Set up Auto Login for a Domain user account

Windows 7 Login Screen

If you’re like me, you have services like Plex Media Server running on your PC at home that you need to be logged in to have running, and there’s a simple way to do that (which you can find here). But say you have a business process that runs off of a domain account, and you have to be logged ... Read More »

Set up a local user to automatically log in to a computer

Windows 7 Login Screen

If you have a computer that you use for gaming or other purposes such as a media server or voice chat server (check out our mumble guide!), you may want to set it to automatically log in every time it boots up or reboots (darn updates!). This is easily accomplishable for XP, Vista, 7, and 8.x with the following steps! ... Read More »

Bring back the Start Menu to Windows 8/8.1


With Windows 8 receiving massive backlash from customers and PC manufacturers, it is safe to assume this is due to ‘Metro’, sorry Modern UI. Unfortunately due to the lack of touch screen use by most computers, Modern UI’s main appeal fails, and it quickly becomes unintuitive and I personally found myself searching through every menu for things I would find ... Read More »

Website Optimization – How To Leverage Browser Caching


Whether you are using a WordPress Site, or something else, if your site is running off of an Apache server, then the .htaccess file is incredibly important to the health and speed of your site. If you change the .htaccess cache timers, you will both speed up your site and increase your PageSpeed score with Google, increasing your ranking when ... Read More »

How to set up podcast hosting on Amazon S3

Amazon Web Services

Looking to set up a podcast for your site or organization, but can’t decide on a podcast host? There are a lot of great options, but by far the easiest, and cheapest, is podcast hosting on Amazon S3, in the cloud. This is part of our series on setting up an optimized, and effective website or WordPress site. Using Amazon ... Read More »

How to create an email address in cPanel X

Are you looking for a tutorial on how to create an email address in cPanel X of your hosting provider? We have created a new video walkthough where we will be showing those of you that use cPanel with your hosting provider how to set up an email address, as well as get the Outlook/Smartphone Settings and log into the Webmail. Read More »

Murmur Configuration Guide (Windows)

Mumble Voice Server Config Guide

Do you play a lot of online games, and need a voice chat server for your guild or clan? Do you have more than 8 people that need to be on at a time, for free? Well, provided you have good enough bandwidth (I’d recommend 5 MB or above plans from ISP’s), you can host a Murmur voice chat server. ... Read More »

How to set a static IP address on a PC

Set a static IP Address PC

There are a lot of advantages to assigning a static IP Address to your computer. Maybe you are running a Mumble, Ventrilo, or Plex server and need the IP address to be the same in order to set up the port forwarding correctly on your router, modem, or firewall. Maybe you just want the IP Address to be the same ... Read More »

Seven ways to decrease computer boot time

7 Ways to Decrease Computer boot time

If you’re like me, you hate wasting time waiting for you computer to shut down, boot up, or restart. You’d rather be surfing the web, browsing Reddit for hours and hours, or questing and killing bad guys. Well, let’s look at a few ways to for you to decrease computer boot time, so you can get back to whatever you’d ... Read More »