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InMotion Hosting Review

InMotion Hosting

When we started TechRaptor, it was on a hosting package that a friend allowed us to use. We migrated to Inmotion Hosting about two months later, at the recommendation of a friend. We had both good and bad experiences (mainly due to growth), but to any blogger starting out that won’t be heavily using the email, ftp, and web services ... Read More »

Trials Fusion Review

Trials Fusion Featured

As you boot up Trials Fusion a song bursts out welcoming you to the future. Despite this confident statement, the future of Trials isn’t really worth singing about. Trials fusion is a really awesome game, but this future is very like the past. Trials Fusion isn’t the brave new world it claims to be, but it’s another really well put ... Read More »

A Look At AMD’s Steamroller [Kaveri Review]


The past few years have been rough for chipmaker AMD. Ever since Intel launched the Core 2 series, they’ve been playing a constant game of catch-up as far as CPU performance goes. In 2006, they purchased GPU maker ATI, and spun-off their fabrication plants to create a new entity, GlobalFoundries. AMD had lofty goals to merge the CPU and the ... Read More »

Hearthstone Review


I don’t play collectible card games and I have no real connection with the Warcraft universe. These are just two things I have never really dabbled with, not out of any dislike but out of a lack of want. Why this is relevant is because Hearthstone (a collectible card game with a Warcraft theme) seems like completely not my kind ... Read More »

Child of Light Review

Child of Light Featured

I wish I liked Child of Light more than I do. On the surface it has a lot going for it – beautiful visuals, a wonderful soundtrack and a fun (though pretty basic) combat system – but in the end this isn’t enough. Child of Light is a lot of fun when you are fighting (and wonderful to look at), ... Read More »

Hitman GO Review


Hitman GO isn’t the kind of Hitman game you would expect, unless you were expecting a turn based puzzle game styled like a board game. It isn’t focused on turning the Hitman experience into a board game though; it instead provides the player with a distinct experience with flavours of the popular series. It doesn’t rely on its legacy, but ... Read More »

Elder Scrolls Online Review

Elder Scrolls Online

Early Access and release has come and gone, and Elder Scrolls Online has been live and running for a few weeks! Rutledge has spent some time in The Elder Scrolls Online, questing through the many areas of Tamriel that we have both seen and never been to before. Offering a truly Elder Scrolls Experience with elements of MMORPGs integrated into it, the ... Read More »

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 Review


Burial at Sea Episode 2 is Irrational Game’s swan song, one final bow that puts a coda on Bioshock Infinite and ties a neat (but rather convenient) bow around the whole series. As a final piece of work by a beloved developer, Episode 2 stands up very well. It’s not only miles better than the hugely underwhelming first episode, it ... Read More »

Google Remote Desktop for Android Review


Yesterday Google took the beta tag off on one of its neatest apps out there. The Google Remote Desktop program will allow you to securely remote control your computer from any Android device, just as long as it’s Ice Cream Sandwich and above. How does it handle? Take a look below. Setup is easy as it is a chrome extension ... Read More »