There Is No Diversity Crisis In Tech by Brian Hall

Silicon Valley Diversity

Editor’s Note: We are reposting this article by Brian Hall with his permission after he got the copyright to it from Forbes. It had previously been up on their website for about 24 hours and then got pulled for mysterious reasons with “violating terms” cited but no more description. While there are a lot of theories on why it was pulled, we ... Read More »

A Week of Mario

Super Mario Bros Boxart

TechRaptor’s Theme Week has returned, and the obvious theme for this month was of course Mario, as Super Mario Bros. just celebrated the 30th anniversary of its release in Japan on September 13th. Check out an article Robert Grosso wrote on the game changer that was Super Mario Bros. to celebrate that day—you’ll probably learn a few things about the mustachioed man ... Read More »

Gratipay Followup: A Necessity for Clarity

gratipay logo

A github post discussing our application was brought to our attention from an email we received from Gratipay (this is what the email is largely in response to). In it you should see a lot of insight into the reasoning/discussion behind the application process at Gratipay. You’ll also find some rumination on how they plan on improving the application process through ... Read More »

[Updated] A Warning on Gratipay’s Application Process

gratipay logo

Update: Gratipay responded to us in Email, where the same Tech Communications guy told us that our application had been reopened on their github for discussion. He posted his thoughts on it as well saying “I don’t think this post qualifies TechRaptor as “haters”” among several other comments, also suggesting that there needs to be some more rigor in the ... Read More »

Gamescom 2015 Coverage Hub

Gamescom Featured Image

Welcome to Gamescom 2015, the current place to be if you want to get all the latest news. Much like other big gaming events there is plenty in store for this week as more news will be coming from Cologne, Germany. What you can expect from this page is a place to be linked to all of your Gamescom 2015 ... Read More »

July’s Theme Week – The Best Game of Gen 7

Xbox 360 Logo

Last month for theme week, dubbed Rewind Review Week, we looked at games that were at least 10+ years old and reviewed them. This month, we decided to keep looking back at a generation that now almost has some games nearing the 10 year old mark. We felt like this E3 was really the last where even a small amount ... Read More »

Introducing Quick Takes

trethics 1

News is a bit of a difficult area for everyone; people want to get the information, but we feel, given that there are a numerous set of sources, that we have to add value to it in some way or another. Typically, value is added via context, speed, thoroughness on what’s available, or a combination of the three. Today, we ... Read More »

Introducing Rewind Review Week

Retro Game Sale Gamestop

Hello fellow Pack members, we here at TechRaptor are starting a new type of feature that you can expect to see from us on the last full week of the month every month. For that week, we have internally started to call “Theme Week,” we will be choosing a theme and having one article a day featuring whatever that theme may ... Read More »

[Final Update]GamesNosh, Ethics Policies, and Patreons

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It is with apprehension and a heavy heart that we have to bring the following information to light. There are updates at the bottom of this post, with full details and email snippets of the resolution, as well as a lengthy FAQ for the questions we’ve come across on Social Media, Comments, Reddit, and More. First off though, we’d just ... Read More »

E3 2015 Coverage Hub

E3 2015

Welcome to E3 2015, the grandest pageantry in all of gaming. Here we sit around and watch companies announce how they plan to make money in the year ahead. In less cynical terms, it’s also where we can find out more about our favorite franchises, what to expect and use it as a method to save money from the Steam ... Read More »