First Person Saturday: Turok (2008)


The Turok franchise has a storied history. Long before Halo, it was one of the first console-centric FPS games to really make a name for itself. Its core conceit of hunting down dinosaurs is novel even today, and it was right there alongside Goldeneye making the case for FPS with a gamepad. Given all that, it is somewhat poetic that ... Read More »

35 Years of Pac-Man – The Kill Screen

pac-man kill screen 1

To celebrate 35 years of Pac-Man, the great yellow pizza himself, I thought I would try to give a detailed overview about one of the more famous glitches in video game history, the Pac-Man kill screen. If you are unfamiliar with the term, a kill screen is when something in the game goes wrong, and you are unable to continue ... Read More »

Empress of the Deep


Last year, I was spending a weekend with Chicago based socialite Lorelai Sandoval when she insisted that we stop at a place she referred to as a “dive bar,” and it certainly lived up to the moniker: It was loud and disheveled, used bottle caps in its interior design, and you were made to seat yourself. I had spent most ... Read More »

Playing Roles- The Etymology of RPGs, Part 2


(Read Part 1 Here) It was December of 1987 when Japanese designer Hironobu Sakaguchi released what he believed would be his final game. Sakaguchi, working under the game company Square, was frustrated with Square’s lack of direction and felt that focusing on something different for the popular Nintendo Famicom would help in revitalizing his passion for making games. Sakaguchi came up ... Read More »

Shoestring Gaming – Arcade titles and another free game!

Shoestring Gaming

Welcome to Shoestring Gaming, the weekly segment where we try to help you find some great games to play for some really great prices. This week on Shoestring we’re taking the theme of arcade games, so we have a couple of run and guns and 2D fighters that are cheap this week for you to try out. On top of ... Read More »

This Week In Kickstarter – Week of May 17

This Week in Kickstarter

We’re back baby! After a hiatus, This Week In Kickstarter returns to show you the big deals and hidden gems on Kickstarter. Umbra (PC and Linux) An open world, free progression hack n’ slasher. Umbra features an isometric perspective and takes place in a corrupted world falling apart. Players take the role of a former officer for the Human republic, forced ... Read More »

Screenshot Survey: Giant Crab Headbutt

Curious Expedition

Another week, another Screenshot Survey. This is the almost reliably weekly feature where we take a look at the best tweets to come out of any given #screenshotsaturday. Some are for games that don’t exist yet, some are for new releases, and some feature outlandish things that I personally find amusing. They all tell the stories of game developers, and ... Read More »

Crossing The Line With Game Cloning

Cloning Header

Game cloning is one of the only things the gaming world should be able to universally agree on. It’s an awful practice and it needs to go away. Game cloning is exactly what it sounds like: taking an existing game and altering the graphics a bit and renaming it, which in the mobile market is often as simple as adding HD, Pro, ... Read More »

First Person Saturday – Heavy Fire: Afghanistan

Heavy Fire Afghanistan Header

I’ve always had a fondness for rail shooters. This subgenre of first person shooters focuses on gunning down as many targets as possible before they can chip away at your health, and the control is taken completely from the player. Rather, you’re on rails, rarely performing a quick time event or two. Heavy Fire: Afghanistan is one of those games, but this ... Read More »

DeepFreeze could be the future of GamerGate


Disclosure: There was an attempted blacklist against me via the GameJournoPros Google group which DeepFreeze covers in an article. I discuss both within this editorial along with my reasoning behind my assessment. TechRaptor is also listed as an “ethical alternative” on the site. [Update: As mentioned in the article, DeepFreeze promotes TechRaptor as an “ethical alternative”; a decision by DeepFreeze’s owner ... Read More »