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Subpar PC Ports Hurt Everyone

FFXIII editorial image 1

Square Enix’s announcement of the ‘Lightning Trilogy’[Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2 and Lightning Returns] coming to Steam a few months ago was cloaked in speculation and rumor until the first title in the trilogy dropped onto consumers’ laps on October 9th. Final Fantasy XIII is a grossly unoptimized port that manages to clock in at a whooping 60GB with a locked ... Read More »

Satire: GamerGate Is Over, According to Them


The following is a piece of (sort-of-ish) satire. Nothing in this content is to be taken at face value. Derp. Trigger Warning: Facts. GamerGate has become a movement that inspired many gamers to take up arms and defend what to them has been a hobby and a passion for decades from politically-slanted reviews, closer-than-comfortable interaction between journalists and developers, and the publications ... Read More »

Understanding pro and anti-Gamergate


GamerGate has been going strong for almost two months now, and it seems that most people still don’t know what it means to support the movement or to be against it. What follows is my attempt to describe the commonalities those people share. Obviously, not everyone pro-GamerGate will agree with what I put here, and the same goes for anti-GamerGate. ... Read More »

IMO: Shadow of Mordor Second Opinion


Another year, another Lord of the Rings. Peter Jackson will finally be closing out his Hobbit trilogy and I can rest easy in knowing that with its curtain call I won’t be pulled from my home in the dead of winter to watch another three hour ad placement for New Zealand’s burgeoning tourism industry any time soon. I’ll just put ... Read More »

Second Thoughts – Stop Deceiving the Consumer


Before I begin, first thing I wanted to say was that I have very much enjoyed the warm welcome from the community here at Techraptor. I look forward to producing content and writing articles for you for a good long while, so getting off to a good start was nice. Though I plan on continually putting forward more editorials, one ... Read More »

The Ceaseless March of GamerGate


Another day, another load of BS shoveled onto the pile of metaphysical manure that is the intellectually dishonest and cognitively dissonant narrative of anti-GamerGate. Read More »

The Price Structure of Games Needs to Change

Shovel Knight

Recently in games media we’ve seen a polar reaction to Sega’s Alien: Isolation. Some reviewers, such as our own Alex Taylor, are of a mind that Isolation does everything right that Colonial Marines did wrong. However another side to these reviews claim the games quality lacks as a result of its length. Ryan McCaffery said in his review of the ... Read More »

Opinion: Spacebase DF-9 Self-Destructs


Following the release of update 6.0 hilariously and prophetically dubbed “Brig Ambitions, Broken Dreams”, Kickstarter darling Double Fine announced in the middle of September that they would be prematurely wrapping up production on Spacebase DF-9, falling three years short of their projected five year development cycle. For those of you with a short memory, Spacebase DF-9 was the overall winner of Amnesia Fortnight ... Read More »

How to Handle Trolls and Toxicity in MOBAs


“You SUCK. Surrender now and UNINSTALL, ****” Chances are if you’ve played a game like League of Legends, DotA 2 or SMITE, you’ve probably heard stuff like this directed at you by angry, bitter players that seem more focused on fighting teammates than in-game enemies. The sort that make you wonder whether or not uninstalling the game might actually be ... Read More »