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NVidia Unveils the Titan-Z Card, A $3,000 Graphics Juggernaut

NVidia Titan-Z

In case you weren’t satisfied with how much your current graphics card can make a fool out of modern games, NVidia has your back with an insane new product. The Titan-Z Graphics Card improves upon the current Titan, and sports 12GB of VRAM. Hoping to be the card of choice for those who want an unmatched experience, the Titan-Z houses ... Read More »

Reduce Eye Strain From Your Computer Screen With f.lux

f.lux screen

If you’re anything like me, your eyes spend a lot of time baking in front of some sort of brightly lit screen. While “frying your eyes”  isn’t an actual thing that can happen, the strain I feel after a long night of computer activity feels real enough. A program called f.lux works to alleviate that. The premise is simple enough. ... Read More »

Multi-Monitor settings lost after reboot

increasing your productivity with multiple monitors

Do you have a multi-monitor configuration with two or more monitors? Are your monitor settings lost after reboot, reverting back to a single monitor, making your completely reconfigure your settings? If so, the issue could stem from having Windows Live Mesh (A Microsoft LogMeIn Competitor that has since been discontinued) currently or previously installed on your machine. Here’s the fix: Read More »

Clear temporary files from all users on terminal server


Is your terminal server (or computer) starting to fill up on space? If so, clearing out your temp files could potentially clear up a ton of space! There are multiple ways of doing this, but if you have multiple users on your server that use the internet/server regularly, a program called ICSWEEP is perfect for you. It only takes a ... Read More »

Computer is unable to copy and paste

Copy and Paste

Are you using your computer (Adobe, Word, etc) and getting an error message or otherwise unable to copy and paste? Here are a few solutions: Fix 1 Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Internet Options Click on the Security Tab and find “Drag and Copy or Paste” and make sure it is Enabled Fix 2 Go to Start -> ... Read More »

Unable to edit the hosts file

Windows Cool

Are you unable to edit the hosts file in C:WindowsSystem32Driversetc ? Does it say messages such as: You don’t have permission to save in this location. Contact the administrator to obtain permission. Would you like to save in My Documents folder instead? Access to WindowsSystem32Driversetc hosts was denied Cannot create the WindowsSystem32Driversetc hosts file. Make sure that the path and file name ... Read More »

Outlook crashes when printing

Microsoft Outlook Logo

If you are running outlook 2007/2010 you may run into an issue where you are Outlook crashes when printing, rendering you unable to print. Thankfully, there is an easy fix, as the issue is with the OutlPrnt file under: C:UsersApp DataRoamingOutlook in Win7 C:Documents and SettingsLocal SettingsOutlook in XP Just rename this file OutlPrnt.old and run a repair of Office ... Read More »