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TechRaptor is committed to helping people get the most out of their technology, games, and everything in between. Offering articles that range from Technology and Gaming news to reviews, we’re here to both help keep you both up to date and informed, while satisfying your ravenous appetite for technology and games. Started in March of 2013 by CEO and Founder, Rutledge Daugette, TechRaptor has evolved into a site that boasts more than 40 writers from all over the world, and seeks to grow to be the best place for people to find news, reviews, and more!

We want to give you the facts, as well as honest reviews so that you can make informed decisions about your hardware, gadget, and gaming purchases. We’ll do a review for anything technological, whether it’s from a large company, or just a startup looking for some exposure. We want to show off the best products for our readers, and maybe show off a few things people haven’t even heard of!

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    Raptors get hangry if you don’t feed them.

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  • http://Techderp.net/ Moscato SugarRush

    do you still even have an affiliates page?

    • http://techraptor.net/ Rutledge Daugette

      Nope, wasn’t generating revenue and looked bad.

      • http://Techderp.net/ Moscato SugarRush

        You may want to redo your about page :P