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Windows 8, the new Vista?


Although the poor sales have drawn comparisons to Windows Vista, just how unsuccessful has Windows 8 been? Has the damage been beyond sales i.e. should be expect a mass movement back to XP/7 like we had with Vista users moving back to XP? I intend to discuss these points and analyse just how much Windows 8 is in some ways ... Read More »

Much of the Same (Samsung vs. Apple)


Prior to the unpacked 5 event , I was really hopeful for the Galaxy S5 and here is why. After the garbage that was the S4 conference, Samsung said they were taking a step back to realize what they did so well with their first few Galaxy devices. Innovation, it is a word that is thrown around so easily in ... Read More »

Coding For Education (Computer Science As A Second Language)


Coding is becoming a more important aspect of our lives the further and further we come. Kids today are playing with different devices right out of the womb. With the importance, impact and career opportunities that technology has, don’t you think we should learn the brains of the products that we have become so connected to? 4 weeks back The ... Read More »

[part 1] Building your own custom gaming PC: Price Points


How to build the best gaming PC for you When building your first gaming PC, several questions should come to mind. Which parts should I buy? Which parts do I need? How do I recognise compatibility issues? Daunting questions like these often have the potential to scare prospective builders into buying prebuilt, but after reading this guide, all questions will ... Read More »

3 ways to use old laptop hard drives

ways to use your old laptop hard drive

I know many of you out there think laptop hard drives are a one trick pony. Many people make the mistake of throwing the entire laptop away, hard drive included, thinking they are now useless and just a hunk of junk. On the contrary, these small power houses are just as good as their counterparts. They can be difficult to ... Read More »

Plex Media Server – An all in one media solution

Plex Media Server

I’ve been personally been using Plex for months, and have come to the conclusion that it is the best solution for anyone looking to view their media collection on any device, both on and off their home network. Instantly view your videos, photos, and music instantaneously on any device. With a server application for Windows, Mac, Linux, and NAS Devices, ... Read More »

Solid State or Hard Drive disk?


Maybe you’re building a new computer, upgrading one, or just curious about which is better. Obviously, if you are looking for more speed, Solid State (SSD) is the best way to go. If you are looking for a drive that is cheaper, and may last longer depending on how well you treat it, then you are looking at getting a ... Read More »

12 Rules for Calling Tech Support

12 rules for calling tech support

We already did a post a while back, titled 10 things that tech supporters can’t stand, which outlined the 10 things that drive us all (us being tech supporters) a bit batty when you have already called. The purpose of that post was to show you how to treat us a bit better. The purpose of this post? To enlighten you ... Read More »

Increase your Productivity with Multiple Monitors

increasing your productivity with multiple monitors

Productivity is the key to great success. Modern businesses and the world around them are quickly changing. The businesses that adapt and change with the times are the ones that will always succeed. But you don’t need to only change your business practices, but your technological practices as well! Most people are content with their aging technology in a time ... Read More »

Spring cleaning for your PC

Spring Cleaning for your PC

It’s that time of the year, when you have to (hopefully) clean up the mess that your house and car have become during the freezing months of winter, although this winter was a bit wacky in terms of temperature. Unless you are lucky enough to stay somewhere warm during this time, spring means one thing; time to do some tidying ... Read More »