An Examination of Game Journalism Professionals


Warning: Some of the images and quotes contain strong language. Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart leaked the whole thread from the Game Journalism Professionals mailing list regarding the Zoe Quinn scandal. Of course, there are likely many more discussions related to the Game Journalism Professionals list, but what they entail or who they entail is nothing but speculation. Below will be an examination ... Read More »

Clock Tower-inspired ‘Project Scissors’ announced at TGS 2014


A Clock Tower inspired title named ‘Project Scissors‘ was announced during this year’s Tokyo Game Show Indie Stream event.  The project team includes game designer and Clock Tower (SNES, PS1) director Hifumi Kouno,  Silent Hill creative designer Masahiro Ito, and Takashi Shimizu, director of the Ju-on film series. While the official announcement establishes the game on PlayStation Vita, iOS and ... Read More »

First Person Mode Rumored for GTA 5


Quickly removed from Rockstar’s website, an update to Grand Theft Auto 5 will feature first person modes for both in vehicle and on foot play. The update would come to the Xbox One, PS4, and PC versions of the game. The new update provided details on several updates to the game which can be seen below: A new first person ... Read More »

Final Fantasy Fans Have a Lot to Look Forward to in 2015!


Square Enix has announced the western release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for the PS4 and Xbox One systems. The release date is set to March 17 in North America and March 20 in Europe. It will be accompanied by a demo for the much anticipated Final Fantasy XV, which will be available for free to those who purchase Type-0. ... Read More »

Xbox One delayed in China

Xbox One Featured

Microsoft have pushed back the release of its eighth generation console from its original 23rd of September release date. No replacement date has been provided by the computing giant. Read More »

Shinra Technologies established; fears of tyrannical rule grow


Square Enix have announced a venture into harvesting the life stream cloud based gaming with the launch of Shinra Technologies. The American based company “intends to change the game industry ecosystem by offering new types of game experiences through Shinra’s proprietary cloud technologies.” Read More »

Humor in Space – Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages

Point-blank Railgun shot in Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages

Once in a great while, you encounter one of those games that defies description in terms of other games. No matter the premise, trying to wrap your head around the mechanics of inventive new games is always a wild ride—and in the case of Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages, that ride is full of quirky, creative fun. While it ... Read More »

Wasteland 2 Preview – 26 years in the making!

Wasteland 2

InXile’s new game is out today and the internet is all a flutter with the release of Wasteland 2. The news is big and why would you expect anything less for a game that has been 26 years in the making, from a collaboration between some of the greatest game developers of our time? Wasteland was originally developed and released ... Read More »

An interview with an Xbox One developer: GamerGate and more


Recently, someone claiming to be an Xbox One developer, that is a developer of the Xbox One itself, showed up on 4chan and said that they, along with their colleagues, were in support of the GamerGate movement. Recently, that person came in contact with TechRaptor and has agreed to an interview. We have verified that this person is indeed an ... Read More »

More Info Released on GameJournoPros Mailing List


Today, Milo Yiannopoulos and Breitbart released more emails, copied verbatim, regarding the GameJournoPros mailing list that was revealed yesterday. Some, not all, seem to indicate at least some kind of flippancy towards the issue of game journalism ethics, as well as discussion on not even discussing it. Below will be both the copied emails as well as small analysis of what ... Read More »

Final Fantasy XIII trilogy confirmed for PC, Steam


A few days ago, the Steam logo was seen on the Final Fantasy XIII page for Square Enix. Of course, rumors started to fly that the trilogy was coming to Steam, but today it has been confirmed. The Final Fantasy XIII trilogy is coming to Steam and as of right now, the first game in the series will be available ... Read More »

Technical Director John O’Neill talks Firefly Online


‘Igniter of fun’ industry veteran John O’Neill worked with MicroProse, Trilogy Software, InstallShield Software, Vicious Cycle Software, Synopsis, and IBM before founding Spark Plug Games in 2008. Their published games include Witch’s Workshop: Open for Business and Plight of the Zombie, a puzzle game which asks you to ‘help end zombie hunger’. Currently he is the Technical Director for Firefly Online, a strategic online ... Read More »

