Why Sexual Objectification Doesn’t Matter in Video Games

link shirtless

Objectification is a tricky issue. Objectification is the process of turning a person into an item, sometimes for sexual reasons. Although this is kind of awkward, because characters in videogames are not people, and thus cannot be objectified in the same qualitative notion that is suggested by the term. Under the definition of objectification, all main characters are objectified as ... Read More »

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright sure has a great soundtrack

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright

Let’s take a minute to reflect on how supremely awesome and atmospheric the Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright soundtrack is. The music is produced as a collaboration between veteran Layton series composer Tomohito Nishiura and Yasumasa Kitagawa, as well as some extra involvement from other Layton composers Yumiko Hashizume and Norihito Sumitomo. With tunes arrangements coming from both respective series, as well as ... Read More »

Dreamcast Turns 15

Launched September 9th, 1999

A look back at the last SEGA Console. [Editor's Note: Sorry we missed the birthday, we were having a little website issue. Better later than never! JRM] On November 9th, 1999, Sega unleashed the Dreamcast upon the United States. The first Sixth Generation console to be released, the Dreamcast would be the first launched console to feature built in internet ... Read More »

Is Linux the Future of PC Gaming?


It has recently been revealed that Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Presequel will be coming to Linux. Aspyr Media, the company responsible for the Borderlands 2 iOS port will be taking the reigns again for the Linux version. This is big news for Linux gamers, because it shows the potential for other AAA games to come to the OS. For ... Read More »

Are Video Games Art?


Video games are steadily becoming more accessible as an entertainment medium, but are struggling to be recognized as an art. Read More »

The International 2014 and why the future of eSports looks good

TI4 esports

September is here and for most people that means back-to-school. Personally, I never enjoyed those “how I spent my summer vacation” assignments teachers would give out. But if I had to complete one honestly right now, I would have to mention how I spent July 8th – July 21st enthralled by The International 2014. Read More »

Praiseworthy Developers: CD Projekt RED


Praiseworthy Developers is a new series that we’re starting here at TechRatpor that will hopefully become a fairly regular thing. How often it will come out is undecided at this time, but we would love to get feedback from all of you about what you think of the idea! (And comment below with developers we should cover!) It’s basically just ... Read More »

A response to the open letter to the gaming community


Recently, Andreas Zecher, of Spaces of Play, wrote an open letter to the gaming community that is calling for the end of harassment online. He invited all developers to put their name on this letter as a sort of petition. So far, a lot of high profile names appear on the growing list of 2500 people. These include people from ... Read More »

Why we don’t need more developers like Zoe Quinn


Do you know what the term clickbait means? Well, the article I am responding to is a perfect example of just that. Clickbait is essentially content that was made for a website for the sole purpose of getting views, thereby ignoring the quality of the content altogether. The clickbait in this case, was the usage of Zoe Quinn. You can ... Read More »

We are not witnessing “The End of Gamers”


Holy melodramatic Batman. This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen. The identity of “gamer” is a nebulous thing that we can’t lump any single group into for one thing, and it isn’t going anywhere. For another matter, it is a descriptor, not something people identify with – even if they think they are. Nobody ... Read More »

Zoe Quinn and Lying Journalists


(Warning: Many of the sources I link contain strong language and some include less-than tactful approaches to presenting information.) I look back on my original article about Zoe Quinn and see just how timid I was in approaching it. If you read through, it is quite obvious that I was not trying to invoke the ire of any kind of ... Read More »

Zoe Quinn: Censorship, Hypocrisy, and Double Standard


(Warning: Many of the sources I link contain strong language and some include less-than tactful approaches to presenting information.) I am going to begin again by saying this: This is not an attack on Zoe Quinn nor is this an evaluation of her character. The fact she is discussed at all is coincidental, she just so happens to be the ... Read More »

Zoe Quinn and the Unfortunate State of the Gaming Industry


(Warning: Many of the sources I link contain strong language and some include less-than tactful approaches to presenting information.) Second article on the subject here. Third here. Unfortunate is likely too easy of a word to use in describing how the gaming industry functions at the moment, gaming journalism included. I only chose unfortunate because great members of the gaming ... Read More »

IMO Is a Video Game being multiplatform good or bad?

Xbox and Playstation Controllers

Exclusivity of games on consoles has always been a major make or break feature for consoles. Even more so as video games were just beginning to emerge if you wanted to play a game you had to make sure you had the console it was specific for. With the latest outcry of The Rise of the Tomb Raider being a ... Read More »

Rejecting Gamer’s Remorse


Increasingly over the past few years, as more people are introduced to and are playing games, there has been a widespread emotion felt by many gamers called Gamer’s Remorse. Gamer’s Remorse is something we have all heard of, or possibly even experienced. It is the feeling that all the time a gamer has just spent playing a game, or played in ... Read More »

Is Subscription Gaming the Future?

EA Access1

If you have any eye on console gaming, you’ve probably heard about Playstation Plus and Games with Gold. Each is a respective service on Sony and Microsoft’s consoles. While Playstation Plus really started the trend, offering a deal that at the time was considered crazy. Pay fifty dollars a year, get free games every month, and keep them for as ... Read More »

2014: The Year of Video Game Delays – But Don’t Worry


With the recent news that Evolve will be delayed to 2015, the number of games intended to be released near the end of 2014 but then delayed to 2015 is becoming greater. Video game delays in 2014 are on the rise. A lot of fans of many of the games, franchises, studios, etc. will be more than a little frustrated ... Read More »

Health Bars: An Overlooked Mechanic


A few days ago I got into a discussion with a friend of mine about some mechanics that get glossed over / forgotten due to their ubiquity. While this was happening we happened to be bouncing back some videos to one another where a fighting game showed up and I noticed how much my eye was drawn to the health bars ... Read More »

Understanding Gamers – A Response to BBC’s “What is Twitch?”


