Why You Should Avoid Metacritic


At one time or another I’m sure we have all found ourselves looking at Metacritic. Sometimes we are only looking for some of the most critically acclaimed games for a particular year, another time we may just be looking at past popular games to get an idea of something we may be interested in, and yet another time we may, ... Read More »

The Wayside- 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors


999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (999) is a text-heavy adventure-puzzle game based on a mystery/thriller story. Those are a lot of words to throw at you at once, but in its basic form, 999 fits all of those descriptions. What follows will be an argument for why you should play this relatively overlooked game. I will be upfront: ... Read More »

Sony sells 9.5 Million Shares of Square Enix

Sony and Square Enix

Sony and Square Enix, the makers of the Final Fantasy series, have had a long history of game making together. Until now, Sony owned 8.2% of Square Enix through their 9.5 million shares. Valued at $156 Million, Sony seeks to further streamline their operations, much like they have the last few months. Many may be wondering what this means for ... Read More »

IMO: Bioshock Infinite- Burial at Sea Episode 1


The original Bioshock is one of my favorite games of the last generation. It excelled in both atmosphere and storytelling, really raising the bar for both. It dealt with a thought provoking subject matter and cleverly utilised video game tropes to make a commentary on the  medium itself. It was a masterpiece. Bioshock Infinite just didn’t click with me like ... Read More »

IMO: The Wolf Among Us- Episode 3


I really enjoyed the third episode of the Wolf Among Us. The engrossing atmosphere was as strong as ever, the writing sharp and the narrative continued to go to decent places. I admit that the arc of the episode was somewhat predictable, but this predictable nature allowed for a number of well handled scenarios. A common complaint, and one found ... Read More »

IMO: R.B.I Baseball 2014


When I was little I owned the good olde NES. RBI Baseball was one of the first games I bought with my own hard earned money. It was great to play it. Like most games then, it wasn’t crazy hard and my friends all talked baseball back then. Me not knowing anything at all was able to keep up because ... Read More »

Honesty Hour: Has A Game Ever Made You Cry?


Impactful stories and engaging narratives aren’t exclusive to books, movies, and television, but you knew that. You know that when looking for an emotional experience, video games often offer up some of the best choices money can buy. The requirement for telling a story or invoking a feeling is something the masters of the medium have perfected, and in the ... Read More »

Steam Quality Control is Terrible


Seeing as Steam is the premier service for many PC gamers, it should hold up to some serious scrutiny. Few services come even a fraction close to the amount of traffic and use that Steam has. Many gamers, and sometimes myself included, almost refuse to purchase a game unless it will be added to their Steam account. Read More »

How is the endgame in Dark Souls 2?


With a game the size of Dark Souls 2, combined with the constraints of getting up a prompt review, it’s basically impossible to cover everything first time. In my original play through (the one for the review) I fitted a lot in: I found all but one of the covenants and lit every single bonfire (to give two examples). However, ... Read More »