Rayman: Difficulty in Review


20 years ago, Ubisoft came out with a  game called Rayman featuring a thingamajig  punching his way through worlds made of pencils and instruments. The game received critical and commercial success becoming a must-play for Playstation owners. It was bizarre, imaginative, and horrendously difficult. If you owned Rayman as a kid, you probably didn’t beat it unless you were one ... Read More »

[Updated] Konami Is Doing Everything In Its Power To Ruin Phantom Pain Launch


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain launches tomorrow and is highly anticipated by many as one of the biggest games of the fall. This is astonishing considering Konami’s current stance on gaming, with gambling quickly becoming their main focus along with a vested interest in mobile titles. Perhaps this is why Konami is acting like The Patriots, controlling and ... Read More »

Screenshot Survey: Cops of Sewer City


August is slowly coming to a close, and we have plenty of AAA games to look forward to as mentioned last week on the Screenshot Survey. We also have several notable events going on this very moment. PAX Prime is just around the corner, so there should be a few more headlines before the winter rush. On the indie side ... Read More »

Playing Roles- A Heroes of Might and Magic Retrospective

Heroes of Might and Magic Cover

In the wake of discussing tactical role-playing games, I would be remiss if we didn’t mention one more cousin to the genre: the Heroes of Might and Magic series. A spin-off to the popular dungeon crawlers of the same name, Heroes of Might and Magic would become a successful turn-based strategy game franchise, pitting massive armies of fantastical creatures against ... Read More »

This Week in Kickstarter – TOTALLY LEGAL

Divinity- Original Sin 2

This Week in Kickstarter we’ve got a sequel to a smash hit, a new way to interact with the digital world, and a Gameboy inspired Raspberry Pi emulator.  Divinity: Original Sin 2 The sequel to the hit Kickstarter. What can be said at this point? The title delivers more to you than I could in words! Divinity: Original Sin wow’d ... Read More »

Indie Interview – Whalebox Studios on Their New Game Goliath


TechRaptor recently interviewed Tyler Nagata of Whalebox Studios about their new game, Goliath, a Survival Mech Builder. Goliath is a third-person action-adventure survival game set in a chaotic world filled with monsters. This open world title allows players to build and customize their robots using gathered materials. Goliath is made by Whalebox Studios, a team of experienced indie developers looking ... Read More »

Most Anticipated Game of Fall 2015 – No Man’s Sky?

No Mans Sky Logo

It is really hard to describe the allure of No Man’s Sky. For such an ambitious, overreaching game, it has certainly made a significant impact in the past year and a half with constant updates showing off this vast universe in-game, while fans wait patiently for the chance to play in the sandbox the team at Hello Games is creating. Even then, ... Read More »

Konami, the Source of All Evil in the World

a hideo kojima game

Remember how cool Konami used to be? Home of franchises like Silent Hill, Castlevania, and of course the celebrated Metal Gear series. Father of the “Konami code.” By far one of the most celebrated development companies in the industry, now seemingly degraded into a company whose most recent rise to notability is almost completely negative. If you go through the timeline of Konami in ... Read More »

Most Anticipated Game of Fall 2015 – Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker

By now you’ve likely heard of Nintendo’s upcoming stage builder game set in the Mario universe. For those of you who don’t manage to get Wi-Fi through that rock you live under, Super Mario Maker—formerly just “Mario Maker—is a 2D level building game where gamers can make their own Super Mario levels and share them online. (Think Little Big Planet but ... Read More »

Defining GamerGate in Less Than 5 Minutes


The below is my attempt to define GamerGate in less than five minutes, something the SPJ Airplay morning panelists were tasked with. Personally, I thought it was a really poor attempt that could have been much better with more preparation, especially considering the definition of GamerGate was a known topic since July 13th. I tried to present it in a ... Read More »