With the recent news confirmed that Google is in fact purchasing Twitch, the BBC decided to do a segment explaining to its viewers precisely what Twitch is. To be fair to the BBC, they did a reasonable job examining the way that Twitch and video streaming has affected culture now, as well as the potentials in the future. With that ... Read More »

The Fallacy of Feature Variety


A game full of features, mechanics, and gameplay variety is nothing but a good thing right? Well sure, if it is done correctly, but that is not usually the case. It seems now that there are many things added to one game or another just for the sake of saying it exists, regardless of the quality of gameplay attached to ... Read More »

IMO: Wolfenstein the New Order

wolf featured

There’s something inherently likable about Wolfenstein the New Order, it’s a game with notable flaws but it’s just so oddly endearing that it will make you like it. You may rebel against it for a while, but its appeal is somewhat undeniable, at some point you will throw it in and admit, ‘you know what, I really like this game!’ ... Read More »

A Look back at the Steam Sale

steam sale featured

When it comes to Steam sales, you always remember your first.  That first binge where your library exponentially increases, as you are constantly amazed by the low prices on games you don’t particularly want and will never likely play. You’ve never seen prices so low, your whole understanding of the term deal is transformed and your view on game pricing ... Read More »

A gamer’s gender has no significance in competitive play


(The IeSF has changed their policy as of writing this, which is addressed at the bottom) Some companies may make a choice to market a game heavily towards women, or they may try to appeal to men. While it is true that most choose to market towards men, as they are the majority consumer base for games, there is no ... Read More »

Most Steam Reviews are worthless, but there’s hope


To be fair, when Steam Reviews were initially announced, my reaction was just “oh, that’s cool.” They were never intended to be a new kind of bastion for gaming reviews, a place critics would flock and stake a claim. The intentions were reasonable and good – to allow for more readily available content about a game – but that has ... Read More »

IMO: The Destiny Alpha


Like many other PS4 owners, I spent a good amount of time recently killing wizards from the moon. That’s right, I played the Destiny Alpha. Before the Alpha’s appearance, there was some confusion about what Destiny really was. It was a game I felt I had seen a lot of, but soon realised that I knew little about. It’s appeared ... Read More »

I’m Tired of Being Cynical


Well, maybe I should say too cynical. With E3 and all its racket behind us, I came to the realization that gaming cynicism is rampant and tends to be my go-to reaction whenever I see anything even remotely exciting to do with video games. Granted, this year’s E3 was not all that exciting to begin with – not too much ... Read More »

Males as default: The problem with gender in gaming


Like many people, I have a problem with the representations of gender in gaming, specifically a lack of female characters. Another E3 has passed and we saw a lot of really cool looking games, primarily starring white male protagonists. It shows a lack of diversity, which is rather depressing and increasingly odd. Games have stopped matching their audience, as the ... Read More »

IMO – When is it too early a time to show a game?

Calendar Pages

With E3 drawing to a close it’s now time to look back over the list of announced games and start adding them to the Birthday and Christmas lists. The question is will they be going on the list for this year or the next? Gamers are used to receiving plenty of news as developers show off their new baby to ... Read More »

Wildstar First Impressions: levels 1-15 (Updated)


*Disclaimer-some questing and game content spoilers ahead.* First and foremost let me address the elephant in the room. The internet has been abuzz with allegations that Wildstar is just WOW 2014. This is mainly due to the fact that it looks somewhat similar. Bright cartoony characters and environments have some aesthetically similar qualities-to the untrained eye. Wildstar is very much ... Read More »

Hands-On Impressions of Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Smash Bros Feature Image

The demo for Super Smash Bros. U was short. The full time I (Bryan Heraghty) had with the game was roughly 5 minutes. The line for the demo was as long as you’d imagine and it was clear that (alongside Mario Kart 8) the Wii U was finally going to have the system seller it needs. In just those 5 ... Read More »

4 Things At E3 I Never Knew I Wanted

Smash Amiibo

As Steve Jobs famously put “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” In essence this is half of what E3 is all about (the other half being a plea for investors to start or continue funding). We’re going to focus on the side that most gamers and games media are concerned with. I look forward ... Read More »

IMO: E3 2014 Nintendo – Relying on Ol’ Reliable

e3 Nintendo

When Nintendo decided to end their press conference (look at the recap here) with the announcement of a new character for Super Smash Bros., and one I know most people don’t even know about, you have to wonder why? Do they really have nothing better to show off? They ended with one character to one game, albeit a big one, ... Read More »

IMO: E3 2014 Sony – Games, Games, Games

e3 Sony

The games that Sony presented at their conference was seemingly endless. With that said, while at E3 2014 Sony showed a large volume, but none were real showstoppers. Sure, there were interesting games, but none had an incredible amount of excitement around them. Sony had a solid showing, but I can’t help but feel they could have done something better ... Read More »

IMO: E3 2014 Ubisoft – Cringey, Yet Gamey

e3 Ubisoft

The cringeworthiness that is Ubisoft at E3 has become a staple we all, not necessarily look forward to, but expect to see every year (full recap here). At E3 2014 Ubisoft at least backed that up with showing off some interesting games and getting us excited about them. They weren’t perfect, not by any means, but they did a pretty ... Read More »

IMO: E3 2014 EA – Showing A lot, Revealing A Little

e3 EA

At E3 2014 EA showed off very few games that we didn’t know about already, which is a shame as noted in the preview to the conference (full recap here), which stated that EA has a lot of potential to surprise us. Putting the time-filling sports franchises aside, very little was spoken about that we didn’t have at least some idea about ... Read More »

