Overwatch’s Summer Games Loot Boxes: Is It Pitchfork Time?


A somewhat new trend in modern gaming is the practice of offering free DLC. After all, it has only been a decade since people were protesting (or rather, mocking) Oblivion’s Horse Armor DLC for being nominal content that should have been included in a free update while praising paid DLC packs like the Shivering Isles DLC. Today, from Bungie’s Destiny to Rockstar’s Grand ... Read More »

To the Boys Who Flirt Through Video Games – It’s Okay

boy and girl gaming cover

There are two games that seem to be attracting everyone’s attention right now (and subsequently putting out the most news stories and the funniest memes): Overwatch and Pokemon GO. There are pretty massive differences between the two, but among their common traits is their social aspect. Overwatch is a competitive game that forces people to interact with a team to some degree in order to ... Read More »