The Round Up: Best Graphics Cards Dec. ’14


[Picture credit] So, the end of the year is almost upon us, and people are clamoring for gifts all around. As computer people, it’s always an exciting time to see what stuff goes on sale. With this list, we can see the Best Graphics Cards for everyone’s budget, even before after Christmas sales. Just like the last list, we’ll go ... Read More »

Anonymous Hacks Swedish Government


Online hacktivist group Anonymous hacked into the Swedish Government yesterday, posting email addresses and passwords to the internet. The attack was first announced on one of Anonymous’s twitter feeds, @anonymousglobo. The attack came as a response to the Swedish Governments seizure of the torrenting website The Pirate Bay, and affected not only email addresses from the Swedish government, but certain email addresses ... Read More »

Notebook Round-up: Best Gaming Notebooks


[Picture Credit] This week, we’re going to be looking at the Best Gaming Notebooks, as the title suggests. These aren’t going to be your usual notebooks, either. Quality stuff, not laptops you could get at most big box stores. This will be a simple list, showing off the three notebooks I think really offer the best gaming experiences in terms ... Read More »

IMO: The Ring, Kickstarter and Too Good to be True

Kickstarter Logo

In the last couple of days you might have heard about the “Ring” by Logbar. It was supposed to be a bluetooth ring that could charge wirelessly and control anything with gestures from your finger, emphasis on supposed to. This is a product that was successfully Kickstarted to the tune of $880,998 ($630,998 more than the initial goal of a quarter-million) ... Read More »

Misfit bundled with health insurance


US wearable tech firm Misfit has teamed up with a New Jersey based Oscar Health Insurance company to distribute fitness trackers and pay users to use them. As of the coming year those insured through Oscar Health Insurance will receive a free Misfit Flash fitness tracker, a $25 value. The insurance company will as will issue their clients incentives to use ... Read More »

Imagination’s Creator CI20 to Compete with Raspberry Pi

creator CI20

The market for barebones computers will be getting a new addition soon from Imagination named the Creator CI20. The microcomputer is in many ways an improvement over Raspberry Pi with more processing power, on board storage, and memory. In the past, Imagination has mostly been the developers of MIPS processors and PowerVR graphics cards. For the Creator CI20, MIPS and ... Read More »

Techraptor Retro Thursdays: SNK Neo Geo CD

The most professional of gear-spec

[Editor’s Note: I’m sorry, we missed our first Retro Thursday due to some dental work. We will debut it today and it will be on Thursdays from now on. Enjoy! JRM] Welcome to the first instalment of the fortnightly feature ‘Techraptor Retro Thursdays’, where we take a look at a specific retro system or game. We give you the backstory, ... Read More »

PC Gaming Gift Guide: Awesome Peripherals!


(Image Credit) After Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc., you may not have been able to find the PC gamer in your life something they might enjoy and use on a daily basis. We’re gonna help you do that, just to make shopping a little bit easier. So if you need a gift for the hardcore gamer in your life, or ... Read More »

PSA: Always Research the Company


My gaming desktop recently died.  I could very likely troubleshoot the problem, replace some parts, and get it back up and running, but seeing as it is 6 years old I opted to start fresh and new.  I’ve built most of the computers I’ve owned, but most of that was back when I didn’t have a wife and kids on ... Read More »