IMO: E3 2014 Microsoft – How E3 Presentations Should Be


In the preview to the E3 2014 Microsoft press conference (check out a recap of the press conference here), there was an emphasis that Microsoft was really going to need to do something to sell games and consoles, as they are falling further behind Sony. I’m not too certain they may have entirely solved that problem, but I can say ... Read More »

E3 2014 – Other games to expect

Latest Electronic Games Debut At E3 Expo

While we detailed the major publishers at E3 2014, there are plenty of other games that will most definitely make some kind of appearance. Take a look here at what you can expect to see more about at E3 2014 this year. Some information was leaked about Dishonored 2, so it would not be out of the realm of possibility for ... Read More »

E3 2014 Pre-E3 Wrap-up


We put out a lot of different articles talking about what you could see from E3 2014 and what we wanted to see from E3 this year, as well as any news that affects the event. Look here to links to all of our pre-E3 coverage, as well as short summaries about what to expect in each article.   E3 ... Read More »

E3 2014 EA – What we should expect


With E3 coming in the next day or two, we here at TechRaptor thought we would show you what we expect to see from the major publishers. Let’s take a look at EA. At E3 2014 EA has a few things in the works that we know about already, and many things that we likely don’t know about. Unlike the ... Read More »

E3 2014 Nintendo – What we should expect


With E3 coming next week, we here at TechRaptor thought we would show you what we expect to see from the major publishers. Let’s take a look at Nintendo. Their press conference is June 10 at 9:00am PDT. Probably more than any other press conference, at E3 2014 Nintendo has a lot to prove. They are showing massive losses with ... Read More »

E3 2014 Sony – What we should expect


With E3 coming next week, we here at TechRaptor thought we would show you what we expect to see from the major publishers. Let’s talk about Sony.  Their press conference begins June 9th at 6:00pm PDT. Just as Microsoft has much to prove, at E3 2014 Sony does as well. One of the most obvious things that Sony will talk ... Read More »

E3 2014 Microsoft – What we should expect


With E3 coming next week, we here at TechRaptor thought we would show you what we expect to see from the major publishers, starting with Microsoft. Their press conference begins June 9th at 9:30 PDT. At E3 2014 Microsoft has a lot to prove. Will the following be enough? To get it out of the way, there will likely be ... Read More »

Top 10 E3 Games Wishlist


E3 is right around the corner or really next week. With that said it is time to starting guessing what games will be announced and what is going to be shown at E3. So I am compiling a list of my top 10 games that I think will be at E3 this year. Most of these games have been announced ... Read More »

E3 2014 Ubisoft – What we should expect


With E3 coming next week, we here at TechRaptor thought we would show you what we expect to see from the major publishers. Let’s look at Ubisoft. Their press conference is June 9 at 3:00pm PDT. At E3 2014 Ubisoft has already got some things in the works, but they are usually good about having a surprise or two. Last ... Read More »

Sexy or Respectable? Why Not Both?

Lollipop Chainsaw Cover Size

Everyone and their grandmother knows the simple truth that women’s bodies are used to sell games. Period. However you fall on this debate, no one can deny sex sells. But does this make sexuality in games wrong? No, absolutely not. Read More »

What I want from Far Cry 4


The recent announcement of Far Cry 4, combined with the little information we know about it, makes this the perfect time to talk about what I would want to see in this open world sequel. Like many people, I really liked Far Cry 3. So for now, let’s focus on what it did well and what I would like to ... Read More »

A Look Back- Killzone: Shadow Fall

Shadowfall Featured

This look back fits nicely with the site’s review of Killzone: Shadow Fall, but after putting far too many hours into the game I needed to somehow make it worthwhile. I don’t come here to dig up Shadowfall and praise it; I come here to once again point out why it was buried.  It’s not a unique take, but it’s ... Read More »

How successful is the Playstation Vita?

PS vita

With the recent release of Borderlands 2 on vita, and the brand new Slim model, I thought it fitting to look back at the history and success of the PlayStation Vita. Since its launch back in late 2011/early 2012, PlayStation Vita has released 603 games (retail and digital) across the world and has sold over 8 million units worldwide. When ... Read More »

A Look Back – KOTOR 2

Kotor 2 Featured

Obsidian are one of the most interesting developers, they are consistently brilliant and consistently flawed, time after time exhibiting the same strengths and weaknesses. Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords (referred to from now on as KOTOR 2) is possibly the most Obsidian game ever made. It is, in fact, the platonic form of Obsidian games (don’t ... Read More »

Should games be announced before E3?

Latest Electronic Games Debut At E3 Expo

The recent unceremonious announcements of high profile titles Halo 5: Guardians and Far Cry 4 beg a certain question. Should you announce games before E3? With certain games, the answer is obvious. E3 can be a great platform for news, the world is watching video games in a way it never usually does and that widens your potential audience hugely. ... Read More »

IMO (In My Opinion) Sid Meier’s Civilization V

Civ V Brave New World Logo

How many nights have gamers been suckered into a marathon session of Civilization? Like any addiction, it is just too easy to continue until the wee hours of the morning with the next turn button glowing ever so brightly, tantalizing players with the thought: “Just one more turn!”   Civilization V has become the essential must-have turn-based strategy game and ... Read More »

Proof of Concept Games Sold/Advertised as Complete Games


Several times throughout gaming’s history, more recently (past 5 or so years) however, many games have been released that are little more than better developed demos with systems one would expect to find in a completely created game. By all accounts, the core mechanics to the games are barebones with little creative variety added to them. With that said, those ... Read More »

The Fallacy of “Necessary” Change to a Gaming Series


It is fair to say that when someone looks at a gaming series, like Grand Theft Auto for example, they go in with certain expectations as to what the game is going to be. Someone who played Grand Theft Auto IV is going to have at least some idea of what to expect with Grand Theft Auto V. Many franchises, however, suffer ... Read More »

Dark Souls Director now President of From Software


Hidetaka Miyazaki has recently been named president of From Software (developers of the Souls games). Miyazaki was the director on critically acclaimed titles Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls (the latter being my favourite game ever), though he merely served a supervisory position on Dark Souls 2, due to working on a yet unannounced title at the same time. Recently, From ... Read More »

The Xbox One U-Turn: What does it mean?