Conflict of Interest At Indiecade

Phil Fish Indiecade

NOTE: Before this article was written, a request to Indiecade was made for comment on the matter with no response received. UPDATE: See bottom of article for information from Indiecade. Indiecade is an international festival of independent games and it has recently come to light that the 2011 edition of the festival was tainted by conflict of interest. Read More »

IMO: Game journalism ethics is in need of change


Looking at a way to discuss the topic of game journalism ethics has been percolating for weeks now. There have been so many accusations thrown around, some with and many with out evidence. After digging around various high profile gaming websites, it has come to my attention that many of them do not have any discussion of their ethics policies. Some ... Read More »

P.T. Silent Hills announcement at TGS 2014

TGS 2014 Silent Hills

An announcement regarding the terrifying P.T. Silent Hills demo at TGS 2014 is being live streamed on the official Konami Youtube in 10 minutes as of the time of writing. For those who are unaware, P.T. was the secret Silent Hills teaser thrown onto the PlayStation Store some weeks ago. Under the guise of a fake indie studio name, the ... Read More »

Secret Game Journalist Mailing List, GameJournoPros, Exposed


Update here. Milo Yiannopoulos at Breitbart, recently found himself privy to a mailing group called Gaming Journalism Professionals, or GameJournoPros. The purpose of this group seems to be to create a unified message for the involved journalists to then report independently on their respective outlets. It seems that this has confirmed a lot of people’s suspicions, as no one can ... Read More »

Wonderful 101 Review – Absolutely Wonderful


Only recently did I come around to seeing the WiiU as a worthy investment with Bayonetta 2 coming out shortly. However, no one purchases a new console and doesn’t go through the current library first. There was the typical lineup of promising Nintendo properties as expected, but the game that caught my eye was a very under hyped title from ... Read More »

Super Smash Bros 3DS demo – First Impressions

Super Smash Bros 3DS

The latest installment of the Super Smash Bros series is coming to the 3DS in a little under 3 weeks. This week after a Treehouse Direct Nintendo released codes for Nintendo Club platinum members to get their hands on the demo for Super Smash Bros 3DS earlier than the general public. This demo allows players to try out three new ... Read More »

IMO: Objectivity in game journalism only exists to a degree


With #GamerGate still going relatively strong, the cries for objectivity continue. I found myself saying the same thing over and over again towards the beginning of this whole mess. Objectivity was paramount, and it had been destroyed by these terrible journalists. However, I stepped back and came to the realization that objectivity only exists to a degree. Bias is everywhere ... Read More »

Rumor: Final Fantasy XIII coming to Steam


It is unconfirmed (not anymore CONFIRMED HERE) whether or not this is a recent change, but on the Japanese portal site for Final Fantasy XIII, and its sequels, the Steam logo can be seen along side the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 (in case that is taken down, here is a picture of the site). Also, on the North American page ... Read More »

SteamWorld Heist Announced for Spring 2015


Image & Form Games recently announced their next game, SteamWorld Heist for Spring of 2015. As you may have guessed already, it is a sequel to the very popular SteamWorld Dig. Here is Image & Form’s pitch of the game: SteamWorld Heist is a game about space adventures and survival. Recruit a team of ragtag robots to explore and scavenge the ... Read More »

Gunvolt: Azure Striker Review


This game is the epitome of fun, in my books. This is definitely a must for any Megaman fan, as it combines a lot of the core features of the Megaman franchise while also bringing it’s own twist to the table. Read More »

Why Sexual Objectification Doesn’t Matter in Video Games

link shirtless

Objectification is a tricky issue. Objectification is the process of turning a person into an item, sometimes for sexual reasons. Although this is kind of awkward, because characters in videogames are not people, and thus cannot be objectified in the same qualitative notion that is suggested by the term. Under the definition of objectification, all main characters are objectified as ... Read More »

Five Night at Freddy’s is not worth the hazard pay.


The horror genre has been pretty sparse as of late, what with one of the only  science fiction horror series recently turning more towards action adventure than survival along with the Resident Evil franchise following suite. Now Frictional studio’s Soma is being teased, and the greenlight darling Routine is very slowly being updated, without any idea of when it will ... Read More »