The Fallacy of Feature Variety


A game full of features, mechanics, and gameplay variety is nothing but a good thing right? Well sure, if it is done correctly, but that is not usually the case. It seems now that there are many things added to one game or another just for the sake of saying it exists, regardless of the quality of gameplay attached to ... Read More »

Mighty Number 9 New Gameplay Trailer

Mighty Number 9

Keiji Inafune’s baby is finally starting to show us what to get excited for. Comcept, the studio behind the crowd funded Mighty Number 9 recently released a new gameplay trailer highlighting the various transformations and stages we can expect from the spiritual successor to Mega Man. The similarities are more than skin deep however, as the trailer shows a variety ... Read More »

The Red Solstice by Ironward – Preview

The Red Solstice Logo

The Red Solstice, an 8 player co-op tactical survival game, releases July 10th for Steam early access. Created by Ironward, a Croation development company, this game is the latest Kickstarter success story clearing their goal by over $10000. This game is still in Beta stages so there is still work to be done but the team behind the Red Solstice ... Read More »

Sales double as the Xbox is sold without Kinect

Kinect 2.0

The Kinect 2.0 has been removed from the Xbox One in a new bundle at the start of June and has reduced the price to $399. This price drop has already begun to show that it is a choice that consumers appreciate. No official numbers have been released but Microsoft has explained sales numbers from May to June have doubled. Read More »

Zeldathon Raises $100,000 in Donations


The Bi-annual charity “Zeldathon” reached a personal record last night raising one hundred thousand dollars, all of which will directly benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Zeldathon, as the name would imply, is a charity where a team of young philanthropists marathon Zelda games 24 hours a day, for about 6 straight days, and stream the whole thing through Twitch. Viewers are ... Read More »

Activision Sued by Ex-dictator of Panama


The former military dictator of Panama Manuel Noriega has tried to sue Activision due to them using his likeness in 2012′s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The lawsuit states that it was a “blatant misuse, unlawful exploitation and misappropriation for economic gain”. Manuel Noriega was the military dictator of Panama during 1983 – 1989. One of the missions which he features ... Read More »

Club Nintendo Gold and Platinum Rewards Announced for North America

DK Country 3DS

Nintendo of America recently announced which rewards Gold and Platinum members (in North America) are entitled to receive. Normally Nintendo would offer physical rewards, but this year they have chosen a set of digital game downloads. Platinum members (members with 600 coins or more) will have a selection of 16 games to chose from, while Gold members can select from ... Read More »