Xbox One Featured

Firmly establishing itself as the Edward Heath of consoles, the Xbox One has pulled another U-Turn. It launched as a pricy package deal with a fancy Kinect 2.0 in every box, this mandatory accessory factoring into the design philosophy of the console and influencing its interface. Just recently though, the deal was altered and Microsoft have announced a new cheaper ... Read More »

Hearthstone: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Arena


Trading card games terrify me.  I’ve played Magic: The Gathering, MLB Showdown, Pokémon (Yes it’s a card game too) and others, and my experience always ended in disaster. With any collectible card game, there is a pay wall between being good and being bad, and I just can’t get behind anything that follows that model. Read More »

IMO: Why Warlords of Draenor is a Good Idea Lore-Wise


Most can agree that at this point Blizzard is just attempting to retain its player base, or entice old players, not necessarily trying to bring new players into the mix. Warlords of Draenor is that sentiment in a nutshell, as it doesn’t necessarily introduce something “new” but returns to the lore of the past. Many have complained about Warlords not ... Read More »

IMO: Dark Souls 2 (PC)


I am scared, incredibly and uncontrollably scared. No game in the history of games has created such a feeling of dread, a feeling of hopelessness, and eventual gratifying sense of victory. “Surely you have seen for yourself… the pain and suffering that fills this world!… You fool. Don’t you understand? No one wishes to go on…” -King Allant from Demon’s ... Read More »

The Wayside- Binary Domain

Binary Domain Featured

Not many people played Binary Domain and it’s not particularly something people have missed out on. It’s a functional shooter with a number of twists on the standard formula, none of these are revolutionary but they do at least help it to stand out. It has a decent story also, well,actually just a cool premise that dabbles in some interesting ... Read More »

Old Star Wars isn’t canon – And why that’s a bad thing


Remember all that interesting information you learn about the history of the Star Wars universe from Knights of the Old Republic? Remember the Force Unleashed’s excellent tale about how the rebel alliance came to be, the surprisingly decent (and  superhardcore) story of the 501st from Battlefront 2 or just Kyle Katarn being awesome in Dark Forces? Well, it turns out ... Read More »

Unintentional Game Review Bias


There are so many different factors to consider when doing a game review, but often what is written or spoke about is what is noticeable. Either something was out of the ordinary in a good or bad way, or implemented a known mechanic well. However, I think there are certain things in reviews that get overlooked and can lead to unintentional game ... Read More »

The Origins of 6 More Popular Game Names


A few weeks ago, we posted an article about the origins of 7 popular game names. Obviously, there are many more games out there that have an interesting story attached to their game name. Some names come from lore surrounding the game itself, and others have a more odd and seemingly unrelated past. Here are 6 more game name origins for ... Read More »

Honesty Hour: What Game (Or Part Of) Scared You As A Kid?

Yoshi's Island Final Boss v2

Honesty Hour is our column where we ask the community to confess some things about themselves and their gaming habits. Everyone has some embarrassing experiences and interesting opinions, so share ‘em! As someone who scares relatively easily, the gaming world holds an abundance of opportunities for me to feel that spastic panic while absorbed in something. It doesn’t even have ... Read More »

The Techraptor Music Lounge: Inaugural Edition

Music Lounge v3

Getting into the world of video game music is a deep and involving journey. The amount of choice presented is astounding, especially considering how video game music spans pretty much every genre under the sun. It’s overwhelming, and it can be exhausting to sift through. The reward, though, is discovering a land full of diverse styles and music to fit ... Read More »

IMO: FarmVille 2 Country Escape


IMO – In My Opinion – is where the Raptors get to sound off about things on their mind. Saw something was awesome? Something on their nerves? Think some other Raptor was wrong? Time to spout off their mouth, just as long as it is In My Opinion… Have you ever played the crack that is Farmville? Me neither. I ... Read More »

Why You Should Avoid Metacritic


At one time or another I’m sure we have all found ourselves looking at Metacritic. Sometimes we are only looking for some of the most critically acclaimed games for a particular year, another time we may just be looking at past popular games to get an idea of something we may be interested in, and yet another time we may, ... Read More »

The Wayside- 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors


999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (999) is a text-heavy adventure-puzzle game based on a mystery/thriller story. Those are a lot of words to throw at you at once, but in its basic form, 999 fits all of those descriptions. What follows will be an argument for why you should play this relatively overlooked game. I will be upfront: ... Read More »

IMO: Bioshock Infinite- Burial at Sea Episode 1


The original Bioshock is one of my favorite games of the last generation. It excelled in both atmosphere and storytelling, really raising the bar for both. It dealt with a thought provoking subject matter and cleverly utilised video game tropes to make a commentary on the  medium itself. It was a masterpiece. Bioshock Infinite just didn’t click with me like ... Read More »

IMO: The Wolf Among Us- Episode 3


I really enjoyed the third episode of the Wolf Among Us. The engrossing atmosphere was as strong as ever, the writing sharp and the narrative continued to go to decent places. I admit that the arc of the episode was somewhat predictable, but this predictable nature allowed for a number of well handled scenarios. A common complaint, and one found ... Read More »

IMO: R.B.I Baseball 2014


When I was little I owned the good olde NES. RBI Baseball was one of the first games I bought with my own hard earned money. It was great to play it. Like most games then, it wasn’t crazy hard and my friends all talked baseball back then. Me not knowing anything at all was able to keep up because ... Read More »

Honesty Hour: Has A Game Ever Made You Cry?


