Anonymous Hacks Swedish Government


Online hacktivist group Anonymous hacked into the Swedish Government yesterday, posting email addresses and passwords to the internet. The attack was first announced on one of Anonymous’s twitter feeds, @anonymousglobo. The attack came as a response to the Swedish Governments seizure of the torrenting website The Pirate Bay, and affected not only email addresses from the Swedish government, but certain email addresses ... Read More »

Misfit bundled with health insurance


US wearable tech firm Misfit has teamed up with a New Jersey based Oscar Health Insurance company to distribute fitness trackers and pay users to use them. As of the coming year those insured through Oscar Health Insurance will receive a free Misfit Flash fitness tracker, a $25 value. The insurance company will as will issue their clients incentives to use ... Read More »

Imagination’s Creator CI20 to Compete with Raspberry Pi

creator CI20

The market for barebones computers will be getting a new addition soon from Imagination named the Creator CI20. The microcomputer is in many ways an improvement over Raspberry Pi with more processing power, on board storage, and memory. In the past, Imagination has mostly been the developers of MIPS processors and PowerVR graphics cards. For the Creator CI20, MIPS and ... Read More »

FCC Commissioner faces Reddit AMA.


Mignon Clyburn, Commissioner of the USA Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently did a one hour Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit. The FCC has recently been the center of much debate and controversy. Some weeks ago they gained the collective ire of the US when they failed to make a decision on net neutrality and choose instead to push the ... Read More »

Alienware Alpha “Console” Now Shipping


If you can remember months ago, Steam Machines were being developed and tested. Dell and Alienware were slated to develop a SteamOS-based console, but decided to also make a standalone console as well. The Alienware Alpha is said console, but it is closer related to a small form factor PC than the PS4 and Xbox One. It was announced earlier ... Read More »

New from Nokia; N1 Tablet and Z Launcher.


Yesterday Nokia tweeted the picture of a mysterious black box, and told us to wait a day for some big news. Today we discovered the contents of the box; the Nokia N1, an android based tablet. This device is a strange Hail Mary for the Finish tech company that once bragged about being the largest mobile phone vendor worldwide.  Last ... Read More »

Intel announces S2600TP Server Family


Today, Intel announced the S2600TP family of dual socket servers targeted at high-performance computing, cloud and data storage solutions, which support the Xeon E5-2600 V3 processor line. Read More »

Anonymous vs. KKK


Internet group Anonymous has taken over the twitter account of the Ku Klux Klan, a USA white supremacy group. The story stems from Ferguson Missouri, where in August of this year Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager was shot and killed by a white police officer named Darren Wilson.  This event has led to civil unrest in the form of ... Read More »

The Windows 8 Userbase is Catching Up with XP


NetMarketShare recently released the October statistics for operating systems, and it seems that Windows 8 is on its way to passing XP in total number of users. Of Windows 8.1 alone, the market share has leapt from 6.7% last September to 10.9% October. Combine that with the 5.88% of Windows 8 users who haven’t downloaded the 8.1 update, which brings ... Read More »