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Are Video Games Sexist?

tropes vs women

Following the recent interest in my video “Are Video Games Sexist?” I have decided to repost the video here complete with full transcript, so people can digest the material at their own pace. Ever since Anita Sarkeesian announced her idea for a new YouTube series, Tropes Vs Women in video games, there has been a loud discussion amongst fans. It ... Read More »

Cataclysmic Development: CDDA picks up the ashes

This could be you!

  When something, having built up progress, having become unwieldy and ultimately unstable, ends up shattering under its own weight. That’s a cataclysm, and the term applies both to the events of the survival roguelike Cataclysm and its own history of development. Both hold out hope from the ashes, however, and luckily for us both are open to experience ourselves. ... Read More »

IMO: Is Video Game Violence Gendered?


You hear often from some critics that video game violence is gendered towards women, but how true is this claim? Are women the primary victims in your quest to save the world from destruction? Or your quest to save the hostage? Well, let’s check the facts. If we were to say anything at all about enemies that you destroy on your ... Read More »

IMO: [Satire] Ima Win GotY 2014


WARNING: The following is supposed to be satirical. Serious things appear on the next page. With 6 weeks left of 2014, it seems to me the Game of the Year race is wide open.  There’s another Madden Warfare; Borderlands 2.5 is a disappointment; Dark Souls II isn’t accessible enough for the non-gamers in gaming media to assess if it is ... Read More »

Shoestring Gaming – Black Friday, Cyber Monday and More!


That time of the year for gamers working on a shoestring budget is among us, Thanksgiving weekend with all the glory and death of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. This week I’m going to be detailing as many different sales going on not just in physical stores but also in digital stores across America and around the World so ... Read More »

The Problems with Kotaku Lie Much Deeper than Corruption


Writer’s note: I have chosen not to link directly to any articles here in order to reduce the harassment of those involved. I researched this article myself and through information sourced to me, by asking my twitter followers and readers of /r/KiA. I would like to thank everyone who helped me, all opinions are as ever my own. Over the ... Read More »

IMO: How Freddy’s Shows Difficult Games are Good


Remember the first time you started this gig? The dude on the phone said that the animatronics were a bit wonky, yeah, but you never took to heart just how serious he was being. Started the night with a cup of coffee and a view of the whole place from inside your cozy office. You never knew that you were ... Read More »

IMO: How Ubisoft Lost its Way


Assassin’s Creed is an action adventure franchise published by Ubisoft. It can be said to be their most popular franchise to date, with fans worldwide, and a total of 10 games released for several platforms. Assassin’s Creed: Unity is the most recent addition to the roster, and as many have experienced, it is not just buggy, and unfinished, but also ... Read More »