Impactful stories and engaging narratives aren’t exclusive to books, movies, and television, but you knew that. You know that when looking for an emotional experience, video games often offer up some of the best choices money can buy. The requirement for telling a story or invoking a feeling is something the masters of the medium have perfected, and in the ... Read More »

Steam Quality Control is Terrible


Seeing as Steam is the premier service for many PC gamers, it should hold up to some serious scrutiny. Few services come even a fraction close to the amount of traffic and use that Steam has. Many gamers, and sometimes myself included, almost refuse to purchase a game unless it will be added to their Steam account. Read More »

How is the endgame in Dark Souls 2?


With a game the size of Dark Souls 2, combined with the constraints of getting up a prompt review, it’s basically impossible to cover everything first time. In my original play through (the one for the review) I fitted a lot in: I found all but one of the covenants and lit every single bonfire (to give two examples). However, ... Read More »

A Look Back- Persona 4


With Persona 4 now out on PlayStation network as a PS2 classic, what better time is there to look back on this fabulous game? Persona 4 came out on the PS2 in 2008, the same year that the likes of Grand Theft Auto 4 and Metal Gear Solid 4 were gracing the (then) current gen platforms… Truly, it was a ... Read More »

The Wayside- Enslaved: Odyssey to the West


Before stepping into the brave new world of the current generation, it’s often nice to take a look back. A lot has happened since the 360 first appeared in late 2005 – namely a whole tonne of video games. With that many releases it’s easy for many to be looked over or forgotten – in other words, to have fallen ... Read More »

The Origins of 7 Popular Game Names


Have you ever thought about what a game’s name meant  or where it came from? Is the game name significant to the game at all? I think that happens to us all at some point, but mostly we ignore it and get to the game itself. For example, what does Mass Effect mean? It just sounds like two words thrown ... Read More »

IMO: Diablo 3- Reaper of Souls


Having somehow missed out on Diablo 2, I have a different relationship with its sequel to most people. This  being said, I do recognise a lot of the criticisms and realise that a lot of its changes would make it less appealing than its predecessor. However, this lack of emotional connection to a beloved gem put me in a unique ... Read More »

A Look Back – Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Featured

A Look Back is a new series that will be taking a look at some of our favorite games of the past. Today’s look back is Guild Wars 2. After taking a few months off to catch up on games like Bioshock, Diablo, Tomb Raider, and DayZ, I wanted to jump back in and see how things were holding up. ... Read More »

PvP: Single vs Multiplayer Experience


Welcome to a new TechRaptor feature PvP! This is where our Raptors will go head to head against a tech or gaming issues, fighting for what they believe is right. Who will win? You help us decide! Join in the conversation in the comments, even suggest an issue for us to battle it out! First up is the age old ... Read More »

Plot Does Matter: A Response to “Death to the Three-Act Structure”


During GDC, Riot Games’ Narrative Lead, Tom Abernathy, and Microsoft Game Studios’ Design Lead, Richard Rouse III, gave a speech entitled “Death to the Three-Act Structure.” I am not so much concerned about their findings and arguments concerning the three-act structure, but more about their assertion that the plot of a game does not matter. Read More »

Cure Cancer on your Phone

Genes in Space

Gaming is a relatively young art form and people are still discovering interesting things you can do with this unique medium. A great example of this is Genes in Space, a game where you help cure cancer. This isn’t just the game’s fictional premise; you are actually helping to cure cancer. Yes, really. So how does this work? Well, it ... Read More »

Why I Can’t Quit Spelunky: A Retrospective

Spelunky Retrospective

When I finally, triumphantly, beat Spelunky, I thought I was done. I thought that stranglehold of an addiction was bound to be loosened, releasing that grasp that kept me hooked even when I had plenty of other games to be playing. I thought I would feel satisfied with how much I’ve seen, experiencing all of what that randomly-generated underground gauntlet ... Read More »

In Your Pocket Or In Your Bag: Mobile Or Handheld?

Is One Better Than The Other?

Today as I sit here I have 3 things next to me: my iPhone, my Nintendo 3DS XL, and my Playstation Vita. These are 3 things that go with me just about everywhere. Well, 2 of them. 1 is with me at all times. Whether i’m on a train, a car, at someone’s house, or in the bathroom. Guess which ... Read More »

GDC 2014: How to Exploit Players


The 2014 Game’s Developer Conference (GDC) was held last week, where many people in the gaming industry flock to learn about where game making is going in the future with panels discussing AI development, game design, art design, and much more. It is an interesting event especially if you are interested the creation of games and just the industry as ... Read More »

Twitch Played Pokemon


Sixteen days, seven hours, forty-five minutes and thirty seconds after first stepping foot in Pallet Town, Red defeated Blue and Twitch Plays Pokémon came to an end. So what was Twitch Plays Pokémon anyway? This madness was an interactive live stream of the Gameboy classic Pokémon Red. The game was running emulated on a computer, using Visual Boy Advance, and ... Read More »

IMO (In My Opinion) Feeding Frenzy 2 – Xbox 360


I’m a very frugal gamer right now. I love the blockbuster titles. I have my money saved up for Titanfall on the 360 when it launches later this month. But I just can’t move myself to jump next-gen yet, so I’m cheap-skating it for a while. During one of the weekly deals I saw that they put Feeding Frenzy 2 ... Read More »

