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Velocity 2X Review


Velocity 2X released digitally on September 2nd for Playstation 4 and Vita, but does this title have what it takes to cement itself as one of 2014’s digital standouts? Find out in our Velocity 2X review. Read More »

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Review

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is the latest release in Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors spinoff series. An updated version of the 2012 Warriors Orochi 3, it follows the same hack and slash gameplay model that the series is known for: Select characters, select a stage, rampage across a map. The game values breadth over depth. Most attack combos follow the ... Read More »

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die S1 – Review

D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die Logo

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die is the latest game from Japanese based Access Games and Hidetaka Suehiro, fans of his work most likely know his as SWERY or Swery65. Access games in the past has normally only released their games in Japan, one notable game that did make it out of Japan was Deadly Premonition in 2010. D4: Dark Dreams ... Read More »

Heavy Bullets – Top-notch Technicolor Death Trap

Heavy Bullets intro

I love a challenge. The agony of dying is simply fuel for the burning desire to conquer an obstacle. It’s that thirst for victory that has always endeared me to roguelike games. Though you don’t see many high-budget titles in the genre, the scene has seen a resurgence in popularity among indie developers. And where things get indie, they get ... Read More »


Spacecom logo

Flow Combine’s new title SPACECOM is out on steam, and we decided to take a second look after our beta review a couple weeks back. What we found was a solid entry into space-based strategy and a fresh new perspective for those looking to channel our inner general. Dive in for more details after the break. Read More »

Defense Grid 2 Review – The Definition of the Genre


One of the many voids in gaming at the moment is in the tower defense genre. Very few games in the genre are ever developed, and those that do are mediocre at best. That may be because while the concept of a tower defense is incredibly simple, to execute it well is very difficult. In its most basic form, a tower defense ... Read More »

Humor in Space – Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages

Point-blank Railgun shot in Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages

Once in a great while, you encounter one of those games that defies description in terms of other games. No matter the premise, trying to wrap your head around the mechanics of inventive new games is always a wild ride—and in the case of Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages, that ride is full of quirky, creative fun. While it ... Read More »

Wonderful 101 Review – Absolutely Wonderful


Only recently did I come around to seeing the WiiU as a worthy investment with Bayonetta 2 coming out shortly. However, no one purchases a new console and doesn’t go through the current library first. There was the typical lineup of promising Nintendo properties as expected, but the game that caught my eye was a very under hyped title from ... Read More »

Gunvolt: Azure Striker Review


This game is the epitome of fun, in my books. This is definitely a must for any Megaman fan, as it combines a lot of the core features of the Megaman franchise while also bringing it’s own twist to the table. Read More »

Five Night at Freddy’s is not worth the hazard pay.


The horror genre has been pretty sparse as of late, what with one of the only  science fiction horror series recently turning more towards action adventure than survival along with the Resident Evil franchise following suite. Now Frictional studio’s Soma is being teased, and the greenlight darling Routine is very slowly being updated, without any idea of when it will ... Read More »

Fairy Fencer F – Review


It’s much easier to critique a game that you hate; or one that you WANT to hate. Sometimes you’ll find a game that just seems ripe for you to rip apart – despite the various things that it may have done right. It’s not always fair to a game, and in many cases you have to reel yourself back – ... Read More »

Fibbage – Review


Fibbage: The Hilarous Bluffing Party game released on the 21st of August for the Xbox One and the Amazon Fire TV, it may be one of the best party games you’ve never heard of. In this game you play with up to 8 players and lie your way to the top of the score board by either finding the truth ... Read More »

The Walking Dead Season 2 Review

walking dead season featured

As you can tell from my past reviews, season two of Telltale’s the Walking Dead has had some real high points. The opening episode was primarily involved in setting the ground work, but was notable for the technological improvements the series had made after its initial run. It looked nicer, the interface was cleaner and action sequences took a clear ... Read More »

Madden 15 Review – Xbox One & PS4


Another summer gone by, autumn wind in the air, and Madden on store shelves. Like clockwork, EA Sports 2014-15 version of Madden has been released amid high anticipation and cautious optimism. Did EA finally deliver a game worthy of the Legendary namesake, or did we get another ho-hum experience with baby step progression? Read More »

The Walking Dead Season 2 Ep 5- No Going Back Review


There is a moment towards the end of this episode this is completely excellent. The pieces start to slot into place for a climax and what follows is really satisfying – and peppered with difficult on the spot decisions. For a little while, everything comes together so well; the emotion is there, the characters are compelling and the atmosphere is tense. ... Read More »

The Walking Dead Season 2 Ep 4- Amid the Ruins Review

amid the ruins featured

This penultimate episode has a lot of the ingredients for something truly impressive, but never quite coalesces into anything of that sort. There are a number of good moments and it ends in an intriguing manner, but it isn’t as impressive as some previous entries. It feels like a definite mid step, a lead up into something else. As a self ... Read More »

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment – Review

Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment - PSVita

Western fans of the Sword Art Online anime can rejoice now that Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment by Bandai Namco Games has been localized for English speaking audiences. Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment for the PSVita is a re-release of the 2013 PSP game, Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment, but with upgraded visuals as well as a whole new story ... Read More »

Metrico Review


Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. This mantra is something that developer Digital Dreams doesn’t seem to understand. Metrico is a puzzle platformer on the Playstation Vita that is notable for being one of those Vita games determined to make use of every input. Unfortunately, Metrico is no Tearaway. Taking advantage of all of the Vita’s ... Read More »

Abyss Odyssey Review

Abyss Odyssey 3

  ACE Team sure love their oddball games. From first person brawling in Xeno Clash to the tower defense meets demolition derby Rock of Ages, they’ve certainly done their best to get some notice. Their latest title, Abyss Odyssey, continues this trend by combining aspects of Dark Souls, roguelikes, and Super Smash Bros. Unfortunately, it also remains an equally niche ... Read More »

The Ratchet and Clank Trilogy PSVita – Review

Ratchet and Clank Trilogy PSVita

Ratchet and Clank are back for the PSVita and you get to take them around their three original adventures. Ratchet and Clank, Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando and Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal are all combined into one bundle for the PSVita. Read More »

The Wolf Among Us Review – Season 1


There are two words I would use to describe my total experience throughout The Wolf Among Us’ five episode: rushed and deceiving. Being a big fan of the Fables comics, and Telltale’s The Walking Dead, I was overjoyed at the idea of Telltale making a game in the Fables universe. I was even more excited when I played through the ... Read More »

The Wolf Among Us Episode 5 – “Cry Wolf” Review


In the review of the previous episode, I mentioned that it was setting up many questions to be answered. While most questions do get answered in this episode, they are answered in a very unsatisfactory way. While you as a player are more involved with some decisions in dialogue, it still remains true that you feel much more an observer ... Read More »

Divinity Original Sin Review: The RPGiest RPG


Many will likely compare Divinity: Original Sin to Baldur’s Gate, and it is a fairly apt comparison as the best way to describe Divinity: Original Sin is as a modern-day iteration of that franchise. That is only to help with familiarity, it would not be fair to Larian Studios to just call this an updated Baldur’s Gate as it does ... Read More »

Shovel Knight Review – Satisfying for any retro gaming fan

Cover Image

We gamers who enjoy a good retro action game are immensely spoiled in today’s age, weirdly enough. Over the course of the last console generation, the rise of platforms such as the Xbox Live Arcade and Steam provided outlets for smaller game developers to release lower-cost projects that wouldn’t need to run through the gauntlet of high risk publishing and ... Read More »

Heldric – The legend of the shoemaker Review

Heldric Review Featured

Heldric- The legend of the shoemaker is a survival hack n’ slash game by indie game developer Astral Byte, and takes elements of many game styles and blends them together very well. The story tells of a boy named Heldric who dreams of being a knight for his Kingdom. And so, to make his dreams a reality, Heldric trains with ... Read More »

Wolfenstein: The New Order – Review


Gameplay: Wolfenstein: The New Order was developed with a clear link to its roots as a rampaging, id-engine game. Just like Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, the game is played in first person- all you need to see is your gun and who you’re shooting at. The HUD is minimal, with the same familiar health and armor counters are in the ... Read More »

Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition Ex + α Review

Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix

The new DLC for Dead Rising 3 was released at Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference this past Monday. Originally introduced as Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition Ex + α it has been shortened to Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix. The name alone shows that this DLC will be filled with the same kind of tongue in cheek ... Read More »

Entwined Review

Entwined featured

For years to come, Entwined will probably be remembered as that small game that turned up at Sony’s 2014 E3 show. The one that was announced and released at exactly the same time. However, though its announcement was overshadowed by bigger and louder games at a crowded conference, the game itself is incredibly interesting. It’s a rather unique pseudo-rhythm game, ... Read More »

Nintendo Wii U Mario Kart 8 Review (Plus Some Hardcore Gripes!)

Mario Kart 8 review

Most gamers have fond memories of Mario Kart in their lives…whether it is from the first time plaing Super Mario Kart or 4 player chaos on the N64.  With only a few minor hiccups in the series…cough cough Mario Kart GBA and Mario Kart Wii…. Mario Kart 8 brings the series back to its glory, with not only addicting game ... Read More »