State of TechRaptor – March 2016

State of TechRaptor

March has come and gone for another year and we move into Spring here at TechRaptor happy to have all of you here to share the weather with us. We’ve passed our third birthday and look forward to spending many more with all of you! While this past month wasn’t as busy as past or future ones will be, there ... Read More »

Giveaway – Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (9 Codes)

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

TechRaptor has teamed with indie developer Asteroid Base to present another Raptor Giveaway! We have ten copies of Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime to raffle off to our readers. The co-op space adventure has trekked onto consoles this year with a PlayStation 4 release, but our codes are all for the PC original. Nine of these codes will be given away below, and one of ... Read More »

TechRaptor April QnA Announcement

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We’ve been less than regular with our monthly QnAs for a while now, but we plan on fixing that starting with this month. From this point on we will be doing them at least once a month and will be announcing them through a blog post and spreading the word around. This month’s QnA will be taking place April 23rd at 7:00 ... Read More »

March’s Theme Week – Bullet Points

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For about two months now we have been running an article series entitled “Bullet Points” on Thursdays. This month, to highlight that relatively new series, we thought we’d devote a whole week of articles to it. So, expect at least on  Bullet Points article each day this whole week. The only guiding principle for a Bullet Points article is that ... Read More »

Celebrating 3 Years of TechRaptor!

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TechRaptor was founded in March of 2013 with the purpose of creating a new site for people to get their technology and gaming news, and thus far we’ve managed to build an amazing community that shares the same passions that we do. We’ve been at this for three years now, and we’ve learned some amazing lessons, met incredible people and developers, ... Read More »

Giveaway – Fortified (9 Codes)


With this Raptor Giveaway we’re bringing a game we reviewed relatively recently. We have 9 copies of Fortified for giveaway, a title developed and published by Clapfoot for PC and Xbox One. Like our review, the giveaway is all PC codes. Check out what we said in our Fortified review: “Fortified is a tower defense shooter in the vein of Iron ... Read More »

Introducing KekRaptor

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Here at TechRaptor we’ve done just a few satire posts in the past, some of which were of course on April Fools’ Day last year. Since then we have had several writers show an interest in writing satirical articles, so KekRaptor is their outlet to do so. But wait, we are supposed to be serious and be professional all the time, ... Read More »

A Major Milestone In Our Journey – 5 Million Pageviews

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For humans and raptors, what keeps them alive is the blood that flows in their veins. For a website – it’s the users that visit on a regular basis that keep it alive, and the pageviews that come along with those users. Those pageviews have been steadily increasing for us, and we want to share our thanks, and this milestone ... Read More »

Site Update On An Auto-Playing Ads Issue

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Hello TechRaptor Readers, I just have a quick update in regards to the ads on our site. To start off, we’d like to apologize to anyone who had any auto-playing ads (edit: video + sound ads) on our site—for any annoyance or issues this may have caused. We don’t allow overly annoying/NSFW video ads, or any ads that automatically play sound, ... Read More »

We’re changing how we do affiliated links, here’s why

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When it comes to affiliating links and journalism, it’s hard. People like to accuse you of bias purely for including a link to a product, even when there is none, and to be honest, you don’t make much from affiliating your links to begin with. TechRaptor has been affiliating its links automatically with a service called VigLink (referral link) since ... Read More »