First Person Saturday – Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD

Serious Sam HD

While I normally take a look at overlooked shooters here on First Person Saturday, sometimes it is fun to take a look at a classic. One of my favorite well known shooters is Serious Sam: The First Encounter, a FPS which focuses on special operatives soldier Sam ‘Serious’ Stone going back in time to fight aliens. The plot may be ... Read More »

Remaster Redundancy

Remaster Header

At the time of writing, there are nearly a dozen unique rereleases of major games from the 360/PS3 era onto the ‘new gen’ XBOX One and PS4 with signs of many more to come. To clarify, the count operates under the rule of excluding lower budget/indie titles and direct ports such as Rayman Legends. Only the titles that use words ... Read More »

Gaming Needs Its Own Academy Awards

Oscars Header

Recently, like about a billion other people, I watched the Academy Awards. It was a fun night of glamour, forced interviews and overhyped jokes about NPH’s Oscar predictions that had no real payoff. Somewhere around hour three I started thinking “Video games need this.” “But Wyatt!” I hear you, dear reader, say “We already have awards and shows for games! What ... Read More »

This Week in Kickstarter – Week of February 23

This Week In Kickstarter

We’ve got a good week for viewers today! A modular game controller for any size gamer, the sexiest dice you’ll ever see, and a Swiss Knife for your digital needs. All that and more you’ll find This Week In Kickstarter! Games Edge of Eternity @MidgarStudio An indie tribute to J-RPG classics, designed by a team of just four. Edge of ... Read More »

Screenshot Survey – Giant Spider Mount

Spider Mount

Every Saturday, game developers from around the world take a break from coding and testing to post tweets featuring screenshots of whatever they happen to be working on at the time. The current media landscape has been a boon to anyone interested in how exactly games are made, with some newer titles being completely documented from the first line of ... Read More »

The Ever-Expanding World of Digital Distribution

The Ever-Expanding World of Digital Distribution

In 2006, I purchased a physical copy of the Half-Life Anthology collection. It contained all of the original Half-Life games as well as Team Fortress Classic. Although the box contained a CD-ROM, I had to create a Steam Account in order to run the games on my computer. This was my first experience with a digital distribution platform. It’s been nine years ... Read More »

Retrospective Replay: Farcry 3

Farcry 3

This week, I re-installed Farcry 3. Farcry 3 was originally developed by Ubisoft’s Montreal studio and was released to the public on December 4th, 2012 for Windows, The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. It is a first person shooter where you take the role of Jason Brody, an American on vacation in the Cook Islands in the Pacific Ocean, where ... Read More »

First Person Saturday – Robocop


Let me get this out of the way. I love RoboCop. The original movie is one of my favorite action flicks of all time, and I was very excited to play RoboCop for the Xbox, despite its infamously low review scores. However, I soon was met with the harsh reality that Robocop is a terribly mediocre FPS that’s barely even worth a ... Read More »

Bustle: Questionable Ethics


I’ve been flirting with the periphery of GamerGate over the last couple of months, preferring to focus on the people trying to destroy the gaming industry.  This time, the focus is going to be on the editorial board of terrible propaganda e-rag Bustle. Read More »