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IMO: How Ubisoft Lost its Way


Assassin’s Creed is an action adventure franchise published by Ubisoft. It can be said to be their most popular franchise to date, with fans worldwide, and a total of 10 games released for several platforms. Assassin’s Creed: Unity is the most recent addition to the roster, and as many have experienced, it is not just buggy, and unfinished, but also ... Read More »

First Person Saturday – Darkwatch


Welcome back to First Person Saturday, the weekly series where I will be taking a look at some of the worst the First Person Shooter genre has to offer. Last week I suffered through the awful DOS title Nam, so I decided to treat myself to a legitimately good game this week. Darkwatch is a 2005 FPS developed by High ... Read More »

How #Gamergate Can Affect The Civil Liberties Of Us All. And An Expert’s View On Online Harassment


What with the recent controversies surrounding #gamergate pushing the issue of online harassment into the limelight, we have started to see some interesting proposals and developments in the discussion which could have ramifications on some of our most important aspects of modern social and political freedoms of speech. Which is the push for a redefinition of what is being perceived ... Read More »

IMO – Gaming’s Hollywood Problem

Spacey COD

With the release of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and the highly visible presence of one Kevin Spacey, I want to take a minute to talk about an interesting trend in modern gaming; that is their seeming desire to be movies more than anything. Take a second and do an experiment with me. Think about the best performance you’ve experienced ... Read More »

Shoestring Gaming – 11/20/2014


Fall is among us, or at least for those who are in the Northern Hemisphere and it means that this week for Shoestring Gaming we’re going to be talking about the start of the big fall sales. As well as fall sales there are also some old classics and even some newer games that haven’t had as much exposure that ... Read More »

IMO: The Road to Hell… the lasting effects of the GamerGate Controversy


“The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions”, as the old proverb goes. In other words; people will commit heinous acts in the name of what they believe to be a good cause. History is full of countless examples of this facet of human nature – whether demonstrated by the medieval crusades, or tragedies such as the holocaust – ... Read More »

IMO – “Hatred” and the right to exist.


Video games are fantastic at drawing controversy in one manner or another. Whether it’s EA discussing microtransactions or sexuality within the gameplay, causing a storm of drama with a video game isn’t incredibly difficult. With that being kept in mind, there is one particular topic that has been discussed in depth in regards to video games for years: violence. Though ... Read More »

What is #GamerGate Really About? – An Analysis of the Twitter Hashtag


Full disclosure: Both @The_Nimbus_ and I self-identify with Pro-GamerGate leaning. However, the sample tweets used in this article are picked completely at random, and not cherry picked to agree with our bias. This is so that readers can evaluate the validity of the study for themselves. All twitter handles have been removed from tweets for privacy. For the purpose of ... Read More »

IMO: Why Review Scores Need To Be Retired

ArcheAge Review Score header image

In my personal opinion, using a review score serves only to do a disservice to both the reader and game being reviewed. Many people often ask for objective reviews according to how good the various elements of the game actually are. The problem is, not many people agree on those facts alone. The fact is, all reviews are, are an ... Read More »

Soundtrack Sundays: Bring Back Battletoads

Battletoads Cover Cropped

Like I mentioned a few days ago when the resurrection of the Battletoads trademark surfaced, this series has surprisingly awesome music. Well, “surprisingly” only based on the fact that one typically wouldn’t look to a game featuring anthropomorphic amphibians battling space pigs for high quality tunes. It’s less surprising after taking a look at Battletoads’ pedigree. Anything that comes from Rare Studios in ... Read More »