Should Mods be Monetized?

Shock and Awe Cod 4 modern warfare death

The issue of mods is something that is on a lot of gamer’s minds recently, as yesterday Valve Software unexpectedly announced that for Bethesda Softwork’s title The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, modders can now sell their work on Steam. Read More »

First Person Saturday – Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

Call Of Juarez Gunslinger

Western games are a bit of a rarity, especially in the FPS genre. Sure, you had Outlaws, and Darkwatch and Blood to an extent, but there’s only one series that consistently gave you a western First Person Shooter experience: Call of Juarez. However, before the release of Gunslinger, Call of Juarez had its name sullied by the subpar Call of Juarez: The ... Read More »

Go Home Gamer Girls! The Case of Calgary Expo

honey badger brigade

I can’t believe I have to write an article like this in 2015; the drama involved feels so high school I could swear it was still the 90’s, and yet it would appear that it doesn’t matter how old you are, fear of exclusion is very much real. I am of course talking about the Honey Badger Brigade and their ... Read More »

The Phantom Fortune: The ESA and Gaming’s Lost Legacy


There is a scene in the 1932 classic Marx Brothers comedy Horse Feathers that most likely confuses modern audiences. Groucho’s trademark wit is held back by strange skips and missing lines, and several bits look as if they were lifted from a dubbed foreign film. This is because the print that survives today is incomplete. Like many of its contemporaries, ... Read More »

Backlash Erupts Amid Reveal of Steam Workshop Paid Mods – Updated

Steam Logo

Modding has been one of the defining features of PC gaming for decades. The idea that you could modify the game you purchased – maybe add content, or restore features that were abandoned in development – has led to many games and genres coming into existence. Some of the most popular PC games today began as a mod; in fact, ... Read More »

Women, Perception, and the Gaming Community

Gaming Perception

With the recent fiasco of gamer girls actually being tossed out of a convention, the state of the gaming community seems rather unclear. Is geek culture only welcoming to people who think and feel a certain way, or is it a robust hobby for anyone, from any walk of life? Are there truly people that the community doesn’t want and ... Read More »

Shoestring Gaming – A bit all over the place

Shoestring Gaming

Welcome to Shoestring Gaming the weekly segment where we try to help you find some great new games to play while still working within your budget. This week there was no real theme to be found across discounted games retailers so I just found a couple of great deals on great games for you this week from Steam and from ... Read More »

The Takeaway From Mighty No. 9’s Former Community Manager

Beck MightyNo9

Mighty No.9 is releasing soon, a game many people were initially hyped about. This sentiment would later be replaced with doubt as Comcept’s community manager burned a couple of bridges. Good news for backers, she’s gone. It all started with a Kickstarter project that promptly gained traction from hardcore Mega Man fans. Robot master himself, Keiji Inafune, assembled a team ... Read More »

This Week in Kickstarter – Week of April 19

TWiK Cover 419

This Week in Kickstarter we have a surreal point-and-click adventure set in a bird cage, a little device that cooks for you and a pillow that maximizes your sleep potential. DreamCage 28 A surreal point-and-click adventure with a unique setting and atmosphere. DreamCage 28 is a successor to Big Loop Studios previous success Escape From 26. In both games, your objective ... Read More »