Call Of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Review

Call Of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Review

Just in time for the double XP weekend, we take a look at Infinity Ward’s newest part of the saga of Call of Duty. Will Ghosts keep people playing with latest and greatest, or will it fall into the realm of nothing but blandness and meh? Read on to find out…

Short answer? Same S*it, Different Game…


Everyone was excited for Call of Duty: Ghosts when it debuted at the Xbox Reveal, people were excited about some of the information coming out about it. The new game modes of Squads and new multiplayer modes of Cranked and Blitz got out attention. That’s all fine and well, but it just doesn’t cut the mustard. There are times when the game shines, but then it becomes the same dull lull of a game. You think that something like character generation would help. But in the end, it’s just the same olde game.

The improvements that they did graphically actually hurt the game. The game is fluid and it feels like a faster frame rate, and the scenery is very pretty. But the dynamics of the scenery makes everyone blend. You get lost when looking for enemies because they blend in so well with the background. I guess the one thing is that both teams blend in so it is at least bad on both sides. Well we at least have the audio to rely on, right?

Nope. For some reason, it is muffled. Really muffled. Your teammates footsteps sound like they are clogging on hardwood, but you have to be right next to the players on the other team to hear their footsteps. And for them being directional? Nope. They are in stereo. So if you hear them you’ll end up spinning around and looking for the guy, and hopefully you’ll end up with your gun up first. It makes me want to throw my Turtle Beach headphones against my TV.

I was told when I coach that I should sandwich the issues in between a compliment to make it go smoother. Well, I don’t see a court here so we will do it a little backwards. Think of this as your palette cleanser.

The good is that some of the game modes are really nice. Blitz is like capture the flag, but with humans. Your goal is to run multiple times in the base while defending your own. It seems crazy, and it is. Crazy Awesome. Cranked has you going on a killing spree where you need to keep killing to stay alive. Some people like it, some not.

Squads is a great mode and makes Combat Training looks like people playing with puppets. The AI is actually good, and if you have ever played someone else’s team of a player that you know, they do play like them. The modes are nice and it does give you a warm up act to the lackluster multiplayer.

Oh yeah, back to that. Surprisingly, the guns are surprisingly balanced for it being right out of the gate. The new marksman class of guns that I was looking forward to, but they are so slow and bad starting out, I don’t want to spend any of those precious Squad Points on.

Annnd we come to the Squad Points. When starting out, when you level up you receive one Squad Point. F*cking one point. The cheapest attachment that you can get costs three. THREE! Which means you have to wade through and level up to level 4 before you can even buy a sight for one gun. Granted some of the weapons do come pre-loaded with an attachment but those guns also cost more. Then everything is monetized, from the sights, to guns, to your other squad members. I can see why now how people can get pissed off about microtranscations. When playing with one character you want to unlock all of the things you like to use, but you won’t have enough squad points. True you can get more by doing other things in the Operations, but they are still tough to get in the beginning. It makes the game move real smooth through the first 6+ levels until you get the feel and gain those points. Another cool thing is that you should be able to link up to the Call of Duty App and customize on the fly, right?

Nope…not at all. Some people have had the privilege to use the new, new Call of Duty app. That’s right kids, they completely scrapped the Call of Duty ELITE app and poo pooed it away. They built a brand new app. Sadly, they didn’t think about compatibility for most phones. If you have had the privilege to have ungraded in the past year, you may have a great experience. If you are still patiently waiting the last few months till your time has come…then you may be screwed. The app on my S3 freezes on every screen and I’m not alone. It’s currently rocking a one-star on Google Play.

It seems like the improvements that they tried to make to the multiplayer in Call of Duty: Ghosts may have hindered the experience of it. If you have read around the Interwebs, I’m not the only one that feels like this. Yes, it’s cool to have a dog and make a character, even be a girl shooting. But the fact that everything else dulls the experience it doesn’t even make you want to change up your character.


Just in time for the double XP weekend, we take a look at Infinity Ward’s newest part of the saga of Call of Duty. Will Ghosts keep people playing with latest and greatest, or will it fall into the realm of nothing but blandness and meh? Read on to find out… Short answer? Same S*it, ...

Review Overview

Graphics - 75%
General Gameplay - 50%
Second Screen Experience - 10%
New Features - 40%


Summary : You can take a cool toy, put ten coats of paint on it, tape a horn on it and give it a pet and people will stop being excited about it. Maybe it's time to change things up.

User Rating: 1.35 ( 4 votes)

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