Raptor Giveaway – Of Kings and Men (3 Codes)

of kings and men cover

It’s Friday, and our Kickstarter is over! We raised over $4200 towards our site’s redesign, and a bunch of people won some great games through our campaign giveaways. However, the fun doesn’t stop just because we reached our goal! This week’s giveaway comes thanks to our new friends over at Green Man Gaming, which is one of the companies that ... Read More »

Raptor Giveaway – LawBreakers Alpha

LawBreakers Logo

Arena shooters are all about movement. They’re about knowing the map, finding power weapons, and staying one step ahead of whatever rocket projectile is barreling towards you. LawBreakers takes this rule to its heart, with characters being defined by their movement abilities as much as their preferred firearm of choice. I’ve had the opportunity to play the game a few times ... Read More »

Raptor Giveaway – This War of Mine (Steam)

This War of Mine Logo

TechRaptor’s Kickstarter giveaway train continues! This time around, we have a copy of This War of Mine, a survival management game about the tough choices someone has to make in the middle of a war zone. It is the unique game that takes power away from the player, forcing them into difficult situations and testing their resolve in the direst of circumstances. ... Read More »

Raptor Giveaway – Dropsy (Steam)

Dropsy Header

For the vast majority of people, an average clown is a scary thing. Therefore, I can understand why a lot of folks are turned off by Dropsy. The game’s protagonist is creepy compared to other clowns. However, his offputting appearance is a vital component to the story that Dropsy tells. Despite being creepy, this clown that loves to give out damp hugs is ... Read More »

Rewind Review Week 2016

Retro Game Sale Gamestop

Last year we began something we have been calling our “Theme Week.” Every month, we dedicate a week with at least one article a day around one sort of theme. We celebrated Mario’s 30th Anniversary with a theme week, had staff argue for what they considered the best game of Gen 7, and more. However, it all started off last ... Read More »

Raptor Giveaway – South Park: The Stick of Truth

South Park The Stick of Truth of Justice

It’s Friday, so it’s time for another Raptor Giveaway! If you haven’t heard, we’re currently running a Kickstarter to help fund the next version of our website, making sure we can expand to a scope that best fits our quality of content and our growing audience. To celebrate reaching our initial goals, we will be running a series of higher ... Read More »

TechRaptor 2.0 Kickstarter – We’re live!

TechRaptor Kickstarter

This is a project that I personally have been alluding to for a long time in our State of TechRaptor videos, because we kept pushing it back to ensure that everything was in place and that we had every piece of detail ready for you as we launch. Without any further delay: we’ve officially launched a Kickstarter for the full redesign and ... Read More »

Raptor Giveaway – Rising Storm (5 Codes)

tripwire rising storm 2

In anticipation of the release of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam later this year, TechRaptor is proud to team with Tripwire Interactive to bring our readers the chance to play the original Rising Storm on Steam. For those unfamiliar, Rising Storm is a realistic take on World War 2 combat, a follow-up to the previous Red Orchestra games. It is tactical and intense, the type ... Read More »

Raptor Giveaway – Downwell (PS Vita)

Downwell Preview Image

Happy Friday! It’s time for another Raptor Giveaway, and this week, we have just a single code to give away. The fine folks over at Devolver Digital and Moppin have granted us a code for the PlayStation Vita version of Downwell, the monochrome roguelike about shooting enemies with your boots while you fall down a well. It’s also about visiting shops ... Read More »