 21st. I first heard about Convoy while browsing Kickstarter way back in October or November of last year, and I immediately knew it was something I’d be interested in. I covered it shortly around this time last month when it got ... Read More »

Silence of the Sleep Review – Nightmare Silhouettes Attack!

Silence of the Sleep 1

No splash screens. No music. Just the dismal patter of rain. The main menu slowly fades into view: a monochrome image of a cliff side. Fog and rain shroud the environment. The silhouette of a man stands at the edge. His coat flaps in the strong wind. No title, just the options. Press “New Game” and the options fade out, ... Read More »

Crypt of the Necrodancer Review – Inventive and Challenging

crypt of the necrodancer

Usually when you think of rhythm games, the first thing that comes to mind are games like Guitar Hero or DDR, but most likely you don’t associate it with fighting hordes of enemies and unlocking treasure in dungeons.  That is the basic premise of Crypt of the Necrodancer. A rhythm-based dungeon crawler, Crypt of the Necrodancer arrived on Steam last year as ... Read More »

Slow Down, Bull Review – Removing Stress Personified

Slow Down, Bull logo

Slow Down, Bull by Insomniac Games inc. is a game about a bull named Esteban who loves to make art and is looking for decorations for his art. The problem with Esteban the bull is that he gets stressed when collecting the decorations, thinking he’ll mess up. He gets less stressed by ramming walls repeatedly. His sister Mango, who is ... Read More »

Postal 2: Paradise Lost Review – World’s Bloodiest Errand Simulator

Postal 2 Review Featured Image

Postal 2 was released with much fanfare back in April 2003, though with many of the trumpets sounding suspiciously like screaming news anchors. It was nearing the height of the biggest moral crusade against video games at the time and debates about the title were everywhere. What made it so different from other games on the market was just how little it ... Read More »

The Charnel House Trilogy Review – Atmospheric Story Telling

The Charnel House Trilogy Logo

I am deeply in love with 90’s point and click adventure style games. The fact that I gave Grim Fandango: Remastered a great score despite it being bugged up the ass should be testament to that. When I heard Owl Cave were releasing The Charnel House Trilogy – a narrative based, horror point-and-click – the feel and the look reminded me of ... Read More »

Age of Wonders III Review – Strategic War & Battling


I have to admit that I am a complete and utter FAIL when it comes to the strategy, 4X genre. Luckily in order to write this review I have my Total War addict partner to hold my hand every step of the way. I had never been attracted to the genre before, but it was the siren-like call of the ... Read More »

Expeditions: Conquistador Review – Magnifico

expeditions battle

When it comes to RPGs on the PC we’re riding the Kickstarter high with Pillars of Eternity’s recent release, but that’s merely the cherry on the bakewell tart. Legend of Grimrock 2, Divinity: Original Sin, Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Dungeoneering College, Shadowrun: Dragonfall – all excellent games and future classics in their own right. Thing is, there isn’t a lot out ... Read More »

Fourms Review – Pretty Time Waster

fourms logo

I don’t play a lot of mobile games, but when someone on Twitter recommended that I check out a cute puzzle game with Tetris-like mechanics, I thought I would give it a look. Unfortunately, Fourms, this seemingly simple game, proceeded to steal away hours of my life. Instead of Tetris, it’s more like that matching the shape to the hole game which ... Read More »