Bloodborne Release Date Announced


In a stream (all in Japanese) that was getting people ready for a press conference later today at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony announced the release date for Bloodborne, which will be coming to Japan (assumedly) February 5, 2015.  That may mean a day or two earlier for a North America release. From what we saw of Bloodborne at E3, it ... Read More »

Why we don’t need more developers like Zoe Quinn


Do you know what the term clickbait means? Well, the article I am responding to is a perfect example of just that. Clickbait is essentially content that was made for a website for the sole purpose of getting views, thereby ignoring the quality of the content altogether. The clickbait in this case, was the usage of Zoe Quinn. You can ... Read More »

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell announced


Earlier this week we reported on the possibility of a new Saint’s Row game being announced at PAX, and today it seems that Volition will indeed be bringing us another story from the Third Street Saint’s – and one that is self-described as being their “hottest” adventure yet. Read More »

Bayonetta 2 Release Date

Bayonetta 2

Confirmed by Nintendo, Bayonetta 2 will on shelves October 24th, 2014. Bayonetta 2 is developed by Platinum Games and is exclusive to Wii U and comes packaged with the original Bayonetta for people interested in the game but have never tried the original. As another anticipated title for the Wii U the later half of 2014, it looks like Nintendo’s ... Read More »

Shulk Reveal Trailer


Shulk, of the popular Wii title Xenoblade Chronicles, is confirmed as a playable character for Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3ds. Rumors about the Monado wielder were going around for quite some time before the trailer, owning to many ‘leaks’ seen around the internet. In the trailer, we got to see the final smash for Shulk, were his companions ... Read More »

New 3DS Models Revealed by Nintendo


Nintendo, during a Japanese Nintendo Direct have revealed two new 3DS models. These new models will have built-in NFC and an additional directional button. No release outside of Japan ha been announced. The video seen here shows off all the features, though not in English, everything is still highlighted well. These new models will also have a more powerful CPU ... Read More »

We are not witnessing “The End of Gamers”


Holy melodramatic Batman. This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen. The identity of “gamer” is a nebulous thing that we can’t lump any single group into for one thing and it isn’t going anywhere. For another matter, it is a descriptor, not something people identify with – even if they think they are. Nobody ... Read More »