Bring back the Start Menu to Windows 8/8.1


With Windows 8 receiving massive backlash from customers and PC manufacturers, it is safe to assume this is due to ‘Metro’, sorry Modern UI. Unfortunately due to the lack of touch screen use by most computers, Modern UI’s main appeal fails, and it quickly becomes unintuitive and I personally found myself searching through every menu for things I would find ... Read More »

Multi-Monitor settings lost after reboot

increasing your productivity with multiple monitors

Do you have a multi-monitor configuration with two or more monitors? Are your monitor settings lost after reboot, reverting back to a single monitor, making your completely reconfigure your settings? If so, the issue could stem from having Windows Live Mesh (A Microsoft LogMeIn Competitor that has since been discontinued) currently or previously installed on your machine. Here’s the fix: Read More »

FYI: Windows 8.1 is out today


Heads up everyone! Windows 8.1 just landed in the Microsoft Store for download. There are a bunch of improvements, most notable is the addition of the missing start button that was missing from Windows 8. Keep a lookout for a review from us later in the week. To download, you should see it in the Microsoft Store as a tile. ... Read More »

Error 0xc0000135 – How To Fix It

Microsoft Dot Net

Are you getting the error message: “Application failed to Initialize properly: 0xc0000135″  and cannot find out what is wrong? As you might have already found (if you did a web search of course!), the most common cause for this error is not having the .NET framework installed on your system (or not installed properly). There is an easy way to ... Read More »

Windows Remote Desktop won’t lose the scroll bars

RDP microsoft

If you are using Remote Desktop, and it looks minimized (with scroll bars) and maximizing it doesn’t fix the issue, here is a quick fix! If you are using an icon on your desktop for RDP, right click on it and choose “edit”. From there, choose the display tab and set it for “Full Screen”. Hit connect at the bottom ... Read More »

Outlook Express Messages Stay in Outbox

Outlook Express Logo

If you are still using Outlook Express, and are sending an email that stays in your mailbox no matter how many times you hit “Send/Receive” there is a very easy fix for this. Essentially, the mail is still sending, but there is not enough room in your “Sent Items” for it to move, so stop trying to send it as ... Read More »