Screenshot Survey: Beedrill and Scythe-r

killing room

Happy Valentines Day, and welcome to the Screenshot Survey, where we take an early look at developing games through the magic of social media. Today is all about relationships, and is there any relationship bigger than the one between an indie game and its team? Toiling away for years to bring us the worlds of fantasy that we love to ... Read More »

Games You Never Heard Of: John Woo’s Stranglehold

John Woo Stranglehold GYNHO

Those who are fans of Hong Kong action cinema likely know director John Woo. Famous for his “gun-ballet” movies filled with tons of action, Mexican standoffs, and slow motion cinematography, many of Woo’s pictures are among the best action films ever made. Movies like The Killer, Bullet in the Head, and Hard Target are some prime examples of Woo’s work, ... Read More »

Accessibility Reviews – R.I.P.D. or Mommy, Look At My Eye Twitching!

R.I.P.D. Pair

I’ve played some uniquely designed games and some of these were so bad that I should have been arrested for playing them. While there’s a lot of content out there that deviates from the normal track, there are those elite video game developers who think that if they do what everyone else is doing and actually discourage creativity/ individual thought ... Read More »

Just Cause 3 & Positive Diversity

Just Cause 3 Title Shot

Why didn’t anyone talk about Just Cause 3? I mean sure, it had its coverage cycle, got good to mixed reviews, Shaun really liked it. It suffered from being the 4th or 5th (depending on how you feel about Rise of the Tomb Raider) big game released in a one month period. So maybe when we should have been talking about ... Read More »

Bullet Points: Blood’s Devotion to Horror

Blood Easter Egg

Duke Nukem 3D was a love letter to action movies. Shadow Warrior was a send up to media coming across the pacific, from the hyper violent anime of the 90s to the old kung fu aciton movies. Hell, even Doom can be seen as a tribute to the development team’s days spent playing Dungeons and Dragons while listening to blaring heavy metal. Back in the ... Read More »

To The Green – Urban Pirate

urban pirate ttg

Do you think you could survive in the big city without a reliable source of outcome? Could you blend into a society that seems more robotic and unwelcoming by the day? Would you survive when forced to commit crimes and escape via skateboarding? Urban Pirate, the turn based crime simulator from musician turned game developer Baby Duka , aims to answer these ... Read More »

Putting XCOM 2’s Customization to Test

XCOM 2 Header

I am a stickler for customization. I like to tweak sliders, change armor, and equip the weapon that fits the character best. So I guess naturally, the first thing I did when booting up XCOM 2 was jump into the character pool and start tweaking. At the time of writing, I’ve spent roughly two hours in the customization pool, and I’ve ... Read More »

Screenshot Survey: Voxel Takedown

path to the sky

This week, the Screenshot Survey brings you not only games being developed in the open, but also pre-announcements of announcements of games that will be developed in the open. It’s like two articles in one, only not really and also I’m not 100% sure what that means. In any case, if you’re looking for pretty pixels from the ever-growing indie ... Read More »

Partying in Hearthstone Like It’s 1996!

Hearthstone Logo

Oh, look, it’s a news post from Daxxarri about Hearthstone.  Might as well see what Dax has to say. Exciting changes are coming to the Tavern! We’re proud to announce that we’re introducing game formats to Hearthstone! Whether you’re just getting into Hearthstone or you’re a seasoned veteran, the new Standard format will help keep Hearthstone fresh, exciting, and accessible ... Read More »

Paper Mario and the Power of Charm

Paper Mario Header

The 5th generation of consoles was one of the best times to be an RPG fan. Final Fantasy VII, Xenogears, Chrono Cross, Wild Arms, Legend of Dragoon—I could go on and on with the hits. However, none of these classics can claim my spot as my favorite 5th-gen JRPG. None of them can even come close to touching my love ... Read More »