Bullet Points – Wolfenstein: The New Order’s Perk System

Wolfenstein The New Order

Progression is one of the most difficult topics in game crafting. When you make a videogame, you want to make the player feel like what he’s doing has an impact, give the perception that he’s doing well, and that he’s getting better at the game. You do that by giving the player access to new features the more he delves in the experience. Wolfenstein: ... Read More »

First Person Spotlight – Plunder and Pillage

Plunder and Pillage

When I did my First Person Spotlight on Pirate Doom, I was fairly certain it was the only pirate-themed FPS in existence. I had done tons of research for this series, scouring far and wide, and I never found another pirate FPS. That was, until I accidentally stumbled upon Plunder and Pillage, a 2001 Build Engine game that I still can’t believe ... Read More »

12 Things I’d Like To See In Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Things I'd Like To See

Boy howdy have I been loving Stardew Valley. It’s nearly a perfect game, and the developer ConcernedApe has stated that he’ll continue to work on it for some time. I view it as a nearly perfect title with very little in the way of flaws. In fact, the biggest flaw I find is that I wish there were just more of everything in the game. ... Read More »

Gamers Aren’t Unwelcoming, They’re Just People

Dota 2

Inclusivity has become a buzzword for many that when used will often create presuppositions towards the writer in a fairly large audience immediately, regardless of whether they are familiar with who wrote it. The word has become a particular worry within the gaming community. A recent article from Matthew Ballinger over at PC Authority wrote about inclusivity in gaming for people new to ... Read More »

Gaming Obscura: Ninja Baseball Bat Man

Ninja Baseball Bat Man Cabinet

Just imagine, if you will, that you are a baseball bat wielding Ninja fighting hordes of living baseballs, catcher’s mitts, mafia dogs, and playing cards across the United States to collect golden baseball memorabilia stolen by a mysterious super villain who models himself after Babe Ruth. Still with me? Good, because this is the basic plot behind Ninja Baseball Bat ... Read More »

Tight.Wads – Aliens Total Conversion

Aliens TC Header

Wad, short for “where’s all the data,” is the file format used by Doom. Over the past twenty years, Doom‘s fanbase has produced thousands upon thousands of these Wads, ranging from simple sprite swaps to full-fledged total conversion epics. Here on Tight.Wads, myself and Perry Ruhland aim to bring you some highlight wads—be they the most creative, punishing, or downright fun. When many people think ... Read More »

Lionhead’s Legacy – The Movies

Lionhead Collection - Copy

So Microsoft has officially closed down Lionhead Studios. Depending on your age, the Lionhead name may not carry the same weight as our childhood friend LucasArts, but their legacy is one of daring unique games that will be fondly remembered for years to come. Lionhead were at one point comprised of key talent from the legendary Bullfrog Productions, and while those ... Read More »

Dark Souls III and Bloodborne: A Comparison in Game Design


From Software has developed a solid formula for making games. Starting with Demon’s Souls, they’ve nearly perfected this Western Style of RPG with their recent game Dark Souls III. But what From Software did differently than other formulaic games, they took the formula into two different series, Dark Souls and Bloodborne. These two series have become known as “Soulsborne” games because ... Read More »

Are Games Like The Division and Destiny Doomed to Repeat History?


For the past decade or so, games have effectively copied each other, integrating the best mechanics of certain genres and improving upon them if needed. Now that’s not to say that that’s a bad thing; after all, Halo popularized regenerating health systems that are now almost universal in shooters, leveling and ranking systems are everywhere, and let’s not forget how many ... Read More »

Sexy Heroines and the Female Power Fantasy


What’s happening to female characters in video games? They’ve been around forever and they’ve seen the changes of growing technology and differing trends, but it never felt like they ever truly lost anything. They simply grew with the stories and games, maybe became a little more numerous as games started including more characters and options. Recently though, they have changed. ... Read More »