IMO (In My Opinion) Titanfall


It was a Saturday afternoon when I decided to look at the PS4 collection that I have built up since November and said to myself, hmmm I bet I could get decent trade-in credit for those games. I jumped in my car and ran over to my local GameStop, traded in my games, and left with a Titanfall Xbox One ... Read More »

Love And Hate Of The Big Red “N”


I walked into my favorite “barcade” a few months ago and was utterly shocked and delighted to see an original Super Mario Bros. arcade cabinet with what seemed like a faint light shining down on it from the heavens. It could have been the track lighting but I prefer to believe it was the prior. I stood there and looked ... Read More »

Titanfall First Impressions – Fast paced, intense action

Titan Fall First Impressions Featured

The long awaited moment is here, and Respawn Entertainment delivered on their promise to give us a new and refreshing shooter experience. Titanfall, a multiplayer-only online game, puts players in the boots of “pilots” – soldiers that both fight on foot and within large military-style robots that are called “Titans”. Players get access to Titans every few minutes, and then ... Read More »

A Gamer’s Curse

Can't Choose

You sit staring into the infinite number of games at your disposal. You feel the sting of sweat in your eyes and feel dread creeping into the pit of your stomach. You realize that none of the games before you look appealing. Several times you’ve taken your favorite game off the shelf only to put it back realizing you’ve beaten ... Read More »

Oh Hey, Diablo 3 Is Good Now! | What’s New And Different?

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Wallpaper

Most of us know the sad story of Diablo 3. It was an immensely hyped game leading up to it’s release, and everything shown for it implied it would be worth the wait, that long wait that preceded every major Blizzard release. A few warning signs tipped us off that not everything was shiny, like the always-on DRM, and systems ... Read More »

My Problems with Dark Souls


Seeing as Dark Souls 2 is just around the corner, March 11th (tomorrow) in NA on PS3 and 360, I thought it would be good to think about what I liked and disliked about the first. As you can no doubt see with the title, I have a few issues with Dark Souls that I hope may be remedied in the ... Read More »

A Look at DLC Part 2

Look at DLC Part 2

A continuing look at the different types of DLC. (If you missed our last installment, you can read it here!) On Disc DLC The aim so far has been to provide a case for DLC. As a DLC advocate I have had to admit that most DLC is bad, but that there is a lot of promise here. On disc ... Read More »

A look at DLC- Part 1

Look at DLC Part 1

Downloadable content (DLC) is a controversial topic. It comes in many forms and has become a regular occurrence. In theory it’s a great thing; in practice it is often terrible. For your reading pleasure I  have provided you with a breakdown of some of the forms  and my opinion on them. Are any inherently bad? What are the rules for ... Read More »

The Fallacy of Player Choice


Many reviewers, critics, and others in the gaming industry have for a long time hailed player choice as the one most important feature to any great game. The ability to choose where you go next, some dialogue choice, some significant plot point, like who lives or dies, and many more. All of which are heralded as great components that should ... Read More »

Moral Dilemmas

Moral Choices

Moral dilemmas in games have been around forever, but nowadays it seems like all gaming companies are rushing to put their own moral twist into their masterpieces.  Video games are no longer judged by whether you enjoyed the gameplay or not, but by the story and graphics as well.  For this reason, game writers are aimlessly placing moral conflicts in ... Read More »

Titanfall Beta: First Impressions

TitanFall Titans Featured

I wouldn’t treat this as a review, but definitely a first impression, considering what I had access to was limited. Also, keep in mind the game is not due to release until March 11, so some change may happen. With that said, I cannot see much of the game changing between now and then, as it is less than a ... Read More »

Flappy Bird and the Price of Fame

images (1)

Taking down a hugely successful, and highly profitable, video game seems like an odd decision. Download figures showed that Flappy Bird was the biggest hit of the year and stories about the game’s ad revenue confirmed that it was making its creator a lot of money. However, in spite of all this, Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen pulled the plug. ... Read More »

Flappy Bird Madness goes to Craigslist (Trolling Ensues)

flappy bird madness ebay

Ok now as someone who frequents Craigslist, has sold and purchased many items through CL, and also made many purchases and sales on eBay, I feel that this has to be addressed.  The madness of this “stupid” little game has gotten out of control, and all this publicity has made people looking like the 1849 Gold Rush, but instead of ... Read More »

A look at Episodic Gaming

Episodic Gaming

This week, episode two of the Wolf Among Us came out. The first episode came out in October, meaning there was almost four months between the two… That’s almost a third of a year. Though it’s nice to see the Wolf Among Us finally return for a second episode, this gap opens up a lot of questions about episodic gaming. ... Read More »

Delving into the world of DOTA

Dota 2 Featured

There’s 58 minutes on the clock and I’m waiting to respawn. I was foolish, I entered into a fight without support and fell in battle right on the door step of my base. It was stupid, I won’t do it again. As I patiently serve my time I pan the camera around the base, not liking what I see. The enemies ... Read More »

Yearly Blockbuster Gaming or Yearly Lackluster Gaming?

Blockbuster Titles Collage

Blockbuster gaming is something that is as big, if not bigger than movies are at this day in age. It seems like every year gamers are getting spoiled by an abundance of great new titles. While the gaming industry continues to grow with more gamers, the industry demand more AAA titles at a higher rate than in the past. This may ... Read More »

Most Anticipated Games of 2014- Titanfall


As a huge fan of the First Person Shooter genre, I must say that a refresh is needed and Titanfall hopes to bring that well needed fresh taste to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One March 11, 2014. Being developed by members of the creators of the successful Call of Duty Modern Warfare series, now apart of Respawn Entertainment, they ... Read More »

Most Anticipated Games of 2014 – WildStar

WildStar Logo

If you are a member of the ever-growing Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game community, chances are you know what WildStar is, for everyone else, I’m here to fill you in on what is possibly going to be one of the best MMO’s out there, releasing later this year. With that said, let us join Carbine Studios and NCSoft on the ... Read More »

Most Anticipated Games of 2014- Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS

Smash Bros

Despite Nintendo being viewed as “in trouble” with lowering sales expectations for 2014, but could end up being Nintendo’s year with big software releases; including the next installment in the Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS. A joint effort between Project Sora (Masahiro Sakurai) and Namco Bandi, with the commercial success of Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii, this ... Read More »

Most Anticipated Games of 2014: MGS V


This year features a lot of great, big name games coming out soon and we’ve already listed the reasons why we’re excited for the likes of Destiny, Infamous: Second Son and Dragon Age: Inquisition but perhaps the biggest titles releasing this year is Metal Gear Solid V. Metal Gear Solid games are, in my opinion, stealth based action games and ... Read More »

Most Anticipated Games of 2014 – Destiny

Destiny Image

Bungie is a company that does a downright excellent job at making games. From Marathon to Halo 3, we have had the ability to play games that are legends in the gaming community, and really changed the industry in many ways. With that said, ever since Bungie stepped away from Microsoft back in 2007, and then Halo after the release ... Read More »

Most Anticipated Games of 2014 – Watch Dogs


As 2014 starts roll in, everyone always stops what they are doing to think about the great Videogame titles that are coming out  over the next year. Some come out in the beginning, middle and end. No matter when the release date is we all know one thing. WE CAN’T WAIT TO PLAY THEM! For some, it’s those games that ... Read More »

Rocksmith 60 Day Challenge – Week 1


Well, I completed my first week of the Rocksmith 60 Day Challenge – Sort of. I learned a music lesson the hard way this week, and that’s always check your strings. On day two of my challenge, I ended up popping the E string on my bass, and it was a day or two before I could go out to ... Read More »

Most Anticipated Games of 2014 – Dragon Age: Inquisition


Dragon Age: Inquisition promises to be one of the more interesting releases of 2014. This third instalment in the franchise marks another departure in terms of direction, but this time it seems for the better. After the claustrophobic Dragon Age 2 it’s nice to see Bioware focus on a large and distinct world. The promise of Skyrim-esque size, combined with ... Read More »

Most Anticipated Games of 2014 – Infamous: Second Son


2013 was a magnificent year for gaming featuring such strong titles like The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. But looking ahead this year doesn’t look like its going to be letting up the pace with some great games like Thief, Titanfall, Driveclub, Watch Dogs, The Crew, Destiny and many more including ... Read More »

Most Anticipated Games of 2014 – Dark Souls 2


Dark Souls is my favourite game of all time, so it’s not really surprising that I’m really looking forward to Dark Souls 2. However as a fan of distinct follow ups, or new games rather than similar sequels, Dark Souls 2 had to do more than exist to pique my interest. Dark Souls is (in my opinion) the best thing ... Read More »

Most Anticipated Games of 2014 – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Geralt of Rivia is back, and badder than ever in CDProjekt RED’s upcoming third installment of The Witcher series. They took the PC world by storm with the original, and finally made it to home consoles with the 2nd installment, Assassins of Kings. Read to see my Most Anticipated Game of 2014 – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt! Read More »

Games of The Last Generation (Our Personal Picks)

game of the generations

Here at TechRaptor, we all have been patiently waiting for the next generation of gaming to launch and be in full swing, and with the recent release of the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One , we can’t help but look back at the masterpieces that were brought to us with games of the last generation.  Now this is our ... Read More »

Rocksmith 60 Day Challenge — Is it as good on bass?


Ubisoft is claiming that Rocksmith is the fastest and easiest way to learn how to play the guitar. Their commercials proudly proclaim that numerous people have gained basic to advanced skills in a mere 60 days by playing Rocksmith for one hour a day. Their website even claims that existing players benefit, citing Toluna Consumer Survey as saying “95% of ... Read More »

Alien not Aliens: Why Isolation is the right move


Last year I played through Aliens: Colonial Marines. Like many out there I hated the game; as a shooter it was unrefined and boring, as an Aliens game it was awful. It felt like it was made by a team who had never watched the James Cameron classic and who had no understanding of the Alien universe. This was made ... Read More »

Why Microsoft Is Looking Like Sony’s Dinner on the Sales Floor

PS4 Close Up

It was just mere months ago that the buzz of the current generation consoles were in the air and opinions were in full force straight from the mouths of hungry gamers. The battle raged and the smack talk was rampant between Xbox One and PS4 supporters. Neither side wanted to acknowledge that the competitor console could be superior. Sales numbers ... Read More »

Top 10 Must Have Xbox 360 Games


As the next-generation of consoles hit store shelves, many early adopters are flocking to snatch these units up at a record pace. Lost in the whirlwind that is the Xbox One and PS4, some kids around the world are making their first foray into the current generation. TechRaptor is here to help, as we give you the Top 10 must-have ... Read More »

Aaron Blevins- Top 10 Games of 2013


2013 was one of the best years we have ever seen in video games.  With the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One bringing new consoles into my life, but yet Nintendo delivered great games all year long (taking up half of my list!), if you enjoy games, there was something for everyone this year.  This is my personal top ... Read More »

Stephen’s Top 10 of 2013


A lot of fantastic games came out in 2013, in many ways it was hard to list just 10. However, I am pretty happy with these ten games below and am in the wonderful position where I can share my love of 10 really awesome games with you. I hope you enjoy reading… 10. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance I love ... Read More »

A Look Back – Jason’s Top 10 Games of 2013


In 2013, we saw a lot of fantastic games as well as a new generation of consoles launch. Here, I’ll take a look back at our top games of the year and why these should be a part of your current library. I’ll be focusing solely on the Sony and Microsoft consoles. Enjoy! Read More »

Recap – Hugh Thomas’s Top 10 Games of 2013

the last of us

For me personally, 2013 will be remembered as one of the best years in gaming. With various titles featuring a stronger emphasis on story and characterization as well as good gameplay and the launch of not one, but two new consoles in the space of a week – which allowed for much improved upon graphical capabilities – 2013 is a ... Read More »

Looking back – Rutledge Daugette’s top 10 games of 2013

Rutledge Top 10 games of 2013

Wow, this year has flown by, with some incredible new releases throughout the year (including TechRaptor!), and the all new next-gen consoles being released! With that said, I’m kicking off (Founder’s rights!) our author’s showcase of their top 10 games of 2013! I truly enjoyed the past year, and my top 10 games of 2013 are my absolute favorites of ... Read More »

The Survivor 2299 Creator Speaks Out- The AMA Summary


Since the website of was found, it took us all for a ride, and then when it revealed it wasn’t Fallout 4, it did leave everyone with a lot of questions. Luckily over the weekend the creator of the site created the Reddit name of DCHoaxer and did a Ask Me Anything over his site. Minus the whining “How ... Read More »

How the Internet was Duped: The Survivor 2299 Saga


It doesn’t matter what side you were on for this saga. Weather you were making the Fallout 4: Survivor 2299 fan art or saying that you knew it all along, it has been made official. The site was a hoax.  #NerdTears I’m sure nerds around the world are feeling the same waves of emotion as I am. I’m not ... Read More »

The PlayStation 3 – Is the Best Yet to Come?


If I had to pick my favourite PS2 game, I would go for God of War 2. There would be close competition from the likes of Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Solid 3 and Burnout 3, but God of War 2 is the one for me. It was the perfect example of taking something that was already great and ... Read More »

My new next gen console: My old console


The next gen console race is up and running. The lines have been out the door for everyone. Pre-orders have been sold and picked up. Reviews of all the cool new features and the complaints of the defects are in. As a normal gamer with an Xbox 360 people have been asking me about what my Next Gen Console is ... Read More »

Quantum Rush Hype?


Wow! Quantum Rush is….wow! Amazing! Outstanding! Oh… sorry guys. I got a little ahead of myself. Let’s talk about Quantum Rush, shall we? Hold on, do any of you people reading this article have a damn clue of what I’m talking about? I doubt it, but hey, I’m not here to judge. What a minute? Is that what I’m supposed ... Read More »

Next gen hardware, PS4 50% more powerful?


So with the release of the Ps4 and hot on its heels the release of the Xbox One, I decided I would do a write-up with a more technical breakdown of the specifications of the two consoles, obviously power and therefore graphics aren’t everything, but when we are discussing what are intended to be ‘next gen’ consoles should 1080p resolution ... Read More »

Kickstarter, Money issues or bad planning?


Kickstarter, coined as a ‘crowd sourcing’ website, i.e. a group of people all put in X amount of money and communally fund a project something that may struggle to fund itself via usual means. Kickstarter says it has received $825 million in funding since its launch in 2009. The idea of Kickstarter is that it provides the place to propose ... Read More »

Gaming and Beer Pairing of the Month: Madden & Dogfish Head Punkin Ale

Welcome to the inaugural gaming and beer paring of the month. I take a hot video game and pair it with a fantastic, delicious beer. My goal is to hopefully show gamers out there that there’s more to beer than your standard fare. A few things I look at are taste, drinkability, relatability, and of course, how drunk you get ... Read More »

GTA: Online – First Impressions


GTA: Online has finally be released to the masses after being out in closed beta testing. We all knew that there was a potential for server issues with the amount of sales and popularity GTA:V has received in a matter of weeks. But did I expect it to be this bad? No, not at all. Take a look at our ... Read More »

Rise of the 2nd Screen Gaming Experience


As we inch closer and closer out of the current-generation of consoles and into the new era of Sony and Microsoft’s respective home gaming systems, one idea has remained clear with all developers: 2nd Screen capabilities. Is this just a fad? Or are developers like Bungie, Dice, and Ubisoft onto something immersive, new, and fantastic? Welcome, to the rise of ... Read More »

EA Sports and the NCAA Football Series-What’s Next?


Most sports gaming fans have heard the news by now. The NCAA has made the bold decision to not renew their contract with EA Sports for their NCAA Football series after it expires in June of 2014. Internet blog sites ran rampant with news that this would inevitably kill the NCAA Football game series after this months release. So, what’s ... Read More »

Titanfall – Future War


As the dust settles from the madness that was E3, after all of the debate between Sony and Microsoft’s coming Next-Gen console releases, we have one clear-cut winner of the entire conference. Titanfall from Respawn Entertainment. The “Best of E3″ winner is coming on both Xbox consoles and Windows PC’s, ready to take away your time, life, and sleep. Are ... Read More »

EA Sports – Igniting Next Gen Gaming?

EA Sports Ignite

As November gets closer and closer, sports gamers are getting more excited, and worried at the same time, about how their next-gen sports gaming experiences are going to turn out. EA Sports has come out full-throttle in promoting their new game engine, “Ignite.” We’ve seen trailers and promos-galore showing jaw dropping visuals and near perfect recreations of star athletes. Is ... Read More